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From Company Slave To The Prince Of Darkness
Author :Kiikuro_Shichigo
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70 UPDATE!!!


Lately, I've been enjoying writing chapters for this novel. I actually do many works and I have about 10 ideas I already made at least one chapter of, and then, you know, I don't continue it... But since this one got a lot of attention(I honestly don't know why...)I decided to continue it.

I do writing as a hobby. It's kinda like a game to me, and as everyone knows, you'll eventually get tired of it. But don't get me wrong, I love it. It's just sometimes, it gets messy, boring, and not fun anymore.

Like any other authors in this platform, toxicity, bad comments, and bad reviews, I can get affected by... or at least back three months ago or so. Honestly, I learn how to handle all those stuff because of Pewdiepie... Yea, the YouTuber.

I just turned 18 this week and there's a lot goin' on... Nope, it's actually the opposite... There's actually nothing goin' on... Everything is still the same... I still feel like a 10-year-old kid... I want to cry... I want to kill my self...

Anyways... I want to share my thoughts with this write - yep... that's what I'm planning to do... It's 3 am guys...


Unlike my other works, this one I made with the intention of only making one or two chapters. Yea, that's the kind of writer I am... So, every chapter that came in next to those two chapters(The Company Slave, Kagayami Shiro, and the Prince of Darkness, Vlad Alucard), especially the newer ones, I actually all made with a rush... Almost everything that had happened: the heroes, the dungeon, and now the kingdom, everything was on the spot... The story just formed itself... by itself... I don't know how the other authors like me made their stories, but that was how this story came to be. I'm just a guy who knows how to write in English.

Anyway, it's not like I think the story is bad, I just think it's bland, lacking something, and almost forced... now that I think about it... it was forced...

My real style of writing is comedy... I want weird things to happen... the first thing I wanted to do was to make the MC feel uncomfortable with his new environment and make him a little bit... something of a wimp - if you guys would describe it... Yea, but then I tried to do that and everyone just fuckin' flamed me in the comments... Yea, I felt frustrated about it and I immediately changed whatever interactions the MC when on to. It was a frickin' mess... So umm... there are still some comedic aspect in the story(I think...)but most of them were definitely changed and influenced by you guys, the people who flamed the MC is stupid and a pussy... WooOOoo~! Fuckin' cringe... I didn't want the MC to have $3X with his own summons you know!

Nah, Nah... I'm just kidding... That should be included. I just think it's a bit rushed and was not built up well... Well, it's for the sake of keeping the audience!

So, umm, yeah... I just want to fucking die... Please don't flame me... Also, please don't report me...

Hmm... I just want to share my thoughts... remind me again.

[ I want to share my thoughts about this write. ]

That's it...

Anyway, there's really no meaning into this... I just want to share my thoughts... just to share it... just to share it with you guys... I'm having a mental breakdown writing this shit...

Umu! Yes! Now that I gave you guys my thoughts! Give me yours! I'll get disappointed if I don't get comments equivalent to my collections! No, just kiddin' write anything if you want to. If you want to support my emotional state, write something positive, something like, \"You'll get a girl eventually!\". Something like that.

I'm a pretty lonely guy that in the needs of a companion...

By the way! No girl simps! I won't allow female readers to comment anything! Girls lie to you and do not deserve to be trusted! Only guys can emotionally support me! No homo though... Anyway, it's not like girls exists irl...

Anyway... updates! I'm drunk! I'm 18 and I'm finally legally able to drink alcohol! Yes! Gotta post this shit on Instagram! Fuckin' die already! WhoOohoo!!! It's 4 O'clock!

Finally, I just want to say, I won't be able to update as frequently again... NCOV fuckin'... This fuckin' thing... I have it, man... Just gotta do my best! best! best!

What a weird pace in life...

Almost a thousand words already! I just frickin wasted your time, you idiot! Fuckin' flame me again as you guys always does!!! Try to take this fuckin novel down!!!


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