Dragon is Soul
Chapter 20: Happy Endings Inn
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 20: Happy Endings Inn

“How much for that sword right there.” Zhang asked the storekeeper as he pointed to the pitch black sword.

“Ah you have a good eye young master that sword is made out of the tooth of a level six giant Desert Lurker.” The shopkeeper replied.

“No wonder it looked so sharp. Those things are known to live off of eating the hard materials underground. “Zhang said as he looked at the sword

“Brother what is a Desert Lurker?” Ai asked.

“Well it’s basically a giant lizard that usually lives in the desert. Although most of the time it lives off of eating rocks and metals underground once in awhile if someone is unlucky it’ll pop out of the ground and eat them. Also even though it’s only level six it’s teeth are razor sharp and can cut through metals like butter” Zhang said

“Ahh.” Ai said as she looked at the sword.

“We will take it. If you could show us around a bit, we are looking for other things also.”

“Sure thing young master.” The shopkeeper replied as he began walking and pointing out various swords and armors.

Although there were many weapons in the store Zhang was not able to pick out anything else besides the black sword. Also because it was getting late he decided it was time to head to the hotel.

Just as they paid and walked out of the weapon store Zhang withdrew the black sword from his interspatial ring and gave it to Yuying.

By now they had become to close that it was pointless to refuse so Yuying quietly took it and stored it in her ring.

The trio walked down the street and saw a huge four story building at the end of the street with a sign at the entrance labeled “Happy Endings Inn”.

The odd thing was from the 2nd story floor they could see many women dressed provocatively and waving at the people passing by.

Also in front of the big entrance many women could be seen standing and trying to get the attention of people walking pass them.

“It can’t be……” Zhang said

“What can’t be, brother?” Yuying asked.

“I think this place is a brothel…………” Zhang replied as he continued walking toward it.

Hearing that Yuying and Ai’s faced became a bit blushed. This was because Jian Wei probably already got rooms for everyone already inside and they’d have to stay here for the next few days.

So thus the trio continued walking towards the Happy Endings Inn. And indeed they found out that it was in fact a brothel when they walked closer to it.

“Young master you looking to have some fun tonight?” A young lady said as she walked toward him.

“Yea If you are looking for some fun tonight how about with me?” A middle aged women walked up.

However, when Zhang looked at the lady he puked a tiny bit in his mouth. The lady totally did not belong at a place like this, just by looking at her people would get nightmares.

“You get out of here! Stop scaring away our customers!!” An angry man ran out of the brothel with a stick chasing off the lady.

“I’m sorry, she’s just some crazy lady that likes to come around here to mess with people.” The man said and he walked back into the inn.

“So how about me young master?” Another young lady walked up toward Zhang. This young lady had well-endowed bosom and which went up and down as she walked.

“Umm sorry I already have someone.” Zhang nervously said as he grabbed Yuying and Ai’s waists and quickly walked into the inn.

Once inside the trio was at awe by the grand architecture of the inn. Indoor ponds could be seen everywhere. Archways and small bridges connected one side a floor with the other. The man who had suggest this inn was not wrong to say it was the best in the city.

But inside Zhang somewhat cursed the man. That is because this inn is a brothel. And for him to come here alone was not that big of a deal but to Yuying and Ai was a big deal.

Bringing two extremely beautiful women into a brothel is not a very wise decision. Sooner or later some drunk guy will appear and hit on Yuying and AI. That or someone will confuse them with one of the prostitutes in the brothel and that won’t lead to anything good.

But Jian Wei most likely already got rooms here and it was best to stay together in a group. Of course the trio could stay somewhere else but what if someone came to assassinate Jian Wei? Zhang had already promised to help escort him back to Aurora City and he to go through with it.

So they had no other choice but to stay here for the next couple days.
As Zhang was lost in thought a yell could be heard to his left.

“Kyaaa!!” Yuying yelled. Some guy in his late twenties had grabbed her butt.

“Come here and have a drink with me.” The man said

Zhang grabbed Yuying’s hand and began walking once more ignoring the young man. He clearly drank too much and Zhang did not want unneeded attention.

“Hey you do you know who I am? Come back here with my women!” The young man yelled as he flipped the table he was seated at.

Ignoring the man, the trio continued walking but they did not get far before the young man ran in front of them and blocked their path.

“Get out of my way.” Zhang said as he glared at the young man.

“Oh you're pretty too. Come with me.” The man said as he saw Ai.

“I said get out of my way!” Zhang said once more as he kicked the young man in the abdomen sending him slamming into a table.

“Do you know who I am?!” The man said as he got up from the broken table.

“I know you are a drunk momma’s boy now get out of my way!” Zhang yelled as he sent the young man flying once more with a kick.

“FUCK!! Where are my guards!! You useless fucks get him!!” The young man yelled.

Moments later six hulking men dressed in blue uniforms came out of nowhere and surrounded Zhang. One man who seemed to be their leader walked up to the drunk young man from before.

“I’m sorry young master but master had told us not to intervene unless things got out of hand.” The man said respectfully.

“I don’t give a fuck! What’s the point of ruling this city if people don’t even listen to me!! NOW GO AND KILL HIM!!” the young man yelled.

The hulking man didn’t say a word and walked toward Zhang.

“I’m sorry but you offended the wrong person tonight. I’ll make sure to give you a quick and painless death.” The man said as he drew his sword.

“You small fries think you can kill me?” Zhang said with a glare. He could sense that these men were only around the 5th level.

In an instant all six men rushed at Zhang. But before they could reach him they felt as if they ran into a wall and couldn’t not go any further.

Before they could say a word Zhang appeared in front of one of them and did an uppercut sending his victim flying up and then falling on top of a table.

Then Zhang appeared in front of another man and with a backhand sent the man slamming into a wall and before anyone could do anything he disappeared.

“Wahhh.” One man screamed as Zhang appeared right on top of his hand while performing a downward roundhouse kick. Once the kick connected the man’s head was sent slamming into the floor.

Appearing beside Yuying and Ai, Zhang said “Kill me? Maybe it will be me who kills you.”

He then once more disappeared and appeared in front of the man who seemed to be the leader of the six guards and kicked at the man’s knee. Making the me kneel down and once the man kneed Zhang grabbed his head and lifted up his body and with one handed tossed the man at his two comrades who were standing close by.

Then Zhang slowly walked toward the drunk young man.

“Wha what do you want! Stop or I’ll have you kill!” The young man yelled

Totally ignoring the young man Zhang grabbed his arm and began pulling.

“Consider this a warning. Maybe next time you should keep your hands to yourself.”


“GAHHHHHHH.” The young man yelled in agony as his arm was disjointed.

“Now scram before I kill you.” Zhang said as he kicked the young man.

After kicking the young man Zhang proceeded to walk to where Yuying and Ai was and continued walking.

“Now we have to find Jian Wei, I’m getting hungry and he said he was buying dinner.” Zhang said.

“Yea we haven’t eaten all day. I’m starving.” Ai said

“You two sure are carefree I think we might have caused a bit of trouble just now. Although that jerk sort of deserved it.” Yuying said.

Not long after Yan Li had spotted them from the 2nd floor and went down to get them.

For dinner Zhang, Yuying, Ai, Jian Wei, and Yan Li ate at the same table. While the rest of the group opted to eat at a separate table. They were only normal soldiers and didn’t dare to sit at the same table as their lord.
However, they all ate in the same room. They had opted to pay a bit extra to dine in a separate room from the everyone else.

On the table were many dishes a few bring as roasted duck, Zhang’s favorite sweet and sour pork, wonton soup, and many other dishes.

Having not eaten such extravagant dishes in such a long time all table manners were lost and forgotten. Everyone stuffed themselves full of food. In an instant all of the food on the tables were gone and they had to order more.

Naturally the people who operated the inn came looking for Zhang. Turns out the drunken young man was the son of the ruler of the city Jin Chang. So they didn’t dare to go ask him for reparations for the broken tables and furniture.

They also warned Zhang that Jin Chang was a known lecher within the city and often used his father’s influence to make trouble for others so Zhang had to be cautious.

After eating they found out the Jian Wei had reserved the entire 4th floor of the inn for everyone. The 4th floor having the more extravagant rooms. He also offered to pay if anyone wished to get any “happy endings” tonight.
To which Zhang turned down, but a few of the sailors went for.

Jian Wei naturally had reserved a single room for Zhang, Yuying and Ai. Still believing they were all married.
The trio would have slept in the same room anyway even if he did not arrange for it. This was mainly for security reason. They felt safer when in the same room and if anything happened they would not be separated and could help one another.

In the room that the trio was going to sleep in was a giant bed in one corner and in the center there was a huge indoor hot spring. Well it of course it was not a real hot spring because the room is on the 4th floor.
Somehow the inn had recreated a hot spring in the floor on 4th story of the building.

“You two go in. I promise I won’t peek.” Zhang said with a devilish smile on his face. Naturally he meant it of course.

So he went to the bed in the corner and took off some blankets and pillows and laid them onto the ground. Once he had a small den set up on the floor Zhang went to bed.

The two beauties seeing that he had gone to sleep got undressed and bathed in the hot spring.

Well of course Zhang was not asleep. Who could fall asleep when two living goddesses was naked in the same room with them. The answer would be no one.

But he wanted them to enjoy themselves so he pretended to be asleep and laid facing the wall. However, many wild fantasies ran about in his brain as he laid there pretending to be asleep.

Water splashed about as Zhang laid there not making a sound then a thought ended up in his mind.

“Maybe just a little peek he thought. Yes a little peek wouldn’t hurt anyone. They wouldn’t even know he he he he.” Zhang thought

Slowly he pretended to toss and turn in his sleep and turned to the opposite direction he had been facing. Then slowly began to open his eyes.


“GAHHHH!” Zhang yelled.

Ai was laying right next to him in pajamas and staring at him.

“Gotcha! Ha ha ha ha.” She said as she laughed and got up and walked to the bed.

“Dang it!” Zhang cursed in his mind. He was too late and missed an opportunity of a lifetime.

Thus the night ended and everyone went to sleep.

Early in the morning it was time for breakfast.

Zhang had ordered room service to bring up a small banquet for the trio. He naturally did so before the two girls woke up to surprise them.

He ordered shumai, har gow, turnip cake, custard buns, won ton soup, fried shrimp balls, egg tarts, congee, and a ton of other dishes.

Every dish was to die for and could make people drool from their smell alone.
One Yuying and Ai woke up and smelled the delicious food they quickly changed and got to the table and began dining.

The trio naturally ate until they could not eat anymore. Everything edible on the table was gone and only empty plates were left.

Well everything but the last custard bun.

The three hungry wolves were all eyeing this last custard bun and wished to obtain it for themselves.

Ai took the initiative and plunged for it with her chopsticks. However not any slower then Ai Yuying also went in for the kill and with a twist of her wrist knocked back Ai’s chopsticks.


Zhang slammed his hand onto the table sending the custard bun into the air. Once it was in the air he too joined the fray and lunged at it with his chopsticks.

The trio battled each other over the last custard bun. Using every trick and move in their arsenal. Sadly, in the end the custard bun fell to the floor while they were battling.

“Dam it…. I’ll go order some more.” Zhang said as he opened the door and called in a waiter.

After eating breakfast, the trio jumped onto the huge bed and laid down next to each other enjoying each other’s company.

But this was cut short when they heard a yell from outside of the inn.


“It seemed that guy is back for more….” Yuying sighed

“Guess I should break his legs and arms this time.” Zhang said as he got up from the bed and headed for the door.


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