Finding Your Home
3 Chapter 3:
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Finding Your Home
Author :Ava_rai
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3 Chapter 3:

They had their own baggages, that they left at the door when they met. Baggages that left like the weight of the world on their shoulders, as they drifted through life. But then who doesn't? Every saint his past and all of that, yes. But It wouldn't be completely true to say that it didn't matter at all. Come on, We were talking about lingering relationships, secret affairs, lust and just a general void that ached to be filled emotionally, spiritually and of course physically. Sometimes he still wondered if he misread the signs. Took lust at face value for love.. But then reality checks him, when she stirs in the bed besides him. Still getting to explore the many elusive mysteries of adulthood. She wanted to push the boundaries, a little further with each passing conversation. Till one day she got to where she wanted to be... His room... She'd hear her friends talking about "coming on to strong" and " not being easy".. She was just learning to be a "woman", who had a say on when, where, how "it" would all happen... So though her body responded against her will.. She had an even greater will power. She kept strong, the best she could. Until even his breath on her neck made her whimper. She left in charge of the situation; That is until one day while jostling in fun and games, he pulled her sweater apart. Everything else quickly followed. And she didn' t feel "easy or cheap". She felt like she had done a fair enough job as a "newbie" feminists. But the truth was she didn't really have a say on when, where and how it happened. Just that it Did, finally!
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She quickly understood that whole"virgin sex" and "first time" was over hyped and over sold. And the fact that it would be awkward, was also grossly understated. It was a laughing matter now. A story shared over wine at dinner parties, circulated so many times that it had taken so many new interesting facts. Facts that seem to attach itself to the story over the years; Such as the music that was playing or what were we doing before or how we planned the whole infamous day. Which got her thinking too....


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