Dragon is Soul
Chapter 272.5
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 272.5

“I think it would be best for the four of you go to back to Aurora and begin our failsafe plan.” Zhang said to his wives as he watched ten saints being dragged into Diyu Ding Zhe’s enormous shadow. Second, by second, Diyu Ding Zhe was steadily growing stronger and with each passing moment, the chances of defeating him grew ever so dim.

With only a plan to preserve the Aurora Empire’s civilians and the lives of himself and his loved ones, Zhang felt at a loss as to how he could possibly go about defeat a true monster like Diyu Ding Zhe.

Then there was the issue in regards to a large number of foreign saints and half deities. Even if by some stroke of luck, Diyu Ding Zhe was defeated, as the only native half deity on the Wuling Continent, Zhang would be left to deal with the aftermath of this battle to end all battles.

If these foreign cultivators were to find out about Zhang’s lucky encounters, after Diyu Ding Zhe, he would be placed second highest on their list of targets.

Wracking his brain, Zhang was only able to come up with a single solution to his problems, a solution so outrageously insane that such a thought would not even cross the minds of most people.

“Brother, I want to stay here and fight alongside you.” Ai said as she tugged Zhang’s sleeve, gazing at him with slightly pouting eyes.

“No, it would be better if all four of you were to return to Aurora and take everyone back to the Blood Coral Cove.” Zhang said as his hand lightly touched Ai’s cheek.

“Let’s go, we will only get in the way once things get ugly. This isn’t a fight we can all take part in.” Lingqi said with a sigh as she pulled at Ai’s arm, persuading her to leave.

After a few moments, the four beauties departed, heading toward the nearest teleportation platform.

Watching his wives flying into the distance until they eventually disappeared from sight, Zhang took in a deep breath before quickly levitating higher up into the sky. Using the clouds as cover, Zhang further drew in his aura and essence until his presence entirely disappeared, hoping to remain hidden as he waited for the right moment to act.

As more and more saints fell, the foreign half deities started cursing Diyu Ding Zhe’s abnormally sturdy body. No matter how many attacks they sent at him, no matter how many different treasures they used, everything seemed to be ineffective. Rather everytime he was attacked,Duyi Ding Zhe would be able to absorb a large amount of essence and divine energy.

“What the fuck is this guy made of…” The young prince of the Golden Throne Empire cursed as one of the saint level maids that had accompanied him was snatched into the shadows, never to see the light again.

Although losing one of his maids caused the young prince to be filled with rage, he was able to count himself as being fortunate because there had already been a few half deities who were negligent and lost their lives.

“Everyone! It’s now or never, use your life-saving treasures or you won't ever get the chance to use them at all! If anything, help me stall for time so I can activate the Crimson World Sealing Jar!” Prince Cang San yelled, finally losing a bit of his cool.

“The Crimson World Sealing Jar? They allowed you to bring such a treasure with you?” A half deity said with a hint of envy, joy, and astonishment in his tone.

“Tch, to think I would have to use this before finding the fallen gods inheritance… Even though this guy is really strong and his abilities are somewhat similar to the legendary fallen god’s, they are fundamentally different in nature and execution.” Prince Cang San mumbled as a crimson colored porcelain jar appeared in his hand.

Upon hearing Prince Cang San would use the Crimson World Sealing Jar, the other half deities no longer hesitated and began activating their trump cards in an effort to finally rid themselves of Diyu Ding Zhe.

“Interesting, I wonder what that jar can do. To be able to convince all those half deities into acting, that thing must be very powerful or very tricky to deal with.” Zhang said to himself, with eyes focused on Prince Cang San.


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