6 Wrath
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Author :Facx
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6 Wrath

Doom OST - E1M1 - At Doom's Gate

"Do you hear that music?" A solder questioned scratching his head.

"Yeah, it's pretty strange. Do you hear where it's coming from?" He answered looking around.

"Yeah it's coming from inside the church," He replied.

"What violent music it's so unique," He smiled before aiming his gun towards the entrance.

"Is that the Seargent how is he running out scared?" He frowned still aiming towards the entrance.








"Sir what is going on?" One of the soldiers commented.

"Shut up and keeps sights on the entrance!" He shouted before running away.

Seeing their Seargent run away they could question what was in that church. They were heavily armed what could make him run so far away? Pointing all their rifles towards the point the soldiers ranging from the fifty pointed their guns all waiting steadily at the approaching menace.




Looking at the priest they could only smile what was so scary about this priest yes he might be tall muscular but a bullet to the head could kill a man not mention a stack of it. Hearing the song get louder they all glared onto the man before.








The men finishing their ammo stared at the man. Although they knew it was overkill it had to be done it was direct orders after all. Looking at what they thought was a walking corpse was instead a smiling madman.

Hearing the music get louder their regret started to reach new highs. In a flash instead of the priest out came the man with green armor with a sword of a sort. A rotating blade.




Blitzing through the Doom slayer slashed down onto one of the soldier body pushing it aside before pushing him off and moving to the next. The music was growing ever so intense. Using the dead bodies as meat shields he tackled head-on slamming his fist pulverizing their heads instantly.

Moving onto his next victim he slammed elbow onto one of their jaws splattering his brains onto the next blinding the solider next to him. Grabbing his chainsaw again he sliced one directly in half his body being a cross-section on the doom slayers blatter.

Grabbing two of the soldier's heads together he slammed them into each other causing blood and bits of brain matter as well as bones to fly everywhere. Dropping his chainsaw into his pocket dimension he moves onto the next squad.

Teleporting behind them he punched directly through there buddies and grabbing their heard before slamming it into the next soldiers' face blinding him. Holding two soldiers up he leg go and directly slammed his back onto his knee crushing his body in half.

When all was said and done only piles of mush littered the in front of the church.

Howard looking through the window could only just stare in horror as the madman had done just exactly what he thought he would. The green armor was now dyed in a crimson red. Seeing through the helmet he could only shiver in terror at the smile that pierced his soul.

The family though seemed terrified even vomiting at the Gorey scene. Probably traumatizing though I only quivered. This scene was far too similar to the one he saw two years ago and although he was still horrified he still thank him for saving his life once again even if his methods were quite orthodox.

Coming back inside the priest was now wearing his robe again and not his armor though the armor just gave his already sinister aura to your life has been submitted please wait to be executed.

"Ah, Thank you for Ah... Saving us Father he bowed," He sighed before going to reassure his family although he should've done it first he thought that thanking the man saving his families life was more important even if his method were very gruesome maybe he was inconvenienced or did it for his sake he still indirectly or directly saved his family life.

"We need to travel to America we need their help," He sighed.

"come on thank the man for saving us and although he may seem gruesome he still saved us anyway," He corrected staring deeply at his daughter who seemed to want to object.

'But father," She protested.

"Now now Maria now is not the time," Her mother corrected.

Howard looking at them smiling. Although he didn't have a proper family he still had Uncle Priest who still to this day won't speak or tell me his name he thought.

"So who are you? Are you the chore boy?" She spoke staring back at who seemed to see me staring at her.

"Uhm I live here with him, he's not really much of a talker." he smiled turning to her.

"Well anyway, my name is Maria Erskine," she smiled.

Standing their Howard though he wasn't a Dex any more thinking of his mother he decided to honor her in his name instead of his wretched last name.

"You forget your name or something?" She joked knocking him back awake.

"Ah, sorry my name is Howard Stark," He smiled.

"You got pretty good German for a foreigner," She pointed outearning him a look of confusion and awe.

"How'd do you know," He replied scratching his head.
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"Oh, please when that priest of yours went out you were screaming English profanity beside I know English as well perks of having an English mother I suppose," She smiled.


Suddenly a portal was created. Everyone looking at it was confused until Howard found the place to be familiar. Getting closer he realized something it was Brooklyn.

"I guess you guys gotta one-way ticket to America," Howard smiled.

"How did you guys get here this church is like located at the very, very corner of Germany nearly closing in on Poland," He questioned.

"Well my fathers a wizard said he's friends with a bald lady helped him finish the serum he just needs a test subject she told my father. She's quite the cheery person I must say," She voiced out without realizing.

"Don't tell my father I said that Aight," She smiled using her finger to signal silence with her finger pressed to her lips.

"Promise," He winked back doing the same gesture.

"Maria Lets go!" Her father shouted before walking through.


Seeing them walkthrough I just couldn't help but want to hop through aswell but... I first needed approval from father. Father? When did I start calling him father? What am I saying he was more of a father than that damn skank. Turning to face him I voiced out my opinion for the first time.

"Can we go, Father?" I pleaded it felt as If I was going against my instance but I persisted on. He was my only father that was there for me I might as well treat him like one.

Laying down the papers he held only a smile could be seen on his face. It was the smile of a proud father I saw on those children walk by back then. Seeing him smile I couldn't help but smile as well. This wasn't the smile of the sinister Slayer but the one of a father.

Seeing father grabbing something he pulled out two necklaces. Though what was shocking was it was a fully decked out yellow diamond cross necklace. Just how rich was he secretly? And he had two. Seeing them he once saw a book on the bishop of Alexander known for his blessing of destruction. Receiving it I hesitated why was he giving it to me now.

Taking it though I only smiled back before hugging. Looking at him I jumped through with him. Oh, boy, Was I in for a ride. Damn Papers. I never knew politics were so tiring. Thankfully Its seemed father had connection else we would have been there for years maybe even decades.

Looking at the newspaper that my father gave me I only shook my head. Things were about to get nasty.

{Jews are now to be exterminated! Heil Hitler!}


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