7 Son
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Author :Facx
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7 Son

(Back to the present)

The Doom slayer reading his newspaper could only sigh. The captain had sacrificed himself and won the war. Picking himself up he decided to check on his lover bird.

Walking to the bar though he felt a familiar aura. A strange one. Running into the ally way he saw a familiar figure run away.

Scratching his head he could only swear to see him. Making his way he could see her tearing up. Coming to he patted her shoulder.

"I miss him," she muttered deflated as she continued to drink.

It seemed she took something harder than a bullet to the chest. The man took her heart and died with it. Seeing herself she could only slap herself together.

"Enough about me I was thinking of creating an independent agency separate from the government," she stated patting her cheeks before sitting up straight.

Hearing what she was saying he could only gesture for her to continue.

"Your still not much of a talker, huh." she smiled before sliding the cups of alcohol away.

"Well anyway here's the briefing," she stated before sliding a folder.

Seeing the folder it was titled S.H.I.E.L.D seeing it he quickly skimmed through it.

"So are you willing to join? Howards already on board." She assured.

Seeing her casually have her file on her person while drunk he could only sigh at her stupidity. If she were to casually have this on her a spy could potentially infiltrate her agency. Burning the file he left her with a slip of paper.

Peggy seeing the paper saw the paper with the words burn when needed. Seeing his back she understood and stuffed it into her pocket.

Walking outside it was time to do some renovation. The old church needed moving somewhere secluded. where no one would dare to go... Antarctica.

Hopefully, global warming doesn't affect earth too much The doom slayer wasn't too keen on getting washed up.

Teleporting to his church he sat there looking at the American flag. The boy had done a good job serving his country though he could only smile.


(Russia 199?)

"Sir I believe the Americans have betrayed us." A man announced turning to his boss handing him a folder.

"I don't believe their that stupid they've already lost so much during the Vietnam War They certainly wouldn't want to mess with especially with our environmental advantage," He stated already having looked at the file.

"So how goes the experiments?" The commander asked as leaned back on his before sipping away to his tea specially ported from china.

"Very good the girls in a few more years will be killers," He laughed sinisterly earning him a book to the head.

"What was that for sir? I did nothing wrong of the sort?" The scientist bickered rubbing his head.

"Why must you laugh like a little wrench every time you talk about those girls. Are... are you a pedophile?" He spat before hurrying him away.

"Stalin was right about these doctors and scientists they are weird... though he too was stupid," The commander said to himself before hearing an ambient noise in the background.

"Is that music?" The commander questioned before walking outside and hearing loud music flare out.

( DOOM: Eternal (OST) - The only thing they fear is you | Official soundtrack music - Mick Gordan )

"Sir someone just hacked into our speakers and flaring music sir it is so violent, " One of the scientists alerted.

"Why would someone hack into our systems and only hack the speakers are you pranking me Alek because if you are I'll -, " The commander spat before pausing and looking at the security feed.

"You are lucky Anek it seems we have found the culprit as too why he has so openly wanted to die we can only support him. Hurry up you fucking bitch. Don't think I didn't see you drinking vodka if you don't hurry up and kill the intruder!" The Commander roared pushing the scientist along with a bunch of soldiers until he saw the feed again.

Looking at the feed he saw the culprit outside but the thing was the feed was looped the man was staring at the screen even though alarms were already alerted when being breached through.

"Fucking shit," The commander swore before rushing to the comms but being able to voice anything as the music started to get even louder.

"hElp! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." A voice screamed as the loud sound of intestines ripping roared through the speakers until a deathly silence conjured into the atmosphere.




Scratching his head he decided to rush to the front entrance only to see streaks of blood splattered on the walls with bloody handprints and corpse pushed in front. Staring at the hall he saw a being. A being of mass destruction. Something that even demons would fear. cry they would. Staring at beings' eyes only the abyss shrouded them and before he knew.




He was split into halves. Leaving bloodied footprints the Doom Slayer continued his crusade towards the experiment block continued towards the red room.

"Please! No! Please I have.."


"God please no don't please,"


*Glory kill*
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"No! it's that damned pries-,"


"I told you he was-"




The Doom slayer finishing smashing a soldier his head onto the floor Walked into a room. A red room. He was greeted to teenage girls all frightened at the bloody menace. Seeing them frightened he didn't bother. he cames here with a goal and a goal only. Staring at the beast in front of them they swore a red-eyed demon staring back them. Though the thing that they stared to was worse. The abyss takes those who blink... and they all blinked. Except for one.

Opening up a portal the Doom Slayer grabbed a few documents before chucking one at each girl. The girls looking at the document was surprised. It was a passport. A new identity. A new life. Seeing the option all-girls thanked him from the bottom of their hearts.

Creating another portal he created multiple to different orphanages. Seeing freedom they all rushed through the portal except one girl a redhead who seemed too muddled in mind her thoughts.

"Who are you mister?" The redheaded child questioned her head tilted to give the effect if cuteness it... failed.

The Doom Slayer was on a tight schedule today. The death of Howard Stark the closest thing he had to a son in this world died and he wasn't going to miss that.

Holding her hand he guided her through the portal before giving her his bible and closing it.

"Father if you're hearing this then my heart has stopped beating. This is a recorded message. Please comfort my son but not take him under your wing. Your training was hellish. I understand your confusion but I would hate to see my son become the monster I am today. I always wanted a daughter so that he wouldn't grow up to be like me. I know this sounds confusing but please... Help my son." Howard pleaded into the recording, his voice full of vigor.

Hearing the recorded The Doom slayer could only chuckle and sigh at the same time.


(1992 America)

"Standing over my parent corpse I just couldn't cope... Why couldn't they make it to the damn airport... Why? Just why them?" I muttered as I stared at both of their coffins. The pain in my heart just felt... Empty.

Clenching my fist I cried. How could I hate them and yet... the next day their dead. How could it just happen? How could they just die on me? Did they hate me? Is that why they left. Just... Why. So many questions floured my mind. It felt like the abyss was muddling with me making fun of me.

Feeling my parents gone. I felt saddened yet angry and yet now they are gone forever I just feel grief. How could life just take the two most important people in my life and just rip them away? Wiping my tears away I continued to stare them to coffins. Maybe a little drink could help me. Yeah, that sounds good just a drink. Maybe that'll help.

Seeing all these associates and cameras I felt anger. How dare they point their camera so measly at my parents. Watching these people being so chummy to me I felt anger. I only see greed in their eyes. Damn these fucking pigs. No one understands my pain. How could those measly fake tears fool me? These people never knew my parents.

Although his father was a cold and callous person his mother was not how could she be taken down with him. Couldn't it just be him?

"Hey, kid. I'm sorry for your loss here's a check. Your father and I were business partners we never really agreed on much but I don't want to see his kid all cracked up now would I," He chuckled scratching his head before walking away he felt an ambient air of awkwardness clouding over him I felt it too as stared behind me.

Looking around I only saw fake people profiting over my parent's death until I saw a strange man looking over my father's coffin staring at it. He was a priest. looking at his eyes I saw something that the others lacked. Sadness. Not the cheap one these fakes were putting up. He felt the same just as I.

His eyes told of a story. the like of which of a father outlining his child yet the vigor that came his body told another story. He looked younger then my father yet he looked just like him. Was he secretly a love child of the past? Looking at his chest an expensive necklace protruded from him.

It was the same necklace my father had. How could such an expensive piece exist out there? There was something suspicious about him aswell no one saw him. It felt as if I was the only one able to see him.

"Hey, can you see a priest there?" I asked someone next to me. This only earnt me stares from the crowd.

"Poor child he's probably so traumatized he sees his parent ghost," A person comforted earning me a frown how could he do that.

Seeing the man see me frown he only chuckled before pulling out a cheeseburger and eating it before looking at me than the coffin. shaking his head he somehow magically pulled out a necklace out of nowhere with the same style yet the diamonds were pink. Handing me a fresh cheeseburger it earned me a smile.

Giving me the necklace as well to me and leaving me a letter he started walking away. Seeing him walk away I tried to run after him but he disappeared into the crowd. Seeing the mysterious man disappear I frowned I just lost the only lead to my parent's past.

Seeing the necklace I frowned it was just the same as his old man. Though he put it on. Maybe it meant something. Reading the note though only made me more curious about the strange man.

"Life Is strange child know your place in the world is in your hands. Your father is a great man and hopefully one day you'll surpass him not as the greatest scientist of his time but as a man. One day you'll find out who I am. Sooner or later you will know me but for now, know your parents are in a better place. Even though you are adopted you still have your father's stupid smile. Remember child knowledge means nothing without reason." - FB


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