Finding Your Home
5 Chapter 5 :
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Finding Your Home
Author :Ava_rai
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5 Chapter 5 :

3:00 am "Where were you? Why didn't you answer my calls" "Why do you do this?" "Everyday" "Everyday. Everyday? So what now you are staying up keeping count?" "It's not like that all but what else do I have to do?" "Get a job.... Dammit.... Contribute to this family....." "Fine... I will... Then will stop treating me like a doormat? Then will I get attention a bit of your priority??"
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" Damn, Tess I want you to get one thing straight.... On my list of priorities First comes my friends, My Family, my work and then you... Got it..... Got it... " "Oh My God.... Really.... you're telling me this now... Then why the fuck did you marry me?" " Why did you rush to settle down if you weren't up for it?!?" "Well. Tess, I didn't exactly chase you down either because we both got us to where we are... " That, right there was a low blow... And it hit her hard. She left so naive... Stupid, taken aback... It was too overwhelming so she Slapped herself , till her head hurt more than her heart. It angered Simon more than to feel sorry for her... He left like He was trapped in a marriage with a crazy person. Tess, well she became the loneliest person with the biggest smile... People looked at them and saw a wonderful marriage. A friendship that was so rare these days amongst young married couples... And well... Were they far from truth... The self hurt that started as slaps naturally escalated to blows till she got so used to that slowly,she started cutting herself.... The whole relationship took a toll on her. Emotionally yes definitely. But physically too.. She was barely eating or eating too much.... To the point of obesity. She felt ugly and hungry. That of course made matters worse. Throwback to a time where she didn't believe in eating disorders. Well they did say what goes round, comes around. She felt that food was her sanctuary, She could always depend on it. Anytime,anywhere... Food became her best buddy, who would listen and help her let off her steam.. All Her relationships suffered, but the relationship that mattered that most was the one she had with herself... And it have the worst battering.


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