Dragon is Soul
Chapter 90: Intoxication
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 90: Intoxication

Hello my dear readers, I stayed up to 2:45 am to finish this chapter for you so I do hope you enjoy it. The chapter that many of you have been waiting for :D Also please keep in mind that a new review system will be in place sometime so once that happens please give me some good reviews :D Don’t know when it’s coming but Kana has mentioned it a few times in the chatango lol.
Also I provided a few links below if any of you don’t know what a Hehuanjin is.

With the moon hung high and the sun out of sight, Zhang could only be described as dead drunk. After visiting every single table of guests and drinking enough wine to fill a small pond Zhang could no longer even walk in a straight line.

Sadly, the Underworld Heart could regrow limbs and even was able to bring Zhang back from the brink of death but it wouldn't cure the dizziness he was experiencing.

“It's time for the groom to go to the bridal chambers!!” Wu Tong yelled as he stood beside Zhang. Soon a small mob of men gathered around and lifted Zhang into the air, then headed toward the bridal chambers.

“This way! Follow me everyone!” Wu Tong said as he took the lead.

“Ling consider this your father giving you a head start one the others.” Wu Tong thought with a chuckle as he directed everyone to take Zhang toward the bridal chamber his daughter was waiting in.

“Where are you taking him! We are going the wrong way. The young ladies bridal chamber is this way!” Guan Yu yelled as he tried to stand upright while pointing toward Lingqi’s bridal chambers. Guan Yu was clearly as drunk as Zhang if not more from the way his body was swaying from side to side as if it could fall over at any moment.

“Hmph I know where we are taking him.” Wu Tong said to Guan Yu.

“You're both wrong the boss should be headed in this direction!” Gan Ning yelled as he pointed toward Yuying's bridal chambers. In an instant he had grabbed Zhang with one arm while holding a jug of wine in the other.

Beside Gan Ning’s signature pair of dangling bells hung a large sack of gold that he did not have when he arrived at the wedding. If one could put one thing together with another, then it was clear that he had taken a bribe or was paid to join Yuying’s cause.

Mixed into the crowd that was lifting Zhang into the air was Jian Wei who was shaking his head.

“Lu Xun, Sun Ce and Leng Zai grab him and take him to Ai’s chamber.” He said as he saw that no one was helping Ai out.

“As you wish your highness.” The three men replied in unison as they rushed at Gan Ning.

“Not so fast if you want to get to our boss then you must get passed us.” Gan Ning’s men said as they formed a wall in front of him.

“Out of my way!” Guan Yu roared as he and Wei Yan jumped passed Gan Ning’s wall of men.

“Huh!? You old farts looking for a fight?” Gan Ning roared as he let go of Zhang and engaged Guan Yu and Wei Yan in battle.

Soon after a large brawl broke out without any clear indication of who was on whose side. Fists swung left and right as everyone fought for supremacy.

As everyone fought wildly Zhang could be seen stumbling about as he walked off while leaning against a wall.

Watching from afar Sima Yi could only mutter the word, “imbeciles…”

“My lord it seems these men were too caught up in fighting and lost track of their goals. Should we give the young lord a helping hand? Little sister Lingqi did give me this very pretty bracelet after all.” Sima Yi’s wife Xia Mei said to her husband.

“Ha she got to you too it seems our young lord is going to be in over his head. I say we leave it to fate, it's not right to meddle in such things.” Sima Yi laughed while shaking his head as he watched Zhang walk off.

While pushing against the wall to keep from falling Zhang made his way through the mansion without a goal in mind. In his robes were the three jade bottles that he received from Sima Yi, Jian Wei and his father. He had realized that the contents of the bottle that he received from Si Ren was not used for the same purpose as the other three bottles so it wasn't withdrawn from his interspatial ring.

After a while Zhang detected they smell of sweet apples drifting into his nose. Following this sent he made his way into a brightly lit room where a young woman dressed in a red bridal gown with a red veil draping over her hand sat waiting.

With the world around him spinning about Zhang tumbled over as his foot was caught by the door frame when he tried to make his way inside the room.

“Brother are you okay?” A worried voice sounded out and an instant later as a pair of delicate arms wrapped around Zhang’s arm to help him up while a red veil slowly fell to the ground.

But as Zhang was being helped up he stumbled once more and fell over onto his helper. That was when he felt his hand press against a soft object wasn’t too small nor too large since it was able to be perfectly cupped by his hand. With his vision blurred Zhang tried to figure out what this object was through touch but the only thing that resulted from this was a soft moan.

“Brother you can’t not yet, not with the door wide open.” A soft voice whispered into Zhang’s ear. Not long after two gentle hands pushed Zhang over onto his hand and the sound of wooden doors closing shut followed.

Then once more two gentle hands helped Zhang who was still intoxicated up. After a few steps the two reached a large bed at the end of the room. Once Zhang was laid out on the bed the gentle hands swiftly helped him out of his robes and as he robes were thrown onto the floor three jade bottles rolls out. Now Zhang was laying atop the bed with only his undergarments on.

After disrobing Zhang, Ling quickly did the same to herself but after doing so a hint of red appeared on her face as she shyly tried to cover herself despite having a Hehuanjin on. Standing in front of Zhang while being nearly naked was somewhat embarrassing despite him being the man whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Ling gathered up all of the courage she had and climbed onto the bed.

While Ling was doing this a hole was poked through the white paper screen door and a golden pupil peered in from the outside. Soon after yet another hole appeared on the thin paper screen and yet another pupil peered inside.

“I can’t see anything.” A voice sounded outside of the bridal chamber on the other side of the screen door.

“Stop pushing.” Yet another voice sounded out.

Hearing this Ling jumped out of the bed and grabbed her robes and with a twirl wrapped them around herself as she made her way to the door.

“What are you three doing here?!” She yelled as she opened the door to see Yuying and Lingqi trying to look into inside. These two beauties were still dressed in their exquisite looking bridal gowns but their red veils were nowhere in sight.

“I’m get to consolidate my marriage of course…” Lingqi replied as she took a step forward and tried to get inside Ling’s bridal chamber.

“Me too.” Yuying added while also taking a step forward.

“What’s this?” Ai’s voice sounded out from behind Ling. When looking back Ai could be seen holding a jade bottle in her hand.

“Ai how’d you get in there?” Yuying asked, somewhat confused by Ai’s sudden appearance.

Without replying Ai simply pointed her finger toward an open window and smiled as she examined the jade bottled that she had picked up from the ground.

“Ai put that down.” Lingqi said, knowing the contents of the jade bottles. Such medicines could help sharpen the “sword” of a man who possesses something that is called Yang. But if a woman who possess something called Yin their bodies would have a different reaction and since Lingqi was not exactly sure what type of dans were in the jade bottles she didn’t know what sort of reactions might occur so it was best not to touch such things.

However, ignoring Lingqi, Ai opened one of the jade bottles and a red colored dan the size of a pea rolled into her palm.

“Ai absolutely don’t eat that.” Lingqi commanded.

“Why should I listen to you?” Ai pouted as she casually tossed the dan into her mouth. Of course she was only pretending to eat that dan to see Lingqi’s reaction. She wasn’t an idiot who would just eat whatever she picked up. But she could be considered a klutz so once the dan flew into her mouth it hit her uvula and caused a gagging reaction which in turn caused the dan to be swallowed.

“Fool! Split it out.” Lingqi yelled as she brushed Ling aside and ran to where Ai was. But she was too late because the pill had already made its way down Ai’s throat.

In but an instant Ai’s face which was normally snow white turned bright red and an unbelievable burning sensation had spread to every single fiber of her body. Once the burning sensation had spread Ai’s sense of reason slowly faded and as it did Ai began disrobing herself trying to cool herself.

That was when Zhang sat up atop the bed that he had been laying on and rubbed the back of his head. The ringing in his head had lessened and he did not feel dizzy anymore but once he sat up a pair of soft lips belonging to an entirely naked beauty pressed against his own lips. Since he was caught off guard Zhang fell onto his back as Ai’s body was pressed atop of his. Two soft mounds could be felt rubbing against Zhang’s skin as he laid under Ai while their lips continued to touch.

Going with the flow Zhang’s arms wrapped around Ai as he drew her in closer. Their lips which were simply touching before now were passionately kissing. Their skin rubbing against each other transmitting warmth from one body to the next.

Seeing this Ling tried to stop Ai but was stopped when Lingqi held onto her arm without any indication of letting go.

“What are you doing! Let go!” Ling tried to yell but before she could have finished her sentence Lingqi’s hand pressed against Ling’s mouth and a pea sized dan was dropped into her mouth.

“Now that I know that it doesn’t seem to cause any bad reactions we can join in on the fun.” Lingqi said with a devious smile as she forced Ling to swallowed the pea sized dan.

“Yuying I take it you won’t want to missed out on the fun also.” Lingqi said as she tossed a jade bottle to Yuying while swallowing a red dan herself. One could say that out of the group of four beauties Lingqi was the boldest but even for her there were times of shyness. But thanks to these dans things such as modesty and shyness were no more. From the looks of Ai these things were nonexistent.

Soon the dan’s affects kicked in and Lingqi and Ling’s faces became equally as red as Ai’s. Not long after they began disrobing also and joining the battle taking place atop the large bed.

Yuying who was the last sober person in the room didn’t know what to do as she held the jade bottle in her hand. Well actually she knew that there was one thing she needed to do and that was to shut the door because the things happening in this room were best kept between herself, her three comrades currently waging war and her husband. Actually they couldn’t really be called her comrades but there wasn’t an exact word to call their relationship.

After closing the door and covering the two holes in the screen door that she and Lingqi made Yuying steeled herself and took one of the red dans herself but not before blowing out the candles that lit the room and tossing a blanket over the four who were atop the bed. Soon she experienced the same reaction as the other three beauties and joined the fray.

Once Yuying joined the war Zhang found himself vastly outnumbered by the enemy and had it not been for the Underworld Heart constantly releasing streams of essence into his body then perhaps this would have been a hopeless battle. A war on four fronts was not something any man could possibly win especially when the forms from the “Notes of the Bedchamber” were put in use. However, our lone general faced the enemy bravely, with his sword he attacked each and every one of his foes. Following a series of sword lunges, Zhang would shoot volleys of arrows at his four foes.

This sight could only be described as the battle of the century as the five clashed with each other. Beneath the warm cotton blanket this battle raged on without any clear indication of victory from either side. However, the simple fact that Zhang was fighting toe to toe with four enemies at once was a victory in its own. One could imagine the outcome of this war had Zhang been the one to receive the blessings of the red dans.

Had his initial plans of consuming one entire bottle’s worth of dans come to fruition then the victor of this war would have been guaranteed. But of course had such a battle occurred it would have been somewhat bland and ended one sided.

For many hours the war continued as both sides pushed forward. Hills and mounds of ample size were pressed against Zhang from all direction at times during the battle, trying to corner him but he was able to fight them back with his sword and arrows. Not even the enemy's caves were safe from Zhang’s onslaught as he shows volleys of arrows into them without hesitation or remorse. But no matter how many times Zhang plunged his sword into the enemy they who were blessed with endless stamina from the dans did not waiver.

With all things being said and done had someone else been in the room they most likely would have been too embarrassed to watch. The stamina of the two sides in this war seemed endless compared to normal standards and could put any regular person to shame.

So without any side being able to gain an upper hand the battle continued until the moon was no long in the sky and the sun appeared to share its warmth with the earth.

When the battle finally reached its conclusion due to the effects of the dans wearing off and cramping kicked in the parties involved all fell into a deep slumber.

Despite many maids and butlers being sent to wake the five generals no a sign of them was seen for an entire day.


“Your highness although we tried means possible we could not seem to get the prince and princesses to wake up and leave the bridal chamber.” A butler said to Jian Wei who was currently eating breakfast with Zhang’s and Ling’s parents.

“Brother Jian Wei I think it’s best to let them rest some more, I bet the girls are tired from being kept up all night.” Zhou Cheng said with a smile while sipping some tea.

“Son I pray you won the war.” Zhou Cheng thought as his eyes drifted to his wife who was sitting beside him.

“Yea I believe we should let them rest a bit, Zhang probably had his hands full.” Zhen Ji said with a smile while sipping some tea as her vision drifted to Zhou Cheng.

It was clear that these two were each currently rooting for different side to come out victorious from last night’s epic battle simply from the look on their faces and their gestures.
So there ya have it. I hope you guys liked it O_O. Think I managed to pull that off alright :D
Hehuanjin 1
Hehuanjin 2
Hehuanjin 3

Also forgot to mention if any errors please point them out it's 3 am i'm dead tired so yea :D


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