Dragon is Soul
Chapter 193: Dragon God Palace
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 193: Dragon God Palace

ter withdrawing the ancient looking jar from his interspatial ring, Medical Sage Fu Yuan began injecting his essence into it causing the intricate carvings on the jar to glow faintly.

Moments later the ancient looking jar’s lid opened and revealed a dazzling ball of seven colored fire kept within it.” Lord Long Feng said as he looked toward Zhang.

“Have you ever heard about the Legendary Seven Heavenly Treasures?” Lord Long Feng asked.

“Heavenly treasures?” Zhang replied with a smile and a cough while trying to avoid direct eye contact with Lord Long Feng.

“What are these heavenly treasures you speak of?” Yuying asked, with a smile while tilting her head, pretending to be clueless.

“Yea what are you talking about?” Ai joined in before beginning to whistle.

“The Falling Sun Sword, Rising Moon Sword, Star Shooter Bow, Endless Abyss Cape, Eternal Flame, Heaven's Lost Armor and Underworld Heart? No need to kid with this old man, I'm certain from the looks on your faces that you know of them and are simply trying to pull a fast one over me.” Lord Long Feng said as he thought Zhang and the beauties were messing with him.

“Oh, those heavenly treasures! Darling you know, those treasured that are said to possess the power to start and end empires.” Lingqi said with a smile.

“Ah, you're talking about those things.” Zhang said as he looked at Lord Long Feng.

“So what about the heavenly treasures?” Ling asked Lord Long Feng with an expression of intrigue on her face.

“Have you heard about the Heavenly Treasure called the Eternal Flame? Some also call it the Fire of Creation.” Lord Long Feng asked.

“I've heard about it but don't remember anything about it being called the Fire of Creation.” Zhang replied was a curious look his face.

“The fire with the power to create and mend souls, the fire that the Medical Sage would use to heal Long Shijie.” Lord Long Feng said with a smile.

“Interesting, a fire that possesses powers opposite of the Soul Devouring Flames that I possess.” Zhang thought.

“Honey I'm getting rather tired, and we've had a long day also so how about asking Lord Long Feng to finish up his story so we can go get some rest. There are also other matters to attend to tomorrow.” Ling whispered into Zhang's ear with a yawn.

“Now that you mention it I’m also a bit tired.” Yuying added.

“Lord Long Feng, it seems my madams are getting rather tired so if you could sum up the rest of the story for us so we can get some rest. If Madam Diao Yu’s words were true, then Starry Sea Sect should be on its way and without good intention. They may also have a piece of that painting we've been speaking about also.” Zhang said with a smile.

“Alright, I'll sum the story up for you. Also, fright not, I will also contact the Palace headquarters to see if they can come and defuse the situation. Although with your powers I’m sure you'll be able to hold your own against the likes of the Starry Sea Sect.” Lord Long Feng said.

“Basically, the Medical Sage uses the Eternal Flame to heal along Shijie’s soul. But after doing so he made sure to seal all of along Shijie’s power before taking him as his second disciple. Over the next two years, Long Shijie would slowly regain his humanity and learn to coexist with other people. He would also grow especially close to the other two children who were also a part of the voyage, with one of them becoming his sworn brother and the other eventually becoming his wife many years later. In a breeze thirty years of happiness would be granted to Long Shijie before the horrible war occurring under the sea would eventually spread to the thousands of islands in the Western Ocean and cause Long Shijie’s wife to be heavily injured while his sworn brother to die, prompting him to join the fight against the Sea Beast Sect.” Lord Long Feng said quickly.

“Where was the Medical Sage during the attack? Wasn't the Medical Sage as strong as the master of the Sea Beast Sect?” Lingqi asked.

“I believe the Medical Sage was either traveling the world or went into isolated training and couldn't be present. I believe that” Lord Long Feng said.

“Well although his wife didn't die, rage-filled Long Shijie’s heart causing his sealed off powers to be unleashed as he fled his home with his injuries wife in hand. Once his powers were unsealed, he became a force to be reckoned with.

But with his powers alone, Long Shijie wasn't able to defeat the powerful experts of the Sea Beast Sect and hundreds of years of bitter fighting ensued. Although he was able to protect his wife and eventually become a father of two sons and a daughter, the blood flowing through the sea continued to be dyed red as slaughter continued all around him.

You could imagine how fighting the same war for decades could cause someone to become wary, but as things were the Sea Beast Sect was activity going out and killing all who did not submit to them.

It was not until stumbling on a fleet of tattered warships did the tides of war change. This fleet of ships had come from nowhere and was filled with the remains of dead humans and hundreds of saints. The only sign of identification of where these ships had come from where the words, ‘Dragon God Palace.’

“Dragon God Palace?” Zhang asked.

“Dragon God Palace… What a neat name.” Ai said after hearing the Lord Long Feng and Zhang mention the Dragon God Palace.

“Yes, the name of today’s Dragon God Palace came from this fleet of ships.” Lord Long Feng said.

“I thought the name Dragon God Palace had come to be because the masters of the Palace being descendants of dragons.” Zhang said.

“In part, but mostly because how stumbling on this fleet of shops had helped bring an end to the Sea Beast Sect. Also because it was said that Long Shijie was terrible at naming things that he decided to just use the name Dragon God Palace. It was also in his intentions to perhaps have our Dragon God Palace become a branch of the true Dragon God Palace if he ever ran into them. But after so many years of nothing I would say that the true Dragon God Palace is no longer around and that our found had stumbled on that fleet of ghost ships by fate.” Lord Long Feng said before continuing his story.

“On one of the ships apart of this tattered fleet void of life, Long Shijie stumbled upon a vast amount of elixirs, magical weapons and most importantly a painting of an otherworldly beauty, which appeared somewhat strange because all of the other ships had appeared to have been ransacked already.

Upon entering the room, Long Shijie noticed that the area around the painting had essence a hundred times thicker the normal. Meaning if one cultivated in the presence of the painting then they're powers would grow a hundred times.

Using the painting, Long Shijie was able to increase his powers exponentially and thus defeat the Master of the Sea Beast Sect, his own father, and bring peace to the Western Sea. Although Long Shijie didn't end up killing his father, a breakable seal was placed upon him.

After bringing peace to the seas, Long Shijie founded the Dragon God Palace in honor of the previous owners of the Ascending Beauty Painting.

Then after leading the Dragon God Palace for a few years, Long Shijie grew tired of the frightened looks he would receive from those around him. Wishing to not become like his father, he sealed away a part of his cultivation and hid it in a magical treasure kept in a secret location. He then imprinted directions leading to that secret location on the Ascending Beauty Painting and split it into eight parts after sealing away its essence condensing abilities. Afterward, the eight pieces of the painting were scattered across the sea.

Once he finished doing all of this, Long Shijie disappeared along with his wife and left one of his sons in charge.” Lord Long Feng said quickly.

“So the Dragon God Palace is hoping to retrieve all eight pieces of the painting, use it to find Long Shijie’s sealed away powers and unseal the painting’s powers?” Zhang asked with a look of intrigue as he thought about how power someone could become if they obtained Long Shijie’s power and unlocked the painting’s ability.

“The paintings had all but been forgotten about until a few years ago when the piece kept in the Dragon God Palace’s treasure began emitting a peculiar aura. It seemed something triggered a reaction from the pieces of the painting and hoping to find out what, the lord of the Palace was hoping to gather all of the pieces together once again. But since new travels fast under the sea, it didn't take long for various experts to join in the search for the painting.” Lord Long Feng said with a sigh.

“Well if I happen to find a piece I'll be sure to turn it into the Dragon God Palace or else I'll end up attracting trouble to myself.” Zhang said with a laugh.

“You'll definitely get something for your troubles if you do. On top of that, you won't have to worry about people causing you trouble.” Lord Long Feng said with a laugh.

Soon after some more small talk between Zhang and Lord Long Feng, it was decided that another banquet would be held the following day and that all of the corpses of the lesser saints who were Lord Long Feng’s subordinates would be returned to him. While the corpses of Madam Diao Yu and her subordinates were split up amongst Zhang and his subordinates in the form of rewards.

Since heavenly energy from the corpses of lesser saints now only gave him a tiny boost in power, Zhang decided that powering up his subordinates and the beauties would be a wiser idea for the time being. He also saved a few corpses for his generals staying in Aurora, Zhang knew that loyal people who had been through life and death with him such as Gan Ning, Sima Yi, And Xi Ning needed to be rewarded the most so he was planning on helping them break through and become saints once he returned home.

“My lord, now that all of the guests are leaving and there isn’t anything that requires your immediate attention, would you like to go have a look at cove’s treasury? Not too long ago some of our soldiers were able to retrieve the missing vault key. And would you like to have a look at the medical store rooms, madam?” Chu Shou said respectfully as Zhang and the beauties watched the last of the banquet’s guests leave.

“Lead the way.” Zhang said with a bright smile.

“I’ll go have a look after I accompany our handsome treasure hunter to the vault.” Lingqi said with a chuckle.

While Chu Shou and the rest of his lesser saint subordinates leading the way, Zhang, and his wives made their way through the Blood Coral Castle where countless maids, butlers and servants could be seen tidying up the aftermath of the battle that had occurred not too long ago.

“As our forces are, how do you guys think they compare to the incoming forces of the Starry Sea Sect?” Zhang asked the lesser saints who were walking in two neat rows beside him.

“My lord, today with the death of Madam Diao Yu and her subordinates, coupled with the deaths of Shen Yu, Niao Wang and all of the other saints thus far, the power of the Blood Coral Cove had been reduced by roughly sixty percent. This is of course not counting Lord Long Feng’s forces since it has always been known that his loyalties are toward the Dragon God Palace and would only act if he was given orders to.” Hai Xing said respectfully.

“But if we add in the addition fighting power we have thanks to you my lord and your madams, our fighting power wouldn’t have fallen at all. Rather it has increased thanks to the addition of two full saints. So since it is highly unlikely that the Starry Sea Sect would send out all of their experts, we should be able to hold our own without much worry. In fact, if any of the other forces ranked twenty to fifteen were to attempt to attack us individually we should be completely fine because none of them have a high saint expert amongst their ranks while you my lord was able to defeat Lord Long Feng despite his power being on par with a high saint’s.” Hai Xing added as she assessed the situation and fighting power of the Blood Coral Cove.

“Since it’s highly unlikely that they know about the madams being full saints, they will most likely come ill prepared.” Chu Shou said.

“Then I guess things will be fun and beneficial.” Zhang said with a chuckle.

“Don't have too much fun now, we have to get those teleportation platforms in working order soon and connect this place to the empire.” Ling said, reminding Zhang of something he had to do soon.

“I should have the Sky Fortress fly back home in a few days so the students and soldiers have something to do.” Zhang said as began thinking about the Aurora Empire’s Army.

Although his soldiers weren't really needed for border patrol or anything, keeping them at sea for too long would be a real waste of their talents and the manpower they can provide for the various things that are happening back in the Aurora Empire.

After the various armies under the command of the many provinces in the Warring States Region were united and reorganized, an army numbering roughly eight million soldiers. While four million were stationed on the Northern Frontier and a million were left to patrol and guard the coasts of the empire while trying to maintain stable sea routes for trade, the remaining three million were dispersed throughout the empire to maintain stability or for large building projects.

Before leaving Zhang had asked Jian Wei to begin the construction of a network of canals and roads that would help commoners, who did not have access to the empire’s teleportation platforms, trade easier.

He also had laid out plans for a series of massive inverted towers to be built. These towers would drill down deep into ground and tap into the power of the Dragon's Vein.

Overall a lot of things were occurring and although Zhang’s soldiers weren't necessarily needed, they would be of use if they returned the empire.

But realistically speaking the number of soldiers that Zhang took with him didn't even account for more than a percent or two of the Aurora Amy.

“My lord, this way.” Chu Shou’s voice entered Zhang’s ears after he zoned out.


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