Dragon is Soul
Chapter 59: Long Nigh
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 59: Long Nigh

“Beware of the children who walk the night.” Zhang repeated as he watched his soldiers dig a shallow hole under a tree on the edge of the village.

This would be used as the grave of the woman that was found in the village. Once the woman’s corpse was placed inside, the soldiers would make a small mound of rocks above and stick a grave marker made of wood above.

“Lu Xun, Sun Ce order our men to be on alert tonight. Double the number of sentries tonight and have the men erect a makeshift fence.” Zhang ordered. The woman’s last words and the empty village left Zhang with an eerie feeling.

“Right away my lord.” Lu Xun and Sun Ce said at the same time as they hastily left to command their men.

That night hundreds of campfires illuminated the village and its surroundings. Thousands of men were split into shifts to keep constant watch of the camp. From all this alone a sense of security was established throughout the camp.

Soldiers could be seen gathering around campfires, eating meals, and participating in merry making.

Seeing this Zhang couldn't help be feel that his previous worries were for nothing. As he continued walking around camp his gaze shifted to the shimmering stars above. Hung high above, the stars seemed to blanket the sky.

After a trip around the camp Zhang returned to the center of the village where the magical carriage was placed. Tonight the three beauties would sleep inside the carriage like any other night while Zhang slept outside.

He wanted to be able to quickly respond if any incidents occurred. Despite walking around camp to make sure everything was okay Zhang could not feel at ease. The woman’s final words kept repeating themselves in his mind.

Of course this did not mean he was afraid or anything. Being someone who had been to the depths of hell and back there wasn't much that would make Zhang afraid. His sense of unease was due to his worry for his soldiers.

Zhang did not exactly want any of his soldiers to die while under his command.

As he laid on top of a mat on the ground gazing at the stars above something silently approached. Suddenly, Zhang was smothered from all sides by something very soft.

When he came to his sense he could see three beauties surrounding him.

Without saying a word they laid down beside him and looked up toward the sky.

“What are you guys doing out here.” Zhang said with a broad smile present on his face.

“Nothing much just watching the stars.” Ai said with a silly grin on her face.

Ling and Yuying could be heard giggling as they laid side to side.

However before long a yell could be heard off in the distance. Hearing this Zhang sprang up and began running to the source of the yell.

As he ran he saw that many of his soldiers were also hurrying to see if something was happening. Off in the distance Zhang could see the tree where they had buried the woman in the morning.

That was when he saw a group of men all congregated around the tree.

“What's the matter!” Zhang yelled as he approached.

“My-my lord th-the grave is empty..” One man said with a shakened voice.

“What?” Zhang asked in a confused voice as he made his way through the cluster of men.

Once he made his way through Zhang could see an empty hole in the ground where they placed a grave marker for the woman. Stones that the soldiers had stacked up could be seen everywhere but not where they were suppose to be.

“I want more campfires set up! And all go tell the rest of the men to move their tents into the village!” Zhang yelled.

“I want every soldier accounted for and every tent and house double checked!” He added.

Yuying who could be considered a master in the subject of souls had said the woman's soul had passed on. So there was no way that she was alive. Meaning someone or something dug her up or somehow her soulless corpse dug itself out.

Soon the thousands of soldiers who had pitched camp outside of the village moved in and filled the streets. Horses were moved into a enclosure made out of carts that was placed as close as possible to the village.

Other carts were used to make a blockade sealing off the streets, spears were stuck into the ground creating a small wall.

Archers split into groups and placed on the roof tops of the houses. These groups of archers would take turns switching off so they could get some sleep.

“My lord all of our men are accounted for and every house has been checked.” Lu Xun said to Zhang who was watching as his soldiers ran about.

“Okay have everyone on watch stay on guard. And have the men pack up tomorrow morning, we won't be staying here tomorrow.”

“Of course my lord.”

After talking to Lu Xun, Zhang returned to where the carriage and his mat was. Ling, Yuying and Ai had gone back ahead of him and could be seen laying on the mat.

“Time to get some sleep.” Zhang said as he walked up to the three beauties and laid down.

“Brother you should get some sleep.” Ling said worriedly as she curled up beside him.

The four of them laid on top of the mat gazing at the stars for a bit until they could stay awake no long and fell asleep.

After a long night the group fell into a deep uninterrupted slumber.

In the morning Zhang was the first to wake up and to his joy nothing had happened while he was asleep. Throughout the night Zhang’s soldiers kept constant watch and nothing abnormal happened.

As Zhang walked around camp his men were hurriedly packing away their tents and getting ready to move out.

A while later everything was packed into carts and soldiers could be seen standing neatly waiting for orders.

“Alright let's move out!” Zhang bellowed to his men. As he rode on his steed. He had decided to not stay in the carriage anymore and supervise the marching instead.

Soon Zhang’s army began its journey once more. It would take roughly two day before they reached the capital city of the Black Wind province if their march was not interrupted.

Although they had left the village Zhang still stayed alert during the march. Since they never found out what happen to the woman’s corpse.

“My lord our scouts report that there is nothing unusual up ahead.” Sun Ce said while riding back toward the army.

“Did they see any trace of animals or anything?” Zhang asked. Every since leaving the village at the foot of the mountain the army had yet run into any animals. The forest they were marching through seemed oddly dead.

“No my lord we have yet to spot anything.” Sun Ce replied.

“Okay tell them to fire a flare if something happens.”

After hearing this Sun Ce rode off and inform the scouts what Zhang has said. Zhang had entrusted him with management of the scouts that were sent ahead.

After a eerily quiet march the army reached an opening in the forest with a small hill in the middle.

“Cut down the trees and create a perimeter.” Li Xun ordered. Once a perimeter was created the soldiers began digging a large and deep trench that encompassed a large area including their campsite.

On the hill in the clearing Zhang, Ling, Ai, Yuying along with Lu Xun and Sun Ce could be seen talking.

“My lord tomorrow night we should reach the outskirts of Black Wind city.” Sun Ce said.

“If we quicken our pace we could reach the city late in the night tomorrow. I don't think it will be safe camping out in the open.” Lu Xun said.

“I agree we should avoid camping out in the open if we could help it. It's been too quiet out here. But we can't rush into the city without knowing the situation.” Zhang said.

“How about I take a few hundred men and move ahead of the army tomorrow. If anything happens I will fire a red flare.” Sun Ce said.

“If something happens retreat do not act recklessly.” Zhang said.

“Of course my lord.” Sun Ce said.

In the meantime the trenches were near completion and spears were placed inside of them pointing up.

Soon the sun descended and the moon rose. But tonight thick clouds rolled into to mask the moon's brilliance.

Torches and campfires were lit everywhere to illuminate the darkness. The logs that were cut down had been used to make small walls to surround the camp.

With walls erect, archers were positioned above them to keep constant watch over the camp and its surroundings. If anything happened then they would alert the rest of the army.


As the night went on Zhang’s men kept a watchful eye out for anything that was out of the ordinary. However after hours of watching the same scenery nothing happened. Soon came time for another batch of soldiers to come relieve these men of their duty.

“Ah finally it’s time for me to get some sleep.” One soldier said as another came to relieve him of his post.

Suddenly a soldier on top of the wall yelled out.

“There’s someone in the forest!!”

Hearing this many of the soldiers ran back up the wall and to their amazement in the distance there was a lone silhouette slowly walking toward the camp. From the size the soldiers could guess that the silhouette belonged to a child. But since the moon was being blocked by clouds and the silhouette was still a bit away from them none of the soldiers were really able to make out what it was.

“HALT! WHO GOES THERE!!” A muscular looking soldier with a bow and arrow in hand bellowed. However there was no reply and the silhouette continued walking closer and closer.

“Stop or we'll fire!!” The same soldier yelled.

“What are you thinking! It’s a child!” Another soldier yelled.

“We are under orders from the lord to shoot anything that approaches camp.” The muscular soldier yelled back.

“In know but it’s only a kid.”

“Do you want to break military law? Did you not see how the lord killed all of the men who crossed him in the sect?” The muscular soldier said. This man happened to be a former member of the Yu Sect.

Hearing this the other soldier no longer said a thing.

The muscular soldier nocked an arrow on his bowstring and drew back. Once he let go of the arrow it shot through the air and landed just in front of the silhouette.
However the silhouette did not stop for even a second and continued moving toward the camp. And to add to their fears many more silhouettes began appearing from the forests.

“Shoot the flare and alert the generals! Wake the rest of the army!!” A soldier yelled out hurriedly.

The silhouettes continued moving toward the camp until they reached the trench and without stopping fell inside.

Seeing this the eyes on the soldiers above the walls almost popped out of their sockets.

“Someone quickly get the generals and our lord here!”

The silhouettes appeared by the hundreds from within the forest and came from all directions. They did not stop and kept walking even when the silhouettes before them fell into the trench.


As Zhang laid asleep on his mat with the three beauties when a soldier ran up and woke him.

“My lord! My lord! We’ve been surrounded!” The soldier yelled.

“Surrounded? By who?” Zhang asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“We don’t know my lord.” The soldier replied in a urgent tone.

“Okay go wake up the rest of the army.” Zhang said as he got up and began running toward the walls.

Yuying, Ling, and Ai who were laying beside him were also woken up but were left in a daze as Zhang ran off.

Once Zhang arrive on top of the walls and looked outside to his astonishment there were thousands of silhouettes in the distance.

“My lord what should we do?” A voice rang out from behind Zhang. When he looked back Sun Ce could be seen fully dressed in armor.

“Have the men barricade the fort and keep the horses from running amok! I want all of our archers on the walls and ready to fire!” Zhang commanded.

“Yes my lord!” Sun Ce responded.
The soldiers who had just been awaken hurriedly ran about getting dressed for battle. Some didn’t even know the situation outside of the fort but hastily donned their armor anyway.

Soon Ling, Ai and Yuying were atop of the walls. As Ling was about to ask Zhang what was happening from the corner of her eye she saw the silhouettes and stopped in her tracks. Ling blankly stared into the distance trying to make out the silhouettes, but due to the lack of light she could not. Ling was at a lost of words from the sight in front of her.

“Brother what are they?” Ai asked.

“I don’t know..” Zhang said back as he watched the approaching silhouettes.

Lu Xun could be seen running up the walls and behind Zhang.
“My lord all of our men are ready for battle.” He said in a respectful tone.

“Are the walls and gates reinforced?” Zhang asked.

“Yes, we’ve moved the carts and stacked them up behind the gates and support beams have been placed behind the walls.” Lu Xun said.

A bit away from Zhang a soldier was talking to another soldier beside him. “That first silhouette looked like a small child and it just walked into the trench.”

Hearing the word small child a thought suddenly popped into Zhang’s head.

“Beware of the children who walk the night.” The phrase repeated itself again and again in Zhang’s head as he watched the silhouettes continue to walk into the trenches.

“Perhaps these are the children who walk the night that the woman was talking about.” Yuying said confirming Zhang’s thoughts.

“Brother should we release the spiderlings?” Yuyung asked.

All of the spiderlings including Silky were currently residing within the Ruler’s Domain and could be called forth in an instant.

“No we don’t know that those things are yet and acting without knowing what we are facing might prove to be disastrous.” Zhang said. If the spiderlings were released too early and suffered heavy casualties then Zhang and the group would suffer huge losses.

Since the spiderlings were still in an adolescent stage and were not fully mature yet.

Just as Zhang finished his sentence a few silhouettes could be seen crossing the large trench. So many of them had fallen in that the trench had been filled and they could cross over.

“Everyone get ready to engage the enemy!!!” Zhang yelled as he withdraw the Sky Piercer from his interspatial ring and raised it into the air.

The silhouettes reached the walls and the screeching sound of clawing could be heard.

“Fire at will!!!!!!!!” Zhang yelled.
"Beware the children who walk the night." O_O cause they creepy as fck lol. Thoughts?
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