Dragon is Soul
Chapter 272: Life Saving Treasures
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 272: Life Saving Treasures

Akin to omnipotent gods or mighty sovereigns, the dozen or so half deities present had all taken a step back to observe and roughly estimate the extent of Diyu Ding Zhe’s strength.

To these almighty half deities, the lives of regular saints did not possess the least bit of importance. Beside the middle-aged man from the Ice Blade Sect, who could be considered one of the weakest half deities present, none of the other half deities had been injured at all.

As they continued to witness Diyu Ding Zhe’s abilities and martial prowess, a few of the half deities began forming creases on their brows while drops of sweat could be seen slowly condensing.

“What kind of monster is this guy…” The Young Prince of the Golden Throne Empire muttered as his hands tightly gripped the chair arm of his metallic throne.

It was obvious to them that at the peak of his power, Diyu Ding Zhe was probably a being that had exceeded them in strength, someone that had reached a realm higher then what they currently possessed.

“The rest of you must cooperate with me in order to defeat this monster. The issue regarding who obtains the inheritance of the fallen god can be resolved afterward.” Prince Cang San’s voice echoed into the minds of the other half deities present. Rather then asking for cooperation, from his tone it was more so a demand.

“Your Highness, how do you suggest we pool our efforts?” A serene voice belonging to one of the monks of the Profound Nirvana Temple replied to Prince Cang San.

“Use all of the life saving treasures your sect’s gave you, in the best case scenario we are able to put an end to that monster, in a worst case scenario we fail and give up on the fallen god's inheritance for the time being. We would then return to the upper realms after sealing this place until the great rift opens up again in a thousand years.” Prince Cang San said as a cunning glint flashed in his eyes as a reddish rusty looking spear appeared in his hand.

Various thoughts spun through the minds of the remaining half deities before they all respectively withdrew their live-saving treasures. Mythical weapons, otherworldly scrolls and even items that did not look like treasures at all began appearing one after the other.

The night sky was soon brimming with even more activity as one magical relic after the other began releasing unfathomable auras, cloaking the land in a veil of intense pressure.

“Hah, you’ve all even brought toys to play with!?” Diyu Ding Zhe laughed as the large array of magical treasures drew his attention.

Ignoring the flock of sheep circling him, Diyu Ding Zhe sped toward Prince Cang San and the other half deities.

“Fuck off! This king will send you to the depths of hell!” A half deity dressed in greenish robes roared as he held up a tattered looking paper umbrella, unfurling it and pointing it at the quickly approaching Diyu Ding Zhe.

“To the depths of hell you say?” Diyu Ding Zhe chuckled as the tattered umbrella being held by the half deity in greenish robes began to release flashes of light.

With fluid motions, the half deity in greenish robes began to spin the bow glowing tattered umbrella. As it was being spun the paper umbrellas started to undergo peculiar change, the images of vicious beasts began appearing on its once blank canvas.

Similar to Zhang’s Abyssal Cape, the half deities umbrella was actually able to conjure life from nothingness, or so it seemed.

As the tattered umbrella continued to spin, creatures such as inky colored dragons and pure black phoenixes came to life and soared into the sky.

“The Soaring Immortal Mansion sure lives up to its reputation. To be able to mimic the ability of one of the lost divine weapons of the fallen god.” Prince Cang San praised as he watched Diyu Ding Zhe being surrounded by hundreds of beasts.

“Sadly in the end, an imitation is still an imitation no matter how well made it is, it can never live up to the powers of the original.” Prince Cang San added with a hint of disappointment once he noticed the tears in the tattered umbrella branching out.

“What are you lot doing? Quickly help me put an end to him!” The half deity in greenish robes yelled as he noticed all the other half deities were remaining idle, not helping him in the slightest.

After a slight moment of silence, roughly six more half deities began activating their magical treasures and in no time at all Diyu Ding Zhe was bombarded by dozens of different attacks. Of course, these half deities would soon come to realize their efforts were all in vain. When considering how Zhang’s heavenly tribulation lightning wasn't able to fatally injure Diyu Ding Zhe at all, one could guess how resilient his body was.

“Might this monk ask, when your highness will join the fray?” A monk who was a half-deity from the Profound Nirvana Temple asked Prince Cang San with a smile on his face, causing a few of the other half deities to glance over.

“This prince will join the fray when he sees fit, who are you to question me?” Prince Cang San replied with a haughty tone.

“This monk simply wishes for everyone to put forth their all so we can quickly extinguish this common foe of ours.” The half deity monk replied with a smile.

“Tch, then this prince wonders when an honest monk such are yourself is going to join the battle.” Prince Cang San responded, glaring at the half deity monk.

From beginning til end, everyone present had never stopped considering how to get rid of each other and be the last one remaining, the one and only person to obtain the inheritance of a fallen god.

Prince Cang San had said what he did and suggested everyone cooperate mainly to draw out and waste as much of his competition’s hidden strength as possible. While there were some who did not figure out his intentions, there were many like the half deity monk who did.

However, this way of thinking would soon change as this group of half deities experience Diyu Ding Zhe’s witness true power and what it means of true terror.

“Heavenly Devouring Technique! Devour the essence! Devour the Soul! Devour the world!” Diyu Ding Zhe’s eerie voice could be heard as it strangely caused a moment of pure silence as if all sound had been devoured away by some otherworldly force.

In an instant, the tides of battle were turned yet once again. Tentacles of shadows had silently shot up from the ground, dragging a few victims into the dark depths. Before long Diyu Ding Zhe’s battle with Zhang would be repeated.

All of the attacks directed at Diyu Ding Zhe were devoured by the tentacles of shadows as things grew ever so more chaotic.

Attacks became ineffective due to the lack of cooperation between the half deities, tensions rose as everyone felt a sense of danger ripening in their hears while Diyu Ding Zhe continued to grow ever so stronger.


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