Dragon is Soul
Chapter 192: Abandoned Son
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 192: Abandoned Son

"Roughly one thousand years ago someone painted this pretty sweet painting, the end."


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“Roughly a little over a thousand years ago the appearance of the Ascending Beauty Painting had helped ushered in the peace that you see today. Although to some what we have here can't be called peace but when compared to the many millennia of being enveloped with fear and not knowing if today was your last day or not, what we have now is peace.” Lord Long Feng said as he recalled a time when the sea was as divided and chaotic as the Warring States Region had been.

“You're talking about the end of the fifteen thousand years of darkness? The war that lasted five hundred years and caused the waters near the ruins of the Sea Beast Sect to be dyed red with blood until this day?” Lord Chan Chu asked as his eyes lightened.

“Shhhhh, let him continue…” Ai said as she gave lord Chan Chu an unhappy look.

“Yes I'm talking about the war against the Sea Beast Sect that had once ruled over the entire Western Ocean. However, what I'm about to tell you is something only those within the Dragon God Palace and a few other influential figures know about.” Lord Long Feng said.

“After fifteen thousand years of being ruled under one banner, a banner of tyranny, dead and hatred, the people of the sea grew wary and set out to right that which was wrong.

Heroes, opportunity seekers and all manners of people took up arms in an attempt to overthrow the Sea Beast Sect. But of course over the fifteen thousand years of the rule, the Sea Beast Sect had accumulated endless riches, trained countless soldiers and experts, and gathered all manners of treasures for their use, but most importantly was the fact that the ruler of their sect was extremely powerful. He was so powerful that he had reached a realm of true immortality and had become a Deity.

Unlike us who still age, although at an extremely slow rate, the ruler of the Sea Beast Sect did not age, did not fall ill and was immortal both in body and soul. Even if his body was turned to ash or blown to bits he his soul would continue to live on in the mortal plane and he would be able to regenerate his body.

So realistically for those attempting to break free of the Sea Beast Sect’s rule was set up for failure. But nonetheless, everyone was given hope by a single man. The son of the Sea Beast Sect’s ruler, Long Shijie, the man who had been casted out of the Sea Beast Sect by his own father at an early age.” Lord Long Feng spoke slowly and in an audible tone, drawing in the ears of all the people present. Even some of the guests who had fled earlier had returned and pulled up chairs to listen in on the story.

“Long Shijie the son of the master of the Sea Beast Sect? What?! You can't be talking about Lord Long Shijie, the founder of the Dragon God Palace!” Lord Chan Chu said in a loud tone with a face full of astonishment.

“Shhhhh, let him continue….” Ai and Ling said while shushing Lord Chan Chu.

“Born without the ability to talk nor hear nor see and weaker than average soul, Long Shijie was seen as an omen, someone destined for failure and was snatched from his mother's arms and abandoned. ‘A son who cannot hear cannot be taught, a son who cannot see cannot be shown the path I wish him to follow, a son who cannot speak cannot rule nor command those underneath him. Most importantly with an inferior soul even if all of his defects were fixed, teaching him to cultivate would only waste my time. A son destined for failure is a son I will never acknowledge.’ Long Shijie’s father said as he left his own son to die on a deserted island.” Lord Long Feng.

“How cruel…” Lingqi muttered as she remembered her own father who had all but abandoned her after her mother’s death and her accident.

“But as fate had planned after being left on the deserted island for days without any type of nourishment and on the brink of death a miraculous event occurred. As Long Shijie laid on top of a bed of grainy sand, crying without a voice, while loomed above waiting for his timely death and the beginning of their meal, Long Shijie’s body underwent a miraculous change.

His skin turned to scales, his teeth and nails sharpened and became claws while his body morphed into that of an infant dragon’s.

Some say it was because the dormant instincts passed down to him by his ancestors has awoken when faced with death, other say it was a miracle caused by the heavens, but regardless of what happened, Long Shijie took the form of his ancestors and began to take in the essence of the world and replenish himself.” Lord Long Feng said in a pride tone, as he spoke about his ancestor.

“Truly a miracle.” Zhang said with a smile as he began to enjoy the story Lord Long Feng was telling.

“As his hunger was satisfied by the essence gathering toward him, while his body kept him from harm's way, and his instincts guided him, the wheels of time continued to turn on Long Shijie as minutes turned to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and months and months into years.

In a heartbeat, nine years passed by and Long Shijie continued to survive. Although he couldn't see with his eyes, he could sense the movements of even the tiniest of ants thanks to an innate ability he had received from his cursed father and ancestors. Although he couldn't hear, he could feel even the slightest of changes in the wind with his skin, since he lived alone there was no need to speak and lastly the power of Long Shijie’s soul did not matter since after his dormant powers awoken he was blessed with abnormal strength, the brute strength of a dragon.

Shifting between the form of a something resembling the mixture of a dragon and a human to the form a small child, Long Shijie lived out his days alone, with the earth offering him a mother’s warm embrace at night while the sun and stars watched over him in place of the father who abandoned him.

But like I've said before, fate had other plans for him and his stay on the deserted island, couldn't have ended any sooner.” Lord Long Feng before pausing to drink a sip of wine.

“How does he get off the island? Does he swim? Does someone find him? Why do you keep pausing!?” Ai complained.

“Please stop pausing so much.” Zhang said as he gave Ai a wink, triggering Lord Long Feng to sigh before beginning to tell the story once more.

“On a day where the sun looked down from above and clouds were nowhere in sight, a fleet of human merchant ships transporting a famed doctor docked onto the deserted island in an attempt to replenish their water and food supplies.

As the humans disembarked from their ships and pitched their tents, Long Shijie became aware of their presence on his island. Acting more like a beast than a person, Long Shijie walked into the human encampment in an attempt get them to scare them away from his territory.

Storming into a field of tents, Long Shijie rampaged and trumped upon everything in sight without uttering a single sound.

But compared to these seasoned merchants who roamed the vast sea and survived rough storms, Long Shijie, who was only a child nine years of age, lacked experience and was quickly surrounded and slowly overwhelmed.

Attacked by hundreds of people with little to no means of escaped, Long Shijie exhausted his powers and reverted to the form of a small child, much to the amazement of the merchants and the famed doctor who was at the scene.

Laying on the cold ground that he slept atop of for the last nine years and awaiting death, a set of voices that Long Shijie failed to hear coupled with the embrace of a pair child sized hands came to his rescue just as his body gave way and he became unconscious.

This would be his first encounter with who many people would call the most important people within Long Shijie’s life, the people who would ultimately send Long Shijie’s life spiraling into greatness.

Perhaps it was due to the innocence and fearlessness of a child, but the son of the merchant fleet’s owner and the young female apprentice of the renowned doctor the fleet was transporting had run before Long Shijie preventing the hundreds of bloodthirsty spears and swords present from impaling him.” Lord Long Feng continued to speak as everyone was drawn in by the fascinating tale of Long Shijie.

‘Father said that adults shouldn’t pick on children!’ The merchant fleet owner’s son cried while the renowned doctor’s apprentice began healing Long Shijie, however, her medical skills were rather lacking since she was only nine years of age so after things settled and after much begging, the renowned doctor himself healed Long Shijie.

‘There is no such thing as a bad child, just one that has yet to be properly taught.’ The doctor said as he healed Long Shjie’s wounds.

‘Master from the looks of it, he was born blind, deaf and mute, right? I could also sense that his soul force is rather lacking.” The doctor’s apprentice asked as she saw her teacher examine Long Shijie.

‘Little Leng Yue, have you ever heard of the saying, heaven often scorns perfection? Sometimes when a being is too perfect, heaven often weighs them down with horrid circumstances and life altering disabilities. If I were to tell you if this child here was free of all his disabilities, he would be able to surpass my cultivation before he reaches the age of one hundred would you believe me?” The doctor spoke to his student in a soft voice.

‘Surpass you? Master, how could this possibly be? Papa and mama told me that no one besides that monster that lives in the sea is your match.” The young girl named Leng Yue replied in full sincerity.

‘Besides the innate abilities that you saw earlier, all of his essence channels are also triple the size of a regular practitioner's, so if not weighed down by all of his disabilities and properly taught, he could certainly surpass me.’ The doctor said with a laugh.

‘I bet you that he wouldn’t be able to surpass you, master. Master, I bet that even if you used that treasure you told me to never tell anyone about to heal his soul, he wouldn’t be able to surpass you in a hundred years, not even in a thousand.’ Leng Yue said while puffing her face.

‘Now now, Little Leng Yue, you know better than to try to trick master into using his treasure to save your little friend here.” The doctor laughed’

‘But master didn’t you tell me that saving people is our duty?’ Leng Yue said as she looked at her master with watery eyes.

‘I must say you’ve been playing with that merchant boy too much since I only recall passing down my medical skills to you.’ The doctor said as he patted his apprentice on the top of her head before turning his attention to Long Shijie who was lying unconscious on a bed.
‘I guess people wouldn’t call me Medical Sage Fu Yuan anymore if I saw someone I could help and turn a blind eye.’ The doctor chuckled as he waved his and made a long silver needle, the first of many, appear in the air and fall into his grasp.”

“Wait! Did you just say Medical Sage Fu Yuan? The man is said to be able to cure any disease with a single touch?” Lingqi yelled, interrupting Lord Long Feng’s story as she heard the name of her idol.

“Shhhhh, let him continue….” Lord Chan Chu said to Lingqi moment before having one of the legs of his chair was snapped by a kick and a hmph from Ai.

“Yes, I’m talking about that Medical Sage Fu Yuan. I’m going to continue the story now if you guys could stop interrupting. It’s a long story and I’m only going to tell it once. If I hadn’t ruined the banquet, then I wouldn’t be sharing this tale with any of you at all...” Lord Long Feng said while Lingqi could be seen sparkling eyes full of curiosity and excitement.

“With the silver needle in hand, Medical Sage Fu Yuan began healing Long Shijie or his disabilities. As time went on, one needle turned to a hundred and a hundred needles soon became a thousand. With skillful hands, Medical Safe Fu Yuan stick a needle into every single one of Long Shijie’s meridians, acupuncture points, and essence points.

Once all of the needles were in place, Medical Sage Fu Yuan began injecting his essence into Long Shijie’s body. Channeling his essence into the place were Long Shijie’s hearing system was, the Medical sage began constructing what was never given to the young boy, eardrums, and the works. For someone called a Medical Sage, such a daunting task as granting someone the gift of hearing was finished in but a mere half an hour, before he proceeded to work on giving Long Shijie the gift of speech.

‘After I construct vocal cords, I’ll be working on restoring his eyes. Leng Yue remember to watch properly and try to take note of what I’m doing because one day I’ll be handing my title over to you.” Medical Sage Fu Yuan said with a laugh as Leng Yue watched him with curious eyes.

Hours later as Medical Safe Fu Yuan continued his handy work, Long Shijie’s white colored irises were changed to a beautiful icy blue as the gift of vision was granted to him.

‘Now that I’m done fixing his physical disabilities, let’s have a go at fixing that weakened soul of his.’ The Medical Sage said as he retrieved an ancient looking jar from his interspatial ring.


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