Dragon is Soul
Chapter 86: Tall Tales
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 86: Tall Tales

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On a sunny day without a cloud in sight many carriages and people could be seen waiting in an orderly line front of them gates of Aurora City. The lord of Aurora, Jian Wei, had ordered for an extravagant festival to be held for days on end to help celebrate his foster son’s wedding which was going to be held tomorrow. Thus people from many places gathered in Aurora to join in the festivities.

Tomorrow could be considered the most auspicious day of the year on the Wulan Continent’s calendar. To add to the auspiciousness tomorrow was the day when the planet was perfectly aligned with the moon and the sun which happens only once every fifty years. Meaning tomorrow was the best day for anyone to get married.

Dignitaries from many provinces and kingdom had arrived in Aurora after having received wedding invitations sent by Jian Wei. This meant that the streets of Aurora crowded with people and carriages causing the businesses of the residents of Aurora City were all booming

Of course with more people there would certainly more gossip, people gathered in taverns, inns and restaurants by the troves to gossip about the various dignitaries that arrived, the events that happened during the festival and finally about the luckiest man on the face of the planet and his four wives.

In one particular inn called the Raven’s Nest an extremely large crowd was gathered, people of all ages were currently engaged in a heated discussion amongst themselves.

“Have you seen the young lord yet? I heard he is as large as a bear and as strong as a tiger.” Someone said excitedly.

“What are you talking about? I heard that he looks as beautiful as a woman and if he wore women's clothes he could be considered a world class beauty.” A bald headed man said after he gulped down a cup of wine.

“Get out of here and stop spouting nonsense.” One of the people standing by the bald man said after slapping the back of his head.

“I hear he’s a bloodthirsty killer and lord Jian Wei only choose him because of how good he is at slaughtering people on the battlefield.” Someone blurted out.

“Enough about the young lord I want to know if anyone has seen how his future wives look!” A with a crooked nose and the eyes of a hawk said while rubbing his hands.

“A friend of mine knows of a baker whose sister’s cousin twice removed works as a maid at the lord’s mansion and has seen them.” A chubby looking man said while gnawing on a grilled chicken thigh.

“What are you waiting for tell us how they look? Are they are beautiful as some people claim? Or are their tales of beauty simply made up rumors?” A few of the listeners said.

“Well from what I’ve heard and the little bit of research I did I know that one of them is the daughter of the previous lord of the Green Clover Province and is support to be very ugly. Something about an accident that disfigured her to the point where no one wanted to marry her, but she had offered the entire Green Clover Province to our young lord if he would take her hand in marriage. Our poor young lord is taking one for the team it seems.” The chubby man stated in a know it all tone.

“Then what about the other three? Xu Zhu hurry up and tell us!” A few of the listeners said.

“I was told that another one of the future madams is the daughter of some minister from the Heilong Kingdom whom seems to hates men. From what I gathered she once tried to light some poor fella on fire for looking in her direction. Probably is one of those political marriages.” Xu Zhu said while munching on another chicken thigh.

“I kind of pity our young lord now it seems like he's getting the short end of the stick in this marriage.” Someone muttered.

“No need to pity someone who is going to inherit an entire province. Hell if he wanted he can take a bunch of other wives later.” Another person said.

“You lot shut up and let me finish, there's one girl who seems to be known by the former soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army as “The Demon” I heard that anyone that gets on her bad side is hacked to pieces. They say that she appeared out of nowhere and no one knows her origins but the one thing that is known is to never get on her bad side. Have you heard of the children’s song about the monster with the long flowing hair and the blood stained sword? That song is about her.” Xu Zhu said as he continued eating.

“What the… Why would the young lord marry her?” The bald man from before asked.

“Who knows maybe he was threatened that if he doesn’t marry her, she’ll haunt him or something.” Xu Zhu said.

“Lastly the last bride who is said to be a total weirdo. I hear that she claims she’s a princess from the underworld and some creepy looking spiders live in her blood red hair. Something must be wrong with her head. But besides that I don’t know much about this last one.”

After listening to Xu Zhu many people began to pity Zhang and had shivers run down their spines. In their heads tales of demonesses with multiple heads and nasty spiders were brewing. Many people let their imaginations run wild and of course many horrendous scenes popped up in their minds.

Little did they know the man whom they had been talking about was actually mixed into the crowd and was currently sitting in the corner of the inn trying to keep himself from breaking into laughter. Small tears formed in the corners of Zhang’s eyes as his hand pressed against his mouth trying to hold back the laughter. Luckily he was able to contain himself or he would have gotten too much attention.

For the last couple days Zhang and the four beauties had sneaked out of the Provincial Lord’s mansion to join in on the festivities. While outside they had heard all of the out of the world tales that were being spread throughout the city. Heroic tales where Zhang rescued each and every one of the girls from some horde demonic beast, tales of love and romance, and some plain out weird stories that somehow people bought into.

“I have to admit this man was by far the one who is closest to the truth. For some reason people have thought that my four lovely flowers are monsters like that one crazy woman who claimed that Ai is able to turn into a dragon.” Zhang thought with a chuckle while shaking his head as he left the inn.

Tomorrow would be his big day thus and Zhang’s nerves were on end. Tomorrow would be a step into a new world, one where if he died he would not have any regrets because after tomorrow he won’t be a virgin anymore. As silly as it might sound for someone who had died nearly three times and not experience their first time was heart breaking. So to settle his nerves Zhang snuck out alone and roamed the city.

Leaving the inn Zhang walked along the main street of Aurora City and since no one besides his soldiers has ever gotten close to him to see his face, Zhang was able to perfectly blend into the crowd.

“After the wedding I should take the girls and to see the world or at least the entire warring states region because one must know their domain that will be ruling over.” Zhang thought as a smile crept onto his face. Just imagining the silliness that will ensure warmed his heart.

While passing through the crowded streets Zhang noticed that the sea of people was suddenly parting to make way for something or someone. As he got closer he saw familiar looking black flags with dragons sewn onto them. Marching through the streets were soldiers clad in black and at the forefront of this cluster of men was a handsome looking man in his early twenties.

“Sima Yi…” Zhang muttered as he saw the man who had departed for the Heavenly Sword Province months ago. News had arrived that Sima Yi and his men had successfully taken over the Heavenly Sword Province and were hurriedly making their way back to attend Zhang wedding. Of course this was after Sima Yi established Aurora’s rule in the Heavenly Sword Province, he had stationed roughly eighty thousand man in Heavenly Sword City and had requested for more soldiers to be allotted there until a new Heavenly Sword Army under Aurora’s control could be established.

Upon Sima Yi’s return Zhang was going to grant him the title of duke and give him dominion over the Red Mist Province because he was the spark that had extinguished the Heavenly Sword Province. In turn Zhang’s family and Ling’s family will be given dominion over the Green Clover Province because it could be now considered the safest province in the warring states region. This was of course because it was situated between the Red Mist and Aurora Provinces while the Heavenly Sword Province shared nearly half of its northern border. This meant that the Green Clover Province could only be attacked from the south.

One may ask how could Sima Yi be granted the title of Duke when his masters only controlled mere provinces and could be at most have the rank of a duke themselves be able to grant be able to grant him such a title, well the answer is simple. With four provinces under their control Zhang and Jian Wei had decided to officially establish a kingdom, the Kingdom of Aurora. They had planned to make this announcement right before Zhang’s wedding as to add to the joyous occasion.

As Zhang watched the procession move along he noticed that Sima Yi was looking in his direction.

“Please don’t start a commotion.” Zhang plead in his mind. The last thing he needed was for this crowd of people to recognize and swarm him.

But of course once Sima Yi’s steed reached where Zhang was he dismounted and kneeled on one knee. “My lord I’ve returned and I’ve brought you a gift.” Sima Yi said excitedly.

Seeing Sima Yi kneel all of the soldiers who were following behind him also followed suit and go on one knee also. Once this happened all of the civilians had their gazes set on Zhang and then quickly followed Sima Yi’s example. However, when everyone looked up Zhang was nowhere in sight, like a cloud he had drifted off to somewhere else.

In an alley a block or so away Zhang was standing behind some bamboo poles with his back against a wall trying to avoid unwanted eyes.

“Thank the heavens I got away from there before a crowd swarmed me.” Zhang said with a sigh. Before he could even say another word he felt someone's hand press against his shoulder. When he turned his head Zhang say a delicate jade white hand that was as white as snow. With a whiff Zhang was able to smell the familiar fragrance of various flow into his nostrils. Contrary to what one may believe from the phrase herbs, this smell was a sweet and relaxing smell that could calm one’s very soul.

“Lingqi what are you doing here?” Zhang asked without even having to look up at her face or hear her voice to know who it was. From the fragrance alone he was able to tell that it was her.

“Did you think you can sneak out alone?” Lingqi’s gentle angelic voice drifted into Zhang’s ears as her gentle hand departed from his shoulder and held onto his hand. With his hand in her grasp Lingqi tugged lightly trying to signal Zhang to follow her. The two of them walked hand in hand until there was not a single soul in sight.
Leading Zhang into a narrow alleyway cluttered with bamboo rafters and various things Lu Lingqi suddenly turned back and while standing on the tips of her toes planted a light kiss on Zhang’s lips.
Caught by surprise Zhang could only stand where he was somewhat dumbfounded. Usually he was the one to take the initiative and this could be considered one of the rare occasions where he was on the one on the receiving end.
“I may have come last but I definitely won’t give up the chance of taking your first.” She murmured as she planted another kiss on Zhang’s lips while he was still in a slight daze.

Of course by the second kiss Zhang had been able to regain his composure so before her lips could depart his arms swiftly wrapped around her waist and pulled her in closer. Without the worry of being seen the two of them stood out of sight in the empty alley way passionately kissing with arms wrapped around each other. Surely had Jian Wei been around he would have made some silly remark about it being too early in the day for such activities.

However, while Zhang and Lingqi were in a world of their own a sudden reverting sound of something falling onto the ground brought them back to reality. A few bamboo poles that had been leaning on a wall had been sent crashing down onto the ground. Behind where the bamboo pole had been were three dazzling beauties with flushed cheeks. Ling’s eyes could be seen from the gaps in her fingers, while Ai’s head was poking out from behind Yuying who was leaning against a wall.

Trying to ignore the three onlookers Lingqu placed her hands around Zhang’s neck and tried to rekindle the flame that had been extinguished by the intruders. However, before the flames of passion could be reignited a karate chop came flying downward and struck Lingqi’s head.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Yuying said once her karate chop connected with Lingqi’s head.

“Ouch… Why’d you do that? I’m only doing what a wife is expected to do with her husband.” Lingqi said without any hint of embarrassment as she complained while rubbing the top of her head.

Before the four flowers broke out into argument Zhang walked up to each and every one of them and planted a kiss on their lips. By doing so the other three beauties would not feel as if they had been excluded so they wouldn’t be able to complain.

Although there was some slight resistance at first because they were caught off guard the other three soon fell quiet and accepted the passionate kiss.

“Man I’m starving let’s go find something to eat.” Zhang said trying to defuse the situation. Perhaps had they been caught inside a hotel or a room of sorts then he would have had them join in but since they were in an alleyway it did not seem like the right place to do so. That being said tomorrow was going to be their wedding day so it did not seem like the right time to do such things anyway. To be honest Zhang was going to stop Lingqi before they got to that point anyway.

Thus Zhang and the four beauties left the alley way and went to the city’s most popular restaurant, “The Spring’s Bounty Diner.”

Lol Lingqi trying to get ahead of the pack <3


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