Dragon is Soul
Chapter 89: Samsara Gate
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 89: Samsara Gate

Still only me o,,,o so if you see any typos please point them out thank you. Also I would like to say that me asking others to help point out the errors is not me being lazy but idk if any of you have been through this but after writing and looking at a screen for so long you become sorta blind to the errors O_O like i can read the chapter over and over and still miss something lol.


Hundreds of rolls of lit fireworks deafened the ears of everyone attending Zhang’s wedding. As the fireworks crackled about they served to heightened the cheerfulness of everyone present.
Thus began the feast that usually follows after a wedding.

Rows of maids appeared some carrying trays full of food while others were here to escort the brides to the bridal chambers. However, before the maids even made it to the brides the cheerful atmosphere ceased in but an instant.

A tall man dressed entirely in black with paper white skin entered through the main gates and slowly made his way through the rows of tables. Strangely wherever this man passed a chilling breeze followed suit. One could also say that wherever this man went the cheerfulness in the air was sucked away.

People who were happily joking and laughing stopped in their tracks the moment he passed them. It was as if they a part of them was subconsciously warning them that if they did not stop what they were doing and paid attention to this man’s actions they may die. It was as if they were brushed against by someone whom embodied death itself.

Once this man arrived at the main hall and stepped inside all eyes were officially laid on him.

“Good Evening everyone my name is Si Ren and I’ve come with orders from his highness to deliver something.” The man dressed in black said.

Hearing Si Ren’s voice and name, Yuying felt like she had heard this voice somewhere before but couldn’t put her finger it. “Perhaps it's just a coincidence. there’s no way that person would be here.” She thought to herself.

“Mister Si Ren may I ask who your master is and if the delivery of the message can wait till after the wedding?” Zhang asked respectfully because thanks to the Underworld heart he was able to see an extremely dense cloud of essence just emanating from Si Ren.

But ignoring Zhang and without saying another word Si Ren briskly walked to where Yuying was standing and knelt on one knee. “Princess Yuying, his majesty has sent me to relay a message to you.”

“What did father want you to tell me so badly that he had you open the Samsara Gates?” Yuying asked in a displeased tone with a red veil still shrouding her face.

The Samsara Gates were one of the few methods that could be used to enter and exit the Underworld however unlike the other methods which are extremely costly essence wise, the Samsara Gates could be opened anytime at no cost.

But of course nothing was free in their world, so the catch was every time the Samsara Gates are opened they stay opened and do not close for three days and three nights. Having these gates open meant that anyone could travel to and from the Underworld, which is extremely dangerous for both planes. A powerful being from the Underworld may find the chance to sneak through the gates or swarms of regular souls might force their way through and end up in the mortal plane.

“If you would lend me an ear princess.” Si Ren said as he appeared next to Yuying in a blur and whispered something into her ear.

After conveying whatever he was ordered to convey Si Ren handed Yuying a red and black colored jade pendant shaped like a butterfly. Once he had accomplished his task Si Ren’s body began turning into black smoke and faded away.

But then suddenly he appeared right next to Zhang.

“Oh yes his highness told me to give you this and for you to visit sometime with his grandkids.” Si Ren said while handing Zhang a jade bottle and then started fading away once more.

“Tell father that I'll come visit sometime.” Yuying said just as Si Ren disappeared. Beneath the red veil a bright smile was present along with two streams of joyful tears.

“You're kidding me…Where does everyone get these things?” Zhang thought as he held onto the jade bottle.

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry because the Yama was the last person he would expect to give him such a thing. To be honest Zhang would have counted himself lucky if no one from the Underworld showed up and tried to ruin the wedding. But as the heavens favored him this didn't happen but instead contrary to that it seems as if the Yama has accepted the fact that he and Yuying were getting married and there wasn't anything that could prevent it from happening.

Once Si Ren disappeared the dreadful aura dissipated and from the looks on everyone's face it was as if they were set in a daze.

“A toast to everyone here.” Zhang said trying to start the festivities once more. However, after his words snapped the guests out of their daze they began questioning what had happened just now.

“I don't know why but my memory just not went fuzzy and I don't remember what I was doing.” One man said.

“What are you talking about that man dressed in black just showed up and disappeared.” Another man whom from the amount of essence that was being released from his body was most likely a level six cultivator said.

“Everyone a toast to the groom and the brides!” Jian Wei said trying to help Zhang reignite the festivities.

Of course once the lord of the province opened his mouth everyone present had to listen so this the festivities began once more.

“Everyone please give me your attention.” Jian Wei said after walking out into the center of the rows of tables.

“To add to this joyous occasion I would like to announce the creation of the Aurora Kingdom, our kingdom will encompass the Red Mist Province and all of the land between it and Aurora. On top of that the Heavenly Sword Province will also be a part of our kingdom. As king of this new Kingdom I proclaim my foster son to be the crown prince of Aurora!” Jian Wei said in a loud dignified voice.

After his words finished a roar of cheers reverberated from the mansion all the way throughout the city. Of course not everyone was cheering, dozens of dignitaries from other provinces had creases across their brow.

The creation of a kingdom in the warring states region had never happened before besides when the Sai Empire ruled over the entire region. So the creation of the Aurora Kingdom could be viewed as a challenge to the rest of the provinces in the land.

“As the minister of war of the Heilong Kingdom and the father in law of the crown prince of Aurora I offer my full support.” Wu Tong said to imply that if one wished to go against Aurora would have to face the Heilong Kingdom also.

“I prince of the Shu Kingdom also offer crown prince Zhang my full support.” Shu Shang said while standing up from his seat in the crowd and seated beside him were his two beautiful wives.

With the powerful Shu kingdom behind their backs no one would dare to start trouble against the Aurora Kingdom now.

“To the Aurora Kingdom and to my boss Prince Zhang!!” Gan Ning yelled as he lifted up a large jug of wine and began chugging it.

“Boss! Don't drink too much you know what happens when you get drunk!” A few of Gan Ning’s men said. But he ignored them and continued anyway.

Once the drinking began the brides were escorted to the bridal chambers and Zhang began offering a toast at every table of guests.

At each table Zhang stopped at he would be forced to drink but this was especially true when he arrived at the tables where his generals were seated.

“Boss come here and drink with me!” Gan Ning yelled as he shoved a large jug of wine at Zhang. Strangely after the battle at the Beast’s Gorge, Gan Ning started referring to Zhang as his boss. So after then Zhang became a boss’s boss.

“As your boss I'll show you how it's done.” Zhang said merrily while ripping off the red paper covering the wine jug and began chugging it.

After finishing the jug of wine Zhang moved onto the next table where Guan Yu was seated. Upon arriving Zhang notices that Guan Yu had flushed cheeks and sad mumbling something to Wei Yan who was seated next to him, a somewhat clear indicator that he was drunk.

“General Guan Yu! I'm glad that you can make it.” Zhang said to Guan Yu.

“You there! You better not bully the young lady or treat her badly, else I'll come and get you.” Guan Yu said drunkenly and afterward gulped down a cup of wine.

“General Guan Yu you must be kidding; I think Lingqi will be the one to do the bullying. Now let's drink!” Jian Wei said appear out of nowhere and lifting up a cup of wine.

Seeing that Jian Wei was there to take the bullet for him Zhang quickly sneaked off to another table where Sima Yi was sitting with his wife and sipping wine.

Unlike Gan Ning and Guan Yu, Sima Yi took his time to savor the drink instead of simply gulping it down.

“Duke Sima Yi and the lovely miss Xia Mei.” Zhang said jokingly once he arrived at the table and offering a toast.

“To the crown prince!” Sima Yi replied happily as he and his wife lifted their cups of wine and toasted Zhang.

By now the cheerful atmosphere was thriving and everyone was happily drinking or eating. It was a sight to behold as the nobles and social elite mingled with the common folk that like them were invited to attend the wedding.

Men and women whom would never have the chance to ever cross paths or socialize were merrily conversing and drinking with each other. But of course these people were only drinking and talking with each other and nothing more since marrying or trying to court someone above your social class was still frowned upon. Also with the number of generals and dignitaries present no one dared to do anything out of line.

As the festivities continued on beautiful dancers filed in and began dancing. With graceful movements and precision cooperation these dancers were able to mesmerize many of the guests.

Accompanying the dancers were musicians playing on flutes, zithers, drums and bells. Together these performers were able to elevate each other to a higher level.

However, as their performance ended a beautiful voice drifted into the ears of the guests. An angelic voice accompanied with a soul stealing melody of a zither was being emitted from somewhere else in the mansion to where the guests were.

While the singing and melody continued the dancers began dancing once more. To be able to dance to such a voice and melody was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Waving their fans and twirling long silk ribbons the dancers tried their best to keep up with the song’s verses. One could say that such a performance will help skyrocket the popularity of these dancers to an unheard of level.

However as mysteriously as the singing and melody began it just as mysteriously ended.

“Lingqi…” Zhang muttered in a whisper after the singing and music ended. From the verses of the song and the tone of the voice Zhang could tell that she was clearly in a very good mood.

After Lingqi’s song ended the dancers ceased their movements and bowed as an applause and loud cheering soon followed after.

“Guess I should get back to it or else I'll never make it to the bed chambers.” Zhang mumbled as he continued going from table to table to offer a toast since it was customary to do so.


As the merry making continued at Zhang’s wedding a man dressed in pure black clothing was making his way through a dense forest. After sometime he arrived at the base of a large waterfall, however seeing the raging river and the gushing waterfall the man did not stop. Rather he continued to walk until he stepped onto the water’s surface and walked all through the waterfall.

Behind the waterfall was a large cavern and as the man proceeded a few steps forward he lifted his hand up revealing a red and black jade pendant shaped like a butterfly. From the jade butterfly a red ray of energy shot out into the ground. Moments later the earth began rumbling as pure white bones began rising out of it.

Soon a massive set of gates made entirely out of white bones was formed. In the center of the gates were a pair of large skeletons with only the upper half of their body visible. These two skeletons were sticking out from both sides of the gate and were facing each other with their skeletal arms interlocked. While giving off an eerie aura the skeletons began moving and their arms parted from each other and the gates slowly opened.

Once the gates were open a thick greenish fog drifted out into the cavern. Ignoring the fog, the man dress in black stepped straight into the opened gates.

In an instant the man arrived at the other side of the gate and appearing before him was a sky where the sun doesn't shine. Not too far from the gates were thousands of soldiers and a man with fiery red hair.

“Si Ren you're back, did you accomplish your task?” The man with fiery red hair asked.

“Your highness I've delivered the message and a Samsara Seal Pendant to the princess and the jade bottle has been delivered also.” The man dressed entirely in black said respectfully.

“The princess also wanted me to tell you your highness that she will come back and visit sometime.” Su Ren added.

“That's good, although I don't approve of their marriage there's nothing I can do. The rice has been cooked and if I forced her to return she'll only drift further.” The man who is Yuying’s father, also known as the Yama said with a sigh.

“Finding her was extremely difficult also, the Book of Fate proved to be useless and had I not heard of a wedding place between a man and vague descriptions of the brides I wouldn't have been able to locate the princess.” Si Ren complained.

“Brides?” The Yama asked.

“Yes the Princess's husband was marrying her and three other young women from the looks of it.” Si Ren replied truthfully.

“WHAT!!!!? That bastard wasn't satisfied with my daughter alone?” The Yama yelled as he stomped his foot into the ground causing cracks to appear. As if reflecting his rage, the fiery pits of hell began spewing fire.

“That bastard to think I even gave him a Spiritual Cleansing Dan to strengthen his cultivation so he could protect Yuying.” The Yama cursed.

“Just you wait when you arrive in the Underworld I'll send you so deep down in the eighteen floors you'll never see the light of day again…”

“I guess the sinners are in for it again.” Si Ren thought since the last time the Yama fell into rage because of Princess Yuying the sinners in the Underworld suffered more than usual.

From then on the pits of hell remained a tiny bit hotter than before and the punishments in hell became a tad harsher.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, I wanted to hold off on the you know what for chapter 90 because it was you know chapter 90 o,,,,o Lol

Gunna work on next chapter now perhaps will have it out later tonight.


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