Dragon is Soul
Chapter 212: World Devastator Fox
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 212: World Devastator Fox

“To think a demonic beast that's not even a saint can break one of my inscription chains.” Yuying said as she sat beside Zhang and the other beauties while gazing at their horde of pets devouring large quantities of meat provided by Zhang.

“What kind of demonic beast is it?” Zhang asked in a curious tone.

“After combing through a tiny bit of its primordial memories, and I believe it’s called a World Devastator Fox. Besides its name and a few other things that we've already managed to guess, I wasn’t able to pick up much else. Besides the fact that it had been sealed here for a very very long time. Oddly enough, I’ve never even heard of something called a World Devastator Fox in all my time in the Underworld Library.” Yuying stated.

“Interesting, a demonic beast that my princess of the dead doesn’t know about.” Zhang teased with a chuckle.

“There are many things out there I don’t know.” Yuying replied with a laugh as she playfully nudged Zhang’s shoulder.

“Little Swifty come here.” Ai said as she could be seen with a hand full of grapes.

“When did we name it Swifty?” Lingqi said with a laugh as the little white sand colored fox stopped nibbling on a large piece of steak that was given to it and looked toward Ai. Moments later with a juicy half eaten steak clamped in its jaws, Swifty made its way toward Ai with due haste.

“If it responds to that name then might as well.” Zhang said with a chuckle as he watched the fox arrive in front of Ai and quickly finish its meal before gazing up at her while licking its paw.

“Here, try some of these.” Ai said kindly as she presented Swifty with a handful of plump grapes. Having lived off mostly essence stones after being unsealed, Little Swift was quick to try all of the food offered to it by Zhang and the beauties.

“Swifty, I have a proposition for you, one that you can’t possibly turn down.” Zhang said to the little fox who was happily enjoying the new delicacy it had just been given, prompting it to look at him with curious eyes.

“We’re going to be going on a little trip and decided it would be best to leave you and the other here so you guys can continue to grow stronger while we are away. If you promise me to not attack any of the miners or people in the mine again, I’ll give you so much food that it would take you months to finish up.” Zhang said with a grin as Swifty’s eyes lit up and it proceeded to yelp happily.

“Then I take it we have a deal? Since you are the strongest you’ll also watch over the others?” Zhang asked Swifty who replied by posing in an upright and diligent manner that resembled that of a guard dog’s.

“Good, then to seal the deal, here is your down payment. Be sure to share it with the others.” Zhang said as he utilized the power of the Underworld Heart and took control of the essence within the cavern they were currently in.

With a quick thought and a bit of time, Zhang began to reshape the cavern to his will. Walls were pushed back, the ground was evened out and walls were erected, as he began creating lodgings for his demonic beasts. While a large chamber was created for the Wraith Spiders to live together, midsized chambers were created for Little White and Little Swifty. Rather than a place for demonic beasts to stay, Zhang had made an underground courtyard fit for a noble to live in.

Having an eye for detail, replaced the cavern floor with stone tiles, the walls now were smooth to the touch, and there were even little carvings that marked which chamber belonged to whom.

Once everything was shaped and made into the way Zhang wanted, he waved his hand and made an abundant supply of dry rations, food and barrels of water appear in a small storage room he had made.

“Ling if you could help me out a bit.” He then said was a smile to Ling who replied with a nod before waving her hand and manipulating the water in the barrels that Zhang had just withdrawn from his interspatial ring.

Employing her magic, Ling made the water in the barrels rise up into the air and form into square shaped blocks before freezing them over.

“That way the food can be kept much longer. Of course, we’ll also leave orders for supplies to be regularly sent here.” Zhang said after Ling finished her work.

“If you can also lend me a helping hand.” Zhang said as he looked at Yuying who replied with a faint smile and a shrug of her shoulders before place her hand on top of the tile floor and making countless runes appear once more.

This time, instead of homing on Little Swift, the runes made their way onto the walls of the chamber and printed themselves onto it. After some time, all of the walls of the chamber were covered with glowing runes.

“With this, no one can bother them while they ascend. But to make sure I’ll lay out a few more arrays once we get to the surface.” Yuying said as she patted the dust off her robes after standing up from her crouching position.
“I’ll also give these essence stones back to you. Use them and quickly become a saint.” Zhang laughed as he petted Swifty’s head gently.

After proper arrangements were made for the demonic beasts Zhang and the beauties, left them to their own devices and headed back toward the makeshift camp that had been erected, where they then ordered for most of their forces to withdraw out of the mines.

Then came the tedious task of locating all of their lesser saint subordinates, some of whom were hopelessly lost in the maze-like mines. Although many of them had run into the soldiers of the Blood Scale Army who had been commanded to mark the walls with arrows, there were still a few who had gone too deep into the mines and were still lost.

“We are going to get everyone sound transmission jades.” Zhang said with a sigh after he and the beauties managed to locate all of their lost subordinates.

Once they managed to complete a whole list’s worth of tasks, Zhang and the beauties finally departed from the mine and headed toward their chambers for the night.

The next day, mining of the essence stone mines resumed after the miners were reassured that there would no longer be any more unexplainable events happening down in the mines. To further expand operations, Zhang personally visited the surrounding villages and began offering lavish deals to anyone who was willing to relocate to Razor Clam Island.

With the enticement of high wages, abundant supplies of food, and protection, Zhang was able to convince most of the villagers to work for the Razor Clam Fortress. Before the fortress had been solely reliant on supplies and things sent to them by the nearest branch headquarters of the Golden Pearl Sect, however now with an abundant number of workers in hand, Zhang was able to make the fortress somewhat self-sustaining.

While the majority of the workers he employed were sent to work in the mines, a number of them were given jobs such as but were not limited to, sanitation of the fortress, fishing, farming, construction, and so on. Now even if some event were to arise that would require Zhang to cut off supplies to the fortress, its inhabitants would still be able to survive.

Zhang also ordered for a massive construction project to begin in an attempt to solidify his control of Razor Clam island and its surrounding islands.

“Next time I come back here, I want to see bridges stemming from this island and connecting to all of the other islands. Although the majority of the people in the surrounding islands have migrated here, there is still an abundant amount of resources on the other islands that can be of use. The land on other islands can also be converted into farmland or pastures for animals to be raised now that not too many people live on them.” Zhang said to the elderly miner, who he had decided to appoint as the person in charge of the fortress.

Besides the bridges that would connect the surrounding islands, Zhang had also ordered for the construction of a teleportation platform to begin, so that in the future the islands would be more connected to the Blood Coral Cove and in turn the Aurora Empire.

After leaving behind proper instructions and orders, Zhang, the beauties, and their subordinates, along with the forces of the Starry Sea Sect departed in an awe-inspiring show of power. Dozens of saints took to the skies, while many thousands of Behemoth Jellyfish, Flying Sword Fish, and Mantis Shrimp surfaced from the dark depths where they had been awaiting their riders who one after the other dove into the shift tides as they began their trip to conquer Golden Shell City.

While their allies and subordinates were quick to depart, Zhang and the beauties could be seen lingering at the shores of Razor Clam Island with a horde of demonic beasts surrounding them.

“You guys take good care now.” Yuying said as she patted Silky while Ling could be seen stroking Little White’s furry coat.

“Swifty, I’ll be seeing you again soon.” Ai said with a smile as she offered the little fox a hand full of grapes before she and the rest of the group took to the skies and the horde of demonic beasts headed back down into the mines where they will attempt to further their cultivation, but not before uttering a mixture of roars, howls, and screeches, sending their masters off.


In a flash day turned into night, night turned into day and a few days had passed since Zhang and the beauties departed from Razor Clam island and Golden Shell City was in sight.

True to its name, Golden Shell City’s walls were entirely covered by massive golden clam shells that were embedded into solid sandstone.

“Legend has it, this city was where the Golden Pearl Sect had actually originated from. Many years ago the founder of their sect, who was demonic beast called a Sea Ruler Clam, had ascended where that city now stands, shedding a pair of massive shells in the process. Ever since then and the creation of the Golden Pearl Sect, every time a member of their sect is about to ascend, they would come here to do so and over the years many shells were added to the pair their founder left behind and that wall was thus built.” Shan Li said as his head and Zhang’s head could be seen poking up from the ever moving waves of the sea.

“So how should we go about doing this? I'm sure by now they would have known that we are in the vicinity of their city, so we can either attempt to sneak into the city or we can openly siege it or both.” Zhang asked Shan Li despite already having an idea as to how to conquer the city.

“I think it would be best for us to first understand the situation within the city first before we act.” Shan Li replied.

“Then shall I send out some scouts and have my men try to gather a bit of information.” Zhang before he ordered a couple of his lesser saint subordinates to move out and collect information.

In next to no time at all, they returned with a few guests in tow.

With trembling bodies, shaken expressions and frightened eyes, a group consisting of three men were put into a large air bubble with Zhang and a few other people, under the surface of the ocean.

“I apologize for any inconveniences that my subordinates may have caused by bribing you here.” Zhang said with a smile.

“W-w-we do-do-don’t know anything.” One of the men who wore a set of grey colored robes stuttered as he tried to talk to Zhang.

“Don't know anything? But I haven't started asking any questions yet? If I were to ask for your name, would you have not known that? Or perhaps if I were to ask you the date, would you not know?” Zhang asked.

“Now please calm down, this won't hurt at all.” Zhang said as he looked at Yuying, who stood beside him, and nodded.

Before anyone knew what was going on, Zhang envelopes the three men with his essence and kept them from moving, while Yuying arrived in front of each and every one of them in session, tapping them on the forehead once before moving on.

“Now tell us, the latest recent events that have happened within Golden Shell City.” Zhang said in a soft tone.

“Yesterday old man Bao’s daughter gave birth to a baby boy. He looks healthy and seems to have inherited a bit of the characteristics of their ancestral bloodline.” The man in grey robes said in an emotional tone.

“Yesterday, Madam Zhu’s pet dog was found dead, it was covered in cuts and bruises… Everyone is out looking for its killer.” Another one of the men said blandly.

“Yesterday, I went home… I saw my wife in bed with my neighbor...” The third man said.

“Today, Lord Yun Jiao’s son is getting married, taxes have been cut in half for a month.” The grey robed man proceeded to say.

“Stop….” Zhang said in a calm voice.

“Tie them up and keep them somewhere safe until everything is over…” Zhang commanded before a group of soldiers entered the air bubble he was in and took the three man away.

“Brother Zhang, shouldn't we ask more questions before we send them off?” Shan Li asked Zhang with a confused look on his face.

“No need, if they are out looking for someone who murdered a dog, and celebrating a wedding, they are either crazy, really assured of their defenses or they do not know that we are nearby.” Zhang said with a sigh.

“All forces prepare to invade the city!” Yuying commanded, without waiting for either Zhang or Shan Li to give the command.

“Regardless of what the situation is, destroying cities is what we do best.” Ling said in a confident voice.


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