Dragon is Soul
Chapter 93: Bloody Fores
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 93: Bloody Fores

Late in the night dozens of campfires were lit with many men basking in their warmth. These men were part old man Jin Zhuan’s escorts whom he hired to take him and his clan to the Star Mist Province. Previously due to Zhang insistence, Jin Zhuan decided to have his family set up camp and not continue on their journey through the night.

Traveling through the forest where many people have gone missing only to have their mangled bodies found was not very safe at all, so it would be wise to set up a camp and fortify their position for the night rather than roam about in the dark to brave unknown dangers.

Thus a ring of carriages was formed with a mass of tents in it’s center. Guards were divided into shifts to ensure that nothing is able to approach the camp without anyone noticing.

While most if not all of the people in Jin Zhuan’s clan was at theirs hair end with fear, Zhang’s party did not show an ounce of it. This seemed very odd to Jin Zhuan because from the tales of what happens in this forest alone, anyone would find themselves somewhat afraid, however this was not the case for Zhang and his men at all. Yet another odd thing that Jin Zhuan found that was odd was that Zhang had taken a large tray of food into his carriage and then come back outside empty handed and ate something else.

At first Jin Zhuan thought it was perhaps another member of Zhang’s party but when he thought about it, there was enough food for four people to eat on the tray while the carriage looked only large enough to carry four people at most. So with such a large tray inside there couldn’t possibly be people in there and from the looks of it Zhang’s party did not consist of anyone else or rather JIn Zhuan has yet to see any other members of Zhang’s party nor did Zhang mention of any other people in his party.

Then the question of why would Zhang bring such a large tray into the carriage if there weren’t people inside the carriage would pop into Jin Zhuan’s head. Soon an endless loop of questions had begun playing in Jin Zhuan’s head.

Then when it came time for everyone, besides those selected to guard the camp, to go to sleep Jin Zhuan saw Zhang climb into his carriage and did not leave for as long as Jin Zhuan sat watching.. Strangely sometimes the carriage would be seen rocking back and forth for no reason.

“How could someone possibly sleep in a carriage of that size?” Jin Zhuan thought as he looked at Zhang’s carriage curiously but with a hint of suspicion in his eyes. The way he saw it, Zhang was too mysterious perhaps even strange would be a more fitting word.

So with a head full of questions and suspicion, Jin Zhuan decided it was time for him to get some rest so he headed toward his tent where his wife was waiting for him.

With the moon high in the sky Jin Zhuan’s escorts stood guard over the camp the forest around them came to life as the wildlife that lived in it began fleeing from some unknown entity. Deer, rabbits, boars, and dozens of other regular animals scurried right past the camp in a flash.

Soon a series of blood curdling howls sounded out and echoed throughout the forest waking everyone in the camp.

“Young master wake up something's happening.” Cheng Yu said as he knocked against the door of Zhang’s carriage.

It did not take long for the carriage door to open as Zhang jumped out with his robes hanging loosely over his shoulders. Before Zhang could ask Cheng Yu what was wrong Jin Zhuan ran up to him hurriedly and began talking.

“Zhang tell your men to quickly prepare for battle, something is out that causing all of the animals in the forest to flee.” Jin Zhuan said with a somewhat shaken voice that had a hint of fear in it.

But once more before Zhang could say anything he was interrupted by someone else.

“Brother what's wrong? Hurry up and get back in here so we can close the door, cold air is getting in.” Ai said as she appeared at the carriage door while rubbing one of her eyes. Ai had appeared like a goddess in the night, wearing nothing but a simple hehuanjin with a beautifully seen rose patterned running across her chest.

“Yea darling if nothing’s happening get back in here we have some unfinished business to attend to, sister Yuying and sister Ling are also waiting for you.” Lingqi said in a seductive voice as her arms wrapped around Ai. From Lingqi’s words alone it was clear what had transpired inside this carriage that appeared smaller on the outside and larger in the inside.

But before anyone could get a good look at what they were not meant to see, Zhang quickly closed the carriage door behind him.

“Senior please continue what you were saying earlier.” Zhang said with a smile on his face which was practically screaming if someone saw something they were not meant to see he would put an end to them.

It was evident that if someone happened to catch a glimpse of what was currently inside the carriage right now, Zhang would kill that person without a moment's hesitation and as a man Jin Zhuan could relate so he did not question the matter and once more asked Zhang to ready his men for battle.

After listening to Jin Zhuan’s words a second time, Zhang ordered his men to mobilize and defend the carriage that the three beauties were in. Then with a flash of white light, Zhang appeared clade in nearly transparent white armor with two swords hanging by his side as a long black cape draped his shoulders and occasionally drifted with the wind.

Now the Zhang who Jin Zhuan had previously thought was weird appeared like a god of war that was ready to cut down any foe that appeared in his path.

As Jin Zhuan stood admiring the fully armed Zhang, beasts of prey began appearing from out of the woods. But just like the animals that had been here before them, these beasts were also fleeing. The sight of beasts such as tigers that often ruled forests and jungles such as this one fleeing for their lives from something unknown made fear seep into the hearts of many people who beared witness.

But it did not take long for them to encounter what could have caused all of the commotion. As if they had crawled out from the deepest darkest depths of hell, hundreds of beasts with blood red eyes began appearing. These beasts were not of the kind that Zhang had face thus far, they stood on two hind legs while their entire bodies were coated in fur from head to toe and were armed with sharp claws and large fangs. Also to make things worse than they already are these beasts had swords and axes griped in their hands and of course armor, really thick armor, was covering parts of their bodies.

“Werewolves?” Zhang thought as he watched these hairy humanlike beasts approaching the camp.

“Women, children and the elderly in the center! Everyone else take up arms!Werewolves are attacking!” Zhang yelled out to the rest of the camp.

However it turns out that these werewolves in fact we're not their enemies but rather they were fleeing from someone unknown enemy also. The dozens of werewolves ran straight past the camp without paying any attention to anyone.

As the werewolves fled, their pursuers quickly slid through the earth and in a blood curdling moment dozens of unknown tentacle like things shot out from the earth and impaled a few dozen of them. Then in an instant later the lifeless corpses of these werewolves were dragged down into the ground.

Those who saw this sight stood in silence trying to comprehend what had just happened. Dozens of werewolves which were demonic beasts of the sixth level had been slaughter in an instant without any chance of resistance.

Shortly after the bodies of the werewolves were dragged underground, geysers of blood spewed out from the ground and coated the woods in bright red blood.

“What the fuck was that!” Wang Ping screamed in horror.

Not long after the wolves met their end, Zhang noticed something slithering just be beneath the ground causing the earth to bulge and he sprang into action.

With swords in hand Zhang plunged into battle. While anticipating where the the bulge was heading Zhang stabbed his sword into the ground.

Once Zhang’s sword was plugged into the ground, a reddish blood like goo oozed out from the earth. Then a deafening screech became audible from every corner of the forest as whatever Zhang managed to stab dislodged itself from his sword and slithered away. Although the word slither was used to describe this unknown being’s movement, in no way did it appear to be a snake or any sort.

It seems that after receiving Zhang’s attack, the unknown “thing” retreated and disappeared back into the depths of the forest, leaving only a path dyed in red.

From the recollection of those who had bore witness to the events that unfolded tonight and the nights and days to follow a tale of blood and death would soon be spread a vast region of the Warring States Region. The tale of a young man, the tale of a hero would soon be spread to the furthest reaches of the land.

After whatever had killed the werewolves and many of the creatures that dwelled in the forest disappeared without a trace, silence and serenity was restored to the forest.

“Zhang you have my thanks, if not for what you did then perhaps it would have been the end of us.” Jin Zhuan said as he held the hand of a small boy that looked no older than the age of four. From the looks on this boy's face he had no idea of what events had transpired.

“No need to thank me senior, I'm only doing what is needed to be done.” Zhang replied with a smile as if what he had did was not something worth mentioning.

After a small chat with Jin Zhuan, Zhang stood guard for the rest of the night until the sun peeked out from the horizon above the tree line. Of course he did not stand guard alone, he was joined by dozens of Jin Zhuan’s guards and when no way was looking he release the hundreds of Golden Titanic Spiders from the Ruler’s Domain to scan the forest around the camp.

Once the sun managed to partially not long hid itself beneath the tree line the camp was packed up and Jin Zhuan’s clan began their journey once more. But my they were joined by Zhang's party because it for now their destinations were the same, both groups were now headed toward Red Star City.

When the two groups began their journey once more, the four beauties finally showed themselves. They were first seen with Zhang who had sat atop his carriage watching over the camp. The people of the Jin clan had only awoken and had left their tents to spot these four sitting fast asleep in their husband's embrace. It was a sight to behold as the morning sun’s rays shone through the tree line and seemed to wrap around Zhang and his lovers.

After a some introductions the beauties quickly became fond of Jin Zhuan’s four year old grandson and even asked Jin Zhuan’s daughter to join them in their carriage with her son.

It could be said that Ling and Yuying were especially fond of this child because they often dream of having a child of their own with Zhang. As for Ai she could be considered a child herself at times.

So once the four beauties were introduced to the Jin clan, many of the clan’s men would try to catch glimpses of them but they could only look in envy as these four were always with their husband. Envy soon turned to idolization as every man dreamt of one day become like Zhang.

As the group now traveled through the forest they would often run into other groups who unlike them had meet gruesome ends. Mangled bodies could be seen hanging by a limb from trees, trials of blood could be seen bodies that had been dragged into the forest and dismembered, mangled bodies with gaping holes in them laid about on the dirt road and all sorts of other horrors were just waiting to be discovered.

The sight of many of the scenes that they encountered cause some with weak stomachs to spew the contents of their breakfast. For now the only emotion that everyone felt was fear, fear of the unknown, fear of joining the ranks of those who had met such unfortunate ends and the fear of death filled their hearts. Of course there was an exception to everything and that exception was Zhang and his party.

Zhang and the four beauties could not even be placed in the same sentence as the word fear. As for Zhang’s men they had witnessed the horrors of war and been through the horrid events in the Black Wind Province so there weren't many things that could incite the emotion of fear within them any longer.

So tonight when the sun went back into hiding and the moon illuminated the sky, Zhang’s men stood guard. Tonight Zhang’s men would watch over the camp as alert their lord if anything occurred. Although Zhang wanted to find out what was lurking in the woods but his attention was required elsewhere.

Tonight the four beauties and Zhang once more retreated to their carriage and would not show themselves unless the situation called ther intervention. It was their honeymoon and as they saw it unless the situation truly forced them to help they would try their best to enjoy their trip meant for leisure and staying up all night to fight some unknown beast lurking in the forest was not something one should be doing on a trip meant for enjoyment.

So as the night grew cold and the people in the camp drifted into their dreams, Zhang’s men and the Jin Clan’s escorts stood watch to ensure everyone's safety. But of course if a situation did arise these men wouldn't be able to do anything besides alert Zhang of the approaching danger.


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