5 Awaken 2
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Author :Facx
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5 Awaken 2

Life is so strange in almost ten minutes I had lost so much yet gained just as much living. Reaching the other side of the portal, I was greeted to a church of some sort. I guess it only made sense a Priest to live in a church... I think? I didn't know. I thought everyone had a house I guess he just decided to live in a church although I guess a strange man also had strange thoughts on living. Looking around though I saw no beds just chairs where was I gonna sleep on the floor?

"Hey um where do you sleep?" I questioned scratching my head.

Looking at his face he seemed confused about my question until he paused for a second and then walked to the back only to see a singular room. He then magically conjured a bed and closet filled with clothes. It was spectacular, to say the least. Never in my life would I expect to see the magic in front of my eyes it felt so surreal to see something just pop out of nowhere in front of view its a feeling I'll never forget.

Thanking him I laid there on the bed until he came around with a few books on many subjects seeing them I smiled my father never really taught me anything. He just taught me how to read and count that was it. He though learning anything else would be a waste of money for him.

Looking through the subjects though I found three the most interesting science, maths, and technology these seemed to interest me since I found out that I like learning more about the unknown makes sense since. Probably why I still haven't lost my sanity and the only reason for me staying here. I still couldn't get the image of him bashing my father's face. Although he saved me it wasn't something I could just forget overnight especially after being thrown into a new environment.

The priest saw me only study these three books and decided to get more. Thanking him I continued to study until one day my curiosity got the best of me. There was a room that was vaulted off. Although I could've stayed and minded my own business I just couldn't help but try and get in.

Getting scarp metal and schematics from the priest I created a device that would flare up really hot. I didn't know how hot just that it would flare up hot enough for it to cut through metal. Quite the achievement I would say. Yeah I know I'm a genius calm down folks but anyway cutting through the many locks I got in and what awaited me shocked me to my core.

In the vault laid what I believed to be explosive and arrays of weapons I never have seen before. Modern yet sleek. Thinking of a way to get out though I was met with the devil himself. Staring at me was the priest I still didn't know what his name was.

Him seeing me in there though changer my life. May it be for the better or the worse I don't know. When I woke up I found myself outside in a forest. There looking down at me was the priest smiling devilishly as if looking at a new toy, and so began my relish training.

100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10k-run every day. Which although sounded alright was difficult as he made me wear clothes that didn't weigh normally as it should have. What should have light was almost 10 pounds apiece and to top it all off it increased every day and if I could do it he would make even harder.

Although it sounded like torture he gave me days off but he still wouldn't teach me magic it was alright though it seemed better that way learning math, technology, and science were already tiring so I guess it wasn't so bad and just like that two years went by.

Things though were getting a bit difficult the church had to reallocate it seemed the nazi party had grown in more power as the years progressed yet one day changed everything. Cleaning the floor next to the seats a man with his family came in.

A man looking like a scientist came in panicking almost looking for a safe place to hide. Coming in he pleaded for the priest to hide him yet he seemed unfazed and continued to read his Bible. Although I wanted to help him if he didn't want to help him then I guess I couldn't until a lady and a young girl came in she seemed to be the same age as me. It seems it was his family.

"Please, Father. Please hide me or save me please the nazi's have come for me and family. Please father," He begged as he went on his knees.

"Come on Dad it seems this priest won't do anything," The daughter nudged as she hurried her father to quickly escape.

Rushing in came a solider though he seemed to be more than that as he wore a more unique outfit different from the ones that were commonly issued.

"Ah, Dr. Erskine I am not finished with you your a traitor now. Hurry up and give us the formula relive me when I say if you don't we will torture you all." The solider stated pointing his gun to them.

That was when the priest got up. The solder seeing him pointed his pistol at him.

Raising his hands up the priest only gestured for his hat to be taken off. The solider finding it hilarious began to laugh hysterically.


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'Now where was I, Doctor. Ah yes, it was something to do with the formula now that I got rid of the idiot may we resume. Hurry up an-," The solder feeling his neck being tightened was thrown outside.

"Man do I feel bad for the germans outside," I chuckled before resuming my cleaning this was gonna be fun.

Hearing his steps echo throughout the church I could only grin. Those soldiers were gonna go through hell.


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