Dragon is Soul
Chapter 23: Views
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 23: Views

Late at night once everyone had fallen asleep Zhang sat crossed leg in his room. Yuying and Ai were cuddled up on the comfy bed and fast asleep.

Zhang was examining the Ruler's Domain after dripping a drop of blood into it and binding it to himself. The ring looked just like any other regular ring. However, if you poured essence into it a blank space will appear in one's mind.

And using only thoughts the user of the Rules Domain could manipulate this space to their own will. The image appearing in their mind of course is the space within the ring.

Zhang activated the ring by pouring not in all of the essence he could into it and a room appeared in his mind. This room was about the size of the inside of a closet.

"Although the it's not big I could use it to hide people still." Zhang said.

He had gotten the ring with the intention of using it to hide Yuying and Ai away when danger fell upon them. By doing this he could ensure their safety and focus on escaping.

As he examined the blank space something odd happened. The room seemed to be faintly expanding.

It slowly grew from its original size a bit at a time and not showing any signs of stopping. When Zhang opened his eyes he could see that the Underworlds Heart which he kept at all times in his pocket was glowing purple.

He kept it in his pocket naturally because if he needed to he could use it at a moments need.

Faint trials of energy came out from the Underworlds Heart and flowed into the black ring. And once it entered the ring many tunes could be seen on the ring. The energy caused the runes to light up and glow.

"So that's how it is!" Zhang yelled out in his mind.

The space within the Ruler's Domain was based off of the user’s essence level and the higher one's level the more essence could be channeled into the ring. Of course humans had a limit on what they could release at a time.

However, the Underworld Heart used essence naturally in the air allowing it to channel an almost endless amount into the ring. Thus feeding the ring and allowing it to grow.

With a thought Zhang forcefully spiked the amount of essence that was flowing into the ring. At that instant the growth rate sped up a bit.

“Hmm once more!” Zhang thought and continued to pour in more energy from the Underworlds Heart into the ring.

Soon the closet sized room expanded becoming almost double its original size. Then with a thought Zhang was able to create things within it. Since the space inside the ring was controlled by his mind Zhang naturally could make things appear within it.

Of course living creatures could not be made using the power of the Rulers Domain nor could the things created within it be taken out.

“I’ll make a miniature forest there.” Zhang murmured as he began sculpting a landscape in the domain.

He erected small mountains, a lake, and a plain by the lake. On top of the plain he created a tiny castle. Once the exterior of the castle was made he began making the rooms individually.

Creating things in the Ruler's Domain of course was very enjoyable. One could create a mini world with their mind of course that would be amusing.

“Hmmm maybe if I designed a prison in there too!” Zhang thought.

He sat there for many hours designing the castle laying hidden mechanisms and this and that within it. Naturally many of the things Zhang came up with could not be created outside of the domain.

Soon an extremely beautiful castle was created and it came fully equipped with hidden rooms a dungeon, and hundreds of rooms. In each room Zhang even went to the trouble of creating furniture.

Outside of the castle he made solid walls that towered above the ground. The inside the walls were lined with hidden passageways. Beside the castle stood an intimidating prison inside the prison of course were many cell and mechanisms that made escaping almost impossible.

Zhang ended up creating many things within the domain. He became so engrossed in building the world that he lost track of time.

Well of course these were all in miniature size but still it was an impressive sight to behold.

"Maybe one day it'll grow big enough for me to make these things in a bigger." Zhang thought.

Being able to create all those miniature things would be epic Zhang would have another world inside the ring under his complete control. However, for now the domain inside the ring is still pretty small and could probably can only fit six or so people.

As Zhang sat there basking in the glory of the domain he created a sudden a knock could be heard on his door.

"Zhang I want to talk with you for a bit."

"Senior is that you?" Zhang asked.

"Yes it's me Jian Wei."

Zhang slid the Rulers Domain on to his finger and got up from where he was sitting. After getting up Zhang nimbly walked to the door and opened it.

In front of the door Jian Wei stood waiting for Zhang.

"Follow me I wish to talk with you somewhere more private." Jian Wei said as he gestured Zhang to follow him.

The two of them walked down a corridor to a room at the very end. Although the entire floor of the inn was reserved by Jian Wei he had picked this specific room to talk to Zhang in.

"From this room we are able to see a portion of the entire city. Come here and have a look." Jian Wei motioned to Zhang.

"It's a very nice view." Zhang said as he walked up beside Jian Wei.

"What do you see when your look at this view?" Jian Wei asked

"I see progress, senior." Zhang replied.

"Do tell."

"Of course, if you look at the city now it is a metropolis filled with people, places and things. However, all places have a beginning. This city of course had to start from a small village and grow to a town and so on. Without progress there will be no development and everything still stall and be stuck in today or yesterday." Zhang said as he looked into the distance.

"Indeed, indeed and can you tell me what you think brought about this progress." Jian Wei said with a glint in his eyes.

"This of course is brought about by people. People influenced by other people and uniting to create something new. Leaders come about from normal people and bring about change."

"That is true, and how do people unite others who have conflicting views." Jian Wei asked.

"Often conflicting views lead to strife, confrontations and violence. However, having different views is what it means to be human. And to resolve different views force must be used. Once one side views then naturally there won't be any more conflict. If one power controlled, the world there would no longer be any war. At least on a national scale, there would be still smaller conflicts of course." Zhang said with a slight sigh.

"Yes, uniting the world would end many if not all large conflicts. Zhang you are indeed very wise and I'm very fortunate to have run into you. So far you have exceeded my expectations so I would like to purpose for you to become my foster son." Jian Wei said.

"I don't know what to say senior." Zhang replied.

"Nothing to say. I wish for you not only to become my foster son but for you to be my successor. You're gifted in combat and possess a mind that is many years beyond your age. You are decisive when the moment calls for it and is a natural born leader. I've been searching for someone to help me realize my dream of uniting the warring states region for many years now. And you are the first that I feel has what it takes." Jian Wei said excitedly.

Zhang stood there not knowing what to say.

"I'll take your silence as a yes!" Jian Wei said as he pulled out a medallion from his pocket and presented it to Zhang.

"This is the aurora emblem. With this whenever those part of Aurora City see you they must salute and listen to your commands. You can move the forces under my control as will using this." Jian Wei said while grabbing Zhang's hand and placing the medallion into his hand.

"Once we reach the city I will make an official announcement. And good night." He said as he left the room.

Zhang stood below the moonlight still confused. Everything happened so quick that he was not able to process it all.

"Sigh, I guess I'll hold on to this and things that are meant to happen will happen." He said as he took another look at the city below.


A few hours before noon Zhang and the group had gone and bought supplies for their trip to Aurora City. Supplies such as food, and other necessities.

Zhang made sure to stock up on plenty of food just in case anything unexpected happened. He even went back to the clothing store alone and bought many outfits for himself and the girls. Who knows when one might need to change into a new outfit.

After buying a few things by himself he met up with Yuying and Ai.

"What did you buy?" Zhang asked.

"Just this and that." Ai replied.

"Like what?"

"Erm food, a bed, water, and a few other things." Ai replied

"Is that so." Zhang said with a grin on his face.

This is because she bought a bed to use during the trip to Aurora City. Somehow it just seemed funny to him.

"Let's go pick out horses." Zhang suggested.

Although they would be traveling within the caravan it was best to have horse to use. They never know when they might need horses.

Zhang had found out the location of the city’s biggest horse breeder and lead Yuying and Ai to go together to pick out horses.

Jian Wei had said earlier that he would squire horses for everyone but Zhang turned him down. He thought the experience of picking out their own horses would be an enjoyable one.

The storefront for the breeder was located in the middle of the city and in front of the store were many people coming in and out.

This certain breeder catered mostly to the wealthy supplying them with horses of various kinds.

Once the trio entered the store a young woman greeted them.

"Hello young master and misses. How may I help you today?” She asked.

"We would like to pick out some horses for a long trip. Could you please recommend us some? Money is not an issue." Zhang said.

He did not want to waste time because had he not said money was not an issue the attendant would most likely take him on a stroll through all of the stables they had from most affordable to most expensive horses.

"Of course young master of you could follow me." The young women said as she gestured the trio to follow her.

"Here are our best horses they are a mix breed of purebred horses that are ridden into war and horse demonic beast called Inferno Wind Walkers." The young women said.

The horses she recommended were roughly one and a half times larger than a regular horse. These horses looked as if they were built for war.

“The Inferno Wind Walkers they were breed from can run hundreds even thousands of miles a day without tiring. They can run so fast that they look like they are running on the air. So naturally since these horses are a crossbred from them these horses are also possess some of their qualities.” The young woman said.

"Are the Inferno Wind Walkers for sale?" Zhang asked.

Naturally if a mixed breed looked so powerful then a purebred would be many times more powerful.

"I'm sorry young master but is have to ask the owner not every day does someone ask to purchase one of them." The young woman said as she went to a middle aged man a bit away.

Soon the middle aged man came over and greeted the trio.

"Young master you said that you wish to purchase out inferno wind walkers? I must let you know they are demonic beasts although they are tamed they are not like regular horses. Also since they are tamed demonic beasts they are naturally very pricy."

"Name your price." Zhang said.

The man not saying anything raised up three fingers.

"Thirty thousand gold coins? Why don't you go rob someone? Zhang said.

"No no three thousand gold coins’ young master please don't jest." The man hurriedly said.

"I'll take three for seven thousand." Zhang replied with a grin.

"Seven is kind of low how about eight and a half."

"Eight." Zhang said as he started to walk around.

"You drive a hard bargain young master. I'll do eight thousand just for you." The middle aged man said.

"We will be needing saddles also." Zhang said as he waved his hand and withdrew gold coins from his interspatial ring.

"Of course young master I'll include those for free." The man said as he quickly took the gold coins and placed them into a tray to count.

A while later the trio each picked out their own inferno Wind Walker. These demonic beasts were of the 4th level and were twice as large as normal horses.

Their manes and tails were made entirely of fire. Although the fire was not hot enough to seriously burn anyone.

The trio picked out matching horses with black coats. And matched with the red fire manes and tails these horses looked extremely fierce and dangerous.

As the trio lead their mounts through the street something happened. Soldiers began filling the streets.

"The lord of the city has announced that due to bandits sneaking their way into the city we will be closing the city gates and detaining any dispersions people." A soldier yelled out.

“Something must be going on we should quickly head back to the group.” Zhang gestured to the girls.

"You there come with us! We suspect that you three may have met the bandits." A soldier said as he walked toward the trio.

“What we haven’t done anything wrong?” Yuying said to the guard.

“Nothing wrong? We have orders from our superiors stating you may be related to the group of bandits come with me or don’t regret it when we use force!” The guard barked.

"Quickly let’s go!" Zhang yelled as he jumped onto of his horse. Seeing this Yuying and Ai climbed onto their mounts. The trio sped away from the soldiers.

With a neigh the Inferno Wind Walkers galloped away.

"This must be related to that bastard!" Zhang yelled to the two girls.

The soldiers must have been ordered specifically to capture the trio and there were probably no bandits at all.

"Quickly we are going to go around and meet up with Jian Wei!"

"Lead the way brother!" Yuying yelled back.

The trio galloped through the streets at extremely quick speeds. Behind them soldiers hurriedly tried to follow.

But how could men on two feet compare with a beast that has wind walked in it's name.

A short while later the trio was able to shake off the soldiers behind them.

Once they lost the soldiers they headed directly to where they said they'd meet Jian Wei. When Jian Wei saw the trio in such a hurry he quickly asked them what was wrong.

Zhang hurriedly explained the situation to Jian Wei.

"Hmmm this may be a problem. We could always lay low and I'll have my people contact the army of Aurora City and demand they let us out." Jian Wei said.

"Actually I came here to tell you that I have a plan." Zhang said.


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