10 Iron man 3
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Author :Facx
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10 Iron man 3

(Warning: This chapter contains some... Weird scenes, not lemon ones just... you'll see)

Waking up I felt groggy. Something was strapped to my chest and it felt... Metallic, Heavy. It wasn't something I wanted to be there. Looking to the side I saw bottles of medicine and a man adjusting his glasses off to the side he seemed to clean and posh to be a prisoner yet he was all alone with.

Ripping the bandages I was interrupted by the man.

"I would do that if I were you," He stated before looking at me.

Not bothering to answer I continued to rip it off before seeing the thing strapped to my body a cable dangling down to a car battery.
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"Greetings Tony Stark that thing strapped to your chest? That's what's keeping you alive, and me? Well, I'm the guy who kept you alive you welcome," He smiled.

"What is this," I asked pointing to the circle before turning to face him.

"An electromagnetic see the shrapnel in my hands this is what was in near your chest the thing strapped to your heart is what stopping the rest of it puncturing through," He replied throwing me a cylinder containing small pieces of sharp metal rattling around in it.

"We call them the walking dead back at my home town since it would usually take a week for the shrapnel to reach the heart," He joked earning me a frown.

"Where am I?" I asked him but before he could finish the sound of a door was opened looking to where it came from a group of Arabic men came out with my weapons still brandishing the Stark logo.

"Quickly stand up! Stand up!" The doctor all of sudden shouted quietly as he pulled me up from my seat. Getting up he looked at me and put his hands up seeing him I followed through with it.

"Come on following as I do." He responded before looking at the terrorist that held my weapons just how did they get em I wondered.

"tarhib tuni sarikh alqatl aljamaeii alshahir fi tarikh 'amrika !" The fat terrorist shouted as he paused waiting for the doctor to talk.

"What did he say?" I asked scratching my head as I turned the doctor who turned to look at me before talking.

"He said 'Welcome tony stark the famous mass murder of all of America'," He responded his face still filled with caution. Hearing him I paused was I really... That Bad?

"He is honored to have you here... He wants you to build... Build the Jericho missile," The doctor continued. Smiling at him I shook my head.

"No," I responded before a bag was chucked onto my head.


(2 months)

"The military has ordered a manhunt on a priest. Officials say he is a 6ft 5 be careful police and even the army have warned not to approach as said man is extremely dangerous if seen run." The News reported before switching to another topic.

"It has been two months since Tony stacks kidnapping from the terrorist God bless his soul," The reporter stated before changing to a different topic though all that was heard was the loud clicking of a shotgun.

The room started to build and someone's anger started to resurface. Rage was started to overwhelms his mind as loud storms reigned down outside.


The person raging broke the TV before exiting the room and leaving burnt footsteps on the ground. The Doom slayer had to do some exterminating once again his purge had once again started although this time HYDRA wasn't the target.




"Please I don't *Bang* Know *Bang* where *Splat*," A terrorist stated before being violently splattered into the wall his head exploding. The Doom slayer was looking for answers not pleads. Dropping the now headless corpse he moved onto the next grabbing the head of the next tied up Terrorist he lifted his head next to the wall before showing him the picture of Tony stark.

"Fuck you shadh aleahirat alkalaba," Spat towards the Doomslayer which only earnt him a Demonic smile. He had found a lead. Strapping his body to a chair he pulled out a weird dildo spike and all. The Terrorist seeing the thing started to panic.

"Please I'll tell you where he is just don't put that thing up in me please!" The terrorist shouted as his heart started to race to look at the bloody dildo of death as spikes extruded out of it. The Doom slayer hearing him put it in front of him.

"He's obviously in Afghanistan in the mountains the coordinates are on my phone please slow me to open it for you," He pleaded. The Doom slayer pulling out his phone and hacking directly into it before seeing the coordinates walk out the room leaving the Terrorists in their alone.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! allahum 'anqadhani mn hdha altaedhiba! yrja hifz li qad tama lltw qataeat 'arsuli mae disar airtafaeat mae aldam tughatiy dhilk!" The terrorist screamed before panicking even more seeing smoke pour into the room.

"allaenat ealayk alkalbat al'amrikia! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Screamed as he started to felt the bloody Dildo go higher. The Doom slayer though only continued his rage of terror through the other camps till he reached the coordinates.

Reaching it he saw a bunch of terrorists patrolling the surrounding area. Seeing them the Doom slayer pulled out his Splat gun. Although it was overkill since it used energy these people needed to be taught a lesson. The Splat gun was a nickname that the doom slayer gave to it since it was gun which drilled directly into the target body before exploding it from the inside. Some people needed to be taught a lesson Especially to those who dare mess with the Doom Slayer. Pulling it out he rushed through the premises.


"They're gonna get for what they did to Doc! Taste my motherfucking flame flowers and bullets bitch!" I screamed as I blitzed his through the cave.







hearing screams and the loud sound of drills entering flesh and explosions I looked on confused as I saw limbs everywhere. That was until I saw him. Looking at him he could only shudder. It was the same priest from before. The priest from twenty-seven years ago. The same person who was there at the funeral his necklace dangling from his neck.

Looking at him he looked at me confused before shaking his and walking away smiling. Trying to walk towards him I was met to a portal to Antarctica. The portal closing I was left with more questions. Just taking a glimpse of the portal he saw a church cozily chilling on the ice.

Feeling dizzy I took off the armor pieces and looking at the ground to see a hamburger and drink. Weird is all I thought before grabbing it and eating and damn did it feel good to eat something American. Drinking the drink that was left for me I smiled coke. Looking off at the hot dessert I finished my meal and decided to go on. It was time to get answers and do something new. My legacy, as well as my fathers', was on the line. Thank you, Doc for all you have done for me.


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