Dragon is Soul
Chapter 120: City of Firsts
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 120: City of Firsts

How are you guys O_O.

Roughly a dozen days had pass since Yuying had rewritten the memories of the survivors of the three aristocratic families. As of now, these people completely believed that they were a part of the Zhou clan, in other words, they were now considered relatives to Zhang. Meaning in terms of status, they were still nobility, actually compared to before they could be considered a step higher in terms of status. Since they were now relatives of a prince who will one day become king of Aurora.

So after having their memories altered so that the massacre at the Qilin’s Pass never happened, everyone who had been kept bound in the carriages were integrated into the rest of Zhang’s caravan. It had been decided that after heading to the Starmist Province for a leisure trip, Zhang would then lead everyone back to Aurora, where these no additions to his family would settle.

That way he could keep an eye on them, in case anyone regains their memories and plots against him.

For the most part the last dozen or so days of the trip had been filled with relaxation. The beauties had grown exceptionally close to Zhang’s so called relatives, especially Yuying who had spent most of her time watching the toddlers who were now her nieces and nephews play.

The beauties were very fond of the children who were now a part of the group, be it babies who were still being breastfed, to children who were running about. Often times, Zhang would to see the beauties in one of their play sessions with the children and it would warm his heart.

“One day we’ll be able to play with our own kids and hopefully by that time there won’t be any need for me to fight.” He thought as he imagined coming home to a house full of kids. Thus the last dozen or so days passed like a breeze.

“My lord if we keep our current pace, we should be within the Starmist Province’s borders in a few hours and if we don’t set up camp, we can arrive at Wolfden City before midnight.” Cheng Yu reported to Zhang as his voice drifted in from a window that could be opened from the driver’s seat of the carriage.

“Pass down my command, we will head to Wolfden City at full speed.” Zhang said in reply to Cheng Yu from within the carriage.

If he could help it, Zhang would very much prefer to stay inside a city and enjoy all of the benefits that came along with it. Although he had a comfy bed within his magical carriage, there was a lack of delicious food, and the rowdy atmosphere that a city usually possessed.

Of course besides these two minor things, there wasn’t much to complain about. Rather most people would envy how Zhang traveled. He had for one a comfy bed, which most travels wouldn’t have the liberty of enjoying until they entered a city. He was surrounded by beautiful women and there was occasionally delicious food, depending how what could be gathered from the surrounding area.

After Zhang’s command was passed, the caravan’s speed increased and everyone was looking forward to arriving at Wolfden City. The trail of carriages and carts sped through the mountainous path in front of them as they neared the border of the Starmist Province.

“Oh yea I almost forgot, we might meet mister Qian when we arrive in the Starmist Province.” Zhang said as he recalled the old man who had traveled with him through the bloody forest.

A few hours later once they entered the Starmist Province, signs of people began appearing. Carriages and travelers would occasionally appear along the side of the road, unlike the last few days within the New Moon Province where they did not see a single soul. Perhaps it was because New Moon City was relocated that attributed to this but who knows.

The deeper they went into the lands of the Starmist Province and the closer they got to Wolfden City, more and more people could be spotted heading in the same direction. Some of these people were traveling with their families and were most likely relocating themselves to avoid be caught up in the war in the southern region.

Countless rumors had been sparked regarding the possibility of war breaking out in the southern region of the warring states, of course no solid evidence was provided to back up such theories, but people felt that to be on the safe side they should move. Zhang certainly knew that the war was definitely going to happen but for the most part the civilians were only speculating.

Besides the families that were relocating, hundreds of men were often spotted in pairs or small groups also heading toward Wolfden City.

True to being the Warring States Region’s second strongest province, from the amount of travelers alone one could tell that traveling within the Starmist Province was fairly safe. In weaker provinces that possessed less security, travelers wouldn’t travel in small groups and would often employ guards, but this was not the case here.

It did not seem like the people who were traveling within the Starmist Province possessed any fear of bandits at all from the lack of guards and small groups that they traveled in. Compared to them, Zhang’s caravan was made up of thousands of people, causing it to draw lots of attention.

So while drawing attention to themselves, the caravan continued forward until the sun descended and hid itself below the horizon. A cool refreshing breeze and the luminous moon was present and reminded everyone that that day had ended and it was not night.

By now it was the stroke of midnight and the caravan had reached the outskirts of Wolfden City. However, they found out that they could not enter because despite being midnight there was a long line that stretched out from the gates of Wolfden City.

Strangely enough the line was comprised of people who were waiting to enter the city. Zhang would soon find out that Wolfden City was also known by another name, many people called it the city of firsts, the city that never sleeps.

One might ask why is Wolfden city referred to as the city of firsts and the answer would be simply because Wolfden City is red light city, or in other words a brothel city. From that bit of information anyone could guess as to why it was referred to as the city of firsts, but for those who can’t guess, it was referred to as the city of firsts because of how many people have their first time when visiting it.

Wolfden City was a haven where one could prefill their hidden desires, a place where men and women alike could find fulfillment and entertainment if their pockets were deep enough.

Of course Zhang and the majority of the people in his caravan did not know of any of this so they were somewhat confused as to why there was such a long line of people waiting to enter the city at such a time, a time when most people should be at home in their beds getting ready to enter their dreams. For the most people those who have been to Wolfden City do not tell others that they have been there, because what happens in Wolfden City, stays in Wolfden City.

But from the look Cheng Yu’s eyes one could tell that he had certainly been here before, he definitely was not alone because a few others who were a part of the aristocratic families had the same look in their eyes. Although their memories were altered, there were things that were of course left intact.

“My lord, I think I’ve heard somewhere that Wolfden City is a city that never sleeps, so the sight before us is a common one here.” Cheng Yu said after jumping off the driver's seat and arriving at the side of the carriage at the window where Zhang’s head was sticking out.

“Is that so?” Zhang asked with his head still sticking out of the carriage window. He had been curious as to why the carriages had stopped before entering the city so he poked his head out of the window to have a look. With Cheng Yu’s words many of the questions that had popped up into Zhang’s mind had been answered thus with a few words he closed the carriage window and resumed what he had been doing before. What was happening in his carriage? The world may never know.

The caravan thus waited in line to enter the city, the line was long but was moving at a steady pace, making is so that there wasn’t a very long wait time for those in line. Before long’s Zhang’s carriage arrived at the city gates and was greeted by a dozen or so soldiers.

“State your business.” One of the guards who seemed to be in charge said in a powerful voice.

“My young master is here for leisure, my lords” Cheng Yu said from atop the driver’s seat of Zhang’s carriage.

“Leisure with this many people?” The guard asked somewhat skeptical of what Cheng Yu said.

“Yes my lord, the young master had brought along a few servants beside myself, and a few other members of the clan had tagged along.” Cheng Yu said as he climbed down from the carriage and stood in front of the guard, somewhat hunched over so he did not give off an intimidating imagine.

“Wait haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” Cheng Yu asked.

“What?” The guard replied with a confused look on his face.

“How could you forget me!? It’s been years since we met but how could you forget your best friend Cheng Yu.” Cheng Yu said as he got chummy with the guard and patted the man on the shoulder. While everyone was confused Cheng Yu stuffed a small bag of coins into the guard’s armor.

“Ah brother Cheng Yu, it’s been ages! I had thought you looked familiar, but wasn’t sure if it was you or not.” The guard said with a wide grin on his face.

“I thought you didn’t recognize me for a second. We could find a good place to catch up when you're not too busy.” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

“Yea I’ll find you when I’m not on duty.” The guard said with a smile as he gestured for Cheng Yu and the rest of the caravan to enter the city.

It was clear that this was the first time these two men had met and that they did not know each other at all. But this was nothing new for the guards who were stationed at the city gates.

On any given day, they would have hundreds if not thousands of “friends” pass by and most if not all of these friend were rich. Meaning that whoever was stationed as a guard at the gate was fairly wealthy also.

With that aside, not that they've been granted permission to enter, Zhang’s caravan of carriages and carts rattled its way through the city gate.

The inside of Wolfden City was like another world, dazzling lights lined the streets, beautifully made fountains that were powered by magic scattered throughout the city, countless beautiful women waved down to the people passing through the streets from their balconies, and a cheerful and mysterious atmosphere filled the air. This was a place where one could immerse themselves in pleasure or be lost in it.
In such an atmosphere it was easy to lose oneself and be drowned in pleasure, which could be a good thing and a bad thing because sometimes too much of a good thing may not always be a good thing. There were often times in Wolfden City where people would be having the time of their lives and then get themselves in a lot of trouble or turn up dead the next morning because they did something stupid due to the thrill of the moment.

“Waaaa, I’ve never seen a city like this. Not even Aurora had so many lights and places to go play.” Ai said as half of her body was sticking out of the magical carriage.

Looking out into the brightly lit streets filled with people, you wouldn’t even think that it was currently past midnight. In other places at this time in the night, everyone was fast asleep, readying themselves for tomorrow. However, this was most definitely not the case in Wolfden City.

“Cheng Yu can you ask around and find us a good hotel to stay at? Once that is taken care of we can enjoy our time here.” Zhang said through the window that opened up beside the driver's seat.

“My lord, I think you’ve mistaken something.” Cheng Yu said in a whisper as he bent toward the window.

“What?” Zhang ask with a perplexed tone.

“There aren’t any hotels in this city. The only place you can board in is one of the countless brothels.” Cheng Yu said with a glint in his eye.

“Errr… Find a nice one then…” Zhang replied.

“Freight not my lord, I’ll find one that has twins. Young ones too.” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“Yes twins! Wai...wait where did you hear this?” Zhang retorted.

However instead of replying, Cheng Yu began chuckling and closed the window instead.

“Every man’s dream, my lord, every man’s dream.” Cheng Yu murmured as he continued steering the carriage.

Thus Zhang’s magical carriage led the caravan through the crowded streets of Wolfden City. To where he did not know, but it seemed like Cheng Yu knew his way around this city pretty well so Zhang did not question. Also when Cheng Yu had mentioned twins, Yuying shot a glare at Zhang so he did not dare open that window again to converse with Cheng Yu.

“That bastard…” Zhang silently cursed as he watched the beauties look out into the busy streets and pointing at places they wanted to visit.

Casinos, restaurants, brothels, clothing stores, jewelry stores and all sorts of other establishments built for entertainment and pleasure lined the streets, so many that it would probably take weeks to visit them all.

“Honey, I saw a beautiful looking necklace on display in one of the stores. How about we go have a look later.” Ling said as she walked away from the window and brushed up against Zhang. Truthfully nothing really caught her attention but she was hoping to call dibs on Zhang.

“Damn…I was too late...” Lingqi and the other two beauties thought as Ling took the initiative.


Wolfden City= VEGAS O_________O


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