Dragon is Soul
Chapter 235: Domain
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 235: Domain

After Zhang and the beauties had captured the six wyverns, five days had quickly past and thousands of miles of the sea were transversed as the group trailed behind their guide, the miniature metallic dragon.

Contrary to Yuying’s initial estimate, reckon though five entire days had gone by she was still unable to break through the innate mental defenses of even a single one of the wyverns.

Although the wyverns did not have the capacity to channel their essence in order to shield their minds from Yuying, their innate mental defenses were still quite powerful.

Since the wyverns were comparable to high saints, due to this disparity in strength alone it was quite hard for Yuying to force the wyverns into submission.

Had the wyverns been level ten demonic or even lesser saints then it would have taken at most a few minutes for Yuying to succeed. As one became a full saint, they would be able to create protective layers of essence to shield their mind and soul from enemy attacks, which served to greatly hinder the efforts of people such as Yuying.um

“Just a bit more…” Yuying said as she could be seen walking through a picturesque landscape. With daunting mountains piercing into the clouds off in the distance, lush sunny fields of green grass and colorful flowers, large trees brimming with fruits of all shapes and sizes, a vast serene lake and peaceful looking bamboo hut, some may call the scenery surrounding Yuying as being heaven like.

For those that didn’t know, Yuying had actually directly entered into the Ruler’s Domain. After being nurtured by Zhang and the Underworld Heart for years, the Ruler’s Domain had grown exponentially, from being as large as a small house it had grown thousands of times, being big enough for there to be mountains within it.

Once it had been given to Yuying the space within the Ruler’s Domain had undergone vast changes until it was as it is now. Giving the place a woman’s touch, Yuying had turned the previously plain landscape into something that looked as if it had come out of a painting. Of course, not everything was peaceful and beautiful as it seems, for all beautiful things there is a slightly uglier and dark side.

Located in a far-off corner of the Ruler’s Domain was a large hexagon shaped altar, with six colossal columns covered in runes erected at each of its intersections. Chained to the six runes covered columns were six winged captives who were constantly releasing muffled roars from their large bounded maws. With their wings and limbs chained down and their mouths tightly bound shut, the fearsome looking wyverns could not do a thing, as the thought of escaping was ever so more irrelevant and unimaginable.

From a glance, it was a dead giveaway to everyone that this hexagon shaped altar was where Yuying enacted many of her various spells and rituals.

“Today I won’t leave until I make one of at least one of them submit to me...” Yuying could be heard mumbling to herself as she could be seen walking toward the hexagon shaped altar.

As Yuying neared the altar and walked past what could only be described as a massive crystal ball filled with what looked like black liquid with thousands of tubes etched into it, a loud thumping sound caught her attention.

“The lot of you just needs to wait patiently, it’ll be your turn soon enough.” Yuying said as she glanced at the crystal ball, filled with Black Thorn Coral.

After being sent into the Ruler’s Domain, all of the Black Thorn Coral was gathered up and kept in this massive crystal ball, where they could do no harm until Yuying had the time to work her magic on them.

Hoping to not have to use her spell on the Black Thorn Coral individually, since there were probably millions of them within the crystal ball, Yuying had been making preparations for a large-scale spell that would allow her to convert them all at once.

But for now, the six wyverns took priority over the swarm of Black Thorn Coral, simply because between the two groups of ancient demonic beasts, the wyverns would definitely take much less time to tame. Although the mental defenses of the Black Thorn Coral were much easier to bypass and dismantle, they were simply so great in number that it would take Yuying probably a month or two of constant work before she could control all of them.

Sadly, time was of the essence and neither did she nor the other beauties or Zhang have a month or two at their disposal.

“Let’s see how much longer you can hold out…” Yuying said as she faced one of the six wyverns while beginning to make a series of strange hand signs, causing countless thousands of runes to appear on her body before flowing onto the ground.

Streaming across the altar and onto the body of the wyvern in front of Yuying, the runes began to spread toward the struggling beast’s head where they flowed into its eyes, ears, mouth and nostrils.

Over the course of days, Yuying had repeatedly done this over and over again, chipping away at the wyvern’s mind. By now she was but a step away from success, a step from obtaining a very powerful and loyal servant.

“Although they say your kind lacks intelligence, I must give you credit for being able to resist me for so long...” Yuying said in a slightly unhappy tone as her attempts to inject her will into the wyvern’s mind was constantly being stopped by its innate mental defenses.

“If the mind, the body and the soul weren’t so interlinked with each other, these guys wouldn’t possess such strong mental defenses… Or perhaps it is because they are distant relatives of dragons that they possess such powerful defenses...” Yuying thought with a frown.

“Hmph… Complaining won’t do me any good… I should be happy that these guys have such powers since they’ll eventually submit to my power and then I’ll put them to good use.” Yuying said in a low tone as she redoubled her efforts to tame the wyvern.

As the wheel of time continued to turn, as seconds changed to minutes and minutes passed into hours, the battle between Yuying the winged beast in front of her slowly took a turn for the better.

The innate defenses of the wyvern began to show signs of wear as Yuying’s mental attacks pressed on. It was clear that after nearly six days, the wyvern’s innate defenses were slowly crumbling in the wake of Yuying’s persistence.

While chanting in an inaudible tone, a faint smile surfaced on Yuying’s face as her efforts came to fruition. Moments later with a snap of her fingers and a vibrant cheerful expression on her face, Yuying made the tens of chains wrapping around the wyvern disintegrate and disappear.

Freed from the shackles hindering its movements, the glorious looking wyvern stretched its wings while uttering a deafening roar that reverberated throughout the four corners of the Ruler’s domain.

Once the fearful roar reached an end, the wyvern arched its neck toward Yuying, staring at her with its large and menacing-looking eyes. Contrary to what one might expect and to a wyvern’s normal demeanor, Yuying soon found her face smoothed in slick saliva.

“Bad! Bad! Don’t like my face like that!” Yuying yelled as she wiped off the wyvern’s spit from her face with a small handkerchief. Despite yelling for the wyvern to stop, a broad smile could still be seen on her face.

“Now to move on to the next one.” Yuying said as she was brimming with the air of success, cracking her delicate looking fingers while turning her sights toward the remaining wyverns.

Witnessing their sibling succumb to Yuying’s strange magic and as an unpleasant and chilling sensation seep into their bodies, the remaining wyverns started to wiggle and shift their bodies, attempting to break free of the chains binding them so they could flee as far as possible.

“Struggle as you may, try your best but there is no use for there is no escape.” Yuying laughed as she saw what change in the remaining wyverns.

“Honey, coming out quickly, we’ve arrived.” Zhang’s voice suddenly echoed throughout the Ruler’s Domain, diverting Yuying’s attention.

“I’ll be back later, you five wait for me here. As for you, you can have a bit of a snack and roam about until I come back.” Yuying said to the wyverns as she waved her hand and withdrew a large chunk of meat from her interspatial ring before opening a portal out of the Ruler’s Domain.

Walking through the portal, Yuying soon appeared in front of a midsized table where Zhang and the other beauties were seated, within the magical carriage.

“We’ve arrived?” Yuying asked.

“Have a look outside, we should be landing in a few minutes.” Zhang said while pointing toward the window of the magical carriage.

Peering outside, Yuying saw a massive island covered in ruins. Crumbling sections of walls, fallen towers, sunken in rooftops, broken buildings that were partially covered by vegetation, overgrown gardens and a decrepit and forsaken harbor came into view. That is to say, there were still many complete and undamaged buildings that caused a sense of awe to surface on one’s face.

“One could only image what this place was like when it was at the peak of its power.” Yuying mumbled as she gazed down at a few majestic looking buildings and sections of wall that had yet yielded to the test of time.

“Everyone! Welcome to Sea Beast Island! The holy land of the Sea Beast Sect, the sect that had once ruled over the Eastern Sea.” Lord Long Zhiming said to everyone in the group through his divine sense.

“Sea Beast Island? Sea Beast Sect?” Zhang’s could be heard mumbling.

“We will be arriving at the inner circle of the island in roughly thirty minutes, once our guide leads us to the entrance of the tomb we will rest for half a day before proceeding onward.” Lord Long Zhiming added.

“If this island is where the seat power of the Sea Beast Sect once stood, then there should be at least a few treasures still lying around, waiting for us to find them.” Zhang said to his wives as the sudden thought of treasure popped up into his head.

“Maybe there are a few things waiting for the right owners to appear and claim them.” Ling said with a nod, playing along with Zhang’s usual antics.

“There’s bound to be some things down there for us to find.” Lingqi agreed with a chuckle, knowing that once the thought of finding treasure entered her husband’s mind, it was impossible to talk him into sitting still unless a truly dire situation was taking place.

“Let’s go hunt for some treasure!” Ai said energetically. Unlike the other beauties, Ai was just as crazy about treasure as Zhang.

“Also, I finally managed to tame one of them. If only we had a few more days, I might have been able to tame a second one.” Yuying said as she enveloped the room with her divine sense, preventing others from listening in while also drawing the attention of everyone else in the room.

“Even with one of them, we can now turn the tables against those old monsters.” Zhang said in a cheerful tone.

“Sis, once everything is over you have to give it to me as a mount.” Ai said in a cheerful tone as excitement filled her eyes.

“Of course, once they are all tamed everyone will get one as a mount.” Yuying said with a chuckle as she arrived beside Ai and began ruffling the latter’s hair in a playful manner.

“We should put aside a small number of Black Thorn Corals for use in case of emergencies also.” Zhang said.

Conversing amongst themselves for roughly half an hour before landing onto the ground with the rest of the group of saints, Zhang and the beauties started to search for treasure the instant they stepped out of their magical carriage.

As silly as it may seem to be searching for treasure in what could only be described as ancient ruins that countless must have scoured before them, Zhang had a different mindset, since no one had ever known about or discovered hints of Long Shiji’s tomb being on this island, it was more than likely that there were many unexplored places filled with untold riches and treasures that were ripe for the taking.

“Even if people have searched every inch of this island and found nothing, it doesn’t mean that we also find nothing. If anything at the end of the day I get to spend some quality time with my lovely wives.” Zhang said with a laugh as he walked side by side with the beauties into a crumbling hall.

“If any of you spot any strange looking plants, tell me right away. There might be some medical herbs that I can harvest and use. More often than not, wide varieties of rare and sought after herbs would be spotted growing in long lost ruins just like the ones one this island. Places that have long lost man’s touch allow for mystical and unique plants to grow unhindered.” Lingqi said as she scanning the ground, looking for things that stood out from the ordinary.

“If anyone spots anything shiny then just give it to me.” Ai said with twinkling eyes causing the others to break out into merry laughter.


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