Dragon is Soul
Chapter 271: Reinforcements? Prey? Death?
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 271: Reinforcements? Prey? Death?

I’m alive!!!!! Sorry I haven’t updated in so long, last year was terrible :/ my parents made me go to trade school, my aunt passed away and then my grandpa passed away from cancer after the doctor found out 2 months prior. Sucks but well new year, and time to get back into it. Updates will be slow but as I get into it again they’ll hopefully be back to how they were before that super long break.


Whilst the cities of the northern frontier had been teleported to the interior of the Aurora Empire, various lords who governed domains located within the southern, western and eastern regions of the empire had received order to assemble their armies and gather all of the civilians under their respect rule.

In preparation for the worst, every saint within the Aurora Empire was on standby, ready for battle at a moment's notice.

Within the darkness of night, countless torches shone brightly as what could only described as a sea of people began to gather.

Back in the northern frontier, more than a dozen different forces were steadily amassing as they closed in on what was once Sky Cliff City. Hundreds of foreign saints a about a dozen half deities had converged, their aura emanating and filling the sky.

Residual heavenly lightning flickered across the horizon, as Diyu Ding Zhe could be seen slowly levitating upward, his eyes peering into the distance, piercing through the cloak known as the night sky.

“Ahahahaha, so many, so many have come to welcome my return.” Diyu Ding Zhe’s murderous laughter filled the air as he sensed approaching saints and half deities.

Catching a glimpse of Zhang’s lightning dragon from afar, the hundreds of foreign saints and half deities further reassured themselves that their guess was correct and what they were seeking was truly in the northern frontier. In a sense they were not incorrect, however their attention was misplaced upon Diyu Ding Zhe instead of Zhang and the four beauties.

Before long, the night sky was brimming with activity as golden chariots with flaming wheels could be seen leaving trails of fire, as mythical beasts could be seen swimming across the sea of stars, as flying swords could be seen carrying their masters into battle, while gargantuan ships sailed across air itself.

“All of you fuck off, the fallen god’s inheritance belongs to me!” A middle aged man clad icy blue armor roared as he stood atop a speeding blade made completely of jade colored ice, a trail of mist following behind him, engulfing everything near it.

“Hah, a mere first tribulation grunt from the Ice Blade Sect dares to act arrogant in front of this prince?” A snicker could be heard as a young man clad in golden dragon embroidered robes could be seen soaring across the sky atop a giant golden throne that seated upon a massive golden platform, while two gorgeous women stood to his side holding large feathered fans.

“This mere first tribulation grunt has killed his fair share of ignorant princes from the Golden Throne Empire many times before.” The middle aged in icy blue armor laughed as a tattered golden robe just like the young man’s appeared in his hand.

Upon seeing the tattered golden robe, an intense murderous aura shot fourth from the young man, causing the two gorgeous women beside him to slightly cower away.

“If the donors from the Ice Blade Sect and Golden Throne Empire wish to settle their differences, please make way for this monk and his comrades.” A serene voice shortly followed suit, strangely causing the murderous intent from the young man to evaporate into thin air. Before long a monk dressed in a simple looking cassock appeared while standing atop a luminescent cloud, accompanying were a dozen or so similarly dressed monks.

“What are monks from the Profound Nirvana Temple doing here? If I recall correctly, the Profound Nirvana Temple is always going on and on about how they are above worldly possessions and seek the dao within rather then strive for strength and power. What brings you lot of lousy hypocrites here? Looking to fight everyone here for the fallen god’s inheritance?” The middle aged man from the Ice Blade Sect snickered as he glared at the monks of the Profound Nirvana Temple.

“Donor has it wrong, we monks are merely here to prevent the inheritance of the fallen god from falling into the wrong hands. As those who seek the dao from within, we have no use for such a thing, rather than seeking such a thing for ourselves, we are merely preventing evildoers from obtaining it.” A monk from the Profound Nirvana Temple said with a faint smile, in a voice that was as gentle and calm as a still pond.

“Regardless, be it hypocrite monks, measly swordsmen or princes of puny immortal kingdoms, anyone who stands in the way of my Siwang Holy Empire will be cut down.” A hoarse voice rang into everyone’s ears moments before a massive ship with equally massive sails could be seen soaring out of a cloud. Following the massive ship were dozens of slightly smaller ships, each brimming with dozens if not hundreds of powerful experts.

From a single glance one could tell that the Siwang Holy Empire was one of the stronger influences present, however they were not alone as before long a few more groups of cultivators began appearing one after the other.

“Siwang Holy Empire, Heartless Demon Cult, Bloodless Sword Pavillion, Soaring Immortal Mansion…. Tch, looks like there won’t even be any crumbs left for the rest of us.” Someone mixed in the crowd muttered as they called out a few of the larger influences.

“Since this prince is merciful, I will give the rest of you til the count of ten to leave this lower plane and go back to where you came from. Or else do not blame me for being cruel.” Prince San Cang of the Siwang Holy Empire proclaimed seconds before he began his countdown.





“Six…” Prince San Cang counted, causing a few rogue cultivators who did not belong to any of the larger influences to waiver. To them this was an opportunity undergo a rebirth, to gain the inheritance of a god and become all powerful, however opportunities were still in the end still opportunities and not something one could rely upon.

Luckily for those with wavering thoughts, a gut wrenching cry suddenly disrupted Prince San Cang. Redirecting their attention from Prince San Cang toward the origins of the bloody screaming, the foreign saints and half deities saw an elderly looking man whose chest was pierced through by a bloody arm. Diyu Ding Zhe had actually silently approached the group of foreign saints and half deities without alerting them at all and on top of that had drawn first blood.

“Once I absorb all the essence in your bodies and devour all souls, I’ll be able to restore my complete power. Then I won’t need this measly vessel any longer. Ahahaha!!!” Diyu Ding Zhe laughed as the elderly man who was currently being impaled by his arm quickly withered away into an empty husk of dried flesh.

Like a hungry beast who was just presented with a scrumptious feast, Diyu Ding Zhe licked his lips as he leapt forth, claiming yet another victim who was quickly turned into another husk of dried flesh.

“Wha-what kind of technique is that…” Prince San Cang muttered as he watched dumbfoundedly while Diyu Ding Zhe made mince meat of one saint after another.

Dried corpses soon littered the barren fields below as a chaotic battle broke out in the sky. Despite vastly outnumbering Diyu Ding Zhe, the foreign cultivators were not able to put up the slightly struggle.

Since everyone hailed from different factions, things such as teamwork and synergy was nonexistent. Rather then a fight, what was occurring could only be called a one sided slaughter.

Whereas Zhang and his wives were actually able to hold their ground, the foreign cultivators could only watch as the pressure bring released from Diyu Ding Zhe slowly increased in intensity as time sped by.

“Make way you fools, if you don’t know how to fight then leave!” The middle aged man from the Ice Blade Sect roared as he appeared behind Diyu Ding Zhe who was currently grasping his latest victim by the throat.

Slashing downward with his massive blade made of jade colored ice, the middle aged man sought to sever Diyu Ding Zhe’s arm, however he was instead left in a daze as his icy blade shattered seconds after smashed into it target.

Under the influence of the middle aged man’s strength against the hardness of Diyu Ding Zhe’s body, the icy blade crumbled.

“Hah, a moth attracted to the fire.” Diyu Ding Zhe laughed maniacally, swiftly reaching his hand forward, grabbing onto the middle aged man from the Ice Blade Sect.

“Let go!” The middle aged man roared as he flicked his hand, condensing another blade of ice which soon swung toward Diyu Ding Zhe’s neck. With a loud shattering sound, the second ice blade blew up into hundreds of fragments, just like the blade before it.

“It is useless, just give up and rejoice as your soul is exempt from hell’s punishment after death.” Diyu Ding Zhe said as his finger nails dug into the middle aged man’s arm.

“Haha, exempt from hell’s punishment? You mean my soul will be eradicated and unable to return to the samsara?!” The Ice Blade Sect cultivator laughed in madness as a third blade of ice appeared in his free hand, slicing downyard yet again. However this time he was not aiming for Diyu Ding Zhe, but rather himself. With a deep groan, the middle aged man severed his own arm before quickly fleeing into the distance.

“Since I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you go… For now…” Diyu Ding Zhe laughed before tossing the middle aged man’s severed arm and speeding toward his next prey.

“It looks like things may take a turn for the worst.” Zhang said as he watched Diyu Ding Zhe slaughtering the foreign saints from afar, his four wives standing by his side.

“So far only the weaker saints have died, let’s observe a bit more before deciding what to do next.” Yuying stated with a calm voice.

“Have you noticed? The flags on those flying ships over there belong to the Siwang Empire.” Ling said with a scowl across her brow.

“In due time.” Zhang said to Ling whilst glancing at the fluttering flags hung on the Siwang Empire’s flying ships, recalling events that had occured years ago, remembering one of the more significant turning points in his life.

“If they had never attacked, I would have lived the majority of my life without being able to further my cultivations. If they had not killed me I would have never met them nor would I have tread as far as I have upon this path.” Zhang thought with a sign as his eyes moved away from the Siwang Empire’s ships and toward his lovely wives, a slightly thankful smile forming on his face for a brief moment before fading away into a more serious expression.


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