Dragon is Soul
Chapter 77: Sweet Revenge
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 77: Sweet Revenge

With minor edits/proofing. People were busy so I will repost later with edits.


From the dark mist emitted from Zhang’s cape hundreds of shadowy black colored demonic beasts appeared. Lightning Eaters, Voracious Eaters, Titanic Spiders, Frost Apes, Jade Leopards, Hell Hounds, and even undead corpses. Every monster that Zhang had encountered thus far began crawling out from the depths of darkness, filling the streets with terrifying roars and howls.

“Th-this has to be a nightmare” The soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army thought as threw down their weapons and ran for their lives as the abyssal beasts charged at them.

“Soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army aim and prepare to fire!” Chao Chang ordered to his men manning the ballistae atop the walls.

But before Chao Chang could give the order dozens of abyssal titanic spiders crawled up the walls and pounced on him pinning him to the ground. However, they could not keep him down for long because moments later Chao Chang roared and hacked away at the abyssal titanic spiders. After a single slash from Chao Chang the abyssal titanic spiders turned to particles of black dust and blew away with the wind.

“Attack! They are not as strong as they seem!” Chao Chang desperately yelled as his army was being one sidedly slaughtered as they abandoned their weapons and ran away.

As Chao Chang was trying to get his soldiers to stop fleeing an arrow fly passed his face. Once he turned toward the direction where the arrow came from he saw a beautiful young woman with long black hair.

“Chao Chang prepare to die!” The woman’s song like voice yelled.

A distance away atop the tiled roof of a dinner stood a beautiful young woman that Zhang befriended on a lonely night, Lu Lingqi. She had been hiding in the shadows trying to find an opportunity to get revenge for her father but when ballista bolt pierced through Zhang’s armor she like Ai, Ling, and Yuying feel into a state of disbelief. But after Zhang got back to her feet she steeled herself was decided it was time to appear and try to claim Chao Chang’s life.

“Ahaha if it isn’t the daughter of the late provincial lord, Lu Lingqi, so I take it you’ve come to get revenge for that old buffoon?” Chao Chang mocked as he looked at Lu Lingqi who had an arrow knocked in her bow.

“Shoot. I dare you! Ahahaha who do you think I am? I’m Chao Chang general of fifty thousand men of the Heavenly Sword Army. You think your arrows can kill me? A cultivator at the seventh level?” Chao Chang sneered as he tapped the flat side of his sword against his armor.

It did not take long before Lu Lingqi released the arrow in her hand and sent it spiraling toward Chao Chang. The arrow pierced through the air and came closer and closer toward its target. It was as if time had slowed to a standstill as Lu Lingqi stood praying for her arrow to hit its mark and grant her release from the ill fate of an avenger.

But of course fate has its own ways of playing out. Lu Lingqi’s arrow made its way inches in front of the center of Chao Chang’s brow before he extended his hand and plucked it from the air.

“Like father like daughter… Both shall meet their end in my hands. Or shall I say like mother like daughter. Ahahaha.” Chao Chan laughed wildly as he snapped the arrow in his hand into two.

“Fool!” Lu Lingqu yelled as she also began laughing hysterically.

Hearing Lu Lingqi’s laugh made a sense of unease creep into Chao Chang’s heart. “Why is she laughing? Why?” He questioned as he continued listening to Lu Lingqu laugh. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his hands. When looking down Chao Chang saw that the skin on his hands had turned completely purple and his veins had visibly turned black.

“What did you do!? What did you do!?” Chao Chang yelled our horrified as he continued looking at his hands.

It did not take long for the skin on his entire arm to turn purple. It was clear that whatever was happening to him was spreading to the rest of his body.

“Have you heard of a plant called Midnight’s Glory? This certain plant flower only blooms every five years and only for five days before it withers away. But if one is able to collect its nectar and mix it with the nectar another flower called the Wolfsbane the two creates an extremely toxic poison called the Devil’s Brew. Perhaps I coated a little on a certain arrow that a certain someone caught. Also perhaps this is the only cure for that poison right here.” Lu Lingqi said as she produced a small jade bottle in her hand.

“Give it to me! Give me the cure!” Chao Chang plead as he jumped off the city walls onto the roof of a building trying to make his way toward the building that Lu Lingqi was standing on top of.

“You want this?” Lu Lingqi said as she held out the jade bottle loosely.

“Don’t drop it!” Chao Chang screamed as he landed on the roof where Lu Lingqi stood.


The small jade bottle fell out of Lu Lingqi’s hand and landed on a clay tile and rolled off the roof of the building and smashed onto the stone paved road below. Splattering a clear liquid everywhere.

“Perhaps if you can lick up enough of it you’ll be cured.” She laughed as she sat down atop the tiled roof to enjoy the look on Chao Chang’s face.
When faced with life or death Chao Chang did not hesitate and jumped off the roof of the building on the ground where he began licking the spilling contents of the jade bottle off the dirty ground.

“Ahaha how the mighty has fallen. The great general of fifty thousand Heavenly Sword Army soldiers reduced to licking the ground beneath me like a pig.” Lu Lingqi laughed hysterically.

“I wonder what this pig will do when he finds out the bottle was filled with water I used to wash my feet.” She added as a devilish grin appeared on her face.

“You! I’ll rip you to pieces!!” Chao Chang roared in rage as the poison ate away at his body. Angrily he jumped into the air trying to get back to the roof of the building but before he could he felt an otherworldly pain strike the core of his being.

“Ah yes I forgot to mention the Devil’s Brew has a very particular side effect. After a roughly five minutes whoever is affected by this poison loses all ability to control the essence in their body. Although I must say it was quite hard to acquire the small batch that I did... but it was very worth it. Perhaps that whore and her children will enjoy it like you have too general.” Lu Lingqu said as she watched Chao Chang roll about on the in pain.

While Lu Lingqi was relishing in her success at partially gaining revenge the battle to claim the city raged on.

By now, the remnants of the Green Clover City had reached the city and joined the soldiers of Aurora in battle. After Chao Chang demise and Zhuge Dan’s having disappeared after Ling abandoned their battle entered the city, the soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army were left without a leader and fell into complete disarray. To make things worse, hundreds of abyssal beasts rampaged through the city aiding the soldiers of Aurora and the soldiers of the Green Clover Army. One could say despite many casualties on both sides the war had become one sided.

“Kill the dogs of the Heavenly Sword Army! Avenge Lord Lu Gong!!” Guan Yu could be seen yelling while cutting down soldier after soldier of the Heavenly Sword Army.

“Charge the walls! Take control of the ballistae!” Sima Yi ordered as he pulled his sword loose from a freshly made corpse. Despite being a strategist Sima Yi was actually very skilled with swordplay and possessed a cultivation of the fifth level.

Green Clover city became a bloodbath as a sea of blood stained the stone paved streets. Blood stained swords dripping with blood laid abandoned on the ground as their owners either fled or were slain in battle.

Ai could still be seen crazily hacking away at fleeing soldiers. Her hair was disheveled as she charged forth. This was of course until a gentle hand pulled her into a warm embrace.

“It’s okay now. Everything will be fine.” A tender voice rang out her in ears restoring her sanity. It did not take long for Ai to begin sobbing happily in Zhang’s embrace. Yuying and Ling were standing side by side a short distance away with faint remnants of tears still visible on their tender faces.

While Zhang and Ai stood motionless in the middle of the battlefield a respectful yelled sounded out. “My lord! Lord Strategist told me to inform you that we’ve taken control of the ballistae atop the city walls!” A soldier yelled out to Zhang.

“Good, I want as many men stationed atop the walls as possible manning those ballistae. We don’t know what those men from the Green Clover Army will do once our common enemy is gone.” Zhang said as he stroked Ai’s head trying to reassure her everything was okay.

“Yes my lord!” The soldier said as he ran off.

Once Zhang’s men occupied the city walls the soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army became cornered and retreated to the inner city. Just like New Leaf City the inner city of Green Clover City had its own set of walls where the soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army were making their final stand.

Rows of men stood atop the inner city walls with fear tearing away at their sanity. They knew survival was but a hopeless dream but of course it was a dream that every single one of them prayed came true. Sadly, these dreams were crushed almost in an instant with dozens of jade bottles were thrown up the inner city walls and splashed black colored liquid everywhere.

Soon this black liquid began to bubble and turn into smoke. Smoke continued to be released from the small jade bottles until every inch atop the inner city walls was covered. A whiff of this black smoke caused hundreds of the Heavenly Sword Army soldiers above the walls to wall to the floor as white foam spewed out of their mouths.

Without even a chance at resisting everything single man atop the inner city walls had met their demise.

“At least I granted you all a quick and painless death. But those three will not be so lucky.” Lu Lingqi mumbled as she waited for Zhang’s soldiers or the soldiers of the Green Clover army to approach and break down the inner city gates so she could kill the mother and daughters that ruined her life.

She did not have to wait long before thousands of soldiers clad in green armor reached the inner city gates. Seeing a familiar face Lu Lingqu decided to exit the shadows.

“General Guan Yu!” She yelled out remember how frequent Guan Yu had visited her home before Guo Meiyan talked her father into relocating him to the northern region of the province.

Hearing Lu Lingqi’s voice Guan Yu turned around. “Someone escort this young lady to a safe place! This is no place to be lounging about!” He yelled. To him who did not recognize Li Lingqi, thought that she was the daughter of some noble family and of course this was no place for a young woman to be without any guards.

But without saying a word Lu Lingqi pulled out a jade medallion from her pocket.

“General Guan Yu could it be that you've forgotten about me? After all of the times you came to visit.” Lu Lingqi said with a pout.

The instant Guan Yu saw this medallion and heard Lu Lingqi’s words he kneeled on the ground on one knee.

“My lady.” He said as he clasped his hands. Soon all of the soldiers behind Guan Yu followed his example and paid their respects to Lu Lingqu.

Despite being manipulated by Guo Meiyan after marrying her, Lu Lingqu’s father Lu Gong had always been a kind ruler who many choose to pledge their loyalty to. But of course many of these loyalist had been disposed of by the spies of the Heavenly Sword Province leaving but a handful of men who they could not get to.

Guan Yu being one of these men. He had too much military influence and his cultivation was fairly high so the spies of the Heavenly Sword Province could not get rid of him. The only thing they could accomplish was moving him away from the capital. But once Guan Yu made it to the northern regions his influence expanded exponentially.

“My lady after I left I heard that you had an accident and you were disfigured and that you died along Lord Lu Gong.” Guan Yu asked perplexedly.

“I managed to escape from the mansion on the night that that woman led the soldiers of the Heavenly Sword Army into the city and hid myself. As for my face perhaps I'll tell you another time. Now our priority is to capture that woman and get revenge for my father and mother.” Lu Lingqi said.

“Yes mi lady. Knock down the gates and surround the inner city!” Guan Yu commanded.

Due to not having siege weapons Guan Yu’s men knocked down an empty house and took brought out a large wooden pillar from the rubble.

Using the wooden pillar as a siege ram Guan Yu’s men began pounding away at the inner city gate. As they smashed the wooden pillar into the inner city gates hundreds of soldiers clad in black armor marched forth behind them.

Leading these hundreds of black armored soldiers was Zhang and the three beauties along with Sima Yi. It was evident that after almost losing Zhang the three beauties were very much afraid of losing him for good thus clung to him as he walked.

“Brother Zhang!” Lu Lingqi’s angelic voice rang out. Hearing Lu Lingqi’s voice the three beauties by Zhang’s side instantly looked.

“Who is she?” Yuying questioned as she hugged Zhang's arm tightly.

“Yea you got some explaining to do brother.” Ai said poking her head out between Yuying and Zhang.

Clinging to Zhang's right arm was Ling who was muttering to herself inaudibly.

“Damn more competition. Don't tell me it's another princess from hell…” Ling muttered as she looked at Lu Lingqi stopping as her gaze reached Lu Lingqi’s well-endowed chest then looking at her own well-endowed chest.

After a sigh Ling inaudibly mumbled to herself “it's okay Ling. It's okay you were here first. Still number one. Always number one.”


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