Dragon is Soul
Chapter 137: Misunderstanding
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 137: Misunderstanding

Will try to have another chapter of Ds or Ascending today :D maybe both T_T


“You four no need to peak, there's plenty of wine and women for everyone.” Liu Shan laughed as he headed toward the door where the four beauties were standing while dressed in men's attire.

“We-we were just passing by.” Ai said in a somewhat panicked voice.

“Haha, no need to be shy.” Liu Shan said as he put his arm around Ai’s shoulder and led her into the room in a friendly manner.

Reluctantly the other beauties followed behind and entered too.

“It seems you found yourself some new friends brother Liu Shan.” Zhang’s voice drifted into the ears of the four beauties.

“I spotted these four guys peeking in from the door and figured the more people we have the more fun it would be so I invited them in, I hope you don't mind your highness.” Liu Shan said with a smile.

“You realize you could have invited assassins in who would be after his highnesses life right?” Liu Yuan asked with furrowed brows.

“It's okay I think I recognize these four from somewhere. I think they were in an acting troupe.” Zhang said with a smile. It was fairly obvious that Zhang knew that the four “men” Liu Shan invited in are actually his wives.

Only a fool wouldn't be able to recognize his wives who share the same bed with him every night. There was also the fact the Zhang remembered each of the beauties by smell also.

“Join us, there are plenty of wine and women for everyone.” Zhang said as he looked at the beauties.

To be honest, they did not know whether he figured out if it was them or not, but if he didn't then they would obviously play along because being found out by your husband that you're dressed up as a man to go spy on him in a brothel was as embarrassing as things could get.

“You saw our show?” Lingqi asked, pretending she was actually in an acting troupe.

“Yea I think in that play you were playing a Jiangshi.” Zhang replied with a smile.

“A Jiangshi? Are these four from one of the acting troupes you hired in the New Moon Province, your highness? News of how you saved the city from the undead had even reached down to these parts” Liu Shan said.

“Yea I'm pretty sure he was the one who played an innocent villager.” Zhang said as he pointed to Yuying.

So after a bit of talking, Lingqi was remembered as a Jiangshi, Yuying was an innocent villager, Ai was a farmer and Ling was a city guard.

“Brother Liu Shan send some ladies over here for our friends.” Zhang said.

“Of course, of course.” Liu Shan laughed as he brought over eight beautiful young women.

“No no no that won't do. Men like our friends here prefer unique women. Call the “mama” here.” Zhang said with a smile as he eyed the four beauties.

Trying to stay in their roles and not blow their cover, the beauties tries to speak as little as possible.

Soon enough a middle-aged woman with makeup caking her face arrived into the room. This lady of course was the “mama” of the brothel which basically means she's the brothel's owner, like a certain pretty lady in Wolfden City.

“Young masters what can I do for you today.” The middle aged lady said.

“I want you to bring out the most unique girls you have in the brothel, my friends here like women who are different, unique, odd, those that possess features that men usually don’t look for. If you can satisfy their needs, then these gold coins are yours.” Zhang said as he waved his hand and made a small stack of gold coins appear.

Seeing the money on the table the brothels mama quickly went to work with money signs in her eyes.

With Zhang’s words in mind, the mama soon assembled a group of a dozen or so “unique” women and led them back into the room where Zhang was.

“Didn’t my brother here ask for you to bring back women? What's that guy doing there?” Liu Shan asked as he pointed to someone in the group that was brought back.

The person in question towered over the others and had bulging muscles that would put anyone of Zhang’s soldiers to shame. A beard that most men would be jealous of and a hairy mole right on the nose.

“Young master, I’m a woman, would you like to check?” The person that Liu Shan pointed to said as she began to lift the hem of her dress.

“No! No need.” Liu Shan said as he tried to stop himself from vomiting.

“Then what's wrong with that one?” Liu Yuan asked as he pointed to a fairly beautiful young woman. It could be said that within the group of weirdos that were gathered, this woman stood out the most because she appeared entirely normal.

“Young master that is Yang Mai it could be said of this entire group she is the one that fits what the young master was looking for the most.” The mama said.

“How so?” Zhang laughed.

“Because no other woman here has even been a man.” The mama said.

“PFFFFTTTT….” Upon hearing the mama’s words wine sprayed out from Liu Shan’s mouth.

“Your highness I forgot to tell you I have a very weak heart and can’t handle too many surprises. So if you could please let our friends pick women in their own free time when we aren’t around it would be very much appreciated.” Liu Shan said with a very sickly look on his face.

“You may all leave, take this as a thank you for your time.” Zhang said as he pushed the stack of gold coins across the table.

“Sorry, we couldn’t pick out anyone for you four.” Zhang said as he looked at the four beauties.

“It’s quite alright.” Ling said as cold sweat dripped from her brow.

Although Zhang did not know what exactly was going through the minds of the beauties he couldn’t help but inwardly laugh.

“I’m going to milk this as long as I can.” He thought as he offered a toast.

Unlike their usual attitudes, the beauties were trying very hard to contain themselves so that no one would catch on that they are cross dressing, if such news was spread then it would be the end of their reputations and an endless amount of made up stories would spawn.

So without saying a word, the beauties smiled and drank wine whenever someone offered a toast. Each of them was hoping that the mess they got themselves into would soon end once all the wine was gone and when everyone was tired.

But wanting to mess with his wives, Zhang pulled out his never ending bottle of wine.

As the hours past, everyone besides Zhang became dead drunk.

Like the old saying goes, drunk people speak no lies. So through the use of liquor, Zhang was able to further probe the two Liu brothers.

Of the two he found out that Liu Yuan obviously the brighter one of the two brothers. While Liu Shan was outright honest, he was definitely not a schemer and was a pretty likable person.

However, there was one major flaw that both brothers possessed, they were both overly competitive and would never be content with second.

These two were so competitive that they would even try to outdo each other when having fun, which attributed to why they are deemed as playboys.

Once he had a good feel of the personalities of the two brothers, Zhang continued teasing the beauties who were acting awfully meek.

“Here have some more.” He said as he poured Ai some wine.

By now most of the women in the room had been sent away and each of the Liu brothers had picked one to spend the night with while Zhang and the beauties opted not to choose.

“Your highness if you'll excuse me.” Liu Shan said with a hiccup as he and a young woman left the room. Liu Yuan soon excused himself also, leaving Zhang and the beauties alone.

After everyone else left Zhang got up and bolted the door into the room.

“So have we had enough fun?” Zhang laughed as he sat back down at the table.

“No, we have not.” Yuying replied with an awkward grin.

“When did you find out.” Ai said with a hiccup.

“At the start I kind of figured from the twinkle in his eye.” Ling said with flushed cheeks from drinking lots of wine.

“Darling I don’t know how you wear this these types of clothes all the time, they are so restricting. Since no one else is here how about you help me remove them.” Lingqi said as she tugged on her robes and revealed a bit of her snowy white skin in a provocative manner.

“I’ll help you but let’s not do this again next time.” Zhang laughed as he moved over to where Lingqi was.

With the room filled with the scent of wine and women, a passionate atmosphere soon blossomed. While the sun was still up Zhang and the beauties made way from the drinking table to a large bed at the far end of the room.

Snow white skin was revealed as robes were discarded and passion ignited.

It had been roughly four hours past noon when the Liu brothers departed to do the deed with the women they had picked out in the brothel by the time the sun had set and after finding out that Zhang was still in the brothel, the brothers returned to the room where Zhang was and tried to open the door. But to their confusion it was bolted, before coming they had asked if Zhang had picked out any women to accompany him, to make sure they were not going to disturb him while he was doing the deed.

Hearing the sound of someone trying to hope the door into the room, Zhang crawled out from under a tangle of arms and legs and made his way to the door after covering himself with a robe that was on the ground.

As the doors slowly creaked open Zhang’s head peeked outside.

“Your highness, we didn’t mean to bother you.” Liu Shan said with a slight hint of embarrassment in his tone since it was awfully rude to disturb someone when they were practicing the arts of the bedchamber.

“The mama told us that you didn’t call for any girls so we didn’t know. Shan let’s go and not disturb his highness.” Liu Yuan said as he noticed something peculiar in the room.

“Once you're free we have a banquet planned for you, your highness. We’ll be waiting back at the provincial lord’s mansion.” Liu Shan said as his brother dragged him away.

With a smile, Zhang closed the door and bolted it once more before returning to the chaotic battlefield that was awaiting him.

“Brother, what are you doing? I was trying to talk to his highness at least let me finish talking before you drag me away.” Liu Shan complained.

“You didn’t notice?” Liu Yuan asked.

“Notice what?” His brother replied.

“The robes that he had one were different from the ones that he had one when we left. If I remember correctly it was the exact same ones that one of those four actors were wearing. The mama also said he did not call for any women, so you could guess who are the ones in his bed.” Liu Yuan said.

“You don’t think he swings that way do you?” Liu Shan asked as his head tilted back toward Zhang’s room.

“You want to stick around long enough to find out?” Liu Yuan asked.

After Liu Yuan’s question, a shiver ran down Liu Shan’s spine as he imagined the horrors that were happening in Zhang’s room.

“That’s one thing I’ll not compete with you in. But who would have thought for a man who has such beautiful wives to go that way.” Liu Shan said as he shook his head.

“Who knows, everyone has their own unique set of preferences. Also, those four looked very feminine to begin with.” Liu Yuan said with a shrug.

“Yea the did and I heard most male actors in acting troupes swing that way too.” Liu Shan said.

A while later Zhang departed from the brothel with the four beauties who were once more in men’s attire. After heading back to their mansion and changing, the group headed to the provincial lord’s mansion for the banquet that the two brothers had planned for them.

Upon arriving with the beauties by his side, Zhang received a mix of weird looks from the two brothers as they recalled what they thought had happened in the brothel.

“I wonder if they know.” Liu Shan whispered into his brother's ear as Zhang and the beauties entered the room.

“If he wants them to then they'll know. There are people we shouldn't talk about and things that shouldn't be mention.” Liu Yuan whispered back to his brother, telling him to stop mentioning what they think had happened at the brothel.

“I understand.” Liu Shan said with a nod as the two brothers got up from their seats and greeted Zhang and the beauties.

Soon after the banquet began and an extravagant feast we brought forth for Zhang and the beauties to enjoy. The two brothers were trying their best to get on Zhang’s good side by after what had happened in the brothel, the two of them seemed to have taken a step back and did not act as openly as before.

However, Zhang quite enjoyed this, he did not like people who fawned over him. So once the two brothers stopped fawning over him, his impression of them vastly improved.

But maybe if Zhang knew what they were thinking when they were talking to him he would have shaken his head or perhaps vomited blood.


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