4 Awaken 1
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Author :Facx
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4 Awaken 1

( The awakening )

Making his way through the forest he was stopped by a being generating strange energy familiar yet different. Looking at her he pumped his shotgun ready to rip and tear.

"Who are you traveler you do not belong in this realm or this universe." The Woman Interrogated as she waved her hands as if to combat herself.

Waiting for a response the lady continued to just stare at the humanoid wearing strange armor. Armour similar to what she had seen in her previous visions.

"Speak else I will force you too," She warned before flaring her hands again this time more brighter though the demon slayer stood still.

Staring at each other the both of them stood at a stalemate before the doom slayer put away his gun and walked towards. Seeing this the being didn't know what to do. Was this a trick? A way for it to exploit her.

What was it doing? Trying to use her powers on him she couldn't as see into its future whatever tied to it was blurred. Not knowing what to she shook his hand.

"Well since you aren't a savage I believe we need to properly acquaint our selves," She sighed before opening a portal and walking through.

The doom slayer seeing the portal immediately pulled out his shotgun and ran through only too see two chairs and coffee table. What lay behind was an array of books.

"Not a fan of portal I see," She smirked before closing the one she opened.

"Well since your not much of a talker ill start. I am the ancient one, you are on earth and are currently in my home. How about you now," She asked as she magically pulled out a teapot out if now where.

The doom slayer not wanting to waste time pulled out an old book he found during his wrath on hell. A book known to all devils should they cross his path.

The testaments of the doom slayer. Reaching into his storage space in his armor he pulled it out causing the lady to almost frown at the chaotic energy surrounding it.

The ancient one picking it up to read the title of the book. The testaments of the Doom Slayer.

Reading through it she started to understand where the dried up blood on his armor cane from.

"I'm sorry to say but there is no singular hell but many dimensions made by powerfull figures like you described each with their purpose. Make your self at home I wish to know more if our world before you embark. I have a feeling ill have a hard time controlling you," She smiled.

"Have a look around the library it would keep you busy I've got matters to tend to now here's a book on our history on the world." She cheered before teleporting away.

The doom slayer not knowing what to do decided to learn about this new world. Even though he could go to every world and destroy demons. Those were not his demons. Not his hell.

There would be no purpose to kill something in its entirety if it did not matter. Tormenting those demons back his old world was for a cause and now that he was delayed it was time to learn how to get back. Some may say a vacation he would call it a minor delay.

Going through the first book he scanned through its contents and encrypting them into his database. Time to experiment. The Doom slayer needs to rip and tear sooner or later.

The language if each book though came in different languages. It was times like these that the Doom Slayer would thank his armour for being versatile in its ability.

Using argent energy in his balm he slowly gathered to his hands causing slight flickers of red lightning to appear. Thinking of the crucible a demonic saver of lighting appeared its form amazing though it only lasted a short while as he lost control of his handling.

Further research needed to be done besides time was on his side now.


"So you finally took off the suit and it only took what? 100 years in surprise you've lived this long I thought you would've died by now" She chuckled which earnt her a glare from the doom slayer as he read the newsletters of Germany. News of war was brewing. An assassination of an important figure was killed on the war of the streets was being propagandized in an effort for support... and it was working. Seeing them blame the jews he mentally sighed.

The Doom slayer seeing war was brooming decided to go and set up a church. Even though he was in a different universe it seemed some things don't change and although he could it would only lead to making things worse.

The United Nations was only made after world war two he thought. It was time to embark again.

"Ah, here we go again going to make another legend for yourself? If you see merlin again tell him to chuck a stick up his arse would you kindly his love letters are getting quite annoying. The doom slayer the executioner if all you should stop leaving your testaments everywhere you purge it getting quite out of hand with the small cults you've brewed!" She shouted before the doom slayer left leaving.

The Doom slayer Setting up his church found that no one came. So he waited. And waited. And yet no one came. It seemed the jews had garnered all the believers.

The Doom slayer walking around in his priest outfit saw the carnage on the streets it seems the Jews were now being thrown under the bus from what he could see. Businesses bricked, and Jews slandered.

Leaving the church he decided to explore America specifically new York. Walking through the streets he felt comfortable. It reminded him of peace. Peace before the portals opened. But although the battlefield changed the people that lead them were the same he thought.

Walking past the market he came across a depressed fourteen-year-old selling fruit. The Doom slayer looking at the child saw that he was fixated on the picture in his hands that he didn't even bother to look up to the massive figure. Seeing the down child he decided to buy fruit. Picking up an apple he left a hundred dollar bill and walked away.

"Mister your change!" The child yelled making his way to the kind stranger.

"Sir you gave a hundred dollar bill kind sir. I don't have any change please take more," He offered. Gesturing to the stall.

Seeing the kid trying to offer him more fruit the Doom Slayer only gestured that'd he was fine before walking away. He had decided to check out the sights and movies before going back to Germany.

Watching the movies he could only sigh at the corniness the movies were just a bit over the top. Walking out he made his way back to the fruit stall to see if the kid was still there only to see him missing.

He could only sigh believing that the kid had backed up and gone home until he heard a shriek come across an alleyway.

"Look you little shit just because you got lucky today doesn't mean you can go looking for that priest guy of yours. Look you listen to me and me only. If you weren't born I would have to deal with you. You little shit. If you weren't born your mother wouldn't have died. You know what I'll just fucking end you right now. The bills on your lungs have gone expensive your more of a waste." The man shouted before choking the kid.

"Hel..p.." The kid struggled before seeing the shadow of the priest behind his father towering over his father.

His father feeling a hand on his shoulder let go only to see a priest towering over him. Grabbing an empty alcohol bottle he smashed it on the Doom slayers head only to hear a crack but no effect. The doom slayer seeing him attempt to kill him slowly raised his cuffs on his robes as he slowly cornered the man into the end of the alleyway.

'Stay away! You monster. Someone, please! Sav-," The man screech as he was punched in the gut knocking him up into the wall slamming his head.

The Doom slayer cracking his knuckles went him for the kill. Rip and tear.























Lifting his bloodied fist from the bloody pulp the doom slayer pulled out a towel before wiping them clean. Conjuring a Fireball he burnt his body. Seeing him burn he smiled. Throwing in the towel he reminisced. Although the demons of his old world were far from him the human ones still lingered. Seeing the kid unconscious he decided to take him with him.

Taking the kid with him he opened a portal and went straight to the ancient one which also seemed too ironic as he was older than her by eons.

"Oh, so you've brought a kid now. Tell me who was it?" She joked before looking at the child and scanning his body.

"Hmm, Interesting why you bring an ordinary child to me? Have you already fell in love with me and are starting a family? I'm quite flattered but I must say I am not quite ready for such advancements," She continued to joke before frowning.

"The kids not unconscious you know," She stated before flicking his head awake.
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"Please! Don't kill me," He shouted before walking scurrying away from the doom slayer.

"Trust me kiddo if wanted you to die he would've done so," She reassured.

The child Seeing the ancient felt a strange aura wrap around him as if comforting him.

"Now could you tell me why you're here? That man over there is not much the talker as well as joker," She sneered waiting for the kid to respond.

"Well um, I had gotten a hundred dollar bill when my father came back from gambling he was a bit too drunk and he started trying to kill me until... He saved me but... He bashed him to death,"He quivered scurrying in the corner.

"Oh, Is that it? Children these days you know. Back in my day, we were forced to kill at the age of ten. Anyway, I don't really see the problem child he just saved your life," She commented before pulling another teapot out of nowhere and pouring a cup of tea into three cups.

"Come on sit down kiddo have a drink. Its good for you," She smiled gesturing the kid to come over.

"Uhm, o,o, ok if you say so," He stuttered before sitting on the chair which was normally reserved for Doom Slayer.

Seeing no empty seats he conjured one and sat in it. Said chair was more of a throne than anything.

"So what's your name?" She smiled flipping over her newspaper.

"Howard Dex," He stated before sipping on tea and smiling it was nice.

"Howard Dex huh a nice name for a young chap like yourself. Well I'll be honest I don't really know what to do with you and my domain is more suited for me I believe your best option would be him," She declared pointing to the doom slayer as he polished his shotgun.

'Is he a priest? He seems... Really violent for one," He sighed looking at the man who not only killed his father but saved him he felt conflicted inside. On one hand, he saved him but at the same time he literally bashed his father into a bulb before burning his remains.

"Look kiddo you need to stop thinking about your father. I know he was but if he really tried killing you do you think someone like that deserves to be your father?" She quipped as she continued to sip on her tea.

"No," He replied quietly as he started to reevaluate his father.

"Now hurry up now I believe our friend of ours has to show you your new home," She stated before scurrying him over to doom slayer who opened a portal to his church in Germany.

Doom guy looking at The ancient one could only smile before doing a thumbs up and walking into the portal.


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