Dragon is Soul
Chapter 68: The Gian
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 68: The Gian

Was suppose to finish this up yesterday but sadly life truly hates me right now. Two of my parents employees quit and the same time and opened shop down the street and have been trying to poach our remaining employees. This meant I had to come help at the shop everyday >_>. And then yesterday I almost got in a fight with a customer because he was being an ass…. That being said here's the chapter o__o I'll shoot to finish up another one tonight. Also schedule was suppose to be Tues/Thurs/Sat but ehhh editors have been busy with holidays.

Thanks Nick H. For the donation.


As the water began receding back, something sinister was brewing behind the broken outer prison walls. Thousands of undead who were not crushed by the raging waves began congregating together. In the center of the horde was what used to be a small boy.
The dozens of tentacles poking out of the small boy began plunging themselves into the corpses around him. Whenever a tentacle touched a corpse it would begin to absorb the corpse into it. Soon a large mass of flesh was formed and continued growing with the small boy’s body as the core.

With each corpse the tentacles absorbed the blob of flesh began growing bigger and bigger. Soon the blob took a humanoid shape and towered over the prison.

Every bit of flesh and every severed limb that was on the ground was now apart of the giant abomination.

The tentacles even extended into the prison and absorbed the many undead inside. A few unlucky living people were also absorbed. Screams echoed through the empty halls of the prison as this all went on.

Luckily most of the people inside the prison were armed and locked themselves behind thick iron bars, which helped them defend themselves from the tentacles or else all of them would have become apart of giant.

The sight of the giant undead looming over the prison struck fear into the hearts of the soldiers of Aurora. But of course anyone would be afraid of something so big. Most likely just a simple kick from this giant would smash city walls or crush hundreds if not thousands of men.

Despite having a humanoid shape the giant undead looked deformed and had countless tentacles poking out of it’s body with two elongated arms hung from it’s massive torso. In place of fingers were ten large tentacles that slithered about.

“What have I dragged myself into…” Sun Ce murmured as he and the rest of the soldiers of Aurora made their way closer and closer to the giant through the lake.

Suddenly the giant lifted one of its huge leg up and stepped down on the prison below. The ground rumbled and shook as it’s foot crashed down onto the ground. With a single step it was able to flatten a large portion of the prison. Like a broken mound of ants, thousands of people ran out from the gaping hole that was left once the giant moved its foot.

“Everyone move quickly!!” Ai yelled as she increased her pace. The fact that Zhang was probably in the prison and could be crushed by the giant made a sense of dread creep into her heart.


Inside the prison something unnatural was happening. A green mist had spewed out from inside the prisoner holding area.

The thick mist had an eerie feel to it which would send shivers running down the spine of anyone who was near it or touched by it.

Wherever the green mist went the ground began shifting as if something was trying to dig its way up from below. Moments later countless bony limbs began emerging from the ground. Soon countless skeletons of people and various animals crawled out from the ground. Skeletons of all shapes and sizes began swarming the prison grounds.

From inside the prison Yuying could be seen with green mist swirling around her as countless black runes were moving about on the ground and right beside her was Zhang. Her eyes had an eerie green glow emitting from them.

A purplish energy was emitting from Zhang’s hand and was channeled into Yuying. From simply looking at his face one could tell how much he was currently concentrating. Clearly he was sending a constant stream of essence into her so she could maintain her spell. Without the constant stream of essence being channeled into her, Yuying wouldn't have been able to conjure the green mist on such a large scale.

Outside legions of skeletons began swarming the giant abomination and wherever the green mist touched the giant, skeletons would begin popping out also.

The soldiers of the Black Wind Army and prisoners all stood which one with their mouths wide open. With Yuying’s technique a massive army could be conjured up in an instant if there were enough skeletons or corpses around.

Had the millions of worms not taken complete control of the flesh of the dead then most likely the instead of skeletons then legions of zombies would have spawned under her control instead. But of course everything has its price. Such a terrifying technique consumed a massive amount of essence.

Even with the constant stream of essence she was receiving the technique took a huge strain on Yuying. Much like Ling, the color on her face was slowly fading and became pale as paper.

While the skeletons swarmed the giant, dozens of thorny pitch black vines came out from the ground then crawled updated wrapping the giant’s leg and rooted it to the ground. Moments later the vines continued creeping their way up toward the giant’s abdomen.

Then hundreds of pure white petals bloomed from the vines, creating dozens of beautiful flowers that ran along the leg of the giant. These flowers were referred to as the “Queen of the Night.”

The giant’s leg had been caught by the flower’s and could not any longer move.

Ai could be seen standing on the ground just next to where the stem of the flower came out of the ground with a large smile on her face.

“I made it!” She yelled with a grin as she looked into the broken prison wall and say Zhang and Yuying.

With the legions of skeletons and the Queen of the Night assaulting it the giant ceased its attack on the prison. This allowed the soldiers and prisoners inside to safely make their way out. The only ones still inside were Zhang, Yuying, Zhang Liao, Gan Ning and last but not least Leng Zai.

“Archers fire!!!!” Lu Xun yelled as he raised his sword into the air.

Soon thousands of arrows flew toward the giant but did next to no damage.

“God dammit….”,Lu Xun cursed as he saw their attack did nothing.

“Everyone fall back to the other shore! There's nothing we can do here!” Lu Xun ordered. He did not wish for the soldiers to die needlessly so retreating was the best action to take.

After hearing Lu Xun’s orders the soldiers of Aurora slowly made their way back through the lake. But of course Lu Xun and Sun Ce choose to stay.

The remaining soldiers of the Black Wind Army and the prisoners seeing this also quickly made their way off the prison island.

“This is a battle for monsters…” One prisoner murmured as he quickly ran for his life.

While everyone was busy retreating massive vines grew out of the Queen of the Night flower and wildly whipped at the giant undead. Each vine was equipped with thousands of razor sharp thorns that torn whatever they touched into shreds.

The legions of skeletons had stopped their attack against the giant and instead began conjugating down below. Green mist had begun swirling about around each and every skeleton and piece by piece they broke apart. After being broken to pieces all of the skeletons combined into a whole.

A massive dragon made of bones had been constructed right in front of the giant.

An ear popping roar was soon emitted from the non existent lungs of the bone dragon. As it road the bone dragon’s maw widened and bit down on the giant.

By now Ling has awaken and had jumped into the waters of the lake. Soon a pillar of water rose into the sky as dozens of late crescent water blades shot toward the giant. Upon cutting into the giant the water blades would almost instantly freeze. Soon chunks of ice covered numerous areas on the giant’s body.

The thousands of people who had made it off the island watched in awe as the battle unfolded.

“It truly is a battle of monsters.” A few of them murmured. This battle could be comparable to a battle between high level demonic beasts but the thing is two of the three monsters were actually human.

Realistically speaking regular practitioners at the 7th level could never do what Yuying, Ling, or Ai did. But since Ling had tons of essence water to replenish herself, Yuying received a constant stream of essence from the Underworld Heart and Ai had the Black Thorn whip these circumstances and things allowed the three girls to surpass the limitations that everyone else faced.

As the battle raged on the entire prison was turned into rubble. Buildings were knocked down, walls were smashed in and nothing was left standing. Large chunks of flesh could be seen all over the ground as the bone dragon continued its assault against the giant. While large parts of the giant was covered in frost.

But despite how many attacks the giant took it showed no signs of stopping. Each time a piece of it was ripped off the giant would simply absorb the same piece again back into it’s body. A endless cycle had been created where the bone dragon and Ling’s water blades would hack off pieces of the giant and then the pieces would be absorbed back into it. Ling did not have enough essence to completely freeze the giant or else things would have already ended.

Thankfully the Queen of the Night’s vines had expanded their reach and coiled around both of the giant’s legs and slowly made their way up it’s body.

“Soon you’ll turn into plant food.” Ai said with a snicker as she controlled the massive flower and its vines.

However right after Ai’s words something unexpected happened. The giant’s entire body broke apart and scattered everywhere. Then in almost an instant it’s body was reformed but this time it was no longer rooted by the huge flower.

“Hmph you think you can escape just like that?” Ai snorted as the huge thorns appeared on the petals of the dozens of flowers and then the petals folded and fused with each other until something that looked similar to the mouth of a ravenous beast was formed.

Moments later the flower’s thousands of thorns latched onto the giant and once more pinned it to one place. The queen of the night began ripping off chunk after chunk off of the giant.

As this happened the green mist had dispersed and the bone dragon fell apart and turned into a huge pile of bones. The green mist swirled about and then almost in an instant was absorbed into Yuying’s body. Once this happened she stumbled onto the ground but thankful Zhang's as there to hold her or else she would have fallen over.

“Let's get out of here, this isn't working.” Zhang said and he gestured to Gan Ning, Zhang Liao and Leng Zai.

Zhang carried Yuying in his arms as he bolted out of the prison to where Ai was.

“Ai! Retrieve the Black Thorn Whip!” Zhang yelled as he sped toward her.

Without questioning Zhang’s words, Ai plunged her hand into the stem of the Queen of the a Night and when her hand came out the whip was in her grasp.

Once Ai retrieved the whip, the massive vines and flowers began withering away and fell apart.

By then Zhang had reached Ai, without saying a word he slung her over his shoulder and continued running. With his three new followers quickly following from behind.

Since the vines that were keeping the giant rooted were gone it was not free to continue its rampage and of course it's target was Zhang.

The giant lifted its leg and was about to crush Zhang but before it could a large spear of ice pierced through the air and knocked it onto the ground.

“Ai take care of Yuying!” Zhang yelled as he lowered Ai and Yuying to the ground and ran off.

Soon a purplish stream of energy shot out from his hand and toward Ling.

“Ling kill it!!!” Zhang bellowed as he began concentrating on streaming essence to her. The amount had to be just right or else it might overwhelm her and do some harm.

As the essence gushed into her body Ling began controlling the water in the lake. Soon dozens to pillars of water shot out into the sky. All of the water in the lake had rose up and created massive walls that towered above the giant. These massive walls surrounded what used to be the Black Wind prison.

“Ice Demon’s Prison!” Ling yelled as the walls of water toppled over toward the giant. It was as if someone was pouring water into a invisible cylindrical bowl.

Moments later the water began freezing and soon enough the giant was encased in ice. The entire island where the Black Wind prison was built on had turned into a solid piece of ice.

After using the Ice Demon’s Prison, the column of water that Ling was standing on had began shrinking and eventually lowered her to the ground. Once on the ground Ling staggered and almost fell over but was caught by Zhang.

“Brother..we did it.” Ling murmured as she hung her arms around Zhang’s neck. Suddenly a big kiss was planted on her forehead.

Being taken off guard Ling’s cheeks turned a crimson red as her bright twinkling eyes stared up at Zhang.

“You to get a room!” A voice rang out behind Zhang. Looking back there was a familiar looking pirate with bells dangling by his side staring at the two of them.

In the distance thousands of cheers could be heard.

“We made it!!!”

“We survived!!!”

“Woohoo!! I won't die a virgin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

But before anyone could celebrate loud cracking sounds could be heard coming from the ice prison. Small cracks ran along the ice and began combining together to create larger cracks.

All of the cheers died down and was replaced was an eerie silence that filled the air. All of the men felt as if someone had walked up toward them and punched the air out of their lungs.

Everyone's eyes were not glued on the ice prison as the cracks continued to grow larger and larger.

But after a while the cracks stopped in their tracks.

“Phew. It's finally over.” A soldier said with a voice full of relief.

Suddenly the ice began cracking once more.

“Fuck me…..” The soldier yelled as he face palmed himself.

The ice continued cracking for a bit longer and then stopped once more.

“It should be dead by now.” Zhang murmured as he stood beside the three beauties with his generals and soldiers behind him.

All of the soldiers in the Black Wind army who survived had agreed to join Zhang’s army along with Zhang Liao. While all of the prisoners also joined under Gan Ning.

Of course now that they were apart of Zhang’s army they would be pardoned but if they reverted back to committing crimes they would be dealt with using military law.

Now Zhang’s army had swelled in numbers and consisted of roughly eighty thousand men. With fifty thousand being split between Lu Xun and Sun Ce, ten thousand under Zhang Liao and twenty thousand under Gan Ning.

“Onward to Black Wins City!!!” Zhang yelled his eyes twinkled thinking about the mountains of treasures that he will obtain.


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