Dragon is Soul
Chapter 184: Turtle
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 184: Turtle

Deep within a place where none should tread, Zhang made his way through the bowels of Shen Yu the Dragon Horned Turtle with only a small flickering flame that floating beside him to light the way.

Under normal circumstances, be they a saint or not regular people would have already died due to the heavy miasma floating around within Shen Yu’s body, however luckily for Zhang one of his lovely wives is a master in the art of poison so he had an abundance of medical pills that counteracted countless poisons at his disposal.

“If only I knew the anatomy of a turtle better…Where is this damn thing’s heart...” Zhang mumbled as he walked near saliva drenched walls. Due to Shen Yu’s size and his lack of understanding regarding a turtle’s anatomy, Zhang was still making his way to its stomach despite having walked for roughly half an hour, showing how large Shen Yu was.

Since he was fairly certain the five layered barrier would last for roughly two days Zhang wasn't in that much of a hurry.

“A trip through the body of a massive turtle will be a good story to tell others while drinking.” Zhang chuckled as he continued walking into the dark depths.

Roughly half an hour later he found himself standing in front of a large lake of smelly green liquid that was undoubted stomach acid.

The closer Zhang got to the pool of acid, the more half eaten animals, ships, and other things he saw, there were even remains of humans scattered about.

“I'll get started here. Although it probably won't die from this I'll use the opportunity to make it feel miserable.” Zhang mumbled as he waved his hand and made hundreds of barrels of oil appear all around him.

With another wave of his hand, while employing the power of the Underworld Heart, Zhang caused all of the barrels of oil around him to break apart and spill their contents everywhere. With a thought, he began to levitate off the air in preparation for what was going to happen next.

Then with a snap of his fingers, he ignited a flickering flame on the tip of his index finger and with a flick of his wrist he made the tiny flame embrace the black colored oil. In a flash, all of the oil spilled within the turtle’s stomach ignite.

“Now to get out of here.” Zhang mumbled as he flew toward a wall of flesh and flashed at it until a large hole opened up out of Shen Yu’s stomach.

Outside, Shen Yu suddenly felt a fiery blaze in his stomach and bellowed in pain as he quickly dove into the sea and gulped large mouthfuls of seawater. But considering how long it took Zhang to reach Shen Yu’s stomach, still plagued with unbearable pain for quite some time before the sea water made its way to his stomach. But that was when he experienced a sharper pain, the pain caused when seawater touched the open wound on the side of his stomach.

“Master what's wrong?” Niao Wang asked with a hint of worry in his tone.

“My stomach… It hurts!” Shen Yu grumbled as he surfaced from underneath the waves.

“That bastard must be putting up a final struggle, he should be dead soon…quickly break those barriers...” Shen Yu said with a sigh.

Little did he know, Zhang was currently standing in front of a massive beating heart wide-eyed with his sword in hand and a devious smile plastered on his face.

“I'm sure Lingqi can make something out of this so I shouldn't cut it up too bad.” Zhang mumbled as he waved his hand and created a dozen massive heavy swords using the power of the Underworld Heart.

With a flick of his wrist, he made those massive heavy swords cut through the air and stab into Shen Yu’s huge heart that size of a small house.

“Gahhhh!!” Shen Yu’s roar echoed into the heavens as he felt immense pain. In a flash, he closed his eyes and used his powers to investigate what was happening to the horrors that were happening inside his own body.

“Human scum!” Shen Yu roared much to the confusion of his subordinates. As his rage was unleashed along with his power, Shen Yu caused a powerful wall of essence to travel throughout his body in an attempt to either kill or send Zhang outside.

“Too late… Now that I'm inside, the end is beginning.” Zhang said in a low town as he was sent smashing into a wall of flesh with a smile on his face.

“Niao Wang! Go and stop him! Even if you can't kill him, get him out of my body! If it's only this much damage if I consume my cultivation base, I can sustain my life for the time being and then use the heavenly energy to heal myself.” Shen Yu said as he opened his massive jaws and ordered Niao Wang to go inside and stop Zhang while rivers of blood streamed out into the sea dying it red.

In a few moments Niao Wang and five lesser saints flew into Shen Yu’s jaws as the other lesser saints tried their best to shatter Yuying’s barriers since if Shen Yu was able to access the abundant flow of heavenly energy being granted to the beauties then let alone healing his injuries he would also be able to break through and become a high saint with enough power to cause Zhang a major headache.

After leaving Shen Yu’s heart seriously damaged, Zhang made his way to one major organ after the other by drilling his way through wall after wall of flesh using the massive heavy swords he made using the Underworld Heart. Whenever he went Shen Yu’s body was turned into a bloody mess as astronomical amounts of damage was being dealt.

“I have to find his demonic core or else this turtle will be able to sustain itself for quite a while…” Zhang said as he continued to roam Shen Yu’s fortress-like body.

If Zhang had attacked Shen Yu on the outside where he could use his solid shell as a shield then the battle would have more than likely drawn out for days, however now that he was on the inside it was only a matter of perhaps minutes before he ran into the ancient turtle’s demonic core and cause it to meet its end.

“Well, that was rather quick!” Zhang said with a hint of amazement in his voice as he saw a massive blood colored crystal the size of a house lodged in a wall of flesh after only traveling for about ten minutes.

With gleaming eyes and sticky fingers, Zhang closed in on Shen Yu’s demonic core but before he could pry it out of the wall of flesh it was lodged in, Niao Wang and the five lesser saints that followed him blocked Zhang’s path with weapons ready to strike.

“Scoundrel! You dare use such an underhanded method to harm his highness!” Niao Wang yelled with bulging veins visible on his brows.

“Yes, I have and will continue doing so.” Zhang said with a devious expression as he made his massive heavy swords dance about and slash at Shen Yu’s insides.

“Why you…” Niao Wang roared as he rushed toward Zhang upon hearing Shen Yu’s pained groans.

“Careful now or else you'll harm your boss.” Zhang said as he evaded Niao Wang’s blade causing it to stab into a wall of flesh.

While he was perfectly dodging Niao Wang’s attacks Zhang made sure to leave a trail of destruction in Shen Yu’s body.

As the battle drew on the five lesser saints joined in as well although their expressions showed they were somewhat reluctant to do so.

Since Zhang held an overwhelming advantage over Niao Wang even after the lesser saints joined the fray they were unable to stop him from continuing to do what he was doing. But of course, it wasn't a walk in the park for Zhang because regardless of having an advantage or not if he made a mistake or two then it could possibly still cost him his life.

“It would be wise to finish these six off and then take my time dealing with the turtle instead of running around like this.” He thought after a few minutes of engaging in combat with Niao Wang.

In an instant, the Rising Moon Sword’s power was activated and of the five lesser saints, two of them felt their bodies being grasped by an invisible force that hindered their movements to a near standstill.

“Two down, four to go.” Zhang mumbled as he used the Underworld Heart’s power to condense a dozen spears out of the essence in the air and made them impale two who immobilized lesser saints.

After dealing with two opponents in next to no time at all Zhang set his sights on a lesser saint who had a giant crab claw as an arm.

Stabbing his sword into thin air and through a small slit through space Zhang took the life of his third opponent before anyone even realized it. Only after the man with a crab claw as an arm slumped over a blood gushed out of a sword wound that was left behind on his forehead did anyone even figure out he had been killed.

“Singularity!” Zhang yelled as he used his new signature move, causing one unsuspecting saint to be pinned in place taking him completely out of the battle.

“Help me!” The lesser saint trapped by Zhang’s technique cried but was completely ignored as Niao Wang completely concentrated on trying to attack Zhang and the other lesser saint was too afraid to even approach.

While in midair Zhang withdrew ten beautifully crafted swords made entirely out of mithril and with a thought sent them flying into the trapped lesser saint, thus ending his life.

With only two opponents remaining Zhang doubled his efforts and charged straight toward Niao Wang, unleashing a dance of slashes and cuts. Although his attacks seemed random on the service, a few of them were actually precision cuts that were cut through space causing quite a few wounds to appear on Niao Wang’s body.

Perhaps it was due to his beastly origins but as the number of wounds on his body continued to accumulate, Niao Wang fell further and further into rage until he finally snapped and forgot about the fact that he was in Shen Yu’s body. In a moment of pure rage, he morphed into his original beastly form and unleashed a small storm of blades made of win in all directions.

Although these blades of wind only dealt superficial damage to Shen Yu, Zhang was able to use this opportunity in Niao Wang’s lapse of judgment to move in for the kill. Due to Niao Wang’s erratic movements, he could not use his technique that cut through space but with a thought Zhang was able to condense thousands of arrowheads using the Underworld Heart’s power.

Soon enough the thousands of crystal like arrowheads shot forth toward Niao Wang, since the arrowheads were so small compared to Niao Wang’s massive size and there were so many of them while there was so little space to evade, Niao Wang’s body was riddled by thousands of arrowheads. Despite being struck with so many arrowheads Niao Wang only suffered minor injuries that didn't really affect him at all.

“The show begins and so it ends.” Zhang said softly as he snapped his fingers causing the thousands of arrowheads to explode one after the other.

After finishing off Niao Wang, the last lesser saint was not even worth mentioning as Zhang disposed of him in no time at all and began wreaking havoc with Shen Yu’s body once again.

As time passed, Zhang’s handy work soon became evident as Shen Yu thrashed about while writhing in pain.

“Gahhh! What are those bastards doing!” Shen Yu roared angrily as he continued to feel extreme amounts of pain.

Suddenly Shen Yu unleashed an earth shattering roar as what could only be described as a sea of blood gushed out of his eyes, nose, and mouth, further painting the sea below red.

Seeing the massive amount of blood that their master was spewing, all of the remaining lesser saints, flying fish and mantis shrimp riders ceased their futile attempts at breaching Yuying’s barrier and looked at Shen Yu with frightening expression.

They stood breathless as Shen Yu’s body seemed to lose all of its strength and began to fall from the sky. Like a meteor, once Shen Yu’s body fell into the water’s surface it’s weight alone generated massive waves that rose dozens of feet into the air. Mere seconds before the massive turtle sank beneath the waves, Zhang could be seen flying out of its mouth.

“I’m free!!! The air is so fresh! And the stars are so breathtaking!” Zhang yelled in a cheerful tone, shattering the previously suspenseful atmosphere.

“Ah, I almost forgot, there was a bunch of seafood attempting to capture my wives. Since I’ve already killed that turtle I might as well kill all of his friends too.” He said as he peeked at the army of fish and shrimp riders and the twenty-six lesser saints hovering in the sky.

Regardless of Zhang’s joking demeanor, the sea dwellers could not help but feel an immense sense of fear as they heard his words. After watching their master who was what they considered a top level expert fall into the sea and Zhang flying out of his mouth, it was clear that Zhang had killed their master, which meant without a doubt Zhang was currently the strongest person present and was more than capable to kill everyone.

“My lord please spare us!!!” Countless frightened voices filled the air.

“I’m willing to pledge my eternal loyalty to you my lord!” One of the lesser saints quickly said in an attempt to at avoiding death.

“Pledge your eternal loyalty to me?” Zhang said as he eyed the lesser saint with a blank look on his face.

“I’m willing to pledge my eternal loyalty to you also my lord.” Another lesser saint who was the first of many said as he kneeled on one knee in midair with his hands clasped together respectfully.


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