Dragon is Soul
Chapter 179: Late For Dinner
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 179: Late For Dinner

Now that a deadlock between the two forces had begun, as someone who was not in the spell formation everyone was at Zhang's mercy and seeing that the saints of the Lunar Sect already gave him all of their interspatial rings only the saints from the other two sects had anything worth taking.

Noticing the expression on Zhang’s face although they were initially reluctant to all of the saints of the Sun Hall and Earthly Palace took off their interspatial rings and tossed them at Zhang before refocusing their efforts on resisting the power of the Lunar Sect’s Lunar Singularity Sphere Formation.

“What should I do…” Zhang mumbled as he hugged an arm full of interspatial rings while be at a loss regarding what he should do.

“I guess since I have to kill one side or the other or risk being labeled as an enemy by both sides, I might as well kill the side that dragged me into this situation even though I didn't want any part of it.” Zhang thought before he came to a conclusion and waved his hand withdrawing hundreds of ballista bolts that size of spears.

“Kill them! Kill them!” The saints of the Sun Hall and Earthly Palace yelled as cold sweat dropped down from their brows.

“No, kill them!” Grand Elder Du Zhao and all of the saints of the Lunar Sect yelled.

Within a heartbeat later the hundreds of =ballista bolts pierced through the air at unbelievable speeds toward the saints of the Sun Hall and Earthly Palace sects. Terrified expressions soon crept onto all of their faces as they saw death speeding toward them.

Who were they? They were saints, beings who ascended beyond the realm of normal humans, beings who transcended the limitations that bogged down most cultivators. Even the lesser saints were individuals brimming with pride and aloofness, but like everyone else when faced with the prospect of death they too trembled.

“You bastard!” A few of them cried as they saw the ballista bolts flying through the air and toward them. But alas due to the Lunar Singularity Formation set up by the saints of the Lunar Sect there wasn’t anywhere to go, if they left the protective barrier that they erected then they would be bombarded by pulses of essence that would cause them immense damage, but if they didn’t try to escape then they would be impaled by hundreds of ballista bolts the size of spears.

‘Strengthen the barrier!” Grand Elder Huo Yan of the Sun Hall Sect roared as the ballista bolts closed in. However, what he failed to realize was that everyone single ballista bolt tip was made out of mithril and mithril was one of the very few things in the world that was able to pierce through magical barriers and the like as if they were constructed out of paper.
Whereas ballista bolts tipped with regular metals would have simply bounced off the barrier constructed by saints, the mithril tipped ones passed through undeterred. By then it was too late to react and the saints within the barrier found themselves impaled by hundreds of spear sized ballista bolts.

For something that took only but an instant for Zhang to pull off, seemed like an eternity for the saints of the Lunar Sect. As each waking second passed, their powers were continually sapped by their own spell formation so while Zhang was dealing with their enemies, a few of the lesser saints fainted due to over exhaustion of their powers and mental fatigue.

Before anyone of them could do a thing the lesser saints were sent on their merry way to meet Zhang’s father in law, the Yama. As for the few full saints that were present, Zhang purposely avoided their vitals and preserved their lives while inflicting a decent amount of damage upon them.

“Senior… Maybe it’s because of something I ate but my stomach really hurts, so I’ll be leaving the rest to you. Since it’s getting late and my wives are waiting for me to come home for dinner I will be taking my leave now.” Zhang said with an awkward smile on his face.

Due to being a full saint himself and also thanks to the condition provided to him by the Lunar Sect, everyone had basically become sitting ducks and were all at his mercy but with that being said although he was more than capable of killing every one of the Sun Hall and Earthly Palace’s saints Zhang did not because of a few reasons.

One of which being that he wished to leave the Lunar Sect a bit of face, meaning if he a name nobody killed all of the saints of the Sun Hall Sect and Earthly Palace Sect present then wouldn't the Lunar Sect become a laughing stock? As Zhang is certainly aware of and has experienced firsthand, rumors tend to blow out of proportion, it's one thing if he were exempted from the rumors but if somehow everyone starts claiming that he single handed killed all of those saints without an ounce of help and after the grand elders of the Lunar Sect begged him to help them, then without a doubt even if Grand Elders Hua Xiong and Du Zhao don't get angry surely the other grand elders or perhaps the sect master of the Lunar Sect was.

So by only killing the small fish while only injuring the big fish and leaving them at the mercy of the saints of the Lunar Sect, Zhang would ensure that he wouldn't be tarnishing or inadvertently shaming the Lunar Sect in the long run. Sometimes good intentions spawn ill feelings.

“Since I didn't really accomplish what you asked of me I will return some of these to you also.” Zhang said as he waved his hand and made a number of interspatial rings shoot through the sky and toward Grand Elder Hua Xiong before flying off in a hurry.

Although he very much wanted to keep all of the spoils that he managed to obtain, Zhang knew there was a time to be greedy and a time not to be. If giving up on some wealth that wasn’t his, to begin with, would help him establish a good and healthy relationship with a prestigious sect such as the Lunar Sect then, by all means, he would not burn such a bridge.

As he watched Zhang fly away Grand Elder Hua Xiong couldn't help but shake his head before shifting his gaze back toward the remaining full saints of the Earthly Palace and Sun Hall Sects who were steadily having their insides liquefied by the Lunar Singularity Formation. As a spell formation, this technique was an extremely powerful one but also a flawed one.

Although the Lunar Singularity formation allowed the saints of the Lunar Sect to suppress a group of saints that doubled their numbers for a short amount of time, they were left utterly defenseless and we're open to attack by those, not in the formation. Meaning this technique could and is a double edged sword for its users.

Since they were able to suppress a group double their size, after the number of enemies had dwindled drastically the saints of the Lunar Sect were able to shatter the barrier that was erected to stop the pulses of essence they were releasing. Once the barrier was shattered the surviving saints inside the formation were bombarded by thousands of pulses of essence that had bounced back and forth throughout the duration of the spell formation.

“I need to get out of here quick before more problems start popping up.” Zhang said with a sigh as he sped through the air.

“Little friend! Wait!” A voice rang into Zhang’s ear prompting him to look back to see Grand Elder Hua Xiong tailing him.

“Senior I really must be going now.” Zhang said with a wary smile.

“Little friend I have a proposition for you! Seeing as you have now made enemies of the Sun Hall Sect and Earthly Palace Sect due to us I was hoping to invite you to become an elder within the Lunar Sect. I'm sure with your talent the sect master would quickly promote you to be a grand elder. I also promise that since you've practically saved my life no one would dare to bully or berate you.” Grand Elder Hua Xiong said with a sincere look on his face.

“Become an elder of a sect that can send out dozens of saints to do its bidding…” Zhang mumbled until a sudden thought popped up in his head.

“If they are all dead they how would I have made enemies out of their sects? I do believe that you wouldn't go around spreading drawings of me.” Zhang said with mixed expressions on his face. A part of him was confused, a part of him was unhappy because he thought that Grand Elder Hua Xiong was possibly secretly threatening him, while another part of him was intrigued to find out the truth.

“You don't know?” Grand Elder Hua Xiong asked and looked at Zhang as if he was looking at someone who was clueless about the world.

“Know what?” Zhang asked.

“Let me explain… Every disciple, every elder and every grand elder of the Lunar Sect, Sun Hall Sect, Earthly Palace Sect and the hundreds of other sects that live north of the Lunar Mountains all bind themselves with a piece of Soul Jade. These soul jades would be kept within their sect headquarters and would alert their sects if they met their demise when going outside.

If it was only that then you would have nothing to worry, but there is a certain inscription pattern that is usually added to the soul stones of saints to transmit the last few moments of their life back to their sect.

“Damn…” Zhang said in a low tone as he realized that two prestigious sects know that he was the one to kill a dozen of their lesser saints and injure a group of their full saints.

“So for your own safety I recommend that you join our sect. As long as the Sun Hall Sect and Earthly Palace Sect don't go all out and send all of their forces, now with a number of their respective saints gone our Lunar Sect would surely be able to hold our own against them.” Grand Elder Hua Xiong said with a hint of excitement in his tone, showing how happy he was about the death of the saints of the other two sects.

“I would love to but I believe that I'm fairly safe even if I don't join because those two sects have other problems to worry about.” Zhang said with a laugh as he concluded that he was perfectly safe as long as the Lunar Sect remained.

Since the other two sects would obviously have to deal with the Lunar Sect who had been their long time enemy before going after him.

“Take this and come visit me if you ever decide to go sightseeing across the other side of the Lunar Mountains or if you run into any problems. As long as you have that and go to any of the branch sects of the Lunar Sect they’ll help you to their utmost ability.” Grand Elder Hua Xiong said as he tossed a blue colored metal badge toward Zhang who plucked it out of the air and deposited it into his interspatial ring.

Moments later Grand Elder Du Zhao could be seen flying through the sky before stopping beside Grand Elder Hua Xiong while Zhang departed.

“Let’s hurry back to the sect, a lot of things will happen because of the events that transpired here. We must return to the sect and inform the sect master.” Grand Elder Hua Xiong said to Grand Elder Du Zhao.

“What about the ingredients for the Pills of Rebirth?” Grand Elder Du Zhao asked.

“Leave the disciples and a few elders to search for them, we have more pressing matters to attend to. The power scale of Lunar City will be shifting in our favor and a lot of people will not be too happy about that, so we have to head back and prepare for the worst.” Grand Elder Hua Xiong said as he began to fly away.

As things currently were, the Lunar Sect was now the strongest sect within Lunar City however due to this movement in the scale of power within the city there was a chance that the other sects banning together.

The combined might of the Sun Hall Sect and Heavenly Palace Sect alone would be able to overpower the Lunar Sect if an all-out battle was to occur, so if all of the sects within the city banded together then the Lunar Sect would definitely be at a disadvantage. So the sooner Grand Elder Hua Xiong and Grand Elder Du Zhao returned to their sect headquarters the higher the chances of a solution to this possible problem could be devised.

“Zhao, send out teams of our disciples and have them try to recruit as many rogue lesser saints and full saints as they can, however, do not go to the west, those people are still in control of the Siwang Empire… Also have them find out where that Zhang fellow is from, if possible I would like to try to recruit him again later.” Grand Elder Hua Xiong said to Grand Elder Du Zhao.

While the two grand elders talked amongst themselves, Zhang had flown quite a distance away as he headed toward where the Sky Fortress was

“Maybe one day I'll visit the Lunar Kingdom to see how wonderful a place teeming with saints is. But not before they all safety breakthrough.” Zhang said referring to the beauties.

If the four beauties were all allowed to safely break through then as a group of five full saints Zhang and his wives could be able to roam the land without worry.

“Perhaps it won't be too long until the day I visit since I managed to get so many essence stones it shouldn't be too long before they break through either.” Zhang mumbled with a chuckle.

“Now to get back before Ai eats all of the food and there aren’t any leftovers.” Zhang thought with a laugh as he recalled what his lovely wife had said before about not leaving him any dinner if he didn’t come back in time.


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