11 Iron man 4
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Author :Facx
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11 Iron man 4

Walking out of the ship Tony stark looked at the awaiting Assistant her eyes red and her make up almost spoiled.

"Hmm... Your eyes are red. You miss your own boss?" Tony stark teased as walked toward her his arm being held up by a strap around his back.

"These are eyes of joy I don't like hunting for a new job," She remarked.

"Well, Vacations over," Tony replied before entering the car with her.

"Where to sir?" The driver asked as he adjusted his seat belt a little.

"Take us to the hospital." Pepper replied but was sternly interrupted by Tony.

"Nope. Cheeseburgers first come on snap to it." Tony demanded as he sat back resting on the chair as he looked at Pepper.

"You were just kidnapped you need to be checked on," She argued.

"Look I was held custody for two months ill do what I want and what I want is an America cheeseburger. There are three things on my mind right now and cheeseburgers are on the top of that list. A press conference comes second. The third... We'll discuss that later.

"What in the hell are you needing a press conference for?" Pepper questioned before Tony hurried the driver.

"Hurry up we don't have all day cheeseburgers incoming," Tony hurried.


"Ok before we start I just want everyone to just sit down for a little so we can make this less formal as it already is. You know so we can make this more personal than it already has to be. Yeah, that's good." Tony commanded before sitting down and pulling out a freshly wrapped cheeseburger and munching it down.

"Ok so before we begin I would just like to say a few words. Now looking at my father's company which I inherited I always wondered? Did my father ever feel guilty about the weapons he built and sold? Did ever feel bad on the families that were ripped and destroyed because of the weapons he produced. Well, I don't want to be the reason for such things. I don't want to be apart of a society that doesn't feel guilty or deals with the repercussions of their actions," Tony stated as he looked into the crowd.

"So from this day forward... I am shutting down all my weapon facility and productions," He continued causing everyone to be shocked at his response.

Looking around he saw Obie shocked aswell. Quickly taking the mic he tried to reassure everyone. I'm sure Tonys just not in the right mind right now I'll be sure to talk to him," He reassured before following the stormed off Tony.


"I'm sorry I didn't discuss this with you but you know it was just something I had to say," Tony assured.

"Look Tony weaponry manufacturing is our only source of money we can't really do anything else you know all those other projects are just side jobs come on reconsider your decision," Obie pleaded as he wrapped his arm around Tony.

"Look We can do better," Tony argued.

"Show me your chest," Obie replied unbuttoning Tony shirt till he saw the mini-arc reactor.

"I thought we just made it shut up the hippies and here you are creating the damn thing in a cave with scraps... Look there hasn't been another development for nearly 25 years I doubt we could do it." He stated scratching his bald head.

"Look if I can make an advancement inside a cave with scraps I can only imagine what I can do with everything in the world," He assured.

"Well, you are your fathers' son so I'll let you at it," He smiled.


"So why are we traveling to Antarctica?" Pepper asked as she nudged Tony who seemed staring at a picture of his father.

"My father never talked about his past or even his own father. Its time we find out why you stay here this one is ... Personal," Tony replied as he exited out of the plane chucking the picture frame out at the back of the plane.

Waking closer though he felt colder and colder as if the atmosphere around this church was getting colder. Pulling out another jacket he continued to walk closer and closer by himself. Reaching towards the door he pushed it forward and hearing the cracking of the door. But instantly the atmosphere changed from one of the coldest places on earth to the warmest and comfiest place he's ever been. Candles started to flare before a door suddenly cracked open.

Tony seeing it cracking opened went closer only to see... a bedroom of sorts. Looking around he found picture frames with pictures. Seeing a camera he looked at it and found it was a homemade camera made with spare parts. Looking at the picture he saw a... Younger Howard stark his father with that strange man his face still timeless. Confused he started to look at the rest each with the strange man in it and him smiling in each one. The youngest his father was in the photo was one of him looking like the age of fourteen. His father never smiled even when he came home showing his accomplishments he would only stare at it before minding his own business.

Searching more he found a Journal of sorts the name on top it Howards Diary. Curious he decided to read it and find out more of his father's past and what he was like before he came to be.

( 17th August 1930 )

- Man I can't believe it! A new life. Thanks to that weird priest I've escaped that bastard of a father looking back it what that damn weird bald lady said was true how can a father kill his own son. That's no father a real father would cherish his child and show him the way of life not strip it from him...

Tony reading into it was shocked he never knew his father was nearly killed by his own but then was that his father on paper or was it that priest just what was going on he though but what made him laugh was the last sentence of that paragraph looks like time can change a person.

( 18th November 1931 )

- He's such a great person he's more of a father than that scat of living flesh could ever be he's fed me looked after me and taught me more than what I could ever dream too. Thought I wonder when He'll teach me magic? Oh well, things to worry about in the future and not right now.
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Reading through Steve could only keep reading his eyes stuck to the page as he thought of what changed him to be a stern person who never gave a damn about me.

( 20th November 1932 )

- Seems curiosity got the best of me and I snuck into the pack where The priest secretly goes into. He even put a lock on it. Using my ingenuity and God-like intellect though I created a plasma cutter and got through though... He caught me. Smiling he started to train me although the word torture came to mind more though as he gave me unrealistic goals which got harder and harder every day but he would heal me making me push myself even further.

( 30th June 1934 )

- Not much has happened throughout the years just that I'be been thinking of the future. I want to be a father just like that priest but I want to do it my way. I want a daughter so that I wont have to worry about him becoming me. Although it seems weird its just I know thing will change soon I have a feeling things are gonna get harder and harder and I feel that I'll change with it. Maybe ill become a monster but I hope when the time comes it won't be too late. Maybe I'll be the stern type to always act like they don't but secretly do? that could be cool then my daughter would be strong and tough unlike me...

- Tony reading through could only cry a little as tears trickled down his face looking at his father's Diary maybe he wasn't so heartless after all Tony though as put the diary inside his pocket the diary was only small though Tony's pockets inside his coat were large.

"Tony where are you? There you are you've been gone for ages it's been two hours since you left I knew you were digging up on something about your dad but didn't have to leave for so long I started to get scared you might have been kidnapped again," She stated worriedly.

Tony understanding walked by and walked out only to see the priest looking down at a Bible reading it. Shocked Tony fumbled to say any words.

"Who are you," Tony stated towards the priest as his face remained the same yet he was supposed to be dead.

The Doom Slayer shaking his head reached out of his pocket and gave it too him and the shock on his face even grew more. On the passport was the name of his grampa John Blazkowicz. Reported dead since 1950.


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