Dragon is Soul
Chapter 17: Escape?
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Dragon is Soul
Author :IEndwords
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Chapter 17: Escape?

Escaping from the pirates would not be an easy task. Zhang’s group had less than twenty people whereas there are hundreds of pirates wanting to claim their lives. Zhang was confident he could single handedly kill most of the pirates. But he was not confident in being able to safeguard Yuying, Ai, and Jian Wei.

He is only one person how would he be able to slaughter enemies while protecting others? In battle one would have to pick between the two because unless you possessed enough power choosing both would be a fool's dream.

“There had to be a way.” Zhang though.

That’s when it hit him. He could sink their ships they would allow him and everyone else to avoid having to fight the pirates head on. As for how he would sink the ships? Well he just happened to have two large canteens of super corrosive Lightning Eater poison in his interspatial ring.

“Everyone follow me! We have to make sure there are no more pirates on this ship. Once we know that the ship is clear we can escape! I have a plan!” Zhang said excitedly as he headed for the door.

Zhang had become the leader of the group within everyone’s heart by this point and no one questioned his decisions. His actions showed that Zhang is a decisive person and was a natural born leader.

If the pirates did not outnumber the sailors by such a high number by following Zhang’s commands they most likely would have beaten back the pirates by now.

As the group walked through the corridors they could still spot one or two pirates walking around. Compared to before the ship seemed empty and void of life.

Every pirate who came across Zhang’s path was quickly cut down before they could even utter a single word.
Once Zhang reached the deck of the ship he found it empty, well besides the corpses of the dead that laid everywhere.

A thought suddenly entered Zhang’s mind. The storage room on this one ship had so much treasure then the other ships most likely had an unbelievable amount of treasure also.

Although it was not the time to be greedy Zhang felt the need to check out what the other ships held. They might have some useful treasures for him to use to combat the pirates.

Thus he decided after the sunk the other pirate ships he would visit the store rooms to the ships that were now pirate free. Zhang somewhat regretted the he would not be able to get the treasures that could very well be on the ships that he will sink. But he was not going to let greed get the better of him at least not in a situation like this.

Off in the distance the remaining pirate ships including the flagship began moving. It had been a while since they sent two ships over to reinforce their comrades but afterwards they did not receive any signals that they mission had ended in success.

Anticipation filled Zhang’s eyes as the ships inched closer and closer toward him.

The wind blew and the sea rose up and down as Zhang waited for the pirates to come within range. He had taken out the two canteens and reshaped them. Zhang had turned the two large canteens into twenty orbs that could fit within his hand.

These orbs of course were filled with the corrosive poison inside and if throw against a hard surface would shatter like glass.

“Yuying, AI come here I have something fun for you two to do.” Zhang said with a devilish smile on his face.

Once the two girls had walked up to Zhang he handed them each six of the orbs filled with poison.

“Let’s make a bet whichever one of us can sink one of their ships the one who uses the least amount of orbs will win. The losers will have to listen to one demand from the winner. How’s that?”

“Hmmmm why not.” Yuying said.

“If I win then you’ll do whatever I want brother?” Ai said excitedly.

Thus the trio started a game which in a way decided the fate of hundreds of pirates.

Jian Wei, Yan Li and the rest of the sailors stared at the trio is disbelief. What kind of monsters were standing in front of them? So far they had seen that the trio was nearly fearless and extremely powerful. How could people so much younger than them be so much stronger?

The logical answer would be these three are geniuses. But being a genius also had its limits thus the trio was labeled human shaped monsters in the eyes of the sailor. This was meant in the nicest way possible with a hint of reverence

Once the pirate ships were a few hundred feet away the trio began throwing the orbs. Zhang was the first one to throw and the orb he threw landed on the side of the ship’s hull of one of the smaller ships. The orb shattered splashing corrosive poison all over an area of the ship’s hull.

A huge hole soon became vision on the ship's side and water began leaking. After moments the pirate ship bow began sinking. Not long after that the pirate ship disappeared from sight.

A few pirates who were above deck had been able to survive the sinking of the ship but the vast majority of pirates on that ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea only with the ship. Most of them died because they were stuck in the ship and others died due to the suction that the ship caused as it sunk pulling those unlucky souls down with it.

“One point for me.” Zhang said smugly

Not wanting to lose Yuying and Ai quickly threw one orb each landing on a different ship. Yuying’s orb had landed on the hull of a ship towards its stern. The ship began to take in water but oddly enough it did not sink.

Ai’s orb hit the hull of a pirate ship towards it’s bow just like Zhang. The ship began taking in water and began sinking and soon it just like the ship before it disappeared from sight.

A proud look could be seen on Ai’s face whereas a somewhat dejected look could be seen on Yuying’s. However shortly after the ship Ai targeted sank the ship Yuying had targeted began to sink also.

“Now it’s a three-way tie. What now brother?” Yuying said with a smile.

“Then that big ship will be the tie breaker.” Zhang said as he began throwing.

Zhang’s orb landed square on the side of the ship at the place where it meets the edge of the water. Water could be seen flowing into the hole that was made but the ship still stayed afloat.

Next was Yuying and Ai who also hit spots that would normally sink a ship. However strangely the ship was still floating as if nothing had happened. The trio kept throwing orbs until they ran out but the ship continued moving toward them without slowing.

“It must have floating compartments in the interior of the ship keeping the whole thing afloat.” Zhang said looking at the ship.

“Brace for impact!!” One sailor yelled out.

“This way!” Zhang said as he led everyone in the direction of one of the empty ships.

Soon after the flag ship collided with the ship that they had previously been one and pirates jumped over from the decks of the flag ship.

These pirates were out for blood. Many of their comrades had perished and they wished to get revenge. A man bulging with muscles jumped down from the deck of the flag ship.

This man was shirtless but wore a black cape and in his hand he held a giant halberd.

“Captain! No one is here!” A pirate yelled toward this man.


At this point he clearly did not care about the mission that he was hired for anymore. Too many of his subordinates had died and he fell into an endless abyss of rage.

What he didn’t know was when his ship rammed into the abandoned ship Zhang and his followers had all jumped over the opposite side of the ship into the water.

And as the pirates searched for them on the ship they swam to the other side and were climbing their way up and onto the pirate flag ship.

The pirate flash ship was roughly twice the size of the abandoned ship so naturally it took them a while to claim to the upper decks from the side of the ship.

Once they reached the deck of the pirate flash ship they found it completely empty.

“It seemed they all went over to the other ship looking for us.” Jian Wei said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Let’s go see if anyone is still left on board and silence them.” Zhang said.

They were planning to attack the pirate flag ship and then escape before anyone noticed. They would use this method to slowly sap the pirates out their numbers.

At once they rushed down toward the lower decks and slayed everyone they came across. Zhang’s primary objective was to kill as many pirates as he could. His 2nd objective was naturally the storage room in the pirate flag ship.

The interior of the flag ship was roughly identical to the other pirate ships which made it easy to navigate as Zhang headed for the storage room.

Soon they reached the door leading into the storage room. Zhang withdrew his sword from the interspatial ring and stabbed it into the lock of the door.

Once the sword was stabbed into the lock the door slowly began to creak open. After the door opened Zhang peered in and saw a massive room.

Thousands of chests laid about most likely filled with gold. Hundreds of smaller boxes and chests were neatly laid out on shelves. Without bothering to open the large chests Zhang took them all into his ring.

Naturally the sailors did not question Zhang. They were willing to let him get all the treasures if he was able to lead them to safety.

What caught Zhang’s attention was in the corner of the room were hundreds of kegs stacked on top of one another. A black powder like substance was scattered on the ground in front of these kegs which peaked Zhang’s interest.

From the knowledge from his past like these kegs were most likely filled with black powder which is basically gunpowder. Most likely the pirates were using the gunpowder to sterilize and cauterizing their wounds. This was of course there were no such things as cannons in this world yet, at least to Zhang’s knowledge.

A glint could be seen in Zhang’s eyes as he took the kegs into his ring.

Once they had cleared out the pirate storage room it was time to leave and head back to the other ship and catch some stragglers.

As they made their way toward the upper deck Zhang left behind a gift for the pirates when they came back.
After the group made it to the upper decks Zhang ordered them to jump in the water and hide as they did before. He was going to stay on the ship and wait until the pirates began coming back to their flag ship. Eventually they’ll have to come back once they find that all the ships were empty.

During his wait for the pirates to return Zhang took the chance to set up his trap further.
Suddenly he heard someone scream.


“Ha guess they searched all of the ships and came up with nothing.” Zhang laughed as he climbed up on of the sails of the flag ship.

A short while after the pirates began dejectedly coming back to their flag ship. Their search had been fruitless and many of their comrades had died for no reason. Their captain being furious is not a good thing either.

One by one the pirates boarded the ship and to their amazement their comrades who were left behind on the ship were all dead.

“BOSS!! Something is wrong! All our men that were left behind are dead!!” One pirate yelled out toward their leader who was still onboard the other ship.

“WHAT!!!!?” The leader of the pirate’s scream as he jumped up in the air and landed on the flag ship from the other ship. This was an amazing feat the flag ship was double the size of the other ship and was roughly one hundred feet taller than the other ship.

“Time to leave.” Zhang said as he jumps off the massive sail of the pirate flag ship. As Zhang falls toward the water in his hand appears a small orange fire.

The fire shot out from Zhang’s hand and landed on top of a trail of black powder. Once the fire touched the trail of black powder it triggered a burning trail.

Looks of horror appeared on all of the pirates faces. They saw the trail and the ones near it tried many means to stop it. Some kicked at the small trail of black powder on the ground. Others toss things over it. Some heroic souls even took to jumping on top and trying to stop the fire.

But Zhang made sure that they would not be able to stop it. He had made it so the trails of black powder would split off into multiple trails. One trail eventually turned to two and two eventually turned into four. Also the fact that the black powder burned at an extremely quick rate made it very difficult for the pirates to stop it.

Many pirates seeing that they had no way of stopping the burning trail jumped off the side of the ship. However only a few of them made it off before the trail reached its destination. Zhang had lined the 2nd of the flag ship with kegs of black powder at certain intervals.

Soon a massive explosion happened. Smoke, pieces of wood, fire, and various limbs of people flew in all directions. The last remaining pirates had been eradicated.

Watching from after was the group of survivors they had swam onto the ship on the opposite side of their original ship. Once they got onto the ship they had cut the ropes attaching it to the other ships and began sailing away.

Shortly after Zhang popped up to the surface of the water and made his way to them.

Once he reached the side of the ship they tossed down a rope and pulled him up.

“Good plan, good plan Zhang!! Haha” Jian Wei said as he patted Zhang on the back. If it had not for this young man he would of most likely died long ago so Jian Wei was filled with gratitude toward Zhang. In his heart he was dead set in making Zhang his successor.

Although Jian Wei is the powerful ruler of Aurora City he did not have any successors this was due to him being too caught up in developing the city and its influences ever since he had become the rule of the city.

He would spend all his free time building up the power of the city and making the lives of its people better. But time waits for no one and before he knew it he had become a middle aged man. Of course if he chose to as the ruler of a vast area he could choose any women he wanted to be his wife and then work towards having a child. But the one thing he worried about was that if he indeed had a child he worried that his child would not be a worthy successor.

What he wished for the most was for his people to thrive and not all successors were good ones. He had seen many times over where ancient clans were taken over by useless successors and began to decline.

He figured if he found a suitable successor it would at least guarantee that his clan would be safe. The successor of course would not harm him because he would definitely not choose someone who would harm their benefactor as his successor.

Zhang smiled back at Jian Wei and began walking towards Yuying and Ai. But before he was even able to take a few steps he heard a roar off in the distance.

As everyone looked toward the direction in which the roar came from they saw a hulking man swimming toward them at an unbelievable speed. This man was the pirate fleet captain.

“Shit, everyone go hide!! I will try to take care of him. If not abandon ship and swim in different directions. That way if he purses at least some of us will survive.

“No! I will fight with you brother!” Yuying said. Ai standing next to her also nodded.
None of the sailors seemed willing to go either.

“Fine then we will make our last stand here. We will die together or survive together!!” Zhang yelled

That instant the captain of the pirate fleet had jumped out of the water and landed on the deck of the ship. His eyes filled with fury as his vision swept the deck of the ship.
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