Dragon is Soul
Chapter 119: Kidnapped
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 119: Kidnapped

I'm sorry to you folks who think the story sucks. But sadly I can't make it any better because my imagination is lacking and my work schedule is pack. I'm amazed I have any time to write at all considering sometimes I'm working 14 hours... As for the other story, I've had little to no time to work on it so it's actually not really being worked on at all.


Before the sun rose and while the moon was about to go away, a caravan of carriages was currently making their way through a rocky road and forgotten road deep in the forest. The rattling sound of wooden wheels could be heard reverberating through the forest as the caravan moved forward.

In a few dozen or so of these carriages with hundreds of men, women and children with their hands and feet tightly bound, there were of course even infants whose mothers were my bound in order to hold their child.

Despite not being bound, none of the mothers tried to escape because the knee that they would not be able to make it very far with their child in hand, and the thought of untying the ropes that bound everyone else was lost when a few tried and red colored runes appeared on the ropes and tightened.

For the most part everyone was bound and even their mouths were gagged to ensure that they would not even make a sound.

From the looks on these people's faces one could tell that they were horrified. For they do not know what the future holds for them, more than likely they wouldn't be killed because if they were then they wouldn't be bound in the carriage, but even if they weren't going to be killed there are many different futures that could hold fates worse than death.

To these people, as long as the wheels of the carriages continued rolling then they had nothing to fear, because as long as they were kept inside the carriages then they wouldn't not have to face horrid possibility that await them outside.

In the beginning some people had tried to use their cultivation to break out of their bindings and escape however they soon found out that their attempts were futile because they could not muster up any strength from their cultivation bases.

However even if they were to continuing their attempts to escape, they would not be given another chance to because currently the rattling wooden wheels of the carriages that sped through the rocky path slowly ceased and the carriages stopped.

Anticipation filled everyone's hearts as the carriages stopped. Now that the carriages had stopped, silence filled the air and no one made a sound. But this did not last long because the sound of a cry baby soon echoed out from one of the carriages and seeped into the other ones.

It was not long afterward that dozens of doors were swung open and light shone into the carriages. Squinting their eyes everyone who had been kept inside the carriages was being blinded by the sudden exposure to light.

Once their eyes adjusted they could see tens of people standing outside of the carriages. A mix of men and women were present and gazing into the carriages.

Without saying a word, the men proceeded to carry people out of the carriages, one by one until everyone was gathered outside. Of course a few of those who were bound inside the carriages tried to resist as best they could be squirming about, but like their previous attempts to escape or retaliate, resistance was futile.

Once everyone was taken from the carriages and gathered up outside a beautiful young woman, with long flowing reddish hair, and eyes that possess a hint of red in their pupils, stood appeared. Although she was beautiful, this young woman gave off an aura of that of someone who is used to death, making everyone who were bound tremble in their hearts.

They could tell that if this woman wished for it then they'd soon arrive before the gates of the underworld.

A hint of a smile appeared on her face as this young woman’s gaze fell on a crying baby. As she approached the baby and opened out her arms toward it, the child's mother had a face full of fear. The mother did not know what this woman would do to her child so she was not willing to hand the child over.

After a few moments the young woman gave up on her attempt to hold the baby and walked toward someone else with a dejected look on her face. The person she walked toward was a young boy in his teens. This boy had been one of the few who had struggled and tried resist the most out of the entire group.

Although he was bound he continued squirming about, although he was gagged one was certain that he was currently cursing his captors.

With a wave of her hand, the woman called for two men to come over and grab the boy.

“Take out the gag.” The woman said to the two men who were holding the boy. The moment the gag was removed, a series of words that should not be repeated flowed out of the boy’s mouth.

However, no hint of anger appeared on the young woman’s face, despite the boys cursing and provocation. Unexpectedly a smile crept onto her face.

The sweat dripped down the brow of the boy's father as he watched his son doing what could be considered then dumbest thing possible for anyone to do in their current situation. Now was not the time to be a hero, now was not the time to taunt your captors because now was the time that death could approach at any moment.

The boy's father tried to tell his son to stop, however his mouth was gagged and his arms and legs were bound, so there was nothing he could do but squirm about on the ground.

The young woman’s hand extended and reached toward the boy's temple as countless unreadable runes appeared on her arm. Everyone became wide eyed and watched in silence as the boy proceeded to scream and struggle as the woman's index finger pressed onto the boy's forehead.

Well soon enough these tunes that were on the woman's arm were transcribed onto the boy, flowing into his mouth, ears, eyes and nose. The runes began glowing in an eerie green light before the boy seemed to lose all strength and go unconscious.

“Onto the next one.” The young woman said with a smile still on her face, but with somewhat of a sign in her tone.

The moment the boy lost consciousness, everyone else seemed to have been driven mad and squirmed about on the ground trying to escape. Every the few mothers who were left unbound to hold their children, began standing up and trying to run off.

Of course before they could even make a few steps, they were apprehended.

This one by one, people were brought in front of the beautiful young woman with red hair, and one by one they lost consciousness.

Soon everyone has become unconscious and were once more loaded into the carriages this time however their bindings were taken off and when they awaken they will no longer be bounded by ropes.

“Sweetheart I think for the amount of work I did I deserve a reward.” The beautiful woman with red hair said with a smile. Afterward she produced a small bottle of water and drank it, instantly her complexion which seemed a bit pale, improved and became rosy like before she had performed her technique on the boy.

“Well you did alter the memories of all of these people.” A handsome young man with black hair and distinguishing features such as slanted eyebrows said with a grin as he walked out from behind a few carriages.

Of course this handsome young man was Zhang, and who else could toy with someone's memories beside Yuying.

“Now they should totally have forgotten about the fact that they have come from the aristocratic families, and a bunch of other things.” Yuying said while puffing out her chest in a proud manner.

“Yea this way at least some people can be spare.” Zhang said with a slight smile. Although the three aristocratic families had to be dealt with, if he could spare women, and children then Zhang would. Not wanting to make some children, orphans he also soared a good number of the men.

Those who had raised their swords in battle though, were killed because to be prepared to take another life is to be prepared to lose your own life.

All of these people had been knocked out and carried up the cliffs of the Qilin’s Pass and then transported within carriages with the last couple days, only after taking them a fairly far distance away from Qilin’s Pass did Zhang's feel that they would be far enough from prying eyes that he let these people out of the carriages.

“Now that everyone thinks that everyone in the Qilin’s Pass had died and with all of their memories altered, if we take these people far enough then no trouble should arise for us and them.” Zhang said with a smile as he looked toward the carriages loaded with people.

He had planned to find a quiet village somewhere or a nice and safe city for these people to live in. With the money that he had looted from the carts in the pass, even if he only gave them half of it, they would be able to live luxuriously for the rest of their lives and the next few generations.

Some would say that Zhang and the beauties were fools for sparing these people because of the possible problems that could arise if these people regained their lost memories, but killing children and innocent women was not something that he felt should be done. If a day came when these people regained their memory and sought for revenge then he will deal with them but for now, they posed no threat to him thus they were spared.

With the remnants of the three aristocratic families dealt with, Zhang subordinate began setting up camp and preparing meals for everyone.

“That lady didn't let me hold the baby… it looked so cute.” Yuying pouted as she recalled the crying baby.

“Well it won't be long until you can cuddle our baby all day long. We just got to try harder.” Zhang laughed as he looked at Yuying before walking up toward her and placing his arm around and stop her shoulder.

Soon the two of them found a large boulder which they climbed up on and sat atop of. Gazing out at the hundreds of men and women, hastily pitching camp and cutting down trees to use are firewood the two of them fell into a world of their own.

“Should we break them up?” A whispering voice sounded out a short distance away from Zhang and Yuying.

“Yea should we?” Another voice said.

“No, no we shouldn't.” Yet another voice said.

The other three beauties could be seen huddled up amongst themselves. Lingqi had been the first to speak, followed by Ling and lastly Ai, who was the one to say not to ruin Yuying’s moment with Zhang.

Of the four beauties, Ai and Yuying were the closest and often times would cooperate with each other, while Lingqi was the go getter and Ling somehow always finding the right opportunities to appear.

“Are you sure we shouldn't move in?” Lingqi asked the other two.

“I think we should.” Ling said as her head lifted up and she looked at the backs of Zhang and Yuying who were now leaning against each other.

“As much as I want to, we shouldn't because if we keep getting in each other's way, then there might be a fifth sister who shows up.” Ai said as she glanced at the other two.

“A fifth… competitor…” Lingqi murmured.

“Yea because not too long ago there was only three of us, until a fourth showed up.” Ai said, glancing at Lingqi who was also contemplating the possibility of a fifth competitor popping up.

“Damn…. if another me appears then all hope is lost.” Lingqi cursed in a low tone, taking Ai’s words to heart.

“I agree, if another you appears then all hell will break loose.” Ling said as she glanced at Lingqi.

“Yup… Then none of us will be able to get alone time with him…” Ai said while her gaze shifted from Ling to Lingqi and back.

“If darling wasn't such a womanizer then we wouldn't have to worry about this…” Lingqi said as she lifted her head and looked at Zhang’s back.

“Yea this is all his fault…” Ling said while also lifting her head and looking at Zhang.

Somehow all of the blame was thus shifted into an unsuspecting Zhang. Had he known about this then perhaps he would vomit blood at these allegations.

“So it's agreed that we will leave them alone for now.” Ai said.

“Agreed.” Lingqi and Ling said at the same time. The thought of another Lingqi showing up had scared them into leaving Zhang and Yuying alone.

With that in mind the three of them dispersed into the camp, each doing their own thing. Lingqi gather up a group of subordinate to go herb picking, Ling withdrew a technique manual from her interspatial ring to read, while Ai tagged along with Lingqi and headed off into the woods.

As Zhang and Yuying say atop the stone boulder a sudden thought drifted into Zhang’s mind.

“What do you think about me bringing back for you another sister, maybe twins” Zhang said jokingly.

“Don't even think about it.” Yuying replied while sticking out her tongue in a joking manner contrary to the killing intent she has emitted for a split second.

“Just kidding, the four of you'd probably kill me if I did, if not your father would toss me back down the pits of hell again.” Zhang replied while looking down toward the earth, imagining the eighteen levels of hell after a flash of murderous intent ran down his spine.

“Yea you know how father is.” Yuying said with a grin.

“If another wife doesn't get you killed than twins definitely will.” She thought, if the Yama didn't kill him then she or one of the other beauties definitely would.

Henceforth the topic of adding more wives to the marriage or disturbing alone time between Zhang and anyone of the beauties was never mentioned again for they all feared for the worst.


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