Finding Your Home
4 Chapter 4:
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Finding Your Home
Author :Ava_rai
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4 Chapter 4:

1:00 a.m "Hellooo..." "Where the hell are you?" "Where the Fuck are you?" "Are you drunk? " "God Dammit , What's your problem Bitch?" "My Problem". "My problem is that my fucking husband, refuses to come home.... !" "And I am so fucked up and alone.... Do you hear me... Simon... I am fucking alone while you are have the time of your life with your ASSHOLE Friends...!" "Do you hear m....." *CLICK* "Hello.... Hello.... Hello.... Oh! Fuck Sake Simon!" He had hung up ten seconds ago. He was just too drunk to give a shit. This was his life. Tess was the joy of his life , but she sure knew how to suck it right out of him too. Every time he was out with his friends, the nagging began first every two hours. Then every hour, till she was calling him every ten minutes.... Every call would eventually end with Tess crying on the phone and Simon yelling profanities at her on his reluctant way back home. Even when he got home that heat just didn't go down; infact it was the exact opposite. Till it got so out of hand that the neighbours complained. It was so overwhelming sometimes that Tess would hit herself. At first, it was so scary for Simon to see that. So, he tried to Stop her but it didn't help much. Over time, it just was annoying to him, almost irritating. So much so, that he left her to it. "She just doesn't understand me and my lifestyle" he'd tell his friends. " She's too young" , " She is so needy" , " She just doesn't get me".... That is what he told his friends every time they had a spat. And everyone believed him, even Tess herself! She hated the way she saw herself through Simon's eyes. Tess had slowly begun to be the shell of the person, She was! It was so sad to see her lose her confidence, self love and self respect. While Simon found that he too was losing parts of him bit by bit. He left like He was losing his peace of mind, his freedom, his image as a cool guy! He felt rushed and hushed. He would do anything to avoid coming home. Parties, get together, even charity.. Simon boasted to always be the P.R guy and the situation at the home front helped in sorts to further his career of sorts. He organised shows, concerts and parties. He made money and also blew it on everything especially his wife, when the sun was still out.... She figured it was his way of buying his way out of guilt. It was a system he had developed over the first few years of a strenuous marriage. He would miss out on the important event; Such as family gatherings, funeral, doctor's appointments, evenings, nights, days and sometimes weeks. So he would try to compensate with buying too many clothes, taking Tess to eat out to often and buy unnecessary junk. But no matter what he did, there always seemed to be a deficit. Because at the end of the day, no matter how many new shoes she had it would never replace Simon. Also Tess hated shopping...


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