12 A Battle of the Pas
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Author :Facx
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12 A Battle of the Pas

"When is that damn Priest friend of yours arriving Merlin?" Alexander spat as he sawed through the horde of demons sweat drenching his entire body.

"I don't know he's quite... Never mind keeping focusing. Le mos," Merlin replied as he continued to barrage spells continuously as the horde of demons overflowed through the portal.

"Keep pushing he should be here anytime soon! KO mos!" Merlin screamed as he felt deathly cold yet he continued.
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Alexander sweating continued too butcher his way through the demons his sword sluggishly twisting turning dismembering limbs of the demons.

Both companions tired still persisted their mind and body exhausted yet their will to continue exploded with brilliance.

"Do.. *Pant* You... *Pant* Hear... *Pant* that... *Pant* Music?" Alexander panted before dropping his knees exhausted. Struggling to keep his eyes open he saw what could only be described as the essence of rage and carnage as he saw what most would believe to be doom. Seeing him from within the portal he could feel sorry the demons had to go through.

Alexander seeing the man in Armour lift a demon before ripping its guts could only smirk before passing out. He was alright passing out knowing that monster arrived he was relived. The demons stood no chance.

The demons as if shrieking turned back to see the doom slayer his hands inside a demon's chest before clawing sideways tearing the demon in half its corpse exploded to the sides its blood dripping on the Doom slayers Armour his music turning more intense.


Doom slayer not one for words smiled deeply as he continued his carnage bodies of the demons littering the battlefield. Not wanting to waste any more time the Doom slayer pulled out his shotgun. It elegant style shining creating a beacon of light causing all the demons to shriek as they felt their skins burn for the first time.

Merlin seeing his friend could only chuckle before laying down and meditating. The Doom Slayer was in his own territory. No demon was free from his sight he knew more then anyone if his friends hate fir demons after all it was he who led him here.

"Old friend you are late. The banquet started thirty minutes ago. Never thought you would be starting from the other end. Ha, ha!" Merlin chuckled as hs saw the demons being slaughtered by the hundreds as the demon slayer strode with power his every move butchering the demons to nothing more than flesh on the floor.

The Doom slayer seeing the fool he called a friend he could smile back as he crushed the head of the demon it brains matter splattering on his helmet. Although his rage had toned down his hatred of demons still floated in his heart. Demons no matter their age or power were made to be slaughtered by him.

"Doom Slayer you... *Guck*." The demon tried to speak before its throat was crushed instantly blood gushing from its body.

"You are but a false idol- *Guck*," The demon spoke before a shotgun entered its mouth.


"Reeeeeee! *Bang*," A demon screamed before being blasted away like the many before it as the demon slayers hate and wrath poured into the atmosphere of the battlefield plaguing the demons.

The Demon slayer finishing the Horde finally closed the portal. Walking towards Merlin he stood unfazed as he saw the wizard struggling on the ground still trying to meditate.

"What old friend you here to finish me off like the rest of the demons are you going to help an old pal," Merlin asked his hand reaching out. The Demon slayer unfazed lifted his shotgun towards Merlin head.

"Come now you would shoot little old me now woul- *Bang*," Merlin questioned before falling down onto the floor lifelessly his head being blasted off.

Alexander waking up only saw the Demon slayer blast the head of Merlin as his body tumbled on the ground.

"What have you done!" Alexander screamed as his lungs burned tears falling down.

The doom slayer could only shake his head before letting the a piece of paper fall down near Alexander. Alexander seeing the paper pulled himself forward. Looking at the paper his eyes shook.

"No... No! This can't be true! You damn Priest! I'll kill you for your forgery! I'll murder you for you lies!" Alexander shouted his ignorance being on full display before he passed out once again. The paper sliding flowed through the air. The paper though was no ordinary piece of paper in fact some would say it was demonic...

[ In exchange for great power I am willing to give you my soul. I here by give thy soul to you Mephisto. May your power flow through me - Signed Myrddin Johnson ]

The Demon slayer unfazed by the screaming could only walk forward and continue his onslaught. Mephisto needed to be taught a lesson. Doom was all that he was getting.


The Demon slayer was sick of Mephisto's games although his power was beyond mortal understanding. The doom slayer was no mortal. Lifting his rocket launcher he blitzed through the hordes of imps that Mephisto commanded through.

"Why wont you die? You a hard one to deal with you know Doom Slayer your soul is quite the hard bargain especially trying to trick you but what if I give you something other then vengeance?" Mephisto smirked as he continued the hard blasts pushing him back.

The demon slayer hearing Mephisto started get even more hatred his rage blowing through the sky. Not waiting anymore The doom slayer pulled out his favorite weapon. Switching to the modified BFG. Charging it he let it rip.

"Quite unfortunate but I'll be seeing you again Doom Slayer in fifty years I'll be back HA HA HAH AHA HAH HA HA HAH AH AH AH AH HA HAA HA-!" Mephisto laughed as he was obliterated out of existence.


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