Dragon is Soul
Chapter 127: Plots
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 127: Plots

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Dragon’s Soul 127
Two weeks had passed since Little White had gained the ability to shrink to the size of a kitten, ever since then, the beauties have been bringing it everywhere they went. To most it would seem no different from a regular house cat, of course besides the oddly colored pelt it possessed. Little White’s fur would still stand on end when in Ai’s embrace, but over time the two have grown fairly close, despite this.

Zhang and the beauties, knowing they only have but a few weeks left to enjoy themselves, visited many of the attractions within Wolfden City. Occasionally they would run into Yue Lang, these encounters would only serve to add to her mysteriousness. But if someone do not wish to tell you something, it is best not to pry.

Today Zhang, the beauties, and their people were busy readying for their trip to Red Mist City. Of course there would be quite a few stops on the way, but if they stayed in Wolfden City any longer then they might end up missing the start of the southern invasion, that would in turn cause a series of unwanted events to occur.

Thus it was time to head back to Red Mist City, though it was decided that once the southern invasion concluded and perhaps if a northern invasion occurs, they would visit Wolfden City once more.

It was not until midday did Zhang’s caravan begin to head out of Wolfden City, with everyone accounted for, they would head south, through what would soon be the former New Moon Province. From there they would head southwest and would eventually arrive in Red Mist City. Once they arrive at Red Mist City, the former aristocrats of the New Moon Province would be sent to Aurora, where they would not be in the way if something goes wrong during the invasion.

“I’ll be seeing you again.” Yue Lang’s voice drifted into Zhang’s carriage as it rocked through the crowded streets. The beauties and Zhang all poked their heads out of the carriage but Yue Lang was nowhere in sight due to the sea of people blending everyone together into an indistinguishable crowd.

“I’ll be back.” Zhang said out into the crowd, adding to the babble that was present.
Many blocks away standing on one of the many balconies sticking out of the Wolfden Brothel, Yue Lang could be seen looking out into the distance. It was fairly obvious she was not looking at the city, but rather she was able to see Zhang’s carriage however her gaze was not specifically at Zhang.

“We’ll meet again, be it in days or years, our paths will intertwine once more.” Yue Lang smiled before her figure faded away and disappeared.

“My lord, we have just entered the borders of the New Moon Province.” Cheng Yu’s voice flowed into Zhang’s carriage.

Shortly after Cheng Yu spoke into the carriage, the sound of neighing horses shook the air. The sound of something impacting the wooden carriages reverberated through the air as a mass of confusion ensued.

“Defensive formations! Protect the carriages!” Cheng Yu’s voice could be heard, serving as a beacon through the chaos that was befalling the caravan.

Peering outside of their carriage, Zhang could see an endless rain of arrows showing down from the sky.

“Kill everyone! Take everything of value!” A roaring voice could be heard outside. Soon thousands of men wearing mismatched leather armor could be seen flooding out of the woods.

“Defend our lord! Kill the bandits!” Someone yelled. Although Zhang’s men could be considered experts, there were simply too many bandits, making it difficult for them to gain an upper hand since a warrior can only slay so many people at once. Rather than calling these men bandits, the term army would fit more due to the numbers they were boasting.

Somehow one of the bandits managed to make his way to Zhang’s carriage and opened the door. Once the door swung open, the man was awestruck as his gaze fell upon the four beauties, however his vision soon became stained in red. While the man was caught up in looking at the beauties, a kitten pounced at him and with its razor sharp fangs, it caused a fountain of blood to shoot out from his neck.

“Little White, go play.” An angelic voice sounded out from within the carriage.

As the bandit who opened the carriage door fell to the ground, his comrades who happened to be nearby looked entirely dumbfounded because never in their wildest dreams would imagine that they would be attacked killed by a little kitten. A fountain of blood continued to shoot out from the man’s neck as Little White’s body began to grow larger. From the size of a kitten, it soon grew as large as an adult cat, then into the size of a regular tiger, finally it returned to its regular size.

“Gahhhh! Wha-whats that thing!” Some of the bandits screamed in horror as Little Fight towered above them, brandishing its canines and sharp claws. The screams soon ceased, as the wind began to wrap around Little White’s body, allowing it to move at blinding speeds, leaving a whirlwind of blood in its wake.

Limbs were severed and lives were taken as Little White was unleashed on the unsuspecting bandits who were foolish enough to attack Zhang’s caravan. A White Wind Liger is normally already extremely dangerous, but after eating the black and white pearls made of pure essence, Little White was elevated into a league of its own.

Little White was of course not the only one showing off their battle prowess, since Zhang’s soldiers and the women trained by the beauties were also a part of the fray.
Relying on their brute force and the basic battle formations that Zhang had taught them, the soldiers formed a wall of shields and spears that represented death for all who stood before them. While the women who had mostly received training from Yuying, sped through the battle field like shadows, plunging their blades into countless victims.

It could be said that the bandits had awoken a sleeping dragon and were not prepared for the consequences, as their numbers slowly began to dwindle.

“Damn… They did not tell me about this, when I took the job…” A bandit who clearly process seniority cursed as he watched his men being slaughtered.

“Retreat!” The same bandit yelled.

But it was clearly too late, even though the battle had only begun, it was nearing its conclusion. Nearly a quarter of the bandits had been slain while Zhang’s people had only been slightly injured. A portion of the bandits even dropped to their knees and toss their weapons aside to surrender. Unlike Xi Ning’s bandit group, these ones were not too united, which in itself created a vital weakness for them.

If they were faced with death then many of these bandits would choose to surrender or flee, while Xi Ning’s men would have more than likely fought to the death.

“Capture their leader, kill everyone else who resists.” Zhang’s voices echoed through the battlefield.

“Yes my lord!” Thousands of voices replied in unison. Soon a slick sea of blood began flowing down the hills, creating countless rivers of blood.

The bandit leader tried to ride off on his house however before he could make it very far, a gleaming blade slashed down in front of his path and severed his horse’s head, causing its corpse to tumble over, sending the bandit leader into the air and into a tree.

Although he tried to get up the only thing that happened was a mouth full of blood being coughed up due to the internal injury caused by slamming into the tree.

Moments later the leader of the bandits was bound and dragged to Zhang’s carriage. Seeing that their leader was captured, even more bandits began to surrender and as quickly as it began, the battle concluded.

Hundreds if not thousands of bandits were then led in front of Zhang’s carriage and forced to kneel. Behind every few bandit was one of Zhang’s people with weapons drawn. Now every single bandit was at Zhang’s mercy and their lives were now his to end or spare.

Once the battle concluded, Little White could be seen in its shrunken form, atop a mound of corpses, licking its fur. This scene would have been unbelievably adorable if it was not for the blood and mangled bodies.

Everyone’s eyes were glued on Zhang’s carriage as its door slowly opened, a truly terrifying sight was witness. Instead of the inside of the carriage, everyone saw a black oval like portal and from within this portal hundreds of giant ghost like spiders appeared.

“Little White, I hope you don’t mind sharing your food with Silky and the others.” Yuying’s voice could be heard from within the carriage. The hundreds of wraith spiders began feasting upon the corpses of the dead, causing those with weak stomachs to vomit.

Zhang’s people of course knew they had nothing to be afraid of so they all stood as still as a mountain and were waiting for orders.

“If I heard right, I think you said someone hired you?” Zhang said as the portal into the Ruler’s Domain closed and he stepped out of the carriage.

“I-I-I don’t know anything.” The leader of the bandits said frantically.

“Of course you know something, we’ll just help you remember.” Zhang said with an evil grin as Yuying appeared from behind him and walked up to the leader of the bandits.
“Hold him still.” Yuying said as she reached her hand out.

“Yes milady.” One of their soldiers who was standing behind the bandit leader said before he pressed his hand down on the bandit’s shoulder while his sword was placed beside the bandit’s neck.

“Tell us who sent you and what is their goal.” Yuying said once her finger pressed against the bandit’s forehead and countless runes covered his body.

Like everyone else who falls under Yuying’s mind control, the bandit leader began talking.

“Three weeks ago, a group of men came to our bandit den and gave me a vast amount of wealth. They wanted me to unite as many bandits and outlaws as I could within the New Moon Province and cause as much of a disturbance as I could so that Aurora’s attention would be diverted to the northern region rather than the southern regions. We were told that we could pillage as much as we pleased and that they promised will make us all lords and grant us unbelievable riches if our mission succeeded. Roughly a week ago, we managed to capture a messenger headed for Aurora and from him we learned that the crown prince of Aurora was going to pass these parts, so if we managed to capture him then for sure, all of Aurora’s attention would be focused here, allowing ample time for the southern provinces to mount an offensive. “The leader of the bandits spewed.

“To think they underestimated so much as to simply send a group of bandits whose cultivations hasn’t even passed that of a regular person. Now what shall we do with them darling?” Lingqi laughed as she produced a clear glass bottle filled with yellowish liquid and a clear glass bottle filled with bluish liquid.

“Yuying, have him tell us the location of their dens. I’m sure they have plenty of gifts for us there.” Zhang’s eyes glinted.

Moments later a group of Zhang’s people were sent out to retrieve the riches that the bandits had gathered and free whomever that had been captured by them. There were a total of ten bandit forts in the surround area that was filled with riches that they had plundered so Zhang was automatically propelled into a good mood, simply thinking about the harvest that practically presented itself to him on a platter.

It was also decided that the bandits would accompany Zhang to Red Mist City where they will serve as the vanguard in his army, realistically speaking they would become human shields for Zhang’s men once the invasion began. He did in fact however promise that if any of the bandits serve the invasion, then he would set them free and if they wanted he would allow them to join his arm, that is to say if any of them do survive.

Only a few hours after being sent out, Zhang’s men returned carrying many dozens of crates filled to the brim with gold and jewels. There were also roughly a hundred people who had been captured, including the messenger that had been sent by Jian Wei.

Having broken military law, this many was punished with one hundred lashes, which could be considered a lenient punishment considering how the information he gave out could have derailed the southern invasion. And cause harm to Zhang and the beauties.

“My lord, we have accounted for an estimated wealth of three hundred thousand gold coins.” Cheng Yu reported to Zhang after inspecting all of the treasures retrieved.

“Good, reward one hundred thousand gold coins amongst our combatants.” Zhang ordered after waving his hand and storing away two thirds of the treasure crates laid out in front of him.

“Right away my lord.” Cheng Yu said while clasping his hands.

“I wonder what kind of looks they’ll have on their faces when they find out that the money they sent to cause us trouble, ended up in our pockets.” Ai who was standing beside Zhang said with a grin.

“If they can put out this much to cause us trouble then I could only imagine what’s waiting for us down south.” Zhang said as money signs appeared in his eyes.

Within the Warring States Region, the southern region is undoubtedly the richest region, thanks to the warm weather there allowing for higher productivity in agriculture. Food is always a necessity to life and since the southern region is able to produce ample amounts of it, they are able to bring in lots of revenue through trade. Had it not been for the fact the lord of the southern were constantly feuding with one another, then Aurora might not have been able to become the superpower that it currently is.

The central region which includes Aurora had always been somewhat lacking in agriculture and resources if compared to the south, but thanks to the trade diverted to it by Red Mist City which acts as the central trade hub for the ocean west of the Warring States Region, it had managed to produce the Warring State Region’s strongest province, Aurora. Thanks to Jian Wei’s expert management, Aurora had been able to make use of its position and turn into a trade hub within the Warring States Region, allowing for it to grow very powerful.

Lastly there was the northern region which if compared with the other regions is on the poorer side. If it was not for the many mines located in the north that brought in trade, then it probably wouldn’t even be able to muster up a sizable army. But thanks to the cooperation amongst the lords of the north and the ample natural resources within their land, they’ve been able to create an iron wall that protects the northern region of the Warring States area.

“Cheng Yu, pick a few people and have them return to aurora dressed in blood stained rags. Have them tell ask Lord Jiang Wei to disperse news that we were ambushed and the majority of our forces have been lost and that I’m currently missing. Also inform him that we will we be beginning the southern invasion a bit earlier.” Zhang said with a devious grin.


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