Dragon is Soul
Chapter 56.5: The Messenger
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 56.5: The Messenger

This chapter will be a bit different. Apart of it will be told from first person point of view. So I've told the story like how it would be told if you were watching a movie with a mixture of 1st person and 3rd person. This will be a mini chapter lol.

Hi there my name is Yu Yao. Let me tell you a bit about myself. This year I’m thirty five years old. I've yet to find a women to settle down with and that goes to tell you that I have no children.

I’m a member of a sect that ruled over the Tiger’s Peak located in the Heilong Kingdom. Our sect is the strongest force on the mountain and everyone who lives on it must submit to us or else.

Every since I joined the sect I’ve had the time of my life. Everything I wanted I took and no one could do a thing to me. The only thing those weakling villagers could do is plead for mercy.

There were plenty of people forced to join the sect but I was one of those who chose to. Why live a regular life as a farmer when I can stand on top of people and look down from above.

Could you imagine someone as awesome as me sowing the fields as a farmer? Ha fat chance right?

Earlier the sect master Yu Zhao had assembled the sects forces and we were sent on a mission. I was told that we were going to rob some rich brat that is loaded with gold and treasure. The sect master mentioned some necklace but who cares about that, not like I’d even get to touch it.

Well he led thirty thousand of us down the mountain and to a thick grove of trees that ran along the road. It was a marvelous sight with thirty thousand of us all dressed in the sects uniform and armed with bows and arrows. Anyone who saw us would probably run with their tails between their legs.

As we laid in wait a ground of men came riding down the road dressed in black armor escorting a very extravagant looking carriage. I did not recognized who the banner they carried belonged to though.

That was when the sect master Yu Zhao yelled. “Fire!!!”

After which we shot thousands of arrows toward the road. I kept firing arrow after arrow with a silly grin on my face as the arrows connected to their targets.

Those guys didn't even know what hit them as our arrows turned them into porcupines. That's what happens to those who go through the sect I thought when this happened.

After shooting thousands of arrows the sect master ordered us to move on because it seems that our arrows did not finish the job. There were still many armored men alive despite being shot full of arrows.

Sigh why wouldn't they have just died I thought as I pulled out my sword and charged in.

That was when the doors to the carriage popped open and this guy wearing some super fancy looking armor jumped out wildly swinging a halberd around. At that instant I said to myself if I kill this rich fuck, I'm taking that armor for myself. I thought I'd look entirely badass in that armor and all the chicks would fall for me.

At that time I decided to play it smart and not get killed by staying at the back and letting the idiots in front of me charge in and get killed. Maybe after that monster we are facing get worn down I would jump in and finish him and then claim all the credit for myself I thought at the time.

As the battle raged on some crazy ass giant spiders appeared out of nowhere and began attacking. I was not going to have any part in that so I moved even further back.

From back here I could see the whole battle play out since I managed to climb up on this conveniently placed boulder.

From here I saw three gorgeous goddesses climb out of that carriage. Man what I would give to have a night with those three I thought after laying eyes on them.

Man that guy in the fancy armor is lucky, fuck him… I cursed. Yes fuck him getting to spend time with three goddesses I thought.

All of a sudden some weird shit happened and blue orbs began floating into the sky. Following that black fire appeared. At that point I wish I had stayed behind at the headquarters of the sect.

Moments after the black fire appeared the sect master got blasted by it and fell to the ground. And to make things worst an army of god knows how many horsemen the appeared and began slaughtering us. That was when I decided it was time to get the fuck out of here.

“Retreat!!!” I yelled out. There was no way I would have made it out alive if I ran away alone. So I had to get more people to run away with me. As we ran away the horsemen chased after us. One of the horsemen even almost got me but I jumped out of the way and let him stab some other guy in the back.

Well somehow we managed to run back into the thick grove of trees and then made it back to the headquarters.

I made sure to be part of the last group to get back. Because god knows what the grand elder will do to us once he finds out his son is dead.

And my decision was right. Some idiots went and broke the news to the old man and well one of them is laying dead on the ground and the other has a sword sticking out of his throat. Phew better then than me I thought.

Then suddenly a shadow fell for the sky and smashed one of the walls of the headquarters down. Nearly shit myself that time.

From a huge hole in the wall countless black armored soldiers charged in with the guy wearing fancy armor from before leading them. Soon fighting broke out everywhere. However this only lasted a moment because the grand elder sprang into action and engaged the the leader of the black armored soldiers.

As they fought we all stopped what we were doing and watched. Some unbelievable shot was going down. The guy smashed the stone tiles on the floor to bits with that halberd of his. But the grand elder was no knock off either and attacked back. From the corner of my eye I can see the tree goddesses again wooo I shouted to myself.

However as I was caught up in staring at the three goddesses a sword came swinging at me. Luckily I managed to dodge and roll to safety. “Not today!!!” I yelled.

The fighting raged on as I tried to keep myself alive. But suddenly something caught my ear. The grand elder yelled out he wanted to have kids with the three goddesses.

I cursed inside my mind at the old perv. Who does he think he is? I thought he should go die.

And true to my thoughts, soon the battle that the grand elder had been winning changed favors l. The guy in fancy armor started using his creepy looking black fire and turned the situation in his favor.

The grand elder went nuts and started turning people into dried mummies. That's when I decided to go hide. But out of nowhere someone tapped me on the shoulder.

When I turned back I saw one of the three goddesses look at me with a broad smile. But afterwards I sort of blanked out.

After I woke up I found myself in a strange place. My head was ringing and my vision was blurry and somehow I was wearing a white robe. In front of me was a huge line that led through a pair of huge gates off in the distance.

I thought hmph why should someone like me wait in line? So I walked myself to the very front of the line.

As I walked a voice kept ringing in my mind over and over again. The voice was very pleasant to listen to but it kept giving me orders to do something.

I made it to the front of the line and some guys wearing armor walked in front of me. They stared as me and then told me to go to the back of the line. I was about to tell them to fuck off and ask them do they know who I am?

But my body began to move by itself and I tore off my robes. Somehow on my chest was some weird symbol that I knew saw before.

Once seeing this symbol the guys wearing armor bowed. “Yes that's right bow before me hahah.” He thought.

Soon they escorted me through the huge gates. Then they put me in a carriage where I sat for hours.

After a few hours the doors to the carriage opened and I found myself inside a massive courtyard.

Again my body began to move by itself and began walking.


Today was like any other day in the underworld, souls were being lead into the City of the Dead and everything happened like usual.

Today the Yama was sitting in his study looking at a portrait of his favorite daughter, Yuying. It had been roughly thirty years since she had ran away going by the years in the underworld of course. In the mortal realm it would be around three years.

“One day you’ll know that I only wanted the best for you.” The Yama said sadly as he looked at the portrait.

As the Yama sat looking at the portrait a guard came in and kneeled on one knee.

“Your majesty someone showed up with the Princess Yuying’s insignia.” The guard said.

“What?! Bring the person to me.” The Yama said hastily.

After almost thirty years in the underworld not a hint of Yuyung’s whereabouts or news of her had popped up.

“Finally some news about her. Even when i looked in the Book of Fate her page was blank.” The Yama sighed.

Soon a man who looked like he was in his mid thirties was presented to the Yama.

“My lord this is the man.” A guard said respectfully.

The man walked straight up to the Yama without a hint of fear or hesitation as if he was a puppet.

“Father! I'm sending you a message through this man. I wanted to tell you that I’m getting married. The rice has been cooked (if you get what I mean). There nothing you can do to stop this wedding.” The man said but oddly the voice that came out of his mouth was the voice of a young lady.

After uttering those words the man fell to the ground and and fainted much like a puppet with cut strings.

“WHAT!!!!???” The Yama yelled as he slammed his hand into his desk. He knew it was definitely his daughter Yuying. If the insignia was not enough proof then this technique that was used on the man proved it.

His daughter always had been a master in techniques that manipulated souls.

“She's getting married? And the rice has been cooked? Who's the brave bastard!! I’ll skin him. I’ll send him down the 18th levels of hell!!” The Yama yelled.

“My lord please calm down. This is good news.” A man said as he walked up beside the Yama. This man was the Diyu of the East.

“Good news? My daughter is getting married and I just found out about it. And she even told me they've slept together before getting married!” The Yama bellowed.

“No I mean now we have news from the princess and if we interrogate that man then perhaps we will find out where she is.” The Diyu of the East said.

“Guards! Detain this man and interrogate him on the whereabouts of the princess!” The Yama yelled.

However when Yu Yao woke up and was interrogated he did not remember a thing. It was as if his mind was completely wiped clean.

When he was brought forth in front of the Yama a second time the same voice of the young women came out of his mouth her again.

“Father if you try to interrogate this man you still won't find out where I am. I made sure to wipe out his memories about me once he passed on the message. Also I wanted to let you know I love you father, perhaps one day I'll visit and you’ll get to see your cute grandkids.”

After hearing this the Yama became extremely angry. From that day on the flames of hell were many times hotter. And the punishments in the 18 levels of hell were many times more harsh.


Today in the mortal plane Yuying could be seen with a broad smile on her face as she accompanied Zhang into the treasure vault of the Yu sect.

“Brother maybe one day I'll take our kids to go see father.” She murmured with a broad smile on her face.
Thoughts? More of a gag chapter this one lol. Also NovelsNao will be hosting Dragon's Soul please support me and check out the site lol.


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