Dragon is Soul
Chapter 109: Fealty
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 109: Fealty

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Upon hearing Zhang’s words, the men in the cage bent down onto his knees and bowed onto the ground. Soon after the rest of the men in the rage joined him and prostrated themselves to Zhang, the person who could now either leave them to die or become their savior.

With the magical inscriptions on the iron bars there was no way for the men inside to break free so the only way they could ever possibly get out was if someone on the outside released them. But before today that was only but a slim dream.

Watching the ten shirtless men prostrate themselves in front of him, Zhang felt that they were truly too pitiful. So without saying a word he lifted his sword once more and struck the lock that kept these men trapped behind the iron bars. The blade made out of the fang of a high level demonic beast was only able to leave a tiny scratch on the lock.

“Hmmm, as long as it can leave a scratch then I can get them out.” Zhang thought as he began swinging at the lock again and again. He objective not being destroying the lock but rather, altering the inscriptions on it with the scratches made by his sword.

These inscriptions were the type that absorbed essence and negate attacks that are directed to them. Had Zhang’s sword not been made of such high level material then scratching it was something to not even think about

“If I can scratch out only change a bit of the inscription then the entire spell on the lock would deactivate and be useless.” Zhang mumbled as he continued swinging away at the lock. Even if a bit of the inscription is change the entire spell would fail and deactivate.

Soon a blueish glow enveloped the lock and an instant later it dissipated into nothingness, leaving the lock defenseless. With one last swing from Zhang the lock was cut into two and fell to the ground. With the lock done, an expression of relief appeared on the faces of the ten shirtless men.

“Alright, swear fealty to me and together we shall achieve greatness.” Zhang said while giving off the aura of a king with his head held high, looking down on the rest of the world.

The ten shirtless men made their way out of the cage and kneeled in front of Zhang on one knee, as a sign of their allegiance. For men who had lost all hope, they would most likely be willing to jump into boiling oil or a sea of flames for their savior.

“M-my lo-ord… Ot-th-ers…” One of the men tried to say as he pointed to another cage covered by white cloth not too far from theirs. From this Zhang could guess that all of these cloth covered cages most likely held people inside.

Soon enough the dozens of cages in the massive chamber was unveiled and hundreds of shirtless men could be seen trapped inside. Moments later Zhang could be seen wildly swinging his blade once more.

“I have to free them myself and instill it in their minds that I’m their savior. From the amount of essence being released by the ones I’ve freed so far, they should all be level six or higher warriors. The inscriptions had kept Zhang from seeing the essence being emitted by these men before but once they were free, he could clearly tell what level of cultivation they were at.

“If I can add the hundreds of men here into my army then everyone else can kiss their asses goodbye.” Zhang thought happily as he worked to break the locks keeping the men caged in.

Most regular people who are at the peak of their health could be considered on the fourth or fifth level of cultivation, regardless if they actually cultivate or not. A farmer could have an essence level of four but never actually utilize it. While trained soldiers who could to an extent utilize their essence were general at level five.

In the end it came down to technique, skill and practice because someone could have an essence level of ten and still be beat by someone at the fifth level, if they did not know how to fully utilize their strength. Of course brute strength wise someone at the tenth level would totally outclass someone at the fifth level regardless of skill, technique and practice, but if they can’t utilize that to their advantage then it would still be pointless.

Having a unit of trained soldiers who were at least level six would make Zhang’s army a force to be reckoned with. This was because the gap of strength between the fifth level and the sixth level was extremely vast and most sixth level cultivators would be high ranking military officer while most level seven or high cultivators would normally be appointed as generals.

An army of soldiers who had the strength of generals would be able to sweep through kingdoms and wipe them out overnight. Especially if they were under Zhang’s command.

A long while later Zhang had nearly freed everyone caged in and he was just about to unlock the last cage when a loud screech echoed through the chamber. Looking back, he could see the now white and purple Silky scurrying across the chamber toward the corridor that they had passed through earlier.

Being able to guess what caused Silky to screech and run into the corridor, Zhang continued swinging his sword at the lock of the final cage. A small army of men had gathered behind Zhang in anticipation of the release of their fellow former captives.

“Done!” Zhang yelled as his sword struck the lock and it fell onto the ground. With that the last of the prisoners were free or so Zhang thought. One of the shirtless men made his way up toward Zhang and began gesturing toward the hundreds large jars that were lined the walls.

“Don’t tell me, there are people sealed in those jars.” Zhang said as he felt somewhat tired from swinging his sword so many times at the locks.

After a few breaths he made his way to one of the jars that had dozens of talismans wrapped around them and reached his hand out. The moment his hand touched the talisman a red bolt of lightning shot and sent him flying a few feet back.

“What the fuck…” Zhang cursed as his hair was in a mess and black smudges were visible on his face.

“Sweetheart I wouldn’t touch those again if I were you.” Yuying’s voice sounded out behind Zhang in a slight laugh. Before Zhang could even get up, Yuying’s figure brushed past him and arrived in front of the talisman covered jar.

With a wave of her hand a blank piece of paper appeared in her hand along with a small bottle of ink and a brush. After placing the blank piece of paper on the ground and a few light strokes, a talisman with blood red ink was produced.

“This should do the job.” Yuying said with a smile as she stuck her talisman atop of the ones on the jar. Moments later the blood red ink on Yuying’s talisman seemed to come to life and began flowing out of the piece of paper it was written on. Slowly the blood red ink spread from the talisman it was written on and covered the jar in a layer of red ink.

Then the layer of red ink ignited and burned away. Once the red layer of ink and the talismans were all burned away all that was a bare jar with a wooden lid. Once the talismans were gone, a small hairpin appeared in Yuying’s hand and an instant later it was sent piercing through the air.
What followed next as the sound of a shattering earthen jar and the sound of gushing water, as the hairpin that shot out of Yuying’s hand grazed the jar causing it to shatter and spill a large amount of water all over the floor.

Something else that flowed out when the jar shattered was a young woman who looked to be in her twenties. This woman could be described as beautiful in normal terms but couldn’t be compared to the four beauties.

Dressed in rags that barely covered her body, the young women were covered by a set of robes that Yuying withdrew from her interspatial ring.

“She’s has a level six cultivation.” Zhang said as he examined the woman’s power level.

“Stick these to the jars.” Yuying said as she began producing talismans like the one she had used earlier. There were hundreds of sealed jars but Yuying was making talismans at unbelievable speeds. Soon enough every jar had one of Yuying’s talismans stuck to them and were being engulfed by red ink that was flowing out of the talisman.

The moment all of the talismans on the jars were burned off, all of the jars were gathered and removed from the walls. When the jars were one after another, beautiful young women were showing up, of course the majority of the jars contained men but a large number of women were found also.

If the shirtless men in the cages were counted, a total of one thousand five hundred people were recovered. With their cultivation levels ranging from the lowest of five to the highest level being seven.

Once the people who were sealed away in the jars had woken up, clothes and weapons were handed out by Zhang to properly equip this new addition to his army. Unlike the men that were kept in the cages, the people who were sealed away in the jars had no idea where they were or who they were. It was as if their mind had been wiped blank by whoever sealed them away in the jars.

“Alright we’ve stayed here for long enough it’s time to move.” Zhang said to his new and old subordinates and his four lovely wives who brought along a few hundred men with them.
Now with sufficient numbers and an overall stronger force, Zhang was ready to continue investigation.

“Open the gates.” Zhang ordered as he and his followers stood in front of a pair of massive gates that led into the unknown. There were only two paths for them to take, the first was to head back from the direction they came from, and the other was to open these massive gates and move forward into the unknown.

“So far only weird things have been happening... I hope nothing crazy is behind these gates.” Zhang mumbled to himself in an inaudible whisper.

The gates rumbled as they were pushed opened, once the gates open a mountain of bones flowed outward and buried everyone under countless white bones. Climbing out from underneath the mass of bones everyone was left dumbfounded.

“Just how many bones are there…” Ai said as her view of the room behind the massive gates was obstructed by the mountain of bones.

“Yuying if you can do us the honor.” Zhang said as a purple light enveloped his hand and shot toward Yuying. Knowing what Zhang meant, a green aura soon enveloped Yuying and a think green mist twisted and twirled around her. Soon enough the entire chamber was engulfed by a sea of green mist.

Ran Kaitou’s men and the men who Zhang, were stricken in awe and fear once the mountain of bones began rumbling. One by one the bones began to connect and join together, thousands of skeletons were created. Once they were created the skeletons crawled out from the mountain of bones and quickly formed neat rows, as if they were soldiers awaiting orders from their commander.

A while later the pile of bones was gone and an endless amount of skeletons were standing in line. Then with a snap of her fingers, Yuying released her spell and all of the skeletons broke apart and a sea of bones was formed.

The mountain of bones was replaced by a sea of bones but the main difference was the path forward was no longer blocked. Of course Yuying did not remove all of the bones that were blocking their path, she did however move a large portion the ones that were obstructing their path.

“Let’s go.” Zhang said as he took the lead and took the first step into the room behind the gates.
With the mountain of bones gone the group made their way through the massive gates and entered room even larger than the one they were in before. Countless white bones laid about as the group pressed onward.

As Zhang took the lead he noticed something atop one of the mountains of bones. It had the figure of a person, cloaked in pitch black clothes.

“Who are you! Name yourself or I’ll take it you’re one of those abominations we ran into earlier and I’ll give you a quick death.” Zhang roared at the figure atop the mountain of bones.

“Who am I? Why must I name myself when you are the guest. But I will tell you this as thanks for bringing me more sacrifices. I am the lord of the new moon; I am the man who will consume the rest of the Warring States Region.” The man cloaked in black clothes said from atop the mountain of bones.

“So you’re the provincial lord of the new moon province...” Lingqi said with eyes full of disdain and mockery.

“I am the lord of the entire region! Once my New Moon Army is recreated, nothing will be able to stop me. Ahahahaha.” The man said with a hint of madness in his voice.

“Help us! Help!” A mass of voices could be heard in the distance as the man dressed in pitch black cloths broke into hysterical laughter.

In the distance behind a few mounds of bones, were hundreds of tired up people who were sitting in the center of a gigantic magical circle.

“Shut up and accept your fate! If you’re lucky, you’ll become some of the strongest people to step foot in the Warring States Region. If you're unlucky I’ll add you to the Jiangshi horde.”

“So it was him who made the Jiangshi….” Zhang thought.

Soon the cries for help turned into screams filled with fear.


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