Dragon is Soul
Chapter 96: Eternity Frui
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 96: Eternity Frui

Once the demonic tree perished, the people that were being culled inside the forest slowly made their way to safety. With heavy hearts filled with loss they transported the corpses of their loved ones and comrades out of the forest.

After encountering dozens of groups of people, some small, some large, Zhang finally received the answer to his question of why were there so many people in the forest at such a time.

It turns out that a business based in the Heavenly Sword province had been offering tours to the New Moon Province for those who wished to partake in the New Moon Festival.

Once a year on the last day of the lunar calendar, the New Moon Province would turn into a festive wonderland. Fireworks and firecrackers would be set off night and day to welcome the new year. Although this festival was not solely celebrated by those in the New Moon Province, the celebration in this province was the merriest. Thanks to the fact that the province itself received its name from the festival.

“Seeking joy and pleasure often times brings about tragedy if one is unlucky..” Zhang thought after his number of travel companions skyrocketed.

Many people whom he saved decided to stick with him and the Jin clan until they at least reach Red Star City. Thus, over the next few days, a group numbering in the thousands formed.

This group under Zhang’s “protection” consisted of people of all kinds of social class and origin.

Zhang decided that he and wives, along with their men would head to New Moon City to partake in this festival that people died to get to. Jin Zhuan and his clan had decided to tag along since it was in the same direction they would need to go to get to the Star Mist Province.

After Zhang has returned from slaying the demonic tree, he had shown the girls his spoils of war. The eight crystal like peaches were laid in front of them as Lingqi tried her best to see if they were poisonous.

Of course, it was impossible for her to be entirely sure because of how many different kinds of poisonous things were out there in the world. Perhaps she may think the peaches are not poisonous, when in fact, they are; or vice versa.

So, in the end Zhang decided to take a gamble and bite into the Eternity Fruit despite Lingqi’s warning.

“Here goes.” Zhang muttered as he bit into the peach but not before waving his hand over the table and storing the remaining peaches into his interspatial ring. He knew if he allowed them the chance the beauties would eat the fruit too regardless of it’s effects. Zhang knew he would be - to some degree - protected, thanks to the Underworld Heart; but his wives did not have such a blessing.

Soon, a sweet taste and alluring aroma filled Zhang after each bite of the fruit and soon the entire peach was gone with only a seed left as proof of it’s existence.

The beauties watched as their beloved husband ate the fruit in anticipation. Suddenly Zhang’s hands wrapped around his neck and he began choking.

Moments passed before Zhang stumbled onto the ground and rolled about.

“Darling!” Lingqi yelled out.

“Sweetheart!” Yuying yelled.

“Brother!” Ai yelled.

“Honey!?” Ling yelled.

The four beauties each decided to call their husband something different after marriage.

Seconds passed as Zhang laid flat on the floor without moving an inch as the four beauties crowded around him. When Lingqi tried to check his pulse through his wrist, there was none. But when she leaned toward his face to check his breathe, Zhang’s hand quickly extended and pulled Lingqi in.

“The fruits are fine to eat.” Zhang said after a long kiss with his worried wife.

Not long after a karate chop came down and hit him in the head. The bangles worn on Yuying’s arm had changed from its regular color to a bright red.

“If you'll take my apology.” Zhang said as he pulled Yuying closer. Three passionate kisses later, everyone was happy.

That was when the Eternity fruit truly took effect and Zhang’s body began glowing. Steam began releasing from his body as an unbelievable change occurred.

Once the whatever was happening to Zhang was done, his hair grew to his waist and his skin became soft and glossy while his muscles and bones became as hard as iron. The fruit seemed to have made him even look a bit younger also. It had turned the nearly perfect body that the Underworld Heart had granted Zhang into something even better.

Little did Zhang or anyone know that these peaches were indeed what the myth of the peach of longevity has spawned from. By the peach, Zhang’s life span had been extended by an entire century. The equivalent of gaining one level of cultivation. Sadly, the peach did not help with his cultivation very much.

After Zhang and the four beauties had eaten the Spiritual Cleansing Dan's the essence in their body had condensed and became many times purer; which meant that it would be much harder for them to advance to the next level of cultivation. But if they fought someone of the same level or not too far ahead, they would be able to hold their own.

Soon, four crystal-like peaches laid atop the table inside the magical carriage awaiting to be eaten. Once these for peaches were consumed, four goddesses were born from the shell of the four beauties.

The change on them were many times more visible than that of their husband’s. Their already jade like white skin was now glowing as if layer of gloss was brushed atop of it, their bodies were now free of blemishes and the only word that could be used to describe them was perfect.

Perhaps after today Zhang would truly become one of the most hated men on the face of the planet. To marry one such beauty could be considered a blessing from heavenly but to marry four such beauties was basically stealing from the rest of the world.

Thus Zhang’s tale of heroism and his tales of villainy began spreading throughout the land. The man who saved lives and the man who stole from the world.


Days had passed since Zhang and the four beauties had eaten the Eternity Fruit and ever since then they rarely left their carriage, since there was little need to.

“Young master we’ve reached Red Star City and the Jin clan had went in ahead saying that they will get lodgings for us.” Cheng Yu reported from outside of the carriage.

“Okay.” Zhang’s voice sounded out as the carriage door opened; and from inside Zhang and his wives emerged. This time, of course, the four beauties - or shall we call them the four goddesses - appeared with thin veils covering their face.

They wished to go on a stroll once they entered the city but did not want to recorded unwanted attention.

Despite being only a small city, the line to enter Red Star City was extremely long. This was because it was the only city for many miles on the southern side of the New Moon Province. So everyone coming from the south would have to stop at Red Star City.

But since it was the only city out here the expenses to keep the city going were immense. Thus its growth has always been stalled. With demonic beasts emerging from the forests, bandits and the cost of transporting supplies from other places here the city could not grow despite its high volume of visitors.

So after storing their magical carriage away into his interspatial ring, Zhang and his wives stood in line to await their turn to enter the city. Magical items were often sought after and it was best to keep them out of sight when entering cities or else certain people may be overcome by greed and cause trouble.

When it was finally their turns to enter the city, Zhang’s party was met by a group of city guards.

“State your reason for entering the city.” A guard said while trying to assert his authority.

“Our young master is heading toward New Moon City for his honeymoon, milord.” Cheng Yu said.

“Is that so? Is that one there your young master?” The guard said while pointing at Zhang.

“Yes milord it had taken our young master a very long trip to arrive here, if you can allow us to enter that would be wonderful. We can even treat you to some wine.” Cheng Yu said while trying to slip the guard some silver coins.

But before the guard could take the silver coins another guard, who was a hulking giant, appeared and slipped them out of Cheng Yu’s hands.

“What do you take us for? Beggars?” The hulking guard said as he eyed Zhang and the four beauties. His eyes sparkling as he saw how expensive Zhang’s attire looked. Then his sparkling eyes soon turned to lustful ones as he gazed upon the figure of Zhang’s wives.

“Hmph just another rich kid.” The hulking guard thought with a snort. To be honest Zhang did not look like a general at the front of thousands of soldiers at all, rather he more like a scholar than anything.

“I suspect these people are wanted criminals or else they would cover their face! Take them away and throw them in a cell for further questioning!” The hulking guard yelled.

Moments later a team of a dozen so guards cladding armor appeared and surround Zhang’s group.

“Take off your veils and reveal yourselves!” He added while his hand reached out to pull off Yuying veil.

“Don't go too far…” Zhang said in a calm demeanor. An instant later his hand grabbed the hulking guard’s arm just before it could reach Yuying’s veil.

“Hah someone as puny as you thinks he can stop me?” The guard laughed as he tried to brush off Zhang’s hand but to no avail.

“Why do I keep running into people like this?” Zhang sighed and muttered in a displeased tone.

Strengthening his grip and pulling back, Zhang made the hulking guard stumble onto the ground.

“Consider this a lesson for the future.” Zhang said as he twisted the guard’s arm back causing a loud cracking sound to be audible.

By now a large crowd had gathered and winced as they imagined the pain the cocky guard was in.

“Ahhhh!” The guard screamed in pain as Zhang continued pulled back until he finally let go, leaving the man’s arm to fall loosely onto the ground.

“What are you guys doing!? Help me!” The hulking guard plead to his comrades.

“Shut up!” Zhang yelled as his foot landed on the back of the man's head causing it smash into the muddy ground.

“We are leaving.” Zhang said to his men and the four beauties. Any later and perhaps fighting would have broke out between the beauties and the guards and that would have ended up causing an even greater commotion.

With a glare from Zhang the surround guards backed off and allowed them an exit. Honestly, if the hulking guard did not lust after his wife, Zhang would not have been as heavy handed.

“A gift in return for your lecherous gaze.” Lingqi said as a needle shot out from her sleeve and stuck itself into the man’s shoulder.

Without bothering to see its effect the group soon departed. If they were fated to meet Jin Zhuan again then they would if not then they were perfectly fine with that.

“My lord.” Cheng Yu said as he let go of the reins of a spare horse he had so Zhang count mount it.

That was when the four beauties suddenly shot looks at each other.

“I'm first!” Yuying yelled as she quickly jumped onto the horse Zhang had just landed on.

“Damn… She beat me to it.” Lingqi cursed as she got on another horse. Soon Ai and Ling got on hordes of their own and the party quickly departed.

“To think a small city as this dares to offend you my lord, next time we are here we will have an army behind us and we'll see if they dare act like this.” Cheng Yu said in a stern voice.

“That's if we are even assigned to take this province.” Zhang replied as he looked back at the city gate. Thus the party continued on their journey.

The hulking guard who had received Lingqi’s gift was having spasms on the ground as his body strangely shrunk to a punt size. Out the for beauties, Lingqi could be said as the most dangerous, considering all the sorts of odd poisons and herbs she had on her. Getting on her wrong side definitely did not mean death but it surely meant living a life worst then death.

For example, the three trees that were fated to guard the Lu family’s graveyard for all eternity.

So it was obvious that the hulking guard who lecherously gazed at her and her sisters, then had the gall to offend her husband will not meet a very fortunate end.

Of course the same could be said for anyone who offended the other three beauties as well.

“My lord where are we headed now?” Cheng Yu asked; now that they can't enter Red Star City there were a few possible destinations now.

“Directly to New Moon City, we will most likely run into such a scene again if we went to the next nearest city anyway. The southern part of the New Moon Province simply lacks cities so those in control of them can do whatever they wish.” Zhang said in a displeased tone.

“If I end up getting assigned to take this province after our the invasion of the south ends and the invasion of the north begins, I'll purge every corrupt city.” Zhang thought.

Elsewhere evil was lurking in the festive streets of an unsuspecting city. While people were busy readying themselves for the new lunar year, many unseen events were unfolding. Like a veil of darkness had descended, everyone went on with their everyday lives without knowing a thing. But soon that will change as a beacon of hope was headed their way to dispel the darkness.

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