Dragon is Soul
Chapter 91: Unending War
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 91: Unending War

It was not until a few hours after noon did Zhang finally come wake up to find his arms and legs entangled while being pressed against by soft objects. A clear recollection of most of the battle that had occurred last night had put a smile on Zhang’s face as his gaze fell on each and every one of the beautiful faces of his foes.

The four beauties were currently laying asleep defenselessly without a care in the world. Brilliant smiles were visible on their delicate faces as they laid completely naked with the only thing providing cover being a large cotton blanket.

“If I remember right the war last night ended in a tie so I guess we have to continue until we victor is declared. Also it seems all of the help I was supposed to get was used against.” Zhang thought with a grin while looking at his wives.

The battles fought last night could only be considered the beginning of a long and possibly unending series of wars that might shatter common sense.

While Zhang was examining every delicate detail that made up the faces of his lovely wives a set of eyes slowly opened and returned Zhang’s gaze.

“Darling you’re up early.” Lingqi said while rubbing her eyes. Had anyone else heard her words they wouldn't know what to say because noon had passed hours ago.

“Of course I’m up early, not often does one get to gaze at four beautiful sleeping faces.” Zhang said in a whisper trying not to wake the other three sleeping beauties.

“Is that so? Would you like a closer look?” Lingqi said in a soft voice as she who was laying atop of Zhang’s left arm leaned in for a kiss.

“If you insist then I will oblige.” Zhang whispered as he too leaned in for a kiss.

Despite not having strong feelings for her at first, things quickly changed thanks to Lingqi’s outgoing personality and the fact that she was the one who took the initiate in such things helped speed up their relationship.

Like the old saying he who waits too long to strike loses the opportunity and Lingqi definitely did not wait nor did she lose any opportunities. Someone who has lost everyone learns to hold onto what they have in their grasp.

Soon the flames of passion ignited between Zhang and Lingqi causing something to awaken from its slumber. To be exact as Lingqi’s hand slid beneath the blanket it caused a dragon to awaken.

To did not take long for the forms from the “Notes of the Bedchamber” to be put into play and with that the unending war was resumed.

However unlike last night Zhang clearly held the upper hand. Without the aid of the red dans or her allies, Lingqi was at a loss against Zhang’s sword.

But it was not before one of Lingqi’s allies awoke and joined the fray. Now two of the four beauties we locked in an epic battle against Zhang. Be it the Flying Dragon, the Tiger’s Walk, the Jumping Monkey, the Malting Cicadas, or even Mounting Turtle all of their knowledge of the “Notes of the Bedchamber” were put into play.

Thankfully the Underworld Heart inside Zhang’s chest was still granting him it’s power, allowing him to fight toe to toe with Lingqi and Yuying.

Unlike Zhang the same could not be said by Lingqi who had already fought a dozen round alone before being joined by Yuying. By now it was evident that her strength was wavering because she could be seen laying atop the bed panting and. For now, she could not be considered a part of the battle any longer.

That was when the heavens blessed Yuying with an ally to fill in Lingqi’s position. Ai who was woken up by the unceasing war cries jumped into battle also. Yuying tried to tame Zhang’s sword with her hand but in return all she received was a volley of arrows and soon she too joined the ranks of the fallen with Lingqi as she laid atop the bed panting. It did not take long for Ai before too joined them in defeat leaving only Ling left.

“No mercy and no surrender.” Zhang though as he looked at the last of his foes and her fallen comrades.

Ling who was awoken from her deep slumber had ambushed and taken by surprise without a moment’s warning, without a chance at victory. But as he was about to end the war of a lifetime a thought suddenly sprang into Zhang and the more he thought about it the more the thought stuck.

In truth he did not actually wish for the war to end, what fun was that? A war in the bedchamber that has resulted in a clear victor is not something that Zhang wanted because when a victor was decided the losing side would have submitted and where was the fun in that?

So Zhang decided that today’s battle will end in a draw by finishing off his final foe and the pretending he was sapped of strength and laid in bed panting also with two beauties on each of his sides.

“Brother you seem tired?” Yuying teased while she tried to catch her breath but at the same time looking at Zhang who was taking heavy breaths.

“The four of you got me.” Zhang said with a grin as he arms snaked out and encompassed two beauties in each hand.

The sun was but a few hours away from setting as the second bedchamber wars came to an end. Maids and butlers were hurriedly putting together a lavish feast that was put out on display in the main hall of the mansion. Jian Wei had invited many of those who had attended the wedding to join him once more to celebrate the creation of the Aurora Kingdom. Although he had announced its creation yesterday, the Aurora Kingdom would officially be formed the day after Zhang’s wedding.

As the guests filed into the mansion once more, Zhang and the four beauties also left their warzone and arrived dressed in clothes fitting the occasion. Zhang was dressed in nearly transparent armor made from the scales of the Mirage Viper that had been slain in Green Clover City. Yuying was wearing a long white gown that draped the ground that she walked pass with an exquisite looking chrysanthemum brooch adorning her hair. Ling had worn a light pink dress that also draped the ground where she went with a silver five leafed king bloom hairpin hanging from her hair. Ai appeared with long red gown while a golden necklace in the shape of a rose hung from her neck. Lingqi came dressed in a light violet dress with a pair of earrings with flowers dangling from them.

Many of the guests who had never seen the four beauties before were knocked into a daze, if one met these four when they did not have make up or weren’t dressed well they were still capable of making the person in question speechless. But today these four were glowing with beauty, one could call this the charm of a married woman because now that they were married no one could ever hope for a sliver of a chance of obtaining them. This of course added to their allure, as an old saying goes “what one cannot have the more one wishes to possess it.”

“One could only compare the beauty of these four with that of flowers or the beauty of nature that the heavens themselves has granted us with.” One man said as he watched Zhang and the four beauties enter the hall.

Once the tables inside the main hall and the tables outside were filled the feast began. Dancers, singers, and musicians once more appeared to add to the festive mood. Food was brought to every table without end.

Many people wished to use this opportunity to befriend Zhang or get a closer look at the four flowers around him however the deterrent around him and the four flowers was too great. A group of war hardened generals and warriors had surrounded their young lord and unintentionally created a wall around him.

Gan Ning could be seen with a jug of wine once more as he tried to get Zhang to drink with him. These two men had practically become partners in crime thanks to their common goal of obtaining treasure. While Gan Ning was doing this, Guan Yu could be seen walking up to Zhang and saying something but quickly left after being reprimanded by Lingqi as she hugged one of Zhang’s arms.
This of course was a clear indication that she wasn’t going to let anyone bully her husband even if it was Guan Yu who was doing what he thought was in her best interest. Not long after the feast began, maids who served Zhang’s mother and Ling’s mother, Zhen Ji and Xue Qingren arrived at Zhang’s table. These maids had come under orders from their masters to ask the four flowers to come to the table where Zhen Ji and Xue Qingren were sitting to have a mother and daughter chat.

Once arriving at the table where Zhen Ji and Xue Qingren were seated the four beauties sat down also.

“Was what was in the manual helpful to you four?” Zhen Ji asked her four daughters in law.

“Of course it did mother.” Lingqi said with a smile. It had been ages since she’s ever called anyone mother and Lingqi seemed to really enjoy doing so.

“Good then I’m glad I was able to help.” Zhen Ji replied as her hand stroked Lingqi’s hair. To be honest deep in her heart like the hearts of many mothers, she wished for a daughter so now that she had four of them she was very happy.

“They were helpful but didn’t seem to have much of an effect on Zhang.” Yuying said in a soft tone.

“No effect?” Zhen Ji asked with a perplexed look on her face. The forms taught in the manual would be considered a woman’s secret weapon that could lead to domination, how could they possibly not have an effect.

While leaning in Ai and Ling whispered into Zhen Ji’s ear about what had occurred last night and in the morning. While trying to provide only the detail needed they appeared to be blushing.

“It appears I’ve given birth not to a man but something closer to a god.” Zhen Ji chuckled and laughed after hearing Ai and Ling’s recollection of what transpired. It had been unexpected that the girls did not come out victorious but from what she was told it, Zhen Ji could tell that her son had forced a draw.

“I guess a draw is a good outcome too.” Zhen Ji thought while still smiling.

Afterward the mothers and daughters began chatting and ignored the rest of the festivities taking place. There were still many things to be learned and many things to be taught.

As the festivities went on the sun had finally disappeared from the sky and a veil of darkness shrouded the provincial lord’s mansion. That was when Zhang decided to put his plan into motion, standing up from his seat and arriving at the center of the main hall, Zhang raised his hand upward and began speaking.

“Since the rays of the sun are no longer present to give us light on this joyous day, the dragon will now share with us it’s light.” Zhang said as black fire ignited in his hand and shot upward toward the ceiling of the main hall.

Once the black fire shot out from his hand and flew in the air it’s shape morphed to that of a dragon. The guests all sat watching in awe as this dragon made of black fire flew about and ignited every single candle in the main hall and the torches outside. Despite being black the fire quickly lifted the shroud of darkness and filled the room with light.

Then with a flick of his hand Zhang cause every single black fire to extinguish and reignite as regular fire. It would have been very dangerous to just keep hundreds of black flames ignited because of the possibility of someone getting injured by them.

Soon after Zhang’s show chatter broke out throughout the mansion. There were many tales of people digging up stashes of gold coins from the Sai Empire and finding large stone tablets or boulders with the phrase, “the one chosen by the black flame, wedded to the four flowers, destined to rule all under heaven” carved onto them.

With this apart of Zhang’s plot had succeeded because once these people leave the walls of the lord’s mansion news of Zhang’s show will surely spread causing the hoax he concocted to receive a breath of life.

“It won’t be long now before the common people really believe what was written on those stones to be true.” Zhang thought with a laugh as he sat back down at his seat.


Once the guests all left it was finally time for the traditional tea ceremony that was supposed to have taken place in the morning.

With Jian Wei, Zhou Cheng and Zhen Ji all sitting in a row while Wu Tong, Xue Qingren sat to the side the tea ceremony began. Although it usually was only the groom’s parents who took part in the ceremony, those present thought it was alright to include Jian Wei who was Zhang’s foster father in the ceremony. For the ceremony each of the brides were supposed to offer a cup of tea to each of their new family members as a sort of initiation into the family.

The four beauties decided that they would do the ceremony based on the order that they met Zhang in. This meant that Ling would go first then Yuying, Ai and Lingqi in succession.

When the ceremony began a team of maids brought in five cups of tea for each bride to present to their elders, of course these cups were small because each person would have to drink four cups of tea and if they were large cups things probably wouldn’t go as smoothly.

After the each of the beauties offered the cups of tea they would be given a gift of money or jewelry of some sort. Ling received a pair of large red pearls so large they could barely fit in her hand from Jian Wei. Zhang’s parents gave her a very beautiful set of bangles that looked very too heavy to be worn at the same time.

Next was Yuying, Ai and Lingqi whom also received a large pair of red pearls, a set of bangles, and a necklace just like Ling. It seemed that no one wished to play favorites so they gave all four of our beauties the same gift.

“Those are known are Blood Pearls and are said to be extremely helpful to your cultivation if grounded into paste and consumed. It’s also said they have the magical effect of clearing all blemishes from one’s skin.” Jian Wei said with a smile while pointing at the pearls that each of the girls were holding.

“Those bangles are made of a special type of metal that changes color based on its owner's mood. We picked these out because it’s always best if Zhang knows it he’s made any of you sad.” Zhen Ji said while looking at her four new daughters.

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