Dragon is Soul
Chapter 213: Golden Shells
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 213: Golden Shells

Leading a charge of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and demonic beasts, the beauties broke through the water's surface and flew into the air.

“Surround the island! Lay waste to all who stand in our way!” Yuying commanded as she waved her hand and made countless thousands of bones soar into the sky.

Like a symbol of death itself, the countless bones under Yuying’s control soon formed into a gigantic devilish skull shaped mass with eerie glowing green flames in its hollow eye sockets.

Joining in on Yuying’s frightening display, Lingqi waved her hands and conjured a massive purplish cloud of poison that caused everything that flew into it to fall from the skies and plummet into the dark depths of the sea.

Atop the city walls of Golden Shell City, a frenzy of activity occurred. Frightened out of their wits by the gigantic skull and the mysterious cloud of green smoke, many of the city guards dropped their weapons and ran for their lives.

The city guards were simple residences of Golden Shell City and were not really cultivators so against Yuying and the bulk of the forces under her command, they stood no chance, so it was only normal that they fled.

Of course not every guard fled, there were a few with commendable courage who remained. The brave few who stayed behind sounded off a series of alarms and bells that alerted the rest of the city of an enemy attack.

“Sound the alarms! Alert the masters! They'll take care of the approaching enemy!” A man clad in armor roared to the guards as Yuying and Lingqi closed in while their army could be seen speeding across the open waters off the shores of Golden Shell City and spring through the sky.

“Brother, should we go in too?” Ai asked Zhang as they could be seen leisurely sitting atop a large puffy cloud, showing no signs of moving toward the cry at all.

“You guys go aid the mistresses and make sure to cover their blind spots.” Zhang said while commanding his lesser Saint level subordinates, who quickly sped across the air and toward Yuying and Lingqi after reviewing their orders.

“We will just watch from here and see how things go before we move in. If we all were to attack the city, then the big fish might flee.” Zhang said as he looked toward Golden Shell City intently while enveloping himself, Ling, and Ai, along with Shan Li and all of the other full Saint level experts a part of the coalition force in a veil of essence that made it hard for other to detect them from afar.

“Who dares attack the territory of the Golden Pearl Sect!” An ancient voice rang out from the interior of Golden Shell City, just as Zhang finished speaking and just when Yuying and Lingqi began their assault on the city walls.

“I dare!” Yuying roared back in response to the ancient voice as the gigantic skull comprised of countless bones under her control smashed into the city walls.

Upon smashing into the shell encrusted city walls, the skull-shaped mass of bones lost its initial shape and turned into a tsunami of bones that swept over the tops of the city walls and the area below it.

Following Yuying’s example, Lingqi’s cloud of poisonous gas made its way onto the tops of the city walls.

“Lucky for you guys, needlessly killing you all would make him unhappy.” Lingqi murmured as her cloud of poisonous gas enveloped the city wall and all the people on it causing them to all fall into a deep slumber.

As the beauties assaulted the soldiers atop the walls, their soldiers and lesser saint subordinates soon caught up and joined in on the siege. Thus as the sun’s warm rays shone down from above, countless rumbling footsteps charged toward Golden Shell City while the clamoring of swords and shields also filled the air.

“Assault the gates! Mantis Shrimp Cavalry advance!” A commander within the Blood Scale Army ordered while pointing his sword at the massive city gates off in the distance.

“Begin charging the Heavenly Lightning Array!” An elder within the Starry Sea Sect riding atop a Behemoth Jellyfish commanded as sparks of lightning began to pulsate across the body of water near him.

Despite simultaneously attacking Golden Shell City at once, the forces of the Blood Coral Cove and Starry Sea Sect did not fully cooperate with each other and each had their own plans.

Thousands of Gigantic Mantis Shrimps could soon be seen swarming around the shell encrusted city gates and attempting to smash it apart with their powerful claws, while dozens of sparks of lightning could be seen being released into the air as the forces of the Starry Sky Sect were preparing to unleash the full might of their Heavenly Lightning Array.

“This is the territory of the Golden Pearl Sect! All of you SCAM!” A loud and murderous voice echoed out from the city as a powerful shock wave smashed into the soldiers of the Blood Scale Army and the disciples of the Starry Sea Sect, sending them tumbling on to the ground.

“The time of the Golden Pearl Sect is over! Have a taste of our Heavenly Lightning!” The elder of the Starry Sea Sect roared as a massive bolt of lightning many times thicker than a tree trunk snaked across the air.

In a flash the bolt of lightning smashed into the city gates, however, little to no damage was inflicted. Moments after the lightning bolt struck, the countless shells embedded in the city gates and walls began to release a blinding golden glow.

“Madam! Be careful!” The teams of lesser saints Zhang had sent to watch over Yuying and Lingqi yelled as they sped through the air and took up defensive formations around the two beauties.

The blinding golden light given off by the countless shells embedded into the city walls continued to become brighter and brighter to the point where everyone had to drop their weapons and shield their eyes or risk being blinded.

Seeing what was happening from afar, Zhang withdrew the Rising Moon Sword from his interspatial ring and prepared to intervene if he deemed the situation had become too dangerous for Yuying and Lingqi to handle.

“All those who dare to disrespect the Golden Pearl Sect, death!!” The ancient voice that had been previously heard, rang into everyone’s ears once again as blood-curdling yells followed suit.

As the glowing light given off by the golden shells began to fade away and as everyone’s sense of sight as gradually restored, all eyes were focused on the direction where the blood-curdling yells originated from.

Looking upward, a gigantic mass of bones could be seen where Yuying and the group of lesser saints guarding her were and floating in front of this mass of bones was a young man in his early twenties, who was being impaled by countless spikes made of bones.

“You think I wouldn't be prepared to defend myself if my vision was temporarily taken away?” Yuying said as she gripped her hand, causing the dozens of bony spikes impaling the young man to twist and turn, which in turn caused his blood-curdling screams to sound through the air once again.

“And to send a mere lesser saint is truly laughable.” Yuying added as she scanned the horizon in search of enemies.

“To act so haughty in front of this old man, you must have a death wish.” The ancient voice could be heard as a dozen silhouettes came into sight after flying out from behind a large cloud and an elderly man, garbed in expensive looking silk robes that had the image of golden shells embroidered on them, appeared.

“To act so haughty in front of this princess, especially in your current predicament, you must also have a death wish.” Yuying replied with a sneer.

“What do you think you can accomplish with a force consisting of only an army of puny mortals, a few measly lesser saints and a pair of full saints.” The elderly looking man garbed in silk robes said as he ceased the forces under Yuying and Lingqi’s control.

“With only a single full saint, not even a handful of lesser saints and without an army at your command, what do you think you can do to stop us?” Yuying retorted as she sized up the opposing force.

“Not even a hand full?” The elderly full saint laughed upon hearing Yuying’s reply, as many hundreds of silhouettes began to fly out from within the interior of the city.

Before long, a total of ten full saints, a hundred or so lesser saints, tens of thousands of regular cultivators atop flying chariots and demonic beasts blocked out the horizon while countless more made their way onto the city walls.

“What was it that you were saying?” The elderly saint said while he looking at Yuying with a confident face. A face that belonged to someone who believed they had attained a complete victory over their opponent before the battle even began.

“We were saying, what were you hoping to accomplish with such a measly number of subordinates.” Zhang’s voice reverberated through the air.

Much to the elderly full saint’s surprise, Zhang, Ling, Ai, Shan Li, Xiao Gong, Nai Fan, and a dozen other full saint level experts could be seen from afar, speeding toward Golden Shell City.

As they neared the city, Zhang’s group of full saints splintered off and surrounded the city from all sides.

“Anyone who values their well-being should drop their weapons and surrender! We do not wish to spill any more blood needlessly.” Zhang said in a loud voice as he glanced at the lesser saint who was still wincing in pain due to being impaled by Yuying’s bony spikes.

“A bunch of rubbish! At my age, after countless storms and hardships, you think a bunch of brats like you can talk me or any my men into surrendering?” The elderly saint said although there was a trace of anxiousness appeared on his face after Zhang’s sudden appearance.

“Disciples of the Golden Pearl Sect! Attack! Leave none of the invaders alive!” The elderly saint commanded, prompting a fury of roars and yells to sound out from the sky and the tops of the city walls.

Unleashing powerful techniques and attacks, the many lesser saints of the Golden Pearl Sect, caused devastating casualties to the coalition. Fireballs turned hundreds into ashes, nearly invisible blades of wind severed limbs and sliced through bone, while shards of ice invaded the bodies of the unsuspecting and changed warm veins into frozen rivers.

“All units! Attack!” Zhang roared while still levitating in the air, clad in beautiful white colored scale armor, with a fluttering black cape that was a darker shade of black than a starless night sky.

Majestically and appearing to not exert much very much power at all, Zhang casually pointed the Rising Moon Sword toward the city gates and made a black colored orb of highly condensed gravity, in other words, a singularity, appear at its tip.

After a flick of his wrist, Zhang sent the seemingly harmless looking black or flying through the air and onto Golden Shell City’s main gates.

Once the singularity came in contact with the city gates, it began to buckle and quake before it began to crumble in on itself. First to give way to the powerful suction force of the singularity was the sandstone that made up the bulk of the walls, quickly crumbling to bits. Then the golden colored shells, that were able to withstand the full force of the Starry Sea Sect’s Heavenly Lightning Array without suffering so much as a single scratch, began to crack.

Small cracks branched out and became larger and larger until the golden colored shells broke into pieces that were pressed together until both of the city gates were turned into a tiny dense ball of matter.

“Move into the city! Kill everyone who resists!” Yuying commanded once Zhang dispelled his technique and as she waved her hand and sent the lesser saint that she had caught earlier on a one-way trip to the Underworld.

“Subdue the enemy saints! Take the wounded to the rear! No need to stand guard! We can protect ourselves.” Lingqi ordered the lesser saints acting as bodyguards for her and Yuying, all the while countless casualties began to occur as the saints of the Golden Pearl Sect rampaged.

In terms of numbers, the coalition possessed more regular soldiers, demonic beasts and a few full saints, however, the Golden Pearl Sect currently had nearly double or maybe even triple the number of lesser saints. This meant that if Zhang and Shan Li’s lesser saint subordinates were not careful, they would find themselves hopelessly outnumbered and possibly slaughtered.

Luckily, Ling was present and quickly took action.

Making thousands of water droplets rise from the ocean’s surface and surrounding herself with them, Ling began to harness the power of the sun and turn it into a deadly ray of pure destruction and death.

Flying demonic beasts were scorched and turned into falling masses of char, while a few unlucky lesser saints found themselves set ablaze and were granted a fiery death.

Surprisingly enough, the golden shells that were embedded into the city walls were strong enough to survive the extreme heat produced by Ling’s attack as it swept past them during her rampage. Besides leaving behind scorch marks on the golden shells, Ling’s attack had little to no effect on them at all which served as a hidden blessing for the forces of the Golden Pearl Sect because otherwise, Ling would have burnt down their city walls, leaving them nowhere to seek cover from her wrath.

“Kill her! Support our ground forces! Prepare to activate the array!” The elderly full saint directed as he gripped a luminous pearl in one hand while pointing at Ling with the other.


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