Dragon is Soul
Chapter 234: Give Thanks and Take Vengeance
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 234: Give Thanks and Take Vengeance

While their trump card was scattered to the winds, the six wyverns found themselves at a loss as intense winds continued to batter them.

Released pained wails, it was obvious to Zhang and the beauties that despite the nearly boundless vigor that they had put on display earlier, the six wyverns were slowly reaching their limit.

“Ling, retrieve the wyverns, the others and I will put an end to that crab.” Zhang conveyed through his divine sense as he saw the smallest of the six wyverns plummeting from the air and smashing down onto the icy shell that had formed atop the sea.

With a triumphant rise of its four massive claws into the air, the Demonic king crab quickly reached out in an attempt to pinch the immobilized wyvern to death.

Despite being unable to even move due to the injuries it had accumulated during the fight with the demonic king crab and its long fall from the sky, the wyvern conjured all of its remaining strength and roared with all of its might as the claws on its arms scratched at the icy floor on which it laid, trying to pull its huge body away from the claws of death that were quickly approaching.

Seeing their kin facing death’s door, the other wyverns folded up their tattered wings and dived through the air toward the gargantuan crab while unleashing furious roars of their own.

Of course, by now the highly toxic poison that had long seeped into the Demonic King Crab’s body, had slowly turned its insides into mush, so it was not only the wyverns who were facing the possibility of death.

In the end, it all came down to a matter of time, if the wyverns could hold out long enough for their poison to put an end to the demonic crab, then it would be their victory. However, if the crab was able to hold out long enough for the wyverns to fall from the sky, it would be able to exact its vengeance and flee to the bottom of the sea where it could slowly try to disperse the poison. That is if a third party, for instance, Zhang and the beauties or perhaps some other ancient demonic beasts did not intervene.

Using three of its claws to ward away the five wyverns in the sky, the demonic crab’s remaining claw inched ever closer toward its first victim.

“Ice Demon Prison!” Ling’s voice could be heard reverberating through the air as the ice thick layer of ice covering the sea shattered and a ring of water rose up into the air, wrapping around the immobilized wyvern.

Screeching frantically as it’s body was wrapped in what looked to be tentacles of water, the immobilized wyvern unable to do a thing as it’s body was dragged into the water where it was quickly encased in ice.

Having its prey snatched right in front of it, the demonic crab was utterly filled with rage as it smashed it’s claws into the water, causing turbulent waves to splash about.

“Maybe it thinks the other five wyverns have something to do with this.” Ai pointed out with a chuckle as she saw the demonic crab redoubling its efforts to smack the remaining five wyverns out from the sky.

“I’ll keep the crab occupied, you guys go capture the remaining wyverns.” Lingqi said as she appeared not too far from the demonic king crab. While Lingqi gently plucked at the strings on her zither, a beautiful melody drifted through the air, canceling out the fierce winds that had been conjured not too long ago.

Having recently felt that she was not contributing too much to the group, Lingqi had begun to weaponize her second branch of expertise. After a lot of experimenting, she found that by sending essence into the zither as she played, Lingqi was able to release sonic waves of energy that could deal terrifying damage if allowed to enter an enemy’s body.

Although she still felt this technique of hers was not yet ready to be used against other saints, since she had yet to find the right frequency that would allow her to penetrate their defenses unhindered, with that being said since ancient demonic beasts purely released on their bodies they wouldn’t be able to stop her technique.

As Lingqi continued to play, the Demonic King Crab was bombarded by a symphony of attacks. At first Lingqi’s attacks had little to no effect, however as time went on and as the sound waves being released from her zither became ever so more powerful, faint cracks began to appear on the shell of the Demonic King Crab.

“Liquefy and perish!” Lingqi roared as she directed hundreds of overlapping waves of sound toward the exposed portion of the Demonic King Crab’s body, once inside these waves began to bounce back and forth, rupturing organs, liquefying flesh and shattering many of the bone like structures within the massive shell.

Leaving Lingqi to deal with the Demonic King Crab, Zhang, Ai, and Yuying began to deal with the remaining five wyverns while Ling waited for the opportunity to encase whatever fell from the sky in ice.

“Focus on their wings!” Yuying yelled as thousands of bones circled around her, while eight black colored talismans also shot out from her hands,

Upon leaving Yuying’s hands the eight black colored talismans sped through the air, releasing bolts of lightning that streaked across the sky. Forming a massive seven-sided heptagon the talismans channel in the essence of the heavens and earth, sending down curtains of lightning from above.

Acting as a cage the chains of lightning unleashed by Yuying prevented the wyverns from escaping. Wherever the wyverns tried to flee, lightning would rain down and strike them, causing smoke to rise from their already heavily injured bodies.

“Sis! Get ready to catch this one!” Ai yelled in a joy filled voice as she swung, the Queen of the Night Whip, at one of the wyverns. Unable to freely maneuver due to the showering lightning, the wyvern was whipped out of the air due to Ai’s attack causing it to nosedive toward the ocean.

“Keep them coming!” Ling said with a laugh as she waved her hand, causing the sea to churn and rise into the air, catching the injured wyvern in a bubble of water.

“Freeze…” Ling mumbled in a low tone as the water bubble quickly froze over.

“Here’s another one!” Zhang yelled in a joyous tone much like Ai’s, as hundreds of spears forged out of mithril homed in on the largest wyvern within the group of six.

Manipulating the spears and leaving no paths of escape, Zhang quickly cornered his target, then with a thought, he quickly turned the spears of mithril into blobs of liquid mithril before sending them flying toward the wyvern.

Latching onto the like leeches and heavy chains, the blobs of liquid mithril soon began to weigh the large wyvern down, despite desperately flapping it’s wings to stay in the air, the wyvern was soon unable to bear any longer and also fell from the sky.

With half of their flock capture, the final three wyverns soon fell into Zhang’s grasp also.

Hoping to ensure that no one caught on to what they were doing, Ling made sure to pull all of the frozen wyverns into the water, away from prying eyes.

Then while putting on her best performance, Yuying flew extremely close to the Demonic King Crab and pretended to be struck by one of its claws, before charging into the ocean.

Joining the six wyverns encased in ice, under the ocean’s surface Yuying quickly stored them away into the Ruler’s Domain, where she could leisurely attempt to force them to submit to her will.

Once the wyverns were retrieved, Yuying quickly flew back into the sky after finishing her task since staying too long in the ocean would be fairly dangerous due to the unknown number of ancient demonic beasts residing in the depths.

“Alright let’s go finish off that crab!” Zhang suggested after seeing Yuying surface and raise into the air without injury.

“No need, I have things under control over here.” Lingqi said with a hearty laugh as she descended from the sky and landed atop what was one a menacing ancient demonic beast. With dozens of large cracks running across its once pristine and nearly indestructible shell, the Demonic King Crab had met its demise moments ago, under Lingqi’s deadly bombardment.

“Ummm, what’s left on this crab for us to take? Sis, I don’t think you thought things through when you went about killing this crab.” AI asked after noticing the extent of the damage dealt upon the Demonic King Crab. Surprisingly enough, under Lingqi’s powerful technique, the Demonic King Crab’s four massive claws had actually detached from its body and fell into the sea. Other then it’s claws, the only remaining defining feature was its sturdy shell, however, that too had been shatter.

“Silly girl, what could we have possibly done with this crab’s claws and shell anyway? The only part from that we can actually use is its demonic core, which I had left intact.” Lingqi retorted while playfully sticking her tongue out at Ai with a giggle.

“I’ll crack this thing open so we can collect its demonic core and be on our way.” Zhang said as he casually waved the Rising Moon Sword, releasing a powerful essence blade which cut into the Demonic King Crab’s lifeless shell. Opening up a long ravine like gash that stretched across nearly a quarter of the crab’s shell, Zhang conjured up a few Abyssal Beasts from his shadow and sent them to retrieve the Demonic King Crab’s demonic core.

Before long Zhang and the beauties caught up with the rest of the saints, of course, they made sure to keep most of their massive spoils a secret, in an attempt to keep their battle potential hidden.

If Yuying was to succeed in taming the six wyverns, Zhang, and the beauties would possess enough power to stand up to a high saint or two with ease. Once the six wyverns were restored to their peak conditions and under Yuying’s control, Zhang and the beauties would no longer have to fear people such as Master Shan Jin, Master Yu Xui or Lord Long Zhiming any longer, if anything the tables would have turned and the fearful would become the feared.

That is to say if Yuying were to succeed and if no one were to act against Zhang and the beauties before the time was right. Thus, with caution in mind, Zhang, and his wives felt the need to try their best to keep everyone else in the dark about what they were attempting to do.

“How long do you think it will take to tame them?” Zhang asked Yuying through his divine sense after returning to the large group of saints. Although he was specifically talking to Yuying through his divine sense, Zhang had made it so that all of his wives could listen in on their conversation.

“Considering that these guys could be as powerful as a high saint, it would probably take me a day or two to force each of them to submit. Thankfully their mental defenses aren’t too powerful. But we’ll have to see if my magic even works on them in the first place” Yuying responded as she and the other beauties could be seen seated beside Zhang on their magical carriage.

“Let’s hope this works. If it does, then we can try to secretly obtain more ancient demonic beasts and use them to deal with our enemies and everyone who stands to threaten us.” Zhang said, prompting the beauties to all speak in agreement.

“We should deal with everyone from the Dragon God Palace first and depending on everyone else’s reaction we can deal with them accordingly.” Ling said through her divine sense.

“I agree, the Dragon God Palace needs to go first and then afterward we can see about everyone else.” Lingqi said, voicing her opinion.

“We should get the treasure first and then afterward we can make all of these people give us lots of money and stuff or else we threaten to kill them.” Ai suggested, sparking a glint in Zhang’s eyes.

“Good idea! Hehehe.” Zhang said as he thought about kidnapping a bunch of high saints and full saints and ransoming them back to their sects and families.

“The number of riches I could get.” Zhang thought as he whistled a merry tone.

“With an army of saints and ancient demonic beasts at our beck and call, we’ll also be able to deal with those guys from the Siwang Empire with ease once we return home.” Ling said causing Zhang to remember a few rather unpleasant things that had occurred years ago.

“If we get the chance I’ll definitely have to thank those guys. If it wasn’t for them then I wouldn’t have met three of my four beautiful wives. However, that’ll have to wait until after I pay them back for killing me.” Zhang said in a voice mixed with a warm subtle tinge of happiness accompanied by a faint murderous chill.

“I’ll also have to thank them. If not for them I wouldn’t have met such a great husband. I’ll be sure to gift them lots of different batches of the poison I’ve been concocting.” Lingqi said with a laugh.


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