Dragon is Soul
Chapter 190: Dragon Fire
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 190: Dragon Fire

As Lord Long Feng’s frame grew massive in size and while countless spikes grew out of his back and tore his robes to shreds, Madam Diao Yu’s body also underwent changes.

Her usually neat rows of teeth that provided her with a near perfect smile became jagged and sharp while her legs began melding together as her arms turned into fins. I'm but an I stand the previously kind looking granny turned into a gigantic demonic looking fish.

“Although I don't know what pill he just consumed but normally in situations such as this as long as we avoid being injured the effects of the pill should run out in no time at all.” Zhang said in a confident voice since there is no such thing as a pill that can permanently increase one’s power tenfold.

“You think the lot of you can avoid death before the Bloodline Tempering Pill’s effects expire? What foolish thoughts.” Lord Long Feng’s voice reverberated throughout the city as his massive frame looked down from above while the air in his large palms began to condense and form into two spiraling orbs.

In an awe-inspiring display of might, the two spiraling orbs of wind launched out of Lord Long Feng’s palms and spiraled around one another as they sucked in everything around them.

As all of the guests of the banquet fled and while Zhang’s attention was focused toward the sky, a second battle had already begun on the ground. A group of lesser saints numbering roughly sixty individuals had stormed into the Blood Coral Castle and engaged in deadly combat with the group of twenty lesser saints who had sworn their allegiance to Zhang and a group of twenty other lesser saints who were merely attending the banquet.

A storm of blades and spells danced about from one corner of the courtyard to the other before spreading throughout the castle. Although Zhang’s lesser saint subordinates were somewhat outnumbered, thankfully they had received boosts of heavenly energy not too long ago and were able to hold their own against the group of assailants who were obviously either subordinates of Lord Long Feng or Madam Diao Yu.

Despite being locked in an intense battle with one another, the lesser saints all ceased what they were doing as a massive black fireball scorched the sky above them.

Moments before Lord Long Feng’s spheres of condensed wind could impact the ground, two flickering balls black fire formed in Zhang’s hands and shot upward. Ascending through the air the two puffs of black fire looked as if they could be extinguished in but a fleeting moment by the fierce gales of wind, however, the opposite happened.

The instead of being extinguished by the powerful wind, the instant the black flames touched the orbs of wind, using the essence packed into Lord Long Feng’s own attack, in an instant the black flames consumed the orbs of wind and turned them into orbs of fire.
“Ascend!” Zhang said as he pointed his finger to the sky, making two massive orbs of black fire fly toward Lord Long Feng.

“Regardless of what kind of trickery you employ, it will all be for naught in front of the flames of a true dragon!!” Lord Long Feng roared a tiny flickering crimson colored flame appeared on the tip of his tongue. Using the tiny crimson colored dragon flame as a catalyst, and the surrounding wind and air as fuel, Lord Long Feng unleashed a ball of flame that was so large that undoubtedly scorch every inch of the Blood Coral Castle.

“Condense!” Zhang roared as the two spiraling orbs of black fire under his command fused in midair and smashed into Lord Long Feng’s attack.

“Extinguish.” Zhang said as he snapped his fingers, in the fraction of a second Lord Long Feng’s second attack was also swallowed up by the Soul Devouring flame and disappeared without leaving a single trace of its existence.

“My lord! The barrier! You have to be careful or else you’ll destroy the barrier and the city will be destroyed by the sea!” Chu Shou’s frantic voice rang into Zhang’s ears.

Previously after witnessing Zhang’s power first hand, Chu Shou had held his new master in high regard, however after seeing the power of the Soul Devouring flame of the Black Dragon he couldn’t help but laugh at himself for thinking he had seen most of Zhang’s trump cards.

In fact, he was so taken back by the power of the black flames, Chu Shou felt he had to warn Zhang about the possibility of destroying the barrier erected around the Blood Coral Cove to keep the seawater out. If Zhang was to accidentally destroy the barrier, then the city itself would instantly be submerged by water and crushed by the frightening force of the sea.

Although most of the population of the Blood Coral Cove would escape unharmed, a massive amount of damage would be dealt to the city itself and a string of problems would arise afterward.

“I’ll make sure to avoid hitting the barrier.” Zhang said with a grin.

“Sweetheart I’m going to go help out our friends over there.” Yuying said while looking toward a group of lesser saints who had used the moment when everyone’s attention was drawn to the skies as an opportunity to attack Zhang’s subordinates.

“Wait for me, sis!” Ai said as her Queen of the Night whip appeared in her hands while she raced after Yuying.

“I might as well do something to help.” Lingqi said as she and Ling also joined the fray.

In a flash, Ai descended upon the pair of lesser saints and smashed them into the ground with pure brute strength from a single lash of her whip. In the meantime, Lingqi dashed about through the battlefield and arrived behind a lesser saint who was about to deliver the finishing blow to his opponent.

“Now to put my skills to the test.” She said as she tapped the lesser saint on the shoulder before he could finish his opponent or turn back to stop her. In but a few breaths the veins on the poor man’s shoulder began to turn blackish as his arm tingled causing his sword to fall onto the ground.

“Wha-what is happening…” The lesser saint said in a stutter as he felt as if his entire body was being pricked by needles.

“It seems my poisons are still not potent enough to deal with even lesser saints… If he was paying attention or was a full saint then this wouldn’t have worked…” Lingqi said coldly as a short sword appeared in her hand and pierced into the neck of the lesser saint.

“You guys be careful.” Zhang murmured as he leaped into the air and flew upward.

As one who hails from a clan deeply connected to the Dragon God Palace, the strongest force within the western seas, normally Lord Long Feng was an aloof individual who prided himself on being a descendant and possessing the unique traits of a mighty dragon, never once showing signs of fear in the face of an enemy. However, after witnessing the Soul Devouring Flames that did not even give off an ounce of pressure nor aura dispel his two powerful attacks he couldn't help but tremble slightly/

“My current strength should be comparable to that of a high saint… How could he stop my attacks with so little effort…” Lord Long Feng thought as Zhang could be seen levitating in the air not too far away while the beauties were putting their powers on full display.

Ai could be seen continuing to lashing out with her whip, while Lingqi could be seen testing out her poisons by tossing small vials filled with strange substances at people. Ling and Yuying could also be seen employing various techniques and spells.

“Old Long, why don’t you cease this unprovoked charade and we can all go back to talking about naked beauties and drinking wine. Can’t we solve things civilly with some good old fashion talking?” Lord Chan Chu’s voice could be heard as he could be seen flying up toward where Zhang was.

“Laughable, if you would hand over the painting in the first place then things wouldn’t have gotten to this point.” Lord Long Feng said with a sneer.

“How many times must I tell you I don’t have whatever it is that you want.” Lord Chan Chu said with a sigh.

“Long Feng, please take a step back to think things through. Have you thought that there is a possibility that he truly doesn't have the painting?” Zhang asked.

“Yea! Are you sure that I really have the painting that you're talking about? What if it was granny who got her hands on it and is simply playing the two of us against each other. Speaking of which, where did granny run off to?” Lord Chan Chu said trying to change the person under suspicion from himself to Madam Diao Yu.

“It couldn’t be…” Lord Long Feng thought as Zhang and Lord Chan Chu’s words began to sink in.

Further adding to fuel to the fire was the fact that after morphing to her original form, Madam Diao Yu had actually disappeared and could no longer be seen anywhere.

“I wonder where she went. Considering the size of her true form she should be really easy to spot.” Zhang said as he scanned around the battlefield below.

“Psst, my good brother. Psst, Zhang how do you want to deal with the lizard.” Lord Chan Chu whispered to Zhang as Lord Long Feng was scanning the ground for Madam Diao Yu.

“As far as I know Old Long is only a minor character within the Dragon God Palace so even if you or I kill him he won't be missed.” Lord Chan Chu added.

“Then, by all means, go ahead.” Zhang said with a smile as he gestured for Lord Chan Chu to go deal with Lord Long Feng when suddenly a huge commotion occurred on the ground causing a massive amount of hysteria.

A pair of lesser saints had cornered Madam Diao Yu’s maid but suddenly what appeared to be endless rows of sharp teeth began protruding from the ground.

With horrified looks on their faces, the two lesser saints found themselves trapped within a cage of sharp teeth as the head of a massive anglerfish, Madam Diao Yu, swam up from the earth.

“The maid is the lure…” Zhang mumbled as he came to a realization. The reason he had not sensed anything from the maid was because she was nothing more than a puppet, a lure used to bait people into positions where Madam Diao Yu can easily deal with them.

“Long Feng do not be deceived, they are trying to stall for time! Kill them before the effects of your pull run out!” Madam Diao Yu’s voice could be heard moments before her massive jaws filled with teeth sank back down into the ground.

“Oh god… So when I was trying to court on her maid I was actually courting Madam Diao Yu? Forgive me Brother Zhang but I need to find a place to vomit a bit.” Lord Chan Chu as the faces of the goddess like young maid was changed to that of the elderly granny.

“Hand over the painting!” Lord Long Feng roared as he sped through the sky and bared his jaws at Lord Chan Chu.

“Old Long I wouldn't do that if I were you. Let me remind you that even if my toxins don't instantly kill you, you'll experience hell and then met your end eventually after a few days.” Lord Chan Chu said as droplets purplish sweat became visible on his right arm while jumping back alongside Zhang as Lord Long Feng’s jaws snapped shut.

“Singularity!” Zhang said as he pointed the Rising Moon Sword Lord Long Feng and made six small spheres appear in the air.

Under Zhang’s manipulation, four of the spheres circled around Lord Long Feng while the other two levitated below and above him.

With a single thought, Zhang made it so instead of emitting a strong absorption force the spheres began repelling everything around them which in turn created an invisible box made out of gravity around Lord Long Feng.

Like a caged beast Lord Long Feng tried to break free however the power of a heavenly treasure such as the Rising Moon Sword was not some plaything thus all of his attempt became futile.

“Now do I kill him or do I let him go… Although he thinks that Chan Chu has the piece of the painting and it's impossible for him to trace anything to me, I could always use some armor made out of dragon scales.” Zhang contemplated as he twirled the Rising Moon Sword in his hand.

In the meantime, back on the ground, the beauties were gaining a fearful reputation for themselves.

“Sis I'll hold him for you.” Ai said as her whip wrapped around the tail a lesser saint who had morphed into the form of a stingray.

Once Ai’s whip latched onto him the lesser saint began to thrash about however before he could break free, Yuying appeared beside him from within a cloud of eerie green mist.

“It's been awhile since I could do this, let's hope my skills aren't too rusty.” Yuying said in a low tone as she stuck a black talisman onto the gigantic stingray in front of her as she began employing a technique that she had perfected when she was still living in the Underworld.

Like usual countless mysterious runes began appearing throughout the lesser saint’s body until finally there was not an inch left uncovered.

“Enslave!!” Yuying said as all of the runes on the stingray's body began lighting up.

Unlike usually however once the runes on the lesser saint’s body lit up, his body seemed as if it was being sucked into the black colored talisman that Yuying had stuck onto him. In next to no time at all, the lesser saint’s interspatial ring fell onto the ground along with a previously blank talisman that now had the depiction of a monstrous stingray on it.

“Don't worry I'll let you out for some fresh air when your services are needed.” Yuying said with a smile as she picked up the talisman and interspatial ring from the ground and deposited both of them away.

“Ai help me collect some more of them.” She said as she set her eyes on a lesser saint who had changed into the form of a powerful looking sea snake.

“Help me out with this lantern fish first!” Lingqi’s voice could be heard as Yuying and Ai were racing toward their next target.

Looking in the direction where Lingqi’s voice originated from, Madam Diao Yu’s lure could be seen locked in combat while the tips of hundreds of rows of teeth could be seen poking up from the ground.

“The two of you will make great additions to my collection of lures. Ahahahaha, simply imagining the number of fools who would willing jump into my jaws for a chance with the two of you makes my mouth water.” Madam Diao Yu’s voice could be heard as after her jaws rose up from underneath the ground and surrounded both Lingqi and Ling.

“Thankfully we are fighting in a place where I don't need to worry about running out of water.” Ling said as streams of water seeped through the barrier covering the Blood Coral Cove and large amounts of fluid from the spilled bottles of wine and jars of water within the castle gathered around her.


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