Finding Your Home
2 Chapter 2:
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Finding Your Home
Author :Ava_rai
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2 Chapter 2:

@@They were kids; When they first laid eyes on each other. Though the world might not have seen it that way, but it didn't make it any less true. Looking back now, she could understand that they were truly children who felt all grown up. Life made them feel so.. Especially after losing parents. You felt like you had experienced an insurmountable sadness, that makes you grow up over night. You have to get your act together more so, because the people who were there to clean it up, were gone. And of those who were left, the people responsible for you, also cut you off. Sometimes drowning in their work and often drowning themselves in bottles of vodka, rum, wine, schnapps or whatever... You take your pick. When you feel like Life is a bully ganging up on you. You "partner up"... You find your "own" support system.... Apart from the one given to you by Life.... Well, because that support system does not support you. And that too when you needed it most. So the need for it drew them close... As though through a stormy sea, a lighthouse guiding the way.. They found each other through their storms.... It was easy to fall for each other. Too easy. People did not necessarily understand the attraction. But they didn't have to. It didn't matter to them, why should they. Nobody was there when they were down in the grim and grime of loss and loneliness. So, the world had lost the privilege to be sceptical, to question what they had. Besides the world melted away when they were talking to each other. With that went away all the woes that waited for them outside the blanket of their love story.



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