Dragon is Soul
Chapter 88: Sima Yi“s Gif
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 88: Sima Yi“s Gif

After taking the jade bottle from his father and storing it into his interspatial ring, Zhang and his father parted ways because they needed to get ready for the wedding. Zhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, his father, his foster father and even his friend all had given him some extra “help” for the war tonight.

“I’ll take all the help I can get I guess.” Zhang thought as he headed to his room to get ready. However, when he arrived to his room Sima Yi could be seen standing in front of the door.

“Some more help?” Zhang thought as he remembered that Sima Yi said something about a gift when they had met on the city streets.

“My lord! I’m glad I was able to see you before the festivities begin. I have a gift for you.” Sima Yi said with a smile.

“You going to give me something to sharpen my sword?” Zhang said jokingly.

“Sharpen your sword? If you wish you can give it to me and I’ll have one of the men sharpen and polish it for you. But I wanted to give you this before the guests arrive. However, I think it would be best if we talked inside.” Sima Yi said as he opened the doors to Zhang’s room.

After Zhang entered the room, Sima Yi had shut the doors and from his robes produced a red interspatial ring with a sword carved onto it.

“My lord this is the interspatial ring that we’ve acquired from the previous lord of the Heavenly Sword Province.” Sima Yi said as he presented the ring to Zhang.

“How’d you get this interspatial ring? Didn’t you allow the previous lord and his men to leave the Heavenly Sword Province?” Zhang questioned as he examined the interspatial ring.

“The previous lord of the Heavenly Sword Province had met an unforeseen accident and had encountered a pack of thousands of demonic Silver Wind Wolves. By the time we arrived the pack was nowhere in sight except for a few of their corpses. As for the previous lord of the Heavenly Sword Province and his soldiers not a single survivor was found. As a show of our respect we gave them a mass burial.” Sima Yi said with a straight face.

“Good, in the future they won’t be able to cause us any problems. But tell me what actually happened. Also stop with the my lord stuff we can be considered brothers.” Zhang said in a happy tone as he patted Sima Yi’s back.

“Ha-ha if you wish I will refer to you as brother Zhang. If you wish to know what happened to the previous lord of the Heavenly Sword Province, then please have a seat it will be a long story.” Sima Yi said with a laugh. He was fairly happy that Zhang was able to see through his lie, as a person whom Sima Yi deemed to be of equal intellect, it would have been sad if Zhang was not able to see through his lie.
Once the two men were seated Sima Yi’s recollection began.

“After the last of the Heavenly Sword Army and their lord opened the city gates to surrender, I allowed them to leave the encirclement. Of course preparations had been made early on in the off chance that they did surrender so everything was ready the moment they had surrendered. There were only 3 possible routes they could have taken to leave the province so I had our men set up ambushes at key locations along these routes. The moment they entered a valley called “Heaven’s Descent” their fates were sealed. Hundreds of boulders came rolling down from the cliffs above and crushed thousands of enemy soldiers. Those who survived the boulders were quickly slain by our archers. There was no way I was going to release a tiger back to the mountain.” Sima Yi said.

“As long as there wasn’t a single survivor and then the news of their unfortunate encounter with the Silver Wind Wolves spreads to the common folk then there shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
“No need to worry everything has been taking care of accordingly.” Sima Yi replied.

“As a thank you for that gift of yours I would like to give you a gift in return.” Zhang said as he took Sima Yi’s hand and placed an interspatial ring into it. To be exact it was the same interspatial ring that Sima Yi had given to him a few moments ago.

“What’s the meaning of this my lord?” Sima Yi asked as he held the interspatial ring with a confused look on his face.

“By your gift I meant the entire Heavenly Sword Province, so keep the ring and its contents. A duke of the Aurora Kingdom can’t be penniless you know.” Zhang said with a grin as he tried to hint Sima Yi about becoming a duke and the creation of the Aurora Kingdom.

“Duke? Aurora kingdom?” Sima Yi murmured but after an instant he quickly got onto one knee and said, “Sima Yi thanks Prince Zhang.”

“No need to be so formal Duke Sima Yi.” Zhang said.

Once Sima Yi got up Zhang told him that from now on he will be given control of the Red Mist Province and after some more chatting Sima Yi departed so Zhang could change into his wedding outfit but of course not before he left a small jade bottle on Zhang’s desk.

“Of course I’ll have to have someone send funds to the Heavenly Sword Province as this but for now everything should be fine.” Zhang thought as he picked up the jade bottle and smiled while looking at it. After storing the jade bottle away, he hurriedly began changing because the guests would arrive soon.

Elsewhere in the mansion the four beauties were busily getting into their bridal gowns, teams of maids were helping the already world class beauties apply makeup and getting dressed. Before wearing any make up any of these four was already considered extremely beautiful but once make up was applied their beauty was elevated to the next stage.

“Do I have to wear this? It’s so heavy.” Ai complained as a maid placed a headdress atop her head.

“Miss you have to it’s part of the outfit.” A maid said as she combed Ai’s long silky hair and adorning it with hairpins.

“Ai stop complaining.” Yuying said to Ai as a maid was helping her into a red bridal gown.

While the girls and maids were hurriedly trying to get ready a knock could be heard from the other side of the door that led into the room. Moments later the door opened and two middle aged women entered. These two were the former flowers of Blue Tear city, Zhen Ji and Xue Qingren.

“Are you girls ready yet?” Zhen Ji said in a motherly tone.

“Madam the misses are just about done.” A middle aged maid who seemed to be the one in charge of the other maids said respectfully.

“Once you're all done you may leave; we would like to have a word with the brides.” Xue Qingren said with a smile as she gazed as her only daughter. Although a part of her did not like the fact that Zhang was marrying someone else besides her daughter, after engaging in conversation with the other three beauties and seeing the harmony amongst the four she was not as much against it as she was before.

As for Zhen Ji one could say that she was the happiest mother alive on the planet. Her son being able to marry four such beauties meant that he was a man above the rest. This of course made her very proud of her son and to add her joy the more brides Zhang had the more cute grandkids she’ll be getting.

It did not take long for the maids to finish up and leave the room leaving the four brides and the two mothers.

“Mother you wanted to talk to us?” Ling asked her mother.

“If there’s something you wish I’ll happily oblige mother.” Lingqi popped in. She figured if she got Ling’s mother to like her too then there would only be a positive and not a negative.
Upon hearing Lingqi calling her mother, Xue Qingren couldn’t help smile and think, “Ling you’re going to have some stiff competition.”

“Girls gather around I have something I want to share with you.” Zhen Ji said to the four beauties.

After they had gathered around a table Zhen Ji pulled out an ancient looking book from her robes. Across the front of the book faded words that read “Notes of the Bedchamber.”

“This manual will aid you four in your battle tonight. I know that old man has given Zhang some help and thought it would be unfair so I decided to even out the playing field.” Zhen Ji said with a smile.
“Wait I think I’ve heard of this manual…” Lingqi who just so happened to be a highly skilled doctor pointed out while examining the manual on the table.

“Is this perhaps the manual that contains the nine lost forms?” Lingqi asked as she picked up the manual.

“There’s the Flying Dragon, the Tiger’s Walk, the Jumping Monkey, the Malting Cicadas, the Mounting Turtle… Wait the last part of the manual is missing.” Lingqi said after having flipped through the manual. Beside her Yuying, Ai and Ling had flushed cheeks simply from imagining themselves using those forms illustrated in the manual.

“It’s said that she who has mastered all nine forms will become the victor a hundred battles. The last part of the manual is missing because the first five forms are enough for you four I’m still Zhang’s mother and he after all is still my son.” Zhen Ji said with a chuckle.

“Note to self, get mother share the other four forms with me.” Yuying said in her mind as she eyed the manual in Lingqi’s hands. She vaguely remembered having ran into this book or at least a copy of it in the Underworld. The book was stashed away in a forgotten corner of the royal library and Yuying happened upon it while rummaging about but she never took the chance to read it.

After giving the girls the “Notes of the Bedchamber,” Zhen Ji and Xue Qingren left the room and once they left the four beauties began flipping through the pages of the manual once more.

“Lingqi stop flipping the pages so fast!” Yuying yelled.

“Yes we can’t see a thing if you keep flipping through like that.” Ai protested.

Despite looking like steam was about to shoot out of their ears due to how red their cheeks were Yuying, Ai and Ling continued reading the manual with Lingqi.

While the four beauties were busy trying to master the arts of the bedchamber, the guests arrived and Zhang was standing at the mansion’s front gate to greet them. A large red bow could be seen tied to his body as he stood at the gate greeting the guests. Despite not knowing any of the people arriving it was his duty as the groom to welcome the guests. This is because in a traditional wedding the groom would set out with a procession of drums and trumpets to pick up the bride and then the procession would escort the bride back to the groom’s house where the wedding would take place.

But since Yuying, Ai and Lingqi didn’t really have a home, well in Yuying’s case a home that’s accessible by normal people and Ling’s home was in the Heilong Kingdom which was very far away, Jian Wei suggested throwing a huge party that was open to the public in the lord’s mansion was a better idea.

“Zhang meet Hao Shi, he is the man who is in charge of our Aurora Province’s treasury.” Jian Wei said as he introduced Zhang to a middle aged man with slanted eyebrows and a sturdy looking physique. One can tell just from looking at Hao Shi that he was probably a military man before being put in charge of Aurora’s treasury.

“Nice to meet you mister Hao Shi, thank you for putting the time aside to attend my wedding.” Zhang respectfully and in a friendly tone. Although he hadn’t been in Aurora for long he knew that one day he would have to work with men such as Hao Shi so it was best to make himself likeable. There was nothing worst then working with people who hate you because there was always that slight chance that they could betray you, for example when Qian Long tried to have Jian Wei killed.

“Nice to finally meet you my lord.” Hao Shi replied while extending his hand.

After shaking hands with Hao Shi, Zhang stood at the front gate and greeted an endless stream of guests. But of course since it was his wedding everyone was attending Zhang couldn’t complain.

Thankfully after a while someone came to take Zhang’s spot at the door because the ceremony was about to begin. Walking through row after row of tables covered with red tablecloth and listening to hundreds of people congratulating him, Zhang finally made it into the main hall.

At the very end of the hall were Zhang’s parents, Ling’s parents, and Jian Wei all sitting adjacent to each other. Now Zhang would have to stand and wait for his brides to arrive before they perform the ceremonial bows.

It did not take long for Zhang’s four flowers to arrive and walk through the same path he had taken. The four beauties were being escorted by dozens of maids dressed in identical uniforms because a red veil was cover each of their heads. As they walked through the rows of tables, anticipation and silence filled the air.

The tales of heroism, the tales of romance, and the tales of horror had seeped deep into the minds of many of those who were attending the wedding. Only an extremely small number of people were ever able to interact with Zhang and the four beauties so a veil of exaggerations and a myth shrouded them.

“Which one of them is the one they call The Demon?” Someone whispered.

“Don’t know but I think that one that keeps spiders in her hair.” Someone else whispered.

A few people mixed into the sea of people were currently trying to see if the tales that had spread through the city were true or not. So far the gossip about Zhang being as big as a bear or being as beautiful was a woman was dispelled. Although he is very handsome there was no possible way for Zhang to pass off as a woman nor was he as large as a bear. But if someone said he was as strong as a bear there was still an ounce of truth in that statement.

As the four beauties made their way toward the main hall a gust of wind blow in and lifted their veils for a fleeting second causing those people who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse to be left speechless. These few people were left with a heart full of envy for Zhang but likewise their hearts were filled with worship for these four goddesses.

“Uncle Ping what’s wrong?” A young man asked his middle aged uncle who was set in a daze after catching a glimpse of the four beauties.

“Ping Hong the rumors were wrong…” The man that was called Uncle Ping murmured.

“What rumors? Uncle Ping snap out of it…” The young man named Ping Hong said.

“Our young lord isn’t taking one for the team, in fact he’s taking from the team…To be exact hes hogging the best goods.” Uncle Ping said while still in a world of his own.

A few tables away the four beauties had finally reached the main hall and had entered. After escorting the four beauties to where Zhang was standing the maids filed out of the hall.

“The groom and brides please face the family elders.” A middle aged woman said in a loud voice. This woman was a matchmaker that was employed to help host the wedding.

“We will now begin the ceremonial bows.”

Once the ceremony began Zhang and the beauties got on their knees since their foreheads were required to touch the ground when they bow.

“First bow to the heaven and earth.” The ceremony began with the group facing the opposite direction that the parents were sitting and bowing.

“Second bow to the ancestors.”

“Third bow to the parents.” To which Zhang and the four beauties turned and bowed to the five people sitting in behind of them.

“Fourth bow to the spouse.” Zhang turned to face the girls as they in turn turned to face him and bowed to each other.

“With this I pronounce that the ceremony is over and to the groom and brides one hundred years of good companionship.” The match maker said and an explosion of fireworks began.


Pretty long chapter this one O_O Also for you guys who don’t know or haven’t seen bridal gowns and head pieces I’ll be leaving some links :D Very pretty looking stuff for those brides I tell you lol. Also The notes of the bedchamber is a real thing believe it or not lmao.
Bridal clothes for Groom and Bride :D
Headdress and Bridal Clothes
Notes of the Bedchamber


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