8 Iron man 1
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Author :Facx
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8 Iron man 1

"So you're telling me that priest struck again... and we still couldn't capture his whole face. What happened to the files on him?" A HYDRA soldier shouted at the other as his face fumed with rage his hands nearing his holster.

"Sir every time I search up the file on this Priest it only leads to dead ends and blank spots on articles sir. It's like something on our systems is deleting everything on him. Even hard copies of evidence on him have been purged. The only thing we've found sir is he is under a file named ( DOOM ) Which can only be encrypted by the original person who's made it." The soldier shook as his hands fiddled.



The Hydra soldier angry at the other shot him in the head causing the other's body to lazily flop and bang on the desk next to him as his lifeless body now slowly decaying his eyes filled with the void. The soldier staring the lifeless body continued to fire shots causing the now lifeless body to look at of a butchered meat carcass ready to be devoured.





"This damned priest knows nothing of our work. Cut one head and two will take its place. If this damn priest were to show up I would personally butcher him myself," The soldier shouted his heart out until an alert came over the speakers.

"Intruder alert code: DOOM SLAYER"

"Who made that alert?" The leading soldier questioned as reloaded his pistol his anger still raising.

"You just had to jinx it, sir," A soldier quipped as he pulled out a laser rifle with the rest and aimed down their sights.

"Know your place else you will end up like the body next to the desk," The soldier spat before heading off.

"Asshole," The soldier muttered before he slumped onto the ground.



Coming from the ground a portal magically appeared before a hand coming from underneath him grabbed his leg before crushing him and pulling him down. On the other side of the door though screams could be heard like the noise of mangling. Screams though were blasted through the speakers his voice screaming of agony before a sudden crack resonated through.

Then came the sudden music a piece of demonic music played through the speakers a song to familiar to the soldier as it was the only piece of evidence they could scrounge up from the evidence it seems it was the only thing he wanted them to hear.

DOOM (2016) OST - BFG Division

The soldier scared aimed at the floors and firing randomly. Heaving Havoc the solders were gripped to death one by one before a sudden bang came from the front door only see nothing. The soldiers though still frightened peed their pants. This wasn't something of the norm. Aliens? Easy. Physco paths? Easy, but this, this was something else. This was a demon in human form. A monster of a sort. This wasn't a run in the mill threat.


A soldier frightened shot ahead only to see the priest behind him holding his shoulder before feeling pain coming from his spine. He was literally being torn in two by the demon they called a priest. His strength was unheard of. If he were to describe his strength it would only lead to one word. Demonic.






Running quickly into my office I banged into my mirror causing the shards to bang next to my desk causing the mirror to slip into pieces. Turning off the light I quickly looked for a spot to hide.

Holding my pistol I crept under my desk holding my breath using my watch I saw the demon they called a priest demolishing my unit. Gripping the pistol tightly I wiped the sweat off my head. Feeling my pulse my heart was rising. The image of seeing my whole unit being literally tared apart one by one was horrifying. Hearing the music though it only glowed louder before loud steps echo throughout my office.

It was him.

Quitely wiping my hands I quietly waited for him to walk away. The sweat was starting to drip onto the floor. The room felt as if a live fire was right next to me. Though I sweated as if running in a marathon a chill ran through my spine. Even though my body felt hot only cold sweat dripped.









Seeing his feat I could only silently scream internally as I felt like punching myself for jinxing this whole event. Looking at the mirror Horror only started to seep into me, Because although the mirror shattered the image of the Demon only smiled back at me.






DC/AC Back in Black - 2012

"What's with the atmosphere it's not like I killed someone, did I? It feels almost like you guys are gonna pull over and drug me what's the deal? Hey, Forrest" I quipped as I played with my drink.

"You're allowed to talk sir." The soldier next to me added in before looking back in front.

"So I see its personal. What made you guys so intimidated is it my perfect goatee or are my glasses just too menacing?" I snarked letting my glasses.

"No sir I believe the fact your an arms dealer is?" A soldier in front replayed as she looked ahead as well.

"Good God, You're a woman? I honestly couldn't have called that. I mean, I'd apologize,

but isn't that what we're going for here?" I smiled earning a laugh from the soldier next to me.

"Go ahead laugh it'll only serve to make this boring ride interesting. I thought of you as a male soldier at first. Your builds got you all muscled up I couldn't tell the difference" I cheered.

"Though your eyes are starting to sparkle up their maybe I'll need a little closer of look. You're kinda making it harder to look away now," I flirted eating her smile.

"I'm an airman," She replied hiding her face looking to the left out of her window.

"Hey, Mr stark is it true you came out of an orphanage after donating three million dollars charity with the 12 maxim award cover model?" The soldier drive asked his face waiting for a response.

"Of course though she got a little tired halfway through I'm kinda known for my endurance," I sneered as I drank my alcohol.

"Had to go in for Christmas as well found out it was twins as well though sadly Christmas repeats history again and I had to book another serving," I smiled earning more cheers from the boys and a little cluster from the girl. This was turning out to be more fun than usual.

"Hey, sir could... I take a picture of you and me?" The soldier next to me replied his face flashing of excitement seeing the poor fella I couldn't help but agree.

"Sure! Just don't let me catch you posting this on myspace and that or whatever is currently popular right now though. No gang signs nevermind flash em up. Yeah, that's right I love peace. Raise em up baby," I cheered.

"Come on stop fiddling with the camera just press the damn things we don't get all day," The solder next to me hurried at his partner.



'What in the holy mother of... Nevermind whats the hells going on I," I asked as I turned to see the exploding car in front.

" Stay in the car I got this," The female responded before jumping out of the car and getting instantly gunned down.

"Damn it, contact on the left," The soldier yelled into his coms before jumping out.

"Jimmy, stay here and protect stark I thinks these are those terrorists we were talking about on the way here," He hurried before jumping out completely and shooting a few shots before getting gunned down again.

"Hey stay here," The soldier next to me commanded before running off.

'Hey stop at least give me a gun you knob!" I shouted before seeing him get gun downed and bullets strayed into the vehicle nearly taking me with him.

Getting out I shakily made my way out in the open trying to find a way out this was one way of this hell hole. Diving my way through the explosions I jumped to the nearest rock and stayed there this was one hell of paparazzi for just me.

Pulling out my phone I quickly tried contacting for help before a missile hitting right next to me. Seeing the logo I mentally shuddered blaring the logo I see every day I sighed before jumping away quickly. Stark Industries, huh. Supplying to terrorists instead of the military. Gotta love peace. Feeling the shrapnel hit me I looked to see it hit me in the chest. directly into my heart. How ironic I thought before being knocked out conscious.

Waking up I found myself staring at a camera next to terrorists. Great.


(a Few Days earlier)

Tony Stark.

Visionary. Genius.

American patriot.

Even from an early age,

the son of legendary

weapons developer Howard Stark

quickly stole the spotlight

with his brilliant and unique mind.

At age four,

he built his first circuit board.

At age six, his first engine.

And at 17, he graduated

summa cum laude from MIT.

Then, the passing of a titan.

Howard Stark's lifelong friend

and ally, Obadiah Stane,

steps in to help fill the gap

left by the legendary founder,

until, at age 21, the prodigal son returns

and is anointed the new CEO

of Stark Industries.

With the keys to the kingdom,

Tony ushers in a new era

for his father's legacy,

creating smarter weapons,

advanced robotics, satellite targeting.

Today, Tony Stark has changed

the face of the weapons industry

by ensuring freedom

and protecting America

and her interests around the globe.

As liaison to Stark Industries,

"I've had the unique privilege of serving with a real patriot. He is my friend and he is my great mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present this year's Apogee Award

to Mr. Tony Stark. Tony?" Rhody asked as he turned to look around scratching his head.


"Work it! Come on!" Tony screamed as he rolled the dice before backing up into someone.

"Hey watc-," He spat before seeing him.
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"Your unbelievable just really. Your just shocking." Rhody shook as he looked at Tony gambling again.

"Did they rope you into this or something Rhody come one you know me," Tony cheekily smiled as he patted his friend in.

"They didn't rope me into anything but they told me that if I presented you with an award,

you'd be deeply honored. Instead, I got embarrassed on your behalf in front of everyone really nice move Tony," Rhody sighed handing him the award.

"Thanks really sorry about that. Here hold this I don't have any of those floating around," Tony muttered before handing the award to the pretty lady next to him just as dazzling as the next.

Finishing Tonys gambling they finally made there way out of the casino.

"Mr. Stark! Excuse me, Mr. Stark! Christine Everhart, Vanity Fair magazine. Can I ask you a couple of questions? " A beautiful reporter shouted across to Tony.

"She quite the dazzler I must say let her through I might be shining upon the planets tonight maybe even adventuring through them," Tony sneered as he made his way to her.

"Let me guess Mrs. Lane?" He quipped earning her a smile.

"Everhart. Christine Everhart. You've been called the da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that? She wondered.

"Pretty stupid I don't paint and If I were I'd probably be better. Maybe I could paint you like my French girls" He responded without effort.

"And what do you say of your nickname," She asked again.

"The merchant of death? Pretty edgy if you ask me but it's not every day you called it. Not that bad," He smiled.

"Now my turn. Let me guess Berkeley?" Steve smirked winking towards her.

"Brown actually," She quipped.

"Well Mrs. Brown it's an imperfect world, but it's the only one we've got. I guarantee you, the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace, I'll start making bricks and beams

for baby hospitals." Tony replied earning her a sneer.

"Do you rehearse that every night?" She teased back.

"Every night. Before bedtime," He sneered back.

"All I want is a serious response that's all I want," She sighed.

"That won't be the only thing you'll want after this but I'll tell you this. Here goes serious. My old man had a philosophy "Peace is only a false image of the war the hides behind it" because peace is never fully achieved and with my weapons and the technology he's left me I'm going to end it for our country," Tony reminisced even today he always thought back to that line.

"Quite the talk for the guy that's making it worse," She sneered.

"Better. My weapons are making the future honey. My father helped defeat the nazi's and worked on the manhattan project a lot of, even your professors at brown would call that being a hero," He pointed out.

"Yeah and a lot of people would call that war profiteering," She pointed back.

"So tell me are you going to report me on my success on not only managing on so many breakthroughs on technology but also the medical breakthroughs that have not only have saved many lives but also giving them back. Are you going to report me on the Intelli-crops that are feeding millions of starving lives or are you going to spend your night with me in my billion-dollar mansion?" He flirted earning him a cluster from the reporter.

"Ever lose an hour of sleep at night of your whole life?" she asked sarcastically.

"No, but I'm willing too for you," He sneered.


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