Dragon is Soul
Chapter 143: Blending In
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 143: Blending In

For those who did not see the map here it is :D will try to have a new chapter of either Ds or Ascending tonight maybe o_o I'll try T_T
Many days had passed since Zhang and his people had infiltrated the Dark Legion, and as the days went on he had been able to acquire quite a bit of information from his interactions with the soldiers within the camp.

He found out that he was not in the Rainbow Rock Province but was actually in the Black Vine Province. The Dark Legion had planned to take care of Zhang before joining their allies, the Rainbow Rock Army, in dealing with Zhang’s main army.

However, as they were surrounding the fort Zhang was in, news arrived from the Rainbow Rock Province informing them that Yuying, Ling, and Lingqi who were ravaging through the Rainbow Rock Province and the Rainbow Rock Army was suffering massive casualties. This prompted Hei Ang to begin his initial assault on the fort so he could go aid the Rainbow Rock Army.

But of course, things ended up horribly for Hei Ang because Zhang and his men had disappeared off the radar and could not be found. One may wonder how it is possible for Zhang and his men to blend into the Dark Legion without being found but the answer is simple.

Zhang had found out that the Dark Legion numbered roughly one hundred and eighty thousand men after all of the losses that they had suffered during the siege. With one hundred and eighty thousand different people, even with captains and commanders in place, it is definitely impossible to remember everyone since they were all dressed in standard armor and had black cloaks on.

There was also the fact that after a few days of searching and being unable to find any trace of Zhang, the Dark Legion began moving toward the Rainbow Rock Province to provide aid to their allies, so since they were marching from one place to the next it became much harder to keep track on all of their men.

“Brother you need to get us jobs in the food transport.” Ai said as she and Zhang were marching in the midst of thousands of Dark Legion soldiers.

“Why is that?” Zhang asked, not knowing what Ai was getting at.

“So we don’t have to walk… This wrap is making it hard to breathe and all this walking is so tiring. I heard the food transport people get to use horse-drawn carts.” Ai said with a sigh.

“I’ll see what I can do once we reach Red Thorn City.” Zhang said with a laugh.

After leaving the Forest of Thorns, the Dark Legion had been on the march for roughly ten days and were heading toward the Black Vine Province’s most westward city, Red Thorn City. This meant that for the last ten days, Ai and Zhang had to march on foot like all of the other foot soldiers of the Dark Legion.

So for Ai, who was used to sitting in a comfy carriage or riding a horse when the army moved, the last ten days have been a test of patience. Ai also had to wrap her chest tightly with cloth so that no one noticed her lush hills while she masqueraded as a soldier of the Dark Legion which made it very uncomfortable for her to walk around.

“Had there not been so many people around, I’d give you a piggyback ride.” Zhang said with a laugh as he whispered to Ai.

While Zhang and Ai were talking to each other they caught the attention of a few soldiers who were marching nearby.

“Don’t you think those two are awfully close?” One soldier asked.

“Don’t you know? That’s Brother Lee Ming and Brother Shu Ai, I heard they even share the same tent.” Another soldier said as he looked at Zhang and Ai from the corner of his eye.

“You don’t mean they’re…” The other soldier said.

“You want to find out? Maybe they’ll let you join in on the fun.”

“Maybe I will.” The other soldier said as he licked his lips, causing a shiver to run down his friend’s spine.

For the most part besides appearing to be into men, Zhang and Ai did not stand out very much amongst the thousands of soldiers of the Dark Legion. In fact, Zhang had actually been able to befriend some of them, who in turn have taught him various spell formations and techniques.

Although it may seem odd that Zhang had to be taught spell formations while being under the guise of being a soldier of the Dark Legion, it turns out that there was actually a portion of the Dark Legion that consisted entirely of new recruits that had been drafted due to Aurora’s invasion. So this meant that mixed in with the well-trained soldiers who knew how to perform spell formations were new recruits who were basically meant to be placed at the front of the army to wear the enemy down.

After marching for nearly half of the day, massive walls came into Zhang’s view as he looked into the distance. Of course, these walls were not as tall as the hundred feet tall walls of Red Mist City, however, they easily towered over fifty feet and had beautiful flags with Red Roses draping down from above.

“The lot of you, make sure to not cause any trouble while in the city or else the general will have your heads.” The captains within the Dark Legion said to their men as the army neared the city.

“Everyone is to report to Red Thorn City’s central barracks before nightfall or else you will be deemed a deserter and will face the military law.” The captains also said.

Since the Dark Legion were reinforcements sent from another province to aid the provinces in the frontlines, they had to act carefully and avoid causing trouble or else risk being attacked by the very allies they had come to aid.

In part this was due to the fact that the southern region was not truly united in order to stop Aurora’s advance. The lords of the south had warred with each other for many generations, meaning feuds and grudges were more than one can count which in turn made it extremely hard for any of them to truly trust each other. Also as humans, desires such as greed and lust were highly influential and if Aurora offered enough incentive there was a chance of defection.

There was also the fact that currently only the provinces that bordered Aurora were being attacked, prompting many lords to only send a fraction of their forces as aid. So instead of facing the entire southern region which rivaled the Aurora Kingdom in both size and military might, the forces of Aurora only had to face a fraction of the south’s forces.

Besides not fully helping one another, there was also a chance that the entire Southern Alliance would fall apart do to the selfish action of one of the many southern lords.

“Brother Lee Ming how about you stop hanging out with Brother Shu Ai and come with us to visit the Red Flower Brothel and have a good time.” Someone said to Zhang as the Dark Legion was about to enter the city gates.

“Let’s get to the barracks that we were assigned first, before we worry about what to do with our time. There's also only a few hours of daylight remaining and I don’t want to break military law.” Zhang said with a laugh as he and Ai made their way into Red Thorn City.

Upon entering the city, Zhang noticed how lively it was despite the fact that a war was currently underway. Although the Red Thorn Province was currently not being invaded and only its neighbors were, it was strange how so many people were out and about.

But soon Zhang realized the reason as to why the city was so lively. After making only a few steps into the city, Zhang was instantly stopped by a peddler who began trying to get Zhang to buy his wares.

“Young master you must be wary from a long day’s march, how about buying some refreshing fruit to replenish yourself?” The peddler said before one of his business rivals closed in and began to try to get Ai to buy his wares.

“Young master! You seem like the type of person to enjoy watermelons, how about you buy some of my watermelons! They’re really fresh and juicy!”
“No don’t buy his melons, I have kebabs for sale! These are way tastier!”

Before long a small mob had surrounded Zhang, Ai and the other soldiers of the Dark Legion, as many peddlers and salesman were trying to make sales.

“I guess where there is money there is people.” Zhang thought as he realized the reason why there were so many people in the city. They were all here to sell things to the soldiers who were being sent to the frontlines. Since the Red Thorn Province and Red Thorn City was located so close to the frontlines and has yet to be involved in the actual fighting, many soldiers that were sent to aid the border provinces were sent here.

With so many people passing by, many merchants had set up shop in Red Thorn City and were making a fortune selling to soldiers who had money but had nowhere and no time to spend it. Since there was a chance of dying on the battlefield, without families many of the soldiers that passed by Red Thorn City spent their money like there was no tomorrow.

“If the reports are accurate, the girls should reach this city in a matter of a few days to a week or two. Once they get here the city treasury should be full thanks to the taxes they should be getting from all these merchants.” Zhang thought as he and Ai squeezed their way out of the crowd of people that had swarmed around them trying to sell things.

Once they were able to break out of the swarm of merchants and peddlers, Zhang and Ai were once again surrounded. However, this time instead of men trying to fill their pockets with gold, it was women who worked at the local brothel.

“Young masters, how about you join us for some fun.” A young woman in skimpy attire said as her hand brushed against Zhang’s arm while a few others were trying to sink Ai’s arm into their massive mounds as a way to entice Ai into being one of their clients.

“Sorry but I like men.” Ai said as she tried to get away from the swarm of women had surrounded her.

“Hmph should have said so, instead of wasting our time.” One of the women who worked at the brothel said with a snort as she walked toward another group of soldiers who had just entered the city.

But of course Ai was not out of the hot water yet because not too far from here a group of large hairy looking men were standing with big grins on their face.

“We like men also.” One of them said with a smile as he walked in front of Ai and Zhang.

“What have we gotten ourselves into now…” Zhang thought as he grabbed Ai’s hand and began to run toward a group of soldiers from the Dark Legion and mixing in with them.


While Zhang and Ai were busy escaping from merchants, brothel workers and large hairy men, the other beauties were still on their path of slaughter.

The majority of the cities in the Rainbow Rock Province had either been turned to rubble and ashes or have surrendered, laying only Rainbow Rock City and a few villages untouched.

Most of the citizens in the province had been relocated to Rainbow Rock City and many of which had been conscripted into soldiers as the beauties closed in on the city.

A militia that numbered hundreds of thousands, much like the one that the Raging Sea Province had, were armed to defend the final stronghold in the Rainbow Rock Province.

Due to how quickly the beauties had made their way across the province, it was without a doubt that reinforcements from the Southern Alliance would not reach Rainbow Rock City in time.

Although it was evident that no reinforcements were going to come and there was no way for Rainbow Rock City to possibly be able to defend against the armies under Yuying, Ling and Lingqi’s command, the lord of the Rainbow Rock Province or at least what's left of it was not going to go down without a fight.

He was determined to fight down to the last man if he had to instead of surrendering, thus every able man within the city was forced to join his destined to fail cause.

While those inside the city prepared to defend, thousands of men under the command of the beauties had surrounded the city and sealed off all possible routes of escape. Even hidden passageways were found thanks to the interrogation of captive nobles and government officials.

A short distance away from the city, adjust thousands of neatly pitched tents, within a makeshift headquarters, Ling and Yuying could be seen strategizing with each other.

“Do you think you can breach the city walls here?” Ling asked Yuying as she pointed to a map of Rainbow Rock City.

“I can but if we enter through here our troops may take heavy damage if the enemy has the foresight to position archers here and here. If they city was small like those other cities the battle plan would simple to formulate, but it's too big…” Yuying said as the flap into the commander's tent opened and someone entered.

“You're late…” Ling said as she turned toward Lingqi who had just entered the tent.

“I brought shields.” Lingqi said with a smile as she arrived at the table where the map of Rainbow Rock City was laid out.

“How many of them and are they fit to serve as the vanguard?” Yuying asked.

“Roughly fifty thousand of them have been gathered.” Lingqi said.

“Okay, so I'll break down the walls here and then you have them march in and attract the attention of the enemy forces while a part of our forces splinter off and try to enter the city from this direction.” Yuying suggested as she traced a path on the map.

“Then it's settled, we’ll go with this plan tomorrow and from here we should be able to march to where brother was teleported to after we attack Red Thorn City.” Ling said.


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