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2 Esmeralda X Pheobus
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Disney erotica collection
Author :SashaRose2002
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2 Esmeralda X Pheobus

The murky waters that I'd just forced myself to enter stunk like what I imagined death would smell like. It was horrible. Unless I actually had the chance to bathe, I'd stink like a rotting corpse for weeks.

My arms gave away and I dropped the heavy, handsome being onto the ground below me. I had to hide us in a bush so that we wouldn't be noticed by Frollo and his army of outraged men. Phoebus gave out a startled groan, waking up from the slumber he'd been forced to endure due to the dank water he was previously submerged in.

My hands brushed through the prickly leaves as I lay him down, leaving white scratch marks appearing on my skin.

"At least this bush will give us the privacy I've been begging for since the very first moment I laid eyes on you" He laughed, sighing from the pain of his wound, the tail of the arrow still poking out of his shoulder.

"Stay still. Your jokes and sarcastic comments won't help your wound to heal." My hand jerked upwards gaining a horrified scream from Phoebus.

"Quiet!" I whispered loud enough for him to hear. A cloth, forced by my own hands, fell into place on his shoulder. I watched as the blood soaked through, trickling out onto my hands.

"I wasn't joking." Phoebus peered deeply into my eyes as if I was supposed to fall under some sort of spell. His hazel brown eyes were well and truly hinting for something else he wanted.

Why? Out of all situations and he chooses this one to crave a woman's touch. My expression changed so that I could display a look of disapproval.

"Come on! At least try to help me feel better. I'm in pain and discomfort. Esmerelda... please."

"No. You need to rest. It won't help you!" Despite wanting to, I began to take off his armour. He became hopeful but I only took it off to remove the burdening weight of metal. He frowned in realization of this as soon as I stood up and threw the armour in the lake.

"Seriously... Why can't a woman understand the want of pleasure?" He pierced my soul with longing eyes. 

"Because us women have better things to think about... like getting you to shut up, for example." The quicker he shuts up, the more I can focus on stopping him from dying.

"It won't take long, I promise Esmerelda..." Pheobus' eyes scorched my soul with need. I couldn't turn away for him to please himself either due to the fact that he couldn't move his right arm at all. With my arms crossed, legs folded on the ground and a clenched jaw, it took me a while to give in.

Give him a break I thought. He was a soldier after all and it didn't look like he had this type of contact with a woman in a long while. His pleading stares and painful grunts made me feel sympathy for the poor guy.

It would be a quick ordeal I thought. The sooner I got this over and done with, the sooner I could drag him out of here and get help.

With my knees already knelt on the patchy mud, I crawled over his body until my face was in line with his. Our lips connected desperately; our tongues stirring, mouths slipping and a transfer of heat between our cores. I was sat on top of his crotch area, grinding slowly over the thin material of his trousers. This gained the occasional grunt from Pheobus. I chuckled slightly while speeding up the pace until he threw his head back.

"It's not enough!" He cried, taking my hips in a firm hold. He pushed them down so that my core slid over every inch of his manhood.

"Pheobus." I gasped. We were getting nowhere.

I stood up slightly so that it was easier to remove his lower garments. I was then able to slide them down halfway before his mean hands forced me onto him. My heart began to beat rapidly. 

This wasn't what I had in mind. I was going to use my mouth or hands as I didn't expect to get anything out of this. This was okay too: I just didn't like the idea of carrying a soldier's child.

Our hips crashed together vigorously, creating a friction that made a new burning pain. I rocked backwards and forwards for a while, feeling him enter and exit my body multiple times. knowing he was almost there, I sped up the pace as I felt him begin to tense up beneath me.

Without warning, my body collapsed on top of Pheobus, involuntarily groaning as I felt him fill me. He yelled out victoriously.

We lay there. Still. Staying stuck together in the moment. Panting; dripping with sweat.


"Don't mention it. Just don't expect me to do that ever again."

Our eyes connected for a few moments before our lips did the same.

"I was only going to ask for one more favour..."

"Which is?"

"Get me out of here." He grunted, holding his gored shoulder.



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