Death’s Heir
197 A
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Death’s Heir
Author :BurningSkies
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197 A




Walking out of the ally after wrapping the scythe back up Xavious started spitting the blood out of his mouth.
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He hated the taste of blood.

Behind him the ally was painted red, organs and body parts were everywhere, no single body was left intact.

Xavious didn't bother staying to check if anyone saw the only thing he made time for was to check their pockets.

The much blood was bound to start waking warbeast up soon and he wasn't going to stay to see what would happen when they did.

Based on the small pulse of pain that came from his chest.

By the time Xavious left he saw the lights behind him coming on one by one. It didn't take long for those who didn't sense anything to come looking after hearing the commotions.

The ones that were weaker and couldn't resist the urge to act on instinct had to be restrained.

But that only lasted so long, due to their struggling it was inevitable for other warbeast to get hurt and once that started happening everything started going downhill.

To restrain the warbeast that started to act on instinct they had to be knocked unconscious.

Fighting to put down those that had lost control, blood kept spilling and the thrill of fighting slowly started to grab hold.

Before long it was no longer about knocking them unconscious, they started enjoying it.

The thrill of fighting got stronger and more blood spilled.

The entire town became a battlefield, by tomorrow morning the town will become completely lifeless.

Standing a good distance away from the town Xavious watched without much as it was slowly engulfed in flames.

Turning around he continued walking he didn't really care, things like this weren't rare, most warbeast avoid killing each other in cities because of situations like this and if the urge couldn't be curbed they choose to find an arena, every town had different an arena that was built by the residence.

Every one of them was built from the same expensive materials, as for what they were Xavious wasn't sure but they seemed to suppress the desire for violence of the onlookers.

As Xavious was going on his way a crippling pain that was far worse than the very first time came from his chest.

What now?!

From his experience, he knew that this meant Azreal was even further away from him!

But how did the little shit get so far away from in such a short time?

Even changing directions?!

Xavious's eyes turned completely bloodshot all he could do was sink his claws into the ground and grit his gum.

From his experience, he knew that the further away he was the more intense the pain would be but the pulses would be a lot more spaced out as if giving him time to recover and get moving, as he got closer to the pulsing would get faster but less painful.


"It's a lot bigger than it looks" Noticing Azreal staring at the castle floating above them Nawai spoke.

Since he stepped out of the town he'd been mesmerized by it, Although all he could see was the bottoms, it still looked amazing, the entire castle was glowing, hundreds of different ever-changing light.


Azreal asked skeptically because just looking at it from the ground it seemed huge, how much bigger could it be?

"Yea my grandfather said when he was young his grandfather told his that if His majesty's castle should descend majority of the island would be crushed including this one, in the books and paintings they only show him as being a bit larger than most but he says that's not the case most warbeast just can't comprehend how huge our king is so they represent him in a form that's easier for us to understand and believe"

"I how does it stay afloat?"

"You don't believe me do you, but that's fine I'll show you what my grandfathers' grandfather showed him when we get to my house" shrugging his shoulders Nawai continued. "I don't know how it floats, to be more accurate no one except his majesty and the mother knows"



The moment Azreal stepped into the city, deep inside the towering castle a giant dragon lay asleep in the halls of the palace.

The sheer size of the giant was enough to blacken the sky if he should leave this room.

The moment he woke up a smiling old dragon in demi-human form burst through the huge doors running into the room, standing in front of the giant dragon, the smallest scale on the giant's body dwarfed the old warbeast.


Taking a deep breath that seemed to suck all the air out of the room and when he exhaled it was like a hurricane blew but the old warbeast stood firm.

"It's nothing I thought I sensed Estë a moment ago...." His voice sounded like the rumbling of thunder causing the room to shake, as he spoke he closed his eyes and went back into his deep slumber.

Watching the giant fall back to sleep the old warbeast turned sad and walked out, quietly closing the doors behind him


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