Dragon is Soul
Chapter 52: Stalker
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 52: Stalker

Zhang waited in the room with Yuying patiently for the pendant to be brought to him by one of the attendants. Moments later a knock can be heard on the door leading into the room.

“Come in.” He said.

However, the person who walked into the room was not a servant with the pendant but a middle aged man that went by the name of Yu Zhao.

“You… What do you want.” Zhang said in an unhappy tone. He was anticipating the moment the pendant would arrive. Not only did it have mysterious powers, he felt that it was a part of himself. Although this necklace might not be the same one that he had before they looked identical and most likely possessed the same abilities.

“Ah young lad I wanted to talk to you regarding that cursed necklace you bought.” Yu Zhou said with a grin on his face.

“There is nothing to talk about. Now leave…” Zhang said glaring at the man.

“How about this I will pay you double what you paid for it if you give me some time to gather the funds.” Yu Zhao said.

“I'm sorry but I'm not going to be selling it and there is no amount of money you can offer me that would make me want to sell it.” Zhang replied.

“Mister I think it is best you leave.” Yuying said as she walked up beside Zhang held his hand.

“Hmph what place does a woman have to speak to me like this.” Yu Zhao complained.

“If you're not willing to sell it then so be it.” He said as he stormed out of the room.

As Zhang watched Yu Zhao walk away killing intent began emitting from his body. If he had not wanted to avoid making a commotion, then he most likely would have fought Yu Zhao.

In terms of strength Zhang can pretty much hold his own against anyone as long as they were not level eight or higher or possess some kind of godly weapon.

Moments after Yu Zhao left a maid walked in with the necklace Zhang had bought placed on a pillow.
“Young master here is the necklace.” The maid said respectfully.

With a sweep of his hand Zhang deposited the necklace into his interspatial ring.

“Thank you take this as a token of my appreciation.” Zhang said as he made a small stack of gold coins appear.

“Many thanks your master many thanks.” The maid said cheerfully. She had gotten so many gold coins for simply bringing him the necklace.

“Yuying let's go for a stroll around the city.” Zhang said once more locked arms with her. He felt bad that he did not get her anything from the auction like he said he would so Zhang suggested they go on a stroll together.

“I'll check out the necklace tonight.” He thought as he and Yuying began walking out of the auction house.

As the two of them walked out people were watching the couple from afar.

Zhang led Yuying from shop and shop trying to find something he could get for her. But there wasn't much that she did not already have which made looking for something to buy as a gift for her very hard.

“How about this!?” Zhang said as he held up a hairpin showing it to Yuying.

“No thanks brother.” Yuying replied with a slight smile on her face.

“How about this?!” Zhang asked while holding up a pretty dress.

“No thanks brother.” Yuying replied with a smile on her face.

“Then this?” Zhang said as he picked out a pretty bracelet for her.

“No thanks brother.” Yuying replied with a big smile on her face.

“I already have what I want.” She said as she held his hand.

“Spending alone time together is the best gift you can give hehe.” She said with a broad smile.
Thus the two decided to stop looking for things to buy but instead went to look for food to eat. They went from stall to stall trying many kinds of different foods.

As they walked through the streets Zhang felt that someone was watching them. So he began walking faster while holding onto Yuying’s hand more tightly. The two of them eventually began running through the streets.

“Into here.” Zhang said as he turned into an alleyway. Once inside the alley way he pulled out the dragon talons flying knives. With a twist of his hip Zhang spun back and was about to launch the throwing knives when he realized who had been following them. It was Ling and Ai who had been trailing Zhang and Yuying.

“Brother!” Ai and Light yelled.

“Sigh... You two should have said something.” Zhang said as he stared pass behind Ling and Ai at a diner.

“But you guys started running.” Ai pouted.

“Alright alright let's go stroll around the city together.” Yuying said.

This the group of four began strolling through the city. A bit away from them from the top of a two story diner a man was standing.

“Hmph he noticed us… Go back to the sect headquarters and get more men and follow them. We will strike when they leave the city.” This person would be recognized as Yu Zhao.

“Master how do you know they will leave the city?” Yu Zhao’s second in command asked.

“If someone as young as him and with as much wealth lived in this city do you think we wouldn't know? And I think I've seen him during the tournament but I'm not sure.” Yu Zhao said. In fact, he did meet Zhang during the tournament but had his tower taken over by Shu Shang in the final round despite not having any of Zhang’s men in his team. But he did not see Zhang’s facial features since Zhang wore a helmet during the tournament.

“Ok master I'll go alert the sect headquarters.” The man said as he left.

“Let's see if you can evade me…” Yu Zhao said as he began railing Zhang’s group while trying his best to stay concealed.

Down below on the streets Zhang’s group was enjoying themselves with food.

“Say ahh.” Zhang said to Ling as he tried to hand feed her.

“Me too! Me too!” Ai said.

“Ahh.” Yuying said as her delicate lips parted and opened her petite mouth.

Looks of envy obviously filled the streets at this sight of Zhang hand feeding sweets to the three girls.

After this the group continued walking around the city some more. The capital of the Heilong kingdom was fairly big so it offered a lot of places to see.

Flower gardens filled with thousands of flowers were abundant. Performers also filled the streets showing off their acrobatic skills.

“Look at that man brother he's laying on a bed of nails with a block of stone on his chest. Wait is that man about to hit him with a hammer?” Ai said as she watched a street performance.

“Look! Look! That girl is balancing spinning plates on a stick!!” Yuying said.

The group had walked to a part of the street where a circus of street performers were performing.

“Oh wow that man just shot an apple off that boy’s head with an arrow while blindfolded!” Ai yelled.
As they stood watching the performances on of the street performers, one of them walked around while holding a basket asking for donations from the onlookers. Many people have a few copper coins here and there but the man was not able to collect very much.

Although not many people donated the performer was treated fairly kindly by the audience in the form of praise and cheerful smiles. However, this changed when the performer walked up to a large and well-built man.

“Sir would you like to make a small donation?” The performer asked.

“Hmph you call this entertainment? You’re even asking for money? You should be paying me for watching ha ha ha.” The man said as grabbed the performer’s basket of money and kicking the performer to the ground.

Seeing this the other performers stopped what they were doing and gathered where the man was standing.

“What you got a problem? What you all staring at! Scram!!” The man yelled at the performers.

“Sir please we are only a small circus if you can please give us back the money.” A man who seemed to be the circus leader said.

“Hmph!” After hearing those words, the man proceeded to kick the circus leader.

However, before he connected something wrapped around his leg. A pitch black wine that coiled around and wrapped his entire leg.

“Perhaps you’ll like our performance.” Zhang said as he walked out from behind the crowd beside him was Ai holding on to the Black Thorn whip.

“Yea I hope you enjoy my performance.” Ai said with a naughty smile on her face. Using a bit of her essence and sending it into the Black Thorn whip she flicked her wrist and made the whip send the man into the air. Once the man was in the air the whip slammed into him and sent him crashing down on a street stall nearby.

“Many thanks young miss many thanks.” The circus leader said to Ai.

“We enjoyed your performance quite a bit.” Zhang said as he picked up the basket that the performer was trying to get donations in and gave it back.

Once the circus leader received the basket Zhang held out his hand on top of it and made a few hundred gold coins appear and fall into the basket. Today Zhang was in an extremely good mood thanks to the three beauties and from obtaining the necklace from the auction house. So this made him feel generous.

The circus troupe was left speechless as they stared at the basket of gold that had landed in their laps.

“I think it’s time to go back to the mansion and get some dinner and rest.” Zhang said as he led the group back toward the mansion they were staying in.

A while later the group was back at the mansion and in their large room. Yuying and Ai were laying in the bed they shared, Ling had her own bed and now Zhang had his own bed to sleep on. After the three girls had fallen asleep Zhang pulled out the necklace that he had gotten earlier in the day.

He injected his essence into the necklace trying to get a reaction from it but nothing happened. If it was the same necklace that he had, then the presence inside would have a reaction right away. However, it seems as if this necklace was simply absorbing his essence.

“Perhaps if I try this.” Zhang thought as he withdrew the Underworld Heart from his interspatial ring.
A purplish energy began to emit from the Underworld Heart and was channeled into the necklace by Zhang. He figured if he channeled more essence into the necklace adding to its already massive store then after a certain point like in the underworld the being inside of the necklace would awaken.

“I guess I should name this necklace.” He thought as he held it in his hands.

“Hmmm Dragon Heart Necklace?”

Zhang decided to put on the dragon heart necklace and has the underworld heart slowly channel more and more energy into it was time went on.

As Zhang continued channeling energy into the Underworld Heart outside the mansion were many preying eyes keeping watch.

Was thinking I should go rewrite and post the story again .__. Seems the story is lacking for a lot of readers .__. Also chapter was a tad short but there ya go.

Also looking for a proofreader/editor O_O

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