Dragon is Soul
Chapter 29: Red Pearl
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 29: Red Pearl

The spiders continued to swarm around Zhang, countless claws and fangs scraped against the Lightning Eater scale armor. If not for it Zhang would be torn to shreds by now. And if not the sky piercer Zhang would not have a chance in this lifetime or the next to escape from the horde.

Each time Zhang swung the Sky Piercer carnage followed. Limbs would be hacked off and pale blue spider blood splashed everywhere. Thanks to the sharpness of the Sky Piercer Zhang inched his way toward the corner in the room that the spiders stayed away from.

“DIE!!!” Zhang yelled as he panted. At all times he would have to fight at least five or six spiders and once he killed them more would replace them almost instantly. He is only human and would soon run out of stamina to fed off his foes.

While Zhang made his way through the swarm the rest of the group faced their own troubles. The hole that appeared in the wall had long ago expanded. It became big enough for one spider to stick its leg through.

If the group was not vigilant they might be punctured by the spider leg sticking out of the hole. With enemies to the front and the chance the wall toward their side would crumble soon the group fell into quite a predicament.

“Hold out as long as we can brother will come for us!” Yuying yelled black energy shot out from her black sword into the head of a spider. Once the energy entered into the spider’s head runes began glowing on Yuying’s hand and traveled onto the sword. From her sword the runes were transferred onto the spider.

“Obey! And attack!!” Yuying yelled as she pulled her sword loose from the spider’s head. The runes on the spider’s body began to glow and it began attacking its brethren

“Sis I thought they had to be dead for you to do that!” Ai asked.

“Since their intelligence is low I can use my magic to manipulate their minds while they are alive. This doesn’t take as much energy as reanimating dead corpses.” Yuying said as she shot out black energy at yet another spider.

Eventually in a short amount of time Yuying had five spiders under her control. With these five and the rest of the group she was able to create a secure area around the entrance to the room.
The sailors looked toward Yuying with appreciation and awe.

Hundreds of spiders had fallen to Zhang’s blade with one swing of the sky piercer tens of spiders lost their limbs and stumbled to the ground. Once they fell to the ground the halberd came smashing down crushing them and the ground beneath them. If not the halberd Zhang’s foot also brought the end to many spiders.

The endless struggle was extremely taxing and exhausting for Zhang however he could not die here. There were still people that needed him alive. There were still people that he wished to see once more. Places to travel to and things to do.

His past life and his current life had not provided him with the enjoyment he wanted and he would not go down like this before obtaining what he wanted.

“Fuck you bugs! COME AT ME!!! I’ll kill you all!! I am not dying a virgin!” Zhang screamed as he chopped and hacked his way through the swarm.

Dying a virgin in his past life was bad enough, then dying a virgin in this life was worst Zhang definitely did not want to go there again.

As he walked Zhang spotted a sword handle sticking out of a pile of gold coins and quickly grabbed it. Although the sword was nowhere near how sharp the Sky Piercer was it would serve him fine for now. Swinging the sword in one hand and using the halberd in the other Zhang crushed everything that stood in his path.

Soon he was able to retrieve one of his chained daggers. Using the Underworlds Heart, he made the chained dagger dance about around him. Although he could probably form countless weapons out of essence they would be too fragile and wouldn’t damage the spiders. So Zhang had to pick up whatever weapons he could as he made his way toward the clear area in the treasury.

After a while he was able to get back his 2nd chained dagger. With the two daggers flying about and chains attached to his belt while holding a sword in one hand and a halberd in the other Zhang looked like a true war god.

The slaughter continued for a while until finally Zhang reached the clearing and just like he had hope the once he entered into this clear area the spiders stopped their attack and simply began observing him. Zhang climbed up the mount of gold as the spiders cornered him.

Once he was at the top he realized why none of them dared to come over to this part of the treasury. In the corner of the wall a large man sized cocoon can be seen.

“Eggs…” Zhang murmured.

Within the cocoon Zhang could see one egg that looked totally different from the others. While the other eggs looked white that certain egg was red. Like a large flawless pearl, the eggs glistened in the light.

“No wonder! They didn’t want to damage their next queen.” Zhang murmured while lifting his sword and slashing the thread that made up the cocoon However the slash did not cut open the cocoon because the thread was too durable.

So Zhang used his hands to move the thread and make a hole. Once the cocoon was opened up all of the eggs began spilling out onto the ground and with a sweep of his hand Zhang stored away all of the eggs but the red egg into the Ruler’s Domain.

While the thread from the cocoon he stored into his interspatial ring. This thread was made by the queen and would come in handy later.

“Now to test out my theory and see if it works.” He thought as he walked toward the swarm while holding out the red egg. The red egg barely fit in Zhang’s palm due to its size.

Seeing Zhang holding the red egg the spider’s shrieked however none of them dared to attack him. When he walked by them the spiders would move back making a way for him. With the old queen dead if Zhang destroyed this red egg then the entire colony would die out.

Zhang lifted the egg into the air with one hand and then in the other formed a fireball in his hand. Once he did that the spiders backed up from him even more. Even though their intelligence was not very high compared to the queen the drones knew that the colonies fate laid in Zhang’s hands, literally so they did not dare to attack him.

As Zhang headed for the exit of the treasury he suddenly remembered.

“The imperial seal….” Zhang murmured as he turned back and walked toward the direction where it last was. A few moments later he found the skeleton gripping onto the seal from before.

Extinguishing the flame in his hand and once more withdrawing the Sky Piercer Zhang used it to crush the bones of the skeleton. Once he did so he extended his hand down and plucked the imperial seal from the ground.

“Hmmm might as well take as much as I can.” He thought looking at all of the loot still laying around on the floor.

Using the Underworld Heart, he created a wall of energy and used it to plow the treasures that haven’t been taken yet toward him. He could not possibly just leave all of these treasures here now that he had the opportunity to take them.

Soon a large portion of the treasury was plowed in front of Zhang and with a sweep of his hand he stored away all of it. All of this took moments despite how many things happened.

He quickly made his way toward where the rest of the group was. Once he reunited with group they slowly made their way toward the exit. The spiders no longer dared to bother them but kept close watch from a short distance away.

If the red egg disappeared or fell out of Zhang’s grasp the hundreds of thousands of Titanic Golden spiders would continue their assault.

“Now we have to find a way out of here before they decide to attack us.” Zhang whispered to the group.

One of the sailors bumped into Zhang as they make their way out of the ruins. This caused the egg in Zhang’s hand to drop and hit the ground. Seeing this the spiders shrieked and rushed toward the group but before they could get closer Zhang quickly picked up the egg and held it up once more.

Suddenly the egg that seemed like a flawless pearl in Zhang’s hand began to crack. Small cracks soon turned to large ones and traveled across the egg.

“Shit! Everyone run!” Zhang yelled.

He had no idea what would happen once this egg broke apart.

Moments later pieces of the egg began falling off and the swarm charged at the group. Zhang pulled out a bottle of phoenix blood and poured it into his mouth and using all the energy he got from it formed a bubble around the group to keep the spiders away. But this bubble was only temporary because it took too much power to maintain.

The group made it outside when the egg shattered and from within it a fist sized queen spider emerged. Once he was out of the egg the queen spider shrieked and jumped from Zhang’s hand trying to get away.

“Not today…” Zhang murmured as he formed a small bubble around it lifting it into the air and in front of him.

“Let me have a try.” Yuying said as she reached her hand out and touched the baby spider’s head. Once she did runes began flowing from her hand and on to it.

Once dozens of runes transferred from her hand onto the spider Yuying pulled her hand back.

"Alright you can release the bubble now brother." Yuying said while looking at Zhang.

And with a thought the bubble disappeared and the baby spider queen landed on the ground. Once it landed on the ground the spider crawls up and onto Yuying's head.

"What did you do to it?" A sailor asked with a perplexed face.

Before a black light had shot out of her hand but this time one did not so the sailor didn't know what Yuying did.

Unlike the drones that I've made to follow simple commands I implanted into this little one’s mind that I'm it's master and it has to obey me. Since it just hatched the process was very simple. Young minds are the easiest to corrupt of course.

The baby queen spider sat on top of Yuying's as it was her pet and since its body was red colored it somewhat blended into her hair.

"You can release this bigger bubble too brother." Yuying said calmly.

Without questioning her Zhang released the bubble keeping the swarm of drones away. Once the bubble disappear the drones surrounded them. However, the baby queen spider shrieked and when they heard it the swarm began to disperse.

Thousands upon thousands of titanic golden spiders sped away and crawled up the walls of the cavern into tunnels and disappearing. They left as quickly as they came and left no sign of their being here at all once they were gone.

"Wait so that means you have control over all of the colony of spiders!!" One sailor yelled out while staring at Yuying.

"Of course the little one here is the only queen they have and the queen has absolute authority over the rest of them." Yuying said while she stroked the red spider queen that now crawled down to her shoulder.

"Milord now that it is safe again are we going back to claim the gold?" Another sailor asked.

Without replying Jian Wei nodded. The sailors deserved their share of the treasure for surviving so far and it did not seem right to leave the gold and treasures just laying around.

After doubling back, the group collected the rest of the treasure. Jian Wei offered the trio half of the remaining treasure however Zhang refused.

Not because he was a humanitarian and did not want wealth but he had already taken a bit more than half of the whole treasure already. But he did not tell anyone about it

Yuying had not release her control over the few spiders from before yet. She was going to have them carry the group and their horse up the hole and to the exit. To her amazement the spiders can walk on top of water when the group exited the palace ruins and reached the water edge.

The spiders ran across the water’s surface at rapid speeds.

Without any more interferences the group quickly made their way to the pit. Yuying ordered the spiders to carry the group up the hole.

Using thread to latch onto the horses the spiders hoisted them up.

Soon they reached the top of the hole and the exit one more in sight. When the group reached the exit Yuying released her control over the regular spiders and they scurried back down the pit.

"Wahhhh daylight!" Ai yelled the second they made it out of the cave.

The group was now located in the heart of the Dragon's Maw. Thanks to the underground secret passage way, they were able to avoid the twisting paths of the dragon’s maw.

It took them nearly half the time it normally would take.
When they exited it was mid-day so the group decided to pitch camp early and rest from their little adventure.

Zhang was utterly exhausted the Sky Piercer was very heavy and using it over and over again to fight hordes of giant spiders is not something that happens too often.

Once camp was pitched Zhang fell into a deep slumber. His body aches even his bones were bruised. Due to utter exhaustion Zhang fell asleep without a care in the world.

If someone were to come rob then strip him naked and hang him up on the wall of a city, he still wouldn't wake up.

Hours later Zhang finally woke up. However, when he did his arms felt even more numb then when he went to sleep. There was a stinging sensation that one would get from lack of blood circulation also.

Zhang looked around to find that the two beauties were comfortably sleeping beside him. They were using his arms as pillows and sleeping soundly.

Seeing this a grin appeared on his face as he gently moved his arms toward and embraced their waists.

Warmth was transmitted from their bodies making it very comfortable. Soon with a yawn Zhang fell back into his slumber.

The trio cuddled up in their tent and slept for hours. All three of them were simply too exhausted from all of the events that happened. How after does someone run into a swarm of hundreds of thousands of giant spiders? Not very often would be the correct answer.

Tossing and turned made all of their clothes come somewhat loose and if anyone were to walk in they’d probably kill Zhang due to jealousy.

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