Dragon is Soul
Chapter 126: Subconscious Fear
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 126: Subconscious Fear

2 chapters of Ascending The Heavens also up. :D
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With the liger in tow, Zhang and Ling departed the monster auction house and went back onto the streets. Of course this time, unlike before, everyone's gazes were centered around them.

It's not every day that one sees a giant liger obediently following a scholarly looking young man and a young woman. Such beasts are generally unleashed upon battlefields and kill indiscriminately, due to how hard it is to tame them. Even with extensive training, a liger would still be an unruly beast.

With its ancestors branching from the king of the jungles and the king of beasts, it is expected for ligers to possess unyielding personalities.

“Little White, if you move any slower you’re going to fall behind.” Ling said with a smile on her face. Not even breaths passed after the words left Ling’s mouth, before the liger sped up and arrived by her side.

“That’s a good Little White.” Ling said as she began brushed the liger’s white fur. If anyone had seen the air that the liger had been giving off while it was within its cage, they wouldn’t be able to imagine the things that are happening right now. Compared to before, the liger was now very much like a domesticated cat, of course if it was given the order to attack, then whoever was on the receive end would more than likely be torn to bits because while they were moving through the streets, the liger would occasionally growl at those who come too close to it, showing that if provoked by others beside Ling and Zhang, it would attack.

So with the liger in tow, Zhang and Ling headed back to the Wolfden Brothel. They would need Yuying to work her magic on the liger to ensure that it would devote one hundred percent of its loyalty to them, very much like the Golden Titanic Spiders that evolved into Wraith Spiders.

However, something strange occurred when they reached the brothel, the liger’s fur stood on end as it gave off a low growl and would not entire the brothel. Perhaps it could sense something within the brothel that it did not hope to cross paths with, but no matter what Zhang or Ling tried it would not go inside the brothel. One could tell that it definitely was afraid of Zhang and Ling but the degree of fear it had for the brothel was many times greater.

“What are you guys doing?” A voice rang into everyone’s ears. Once Zhang and Ling’s gazes were directed at the source of the voice, they could see Yue Lang standing in front of the brothel entrance with a ravishing smile on her face.

“Miss Yue Lang, I don’t know what’s wrong but our liger won’t enter, we’re sorry for any inconveniences that we are causing.” Ling said politely in an apologetic tone.

“It’s alright. Sometimes felines are skittish of our brothel for some reason. But sometimes they will find the courage to enter.” Yue Lang said as she eyed the liger from the corner of her eye. The moment Yue Lang’s gaze was directed at the liger, it slowly began moving forward and into the brothel although there was still a hint of reluctance in its footsteps.

“Many thanks miss Yue Lang. If we have the opportunity, we should sit down for a drink.” Zhang said with his hands clasped before running off after the liger.

“My offer of sharing a room together for a night still stands.” Yue Lang chuckled as she watched Zhang and Ling chase after the Liger.
“I let you in but there is another obstacle for you to face.” Yue Lang laughed in a low tone as she looked at the liger.

Getting the liger into the brothel was an issue in itself however, getting it through the crowded pathways within the brothel was another thing. Hundreds of gambling tables littered the floor and thousands of people walking from one venue to the next filled up most of the space available, so getting the massive liger to the central staircase and to their suite was a problem.

Unlike in the streets outside, few people made way for them because everyone was too busy gambling their lives away. But if there is a will there is a way, slowly Zhang and Ling managed to guide the liger through the busy floor and to the staircase.

Surprisingly enough there was an issue that Zhang thought would happen but didn’t. He had thought that the liger might be too heavy and break the central staircase but surprisingly enough that did not happen or come close to happening at all.

By now the day was half over and the other beauties had all returned to their suite, so when Zhang pushed open the door and entered, he was greeted by a barrage of smiles.

“I think we have a problem…” Ling said as Little White would not budge once more, much like what had happened at the entrance of the brothel, the liger would not budge and stayed outside of the suite. Its eyes were focused solely upon a single figure within the room, the figure of Ai who was seated at a table and sipping some tea and eating desserts.

Spotting the liger, Ai’s eyes glinted and a happy expression had spread across her face.

“Wahhh, it’s so fluffy.” She said as she got up from the table and headed for the liger. Ai had always been an avid lover of animals, but for some reason most of not all of them would be deathly afraid of her.

As Ai came closer and closer to the liger, it began to take steps backwards and trying to distance itself from her.

“Don’t you dare run away.” Zhang said, peeking his out from within the room.

“Ai, wait until big sis imprints it.” Lingqi said, peeking her head out from behind Zhang.

With a hint of disappointment, Ai stepped to the side and waited for Yuying to make her way out of the room and in front of the liger.

Yuying placed her hand in front of the liger and accompanied by a glare from Zhang, the liger quickly laid its large head onto the ground. Moments later, Yuying’s index finger pressed onto the liger’s temple and countless runes flowed from her hand onto its body. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into dozens of minutes before Yuying lifted her hand and the spell was complete.

Once the imprinting was complete, the liger no longer hesitated when given orders and seemed to become many times more familiar with Ai, however it still seemed to be somewhat subconsciously afraid of her because when in Ai’s embrace the liger’s fur would still stand on end.

“Little White, come here.” Ling said with a smile as she gestured to the liger. Unlike before, it did not show any hints of fear, rather one could see that he liger was no viewing Zhang and the beauties as it true masters or perhaps family.

“Oh yea I almost forgot.” Zhang said as a black and white pearl appeared in his hand. This of course was one of the many pearls that he had collected in the catacombs in New Moon City.

Tossing one of the pearls in front of Little White, who is now gently licking Ling’s hand, Zhang watched as the liger ceased its prior actions and began sniffing the pearl. A few moments later the pearl was picked up by liger’s teeth and swallowed. But unlike the wraith spiders, nothing happened.

“Maybe he needs more than just one?” Lingqi said as she leaned onto Zhang arm.

“Perhaps.” Zhang said as he produced another pearl and tossed it at the liger.

But like before there was still no change, so Zhang produced yet another pearl and tossed it in front of the liger. After the liger was fed it’s fifth pearl, an unbelievable change began occurring. It’s snow white fur began showing black streaks, much like a regular tiger but with a blueish hue to them. Its fangs began growing longer, peaking out of its mouth, and its claws appeared to become many times sharper, allowing it to further displaying its arsenal.

However, that was not the end of it because Little White’s body began to shrink. Slowly Little White changed from being a few times larger than a regular tiger to the size of a kitten, now the name Little White could truly be applied.

Despite shrinking in size, Zhang could tell that the liger was actually stronger than it was previously and was one the borderline of entering the seventh level of cultivation. Before it was only at the beginning of the sixth level of cultivation but now it had nearly jumped an entire level. With time it would surely enter the seventh level and hopefully that would not be the end of its growth. Before anyone could comment on its size, Little White’s body began growing and it soon returned to its original size.

“Shrink again.” Ai said cheerfully. Amazingly enough, the liger began shrinking and changed to the size of a kitten once more.

“There we go, you’re much cuter like this.” She said with a grin as she picked up the liger and began petting it.

“Meowwwww~” Little White meowed while being carried by Ai of course it’s fur was still standing up so it looked like a cute little fur ball. With that the liger was tamed and underwent an amazing transformation.

Now that Little White was kitten sized, it could be carried around easily and would draw much less attention when going out onto the streets.

After the issues regarding Little White were solved, Zhang and the beauties headed toward a hall that was rented out by Cheng Yu, this hall was reserved to serve meals for people apart of their caravan, it would also serve as a common gathering place in case a gathering was required before they leave Wolfden City.

“Brother, can I get one too? Can I? Please?” Ai asked Zhang as she tried to get him to find her a White Wind Liger, like Ling.

“But they only had one. Next time I see something as good as Little White I’ll get it for you.” Zhang replied with an apologetic smile.

“Then I want two.” Ai said while pouting.

“Done.” Zhang laughed.

“I can give you one of the spiders.” Yuying said as she smiled at Ai.

“Bu-but they aren’t cuddly.” Ai replied as she eyed Little White.

Seeing this, Ling decided to let Ai help take care of the liger until she got her own demonic beast.

Upon entering the hall that was rented for their use, Zhang saw many of his suburbanites and the former members of the aristocratic families sitting about and enjoying meals. Of course once he entered the room, everyone got up from their seats and saluted him before sitting down once more.

“My lord, a table has been especially set aside for you.” Cheng Yu’s voice sounded out before he appeared in front of Zhang and the beauties.

Soon they were led to a large table at a secluded section of the hall and were seated. Without having to order, dozens of extravagant dishes were laid out in front of them.

“My lord, a messenger had also arrived from Aurora, however when we went seek an audience with you, you weren’t in your suite and since the situation wasn’t very urgent so I had him wait for your return.” Cheng Yu said.

“Alright have him come here.” Zhang said.

“Right away.” Cheng Yu replied before exiting the hall.

While Cheng Yu was fetching the messenger, Zhang and the beauties began their meal. Even Little White joined in on the feast and was given a large chicken, which it devoured in the matter of breaths, so many more seconds were given to it.

Zhang couldn’t help but grin as he watched the first sized kitten, devour one chicken after the other at blinding speeds. The one thing he wondered was why didn’t Little White just change into its larger form where it can eat entire chickens with a single bit.

“Try some of this.” Zhang said as he placed various delicacies into each and every one of his wives plates and in turn they would place food back into his plate.

“My lord, I come bearing word from his majestic Jian Wei. His majestic wished for me to inform you my lord that the invasion will proceed in a few months and he hopes that you have managed to enjoy your honeymoon, also he wanted me to give you this. He said something about sharpening your sword well and to win the war.” The messenger said as he kneeled on the ground with one knee and saluted before pulling out a familiar looking jade bottle from his robes.

“His majesty also wished for me to hand this scroll to you personally.” The messenger added as he presented the jade bottle and a scroll to Zhang.

“Please tell lord Jiang Wei that I will use this well and I will head back before the invasion begins.” Zhang said with a chuckle as he picked up the jade bottle, knowing the contents within it.

Once the messenger was excused, Zhang picked up the scroll and opened it. Its contents basically informed Zhang that the invasion would begin in three months’ time and that he was assigned to take command of the forces station in Red Mist City and for him to lead them into battle with the Dark Sea Province located south of the former Red Mist Province.

After examining the contents of the scroll, Zhang conjured a flame in his hand and burned it into ashes. Such information was best kept to himself, for it could change the tide of war if it was given out.

“With three months left, I’m sure we can find a few more places to go and enjoy ourselves.” He thought as he watched his wives enjoying their meal.

Elder Sister Xiao Hua, we should be reaching the New Moon Province soon. A man with a silver mask reported to a beautiful young lady who was currently seat within a carriage.

“Head for the new capital and send out people out to seek information about the one woman who knows about the runes on the Reaper’s Coffin. Also slow down the pace of our march, the New Moon Province should be in high alert right now due to all of the things that are happening that and we would draw attention to ourselves if we appear at such a time.” The young lady called Xiao Hua said, beside her was a golden mask and hanging by her side was a jade badge in the shape of a crescent moon.

“Also, the longer this trip takes the longer I’ll be able to stay out here, instead of returning to the order.” She mumbled in a displeased tone as she remembered the place she would have to return to once the mission was completed.


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